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Minor in a sentence

Here is a minor window.
It was a minor incident.
Minor cut on my forehead.
The cut was pretty minor.
Thoth strummed a minor chord.
But these are minor matters.
I speak of one who is a minor.

Ursa Minor = P, Q, R, S, or T.
It was my minor at university.
Anger is the minor infectious.
Guess what her minor was?‖.
I made some minor adjustments.
This was only a minor example.
A minor of 14 years of age and.
We were lucky this was so minor.
Protestants now have many minor.
The minor was proved by the major.
Murder’s not a minor offense.
This includes carrying out minor.
This time it was a minor selection.
The Minor Indications of the Hour.
His place on the agenda was minor.
Codicil: A minor change in the will.
Nothing much, minor hotel stuff.
However the were not minor injuries.
A few converts have won some minor.
I knew that it wasn't from a minor.
A player could take this as a minor.
Absence of Lien of Minor Consequence.
I am minor but Brother Ren…Hehe.
A minor ripple had already reached it.
Sound sensed Mitch’s minor annoyance.
The minor orders are those below the.
As a minor consolation I got to face.
Those water hazards were nothing minor.
I felt minor vibrations beneath my paws.
Maybe an arm or two got a minor bruise.
The BJP was a minor force in Tamil Nadu.
The third hit caused only minor damage.
We’ve had a few minor injuries so far.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

And I minored in Psychology of Circus Clowns since I knew they’d be times in this business I’d eventually have to deal with morons like you.
Another 12 percent only minored in the subject, meaning that the majority are not well trained enough for even our present weak curriculum in chemistry and physics.
Having majored in Political Science and minored in History oh those many years later, I could begin to understand how I and my fellow students had been shortchanged.
Having sex with minors was doubly illegal.
You were aware there were minors drinking?
They say Mike and Mitch are under age, they’re minors.
Holt had to wear a special red bracelet made for minors.
Minors can be admitted as partner only to the benefits of.
Williams admitted that apprentices were exempt—but minors were not.
Accounts of Hindu minors where persons other than the guardians place.
It’s where all of the orphaned minors are headed for social work help.
Joint Accounts of Minors: Joint account in the names of two or more minors.
Banks do not open accounts in the names of two or more minors either jointly.
The following morning all five were charged with sexual molestation of minors.
Ensure that they are not beneficiaries or minors to avoid complications in the future.
Besides the 18 minors diagnosed with cancer, 25 others are suspected to have the illness.
Mary's brother was arrested last weekend over charges of serving alcohol to minors, after.
What kind of mess have you gotten me into? We sell dope, but we’re minors, so we get probation.
Pitkin remarked that the power given to a recruiting officer to enlist minors was a new principle.
Plantard, was exposed later as a forger and fantasist and had a court conviction for corrupting minors.
That particular party got a little out of hand and we ended up arresting a few minors for intoxication that night.
She graduated with the class of 1943, receiving a bachelor’s degree in European literature, with dual minors in Polish and German.
Hector graduated as one of the top students in his class with a degree in zoology with minors in ancient history and English literature.
The husbandman of the North, the mechanic, the manufacturer, shall have the property he holds in the minors subject to him put to hazard.
The New York Times assures its readers that, It should be clear by now that this scandal is only incidentally about forcing sex on minors.
It is to seduce minors of all descriptions, be they wards, apprentices, or children, from the service of their guardians, masters, and parents.
Of course, Austria also had some other possessions, but the emperor only controlled a few of them, the rest belonged to minors under his protection.
Pitkin agreed but even when minors are enlisted without the consent of their guardians or masters, they can be released by the writ of habeas corpus.
The temple head tax, payable by all except women, slaves, and minors, was one-half shekel, a coin about the size of a ten cent piece but twice as thick.
Those were the years when minors, especially female minors, had no say in their destiny as decreed by a father whose mindset came from a hundred years earlier.
Second, you could be stupid and continue to hound the Sweeny’s, until some higher court finds you guilty of abuse of authority, wrongful arrest and sexual abuse of minors.
Hank Fletcher is called-up from the minors to pitch, and he’s well on his way to completing a no-hitter, when he’s suddenly confronted by the ghost of his abusive father.
In fact, under 18 (the maturity age) means your parents must always agree and if they refuse you may approach the High Court who acts as the father of all minors for permission.
But gentlemen allege necessity; the army must be filled up; officers are imposed on by fraudulent minors, who receive the bounty, and then claim a release upon the plea of non-age.
One of the minors, Ladislaus, was supposed to be king of Bohemia and Hungaria, but the local princes had deposed him in favor of the current rulers whose war against each other had recently been settled.
It was featured inauspiciously on the same inside page which carried news of the conviction for the buggery of minors by a Levantine by the name of John Bohaya; kids in school had long talked of being bohayad.
And they do not relax it, in spite of all their pretended care for the welfare of the working classes, for the eight-hour day, for regulation of the labor of minors and of women, for savings banks and pensions.
Smilie,) or any piping-hot member from a Jacobin club—for any disciple of Tom Paine or of the Devil—to carry this principle of equality to its full extent; for even they must exclude from its operation minors and females.
It is my firm opinion that it would be totally inexcusable, indeed criminal, for a teacher or anyone in a position of responsibility or authority to initiate sexual behaviour with minors, or to respond sexually to their overtures.
Very softly the sound of a sweet muted trumpet whispered, and the crazy thing was playing the Wedding March from Lohengrin, and even as Doc listened the sly brass began playing with it, slid into minors, took a short rhythm ride, and moaned away at blues.
Master Lenehan at this made return that he had heard of those nefarious deeds and how, as he heard hereof counted, he had besmirched the lily virtue of a confiding female which was corruption of minors and they all intershowed it too, waxing merry and toasting to his fathership.
But our depraved age does not deserve to enjoy such a blessing as those ages enjoyed when knights-errant took upon their shoulders the defence of kingdoms, the protection of damsels, the succour of orphans and minors, the chastisement of the proud, and the recompense of the humble.
A law was passed in 1798 which authorized the enlistment not only, of minors but every description of persons whom the President of the United States thought proper to have enlisted—which authorized him to send his recruiting sergeants into every family and take those who suited him best.

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child fry kid minor nestling nipper shaver tiddler tike tyke youngster modest small underage venial

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