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    1. power of God, that means the rest of our journey with

    2. resulting in visible manifestation of His power or favor in

    3. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    4. "Is very compact for the power," Herndon said

    5. about God, His presence, and His power, you cannot help

    6. Jorma was much more familiar with sail than power boats, but had wrestled these pumps into position on more than one big plantation down on Sinbara Point Flats

    7. that, we all wish we could have power to control every

    8. wishes he/she could have supernatural power to be

    9. Those with money and power in the community are able to hire protection

    10. It’s a hiring process that ensures the leader of the organization has followers, and therefore, power

    11. only manifest His full power in your life if you are a

    12. The more specific you are the more power your brain uses to make that goal a reality

    13. beginning He gave a man the power to rule over the

    14. Since He gave man the power, He cannot violate

    15. · To believe that almost anything can be achieved provided one has enough will power

    16. They are either going to give you a power boost or they are going to drain your power

    17. don’t have power to deliver you from your sins, and they

    18. Matt: 9:6: But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (then said he to the sick of

    19. The reason why He manifests His power to us, is for us to

    20. The same power and anointing of the Holy Spirit that was

    21. I am certain that God’s power is still very

    22. much of His power that is at our disposal

    23. It’s actually ten times faster, and has built in power for circumventing other computer bottlenecks

    24. This planet succumbs to gravitational lock before this sun burns out, but they calculate they have about another billion Earth years, they think fusion power would seriously deplete the planet of water in less than two hundred million

    25. 2Cor: 4:7: But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of

    26. that, Jesus experienced the power of resurrection in three

    27. produce power that will change your life

    28. Four tons of aluminum is the kind of money that buys power, even here

    29. "There is no power of life and death here

    30. The United Order has a model that works in a similar way, but their model has such a drain on power resources that they can only use it for a small amount of time

    31. those things they produce power or results

    32. Before dawn they would enter the interconnects, the way would be crowded and there would be current, not a good combination with way too much power

    33. True religion is concerned with belief in a supernatural power

    34. For thine is the kingdom, [and] the power,

    35. The manifestation of God’s of power is the evidence to

    36. to witness the manifestation of God’s power in every

    37. displaying my power in a certain time

    38. Psalms: 63:2: To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary

    39. don’t want to see your power and glory in the church

    40. This means God have all power

    41. I mean ALL POWER

    42. Power is what God is

    43. The Super Chip rested on the top of the box, plugged in and boosting the technological power that The Operator was using

    44. But for Violet, ponies were a source of power

    45. The fastest he could do was the pony version of power walking

    46. The city is not on Beghtik dam, but draws water power thru the cut into the last canal of the interconnects

    47. They could build a nation with a power grid

    48. The reactor in the ship's engine might be used in some way to power the grid of a modest sized nation

    49. The demand for electric power, petrol, diesel, gas, wood and manufactured materials is so high that we are forced to destroy the environment to meet the demands of the current population while making the future bleak for the coming generations

    50. d) Reduction in the purchasing power of the rupee with time due to inflation

    1. Ackers shuffled over to the computer on his desk and powered it down also

    2. Theo didn't even see the mobile speed camera as he powered by

    3. "Just to give them a fix if they ever come back on, it's just simple machinery powered by sunlight

    4. But why do you need this old wreck powered up?"

    5. "Antenna 521 and the NEI were always powered up and we've been able to bring up the PEI instruments remotely

    6. The few other powered boats were stilettos that slid thru the chop without bobbing

    7. We found a warehouse center and it is powered by solar energy

    8. Most online dating sites also offer members the use of chat rooms powered by advanced web

    9. It doesn’t matter what type of high powered

    10. "I'll take good enough care of her that it won't happen again," he said as he stood up and powered down his lab

    11. Naria watched with Altera and Alexei from the viewing room as the ship powered up and headed out into deep space

    12. “We are a Bussard powered ship,” Heymon said, “There is no practical limit to the distance we might fly

    13. maintaining tractors and other machinery powered by internal

    14. Being a sorceress from the Kassikan, she was not as repulsed by such things, “and lately it seems that all those at YingolNeerie might have been destroyed or powered down

    15. obviously used by powered vehicles

    16. wheat was separated from the ears by a threshing machine powered

    17. Billy is forced to smile and toothpaste sprays off the head of his battery powered toothbrush onto the cold tap

    18. She won't say anything until she and her husband are back on the road with the windows powered up and with the safety of half a mile of tarmac between her and the crude mouthed yokel

    19. The elevator was magnetically powered, so there

    20. powered by evil spirits

    21. It had turned out well, there was good range and clarity, all the effects translated and her yandrille could be powered from the block's compressed air feed

    22. these here places are only for powered vehik

    23. probably goat powered then

    24. Understanding Psy Powered workout (PPW) does not require outstanding intelligence but an open mind

    25. ‘I've powered them down

    26. A loud whirling rumble could be heard as the energiser, for transmitting Golf and the ruro globe, powered up

    27. Small electric motors powered in as it aligned itself with its satellite master

    28. shield and powered toward the Earths

    29. It was now powered by solar energy which in Pittsburgh, one of the cloudiest locations in the Hemisphere, was a technical miracle

    30. All she had was a wall system powered by her solar unit and occasionally she watched World Net

    31. The device powered up, until reaching its critical phase

    32. It powered down without any problem

    33. In simultaneity both devices powered up, their levels displayed on the projected screen in front of him

    34. It was solar powered and probably out of commission

    35. Its turbines look to be powered down and the side hatch is open

    36. was all switched on, powered by a back-up

    37. There was hardly anything in the house: a tin of soup, powered milk

    38. Savannah in the first Atlantic crossing by a ship powered by steam

    39. fluorescent bulbs, powered by a series of noisy generators, and flames from torches

    40. The XK3 automatically powered down to preserve its dwindling reserve

    41. These nuclear powered craft had been decommissioned and buried as a sign of peace

    42. powered in with 1:20 to go

    43. During a hostage crisis it is theoretically possible for a police sniper (with a high powered telescope) to shoot the firearm out of a suspect’s hand

    44. Therefore at the start of every shift we placed it on the roof with the power cable running through the window for it was powered from the cigarette lighter

    45. His blood, powered by a powerful heart, thrummed through his veins with a vibrancy not felt since cubhood, and his eyes flicked here and there with renewed pleasure, picking out colours he'd forgotten existed

    46. Instead of speaking, Frank powered himself upwards, meeting the man’s nose with his forehead, feeling the crunch as he connected

    47. Something that would take years of high powered computer power to break

    48. Not taking his eyes from the horrendous sight, Watts powered himself up the rope, slipping on the slime a couple of times in his haste, but he gritted his teeth and kept going

    49. Brendan powered up suddenly and blasted his way into the clouds again

    50. Hartle powered up his ship fully, all the instruments came on again and he cruised slowly towards the center of where they had been

    1. In spite of the complaint that this wasn't what she liked best, she was powering thru it and spraying no small amount of it in various directions

    2. They were all well cleaned and nicely battered, toasted to perfection and served inverted, hottest on the bottom, so they could commence powering thru them as soon as the basket was set in front of them

    3. She’d made it barely into the canyon, before the tears became so over powering that she had to pull off the road

    4. He was powering up like a great sports car revving for the first time

    5. Stars were seemingly static as they were still within the sun’s gravity; the warp drive he could feel powering up beneath the deck – a barely audibly low humming

    6. He knew this was the isolation field generator – the realisation of his research, back when all he had to work with was micro induction modules powering bare bones componentry

    7. with three fully functioning engines powering them could they safely make the transition to

    8. Rolling on to his side, he watched the creature move away across the concrete pad, the muscles of its flexible foot moving in synchronised waves from front to back, powering it across the ground faster than he would have expected

    9. His grip was firm but not over powering

    10. There’s even a ‘clutch’ for stopping, or pitting, without powering down

    11. He laid me on the bed pushing me hard into the mattress, he was over powering me and I remember being so scared

    12. “Similar to an X-ray technician going into a booth before powering up the machine on a patient

    13. "Did you hear anything? A footstep? The crackle of the forcefield powering down? Anything at all?"

    14. At Suzlon, we are committed to powering a greener tomorrow, today

    15. names and powering them with their

    16. I was prevented from pouring a bucket of water over Mum’s self-satisfied smile by the sound of a car powering down the drive

    17. and not over powering, it should not feel

    18. The drones were powering up and starting their reactors

    19. really powering the engine

    20. Powering up her computer, she inserted the chip in it and opened the file containing Daran Mien’s report

    21. Electricity and hydrogen are already powering cars in a satisfactory way

    22. museums have reported artefacts powering up,

    23. And the early corporatocracy under GHW Bush was proving successful at out powering the powerful

    24. The TF-58R variant of the turbofans powering the XF-83 had a larger diameter and was much longer than the basic TF-58 turbofan because the core turbofan engine was positioned inside a wider steel tube that surrounded it completely and had common air intake and jet exhaust with the turbofan

    25. The TF-58P was the engine powering the prototype of the XF-10 light all-weather supersonic fighter to be delivered in two weeks

    26. factories with raw materials and delivered finished goods to markets around Britain and around the world, in addition to driving increased production by powering manufacturing processes

    27. Less than three minutes later, the two frigates were powering up their thermonuclear drives and starting to climb out of orbit on two searing white trails of plasma

    28. Fourteen minutes later, four of the fighter craft carried by the SARATOGA left their hangar and, powering up their fusion drives, sped away towards Mars

    29. Jean held his breath as Ann touched a side button, powering the pad and lighting up its screen with bright colors that swirled around before forming quickly the beautiful picture of a field of flowers, with snowy mountains in the background

    30. An anxious look out through the canopy told her that nobody seemed to have reacted yet to the unexpected powering up of the helicopter

    31. First by grounding all the pain caused energy filling and powering

    32. Those two points had made the scientists on the KOSTROMA wonder what was powering such geysers, despite Eris being bone-chilling cold, with a mean surface temperature of 42

    33. God through all the infinite chakras of existence, powering the

    34. But that was why, even though Team Sydney was looking forward to powering into its 9th country, we were also gutted to be leaving this one

    35. Powering up her high definition mapping radar and opening the lens covers of her four reconnaissance cameras, she was soon taking detailed pictures of the two Soviet airbases as she passed overhead, totally unsuspected by the Soviets, whose local radars were not designed to track space targets

    36. "Sensors show that all ships in this system are powering up

    37. Our closest equivalent would be what type of energy is powering US

    38. He seemed to grow then; his anger and, no doubt, his Star powering him

    39. Slowly he rolled it around in his palm, gently powering it with his thumb and little finger, and as he did so the ball became brighter and brighter

    40. Only in this instance, souls are unknowingly powering and playing a virtual

    41. It was an over powering feeling, but I stifled it

    42. And it was this over powering desire to create and carry and

    43. The gas lines powering it ran underground

    44. Think of ATM options as sails powering a boat

    45. In some cases, the drives are hot-swappable, meaning that you can replace a malfunctioning drive without powering down the whole array

    46. I could almost feel the neurons seeking out unused connections, spanning voids, plugging in, powering up

    47. We are powering down in the darkness

    48. ” Hagan was the same short-tempered, condescending politician he’d always been, and Rykus had been close to powering him down a notch

    49. “This is a country that imagined a railroad connecting a continent, imagined electricity powering our cities and towns, imagined skyscrapers reaching into the heavens and an internet that brings us closer together

    1. I miss the powers of magic I had as an Angel sometimes

    2. The world has changed so comprehensively that we can no longer deal with our day-to-day problems by simply using our bodies’ physical powers

    3. YingolNeerie! Let's pretend that you made up your own involvement, just what you've told me about it and what its powers are is thrilling

    4. Many have marginalized their elders, taken their powers and responsibilities away

    5. His powers and capacities are exceedingly intensified

    6. We are not in this world to passively drift with the tides of ever changing events, to aggressively fulfill useless desires in a vain attempt to express limited personal powers

    7. Our intellectual powers are limited

    8. Through meditation the powers of the soul are unfolded

    9. Their biological technology had powers beyond what Earth's religions attributed to God

    10. embraced the same arts and wielded the same powers

    11. His strange new work colleague Moses Tah, an immigrant from the battle-scarred West African state of Liberia claims the ability to give him these powers, but is he for real? If Moses does possess the powers that Michael wants, will he be able to gain them? If he can learn them in time, will they be enough to change the destiny of the people around him? Lives are at stake; families, friends, colleagues, innocent bystanders

    12. And a strange coincidence: In the very next lesson at Janus, Alexander will speak about the awareness of time and space! Does he really have exceptional psychic powers?

    13. "You will be stripped of your technician's powers and all heavenly powers and held in a plain environment for the remainder of the voyage of this Haad

    14. The triumphant look on the witch's face meant that she had just blocked my weapon with her psychic powers

    15. “Lady Chimaera owed her extraordinary vampiric powers precisely to that pact

    16. The Cross and the Powers

    17. In Ephesians chapter 2 we have our first mention of these powers (at least in this epistle)

    18. And these powers brood over cities, nations, and areas

    19. These powers influence and pressure mankind into further disobedience by a rejection of God and a filling of the void with useless vanity

    20. The principalities and powers have full swing in our society

    21. And what is the false religious establishment at its core? Does it not have at its heart the very things that the principalities and powers promote? It is based solely off of self-preservation, self-promotion, and self-pleasure

    22. What are the ultimate intentions of God? It is that we bear our crosses to such a depth that we are living as martyrs and opposing the principalities and powers

    23. Whilst agents working across could always fall back on the Migraine Association, it was preferred by the Errdian powers that be that such a course of action was literally the last to be used under any circumstances

    24. Demonic powers manipulate and deceive, but they do not bring wisdom

    25. We looked at this in the third chapter – the principalities and powers

    26. The mystery that needs to be revealed is just how much of an influence those powers truly have to rule over and manipulate humanity

    27. The principalities and powers had one thing in mind: the destruction of the Jewish race

    28. the Robber Queen's legendary powers can save her life

    29. The principalities and powers manipulate such motives because the restoration of Israel is their end – the coming of the Lord

    30. She wasn't about to abandon her own ship no matter where you're from or what plutonic powers of how many dark lords you possess

    31. Though the cross of Jesus has disarmed the powers of darkness, it has not obliterated them

    32. This is why we wrestle against the principalities and powers

    33. Jesus displayed that the Kingdom had come in demonstrations of power and mastery over the powers of darkness

    34. We replace those false judges mentioned in chapter 3 of this writing (the section on Psalm 82), which are the principalities and powers

    35. If this is true for earthly kings, then how much more for the principalities and powers? They don’t want to forfeit their position

    36. This kind of lust for power that is exerted by the principalities and powers is the very thing that jerks and manipulates the nations

    37. The effort needed for the perfection of this advanced posture will greatly improve your powers of concentration and in addition to the benefits to the muscles of the arms and torso the deep breathing will help congested lungs and bronchial tubes and the posture tones up the entire nervous system

    38. This exercise strengthens the eye muscles and increases the powers of concentration by fixing all the attention on one point and through that to the central nervous system, which will be soothed and relaxed

    39. They were transporting me somewhere other than my destination and using mind powers to make me ignorant

    40. After all, the political and media establishment knew about the magic powers this wonderful document possessed and the great politician knew that these people, who generally failed to see the bigger picture, would be as keen as mustard to see how unfit or stupid various members of the government might be

    41. It was as he had told the captain, it could very well be beyond his powers and it was, at least from here

    42. She didn't know how much he knew about her powers

    43. Karen chips in about how dreadful a teacher’s life has become as a result of the increased paperwork demanded by the powers that be, Alastair adding his pennyworth that, as a musician, he doesn’t have to do paperwork

    44. Our prince was skilled in many ways, not least in his powers of

    45. he must ensure that there were no powers equal to his own, much

    46. Unfortunately for the young man, his powers of observation did

    47. “But the real information here is to give you better information on Yellelle’s powers

    48. health restored by the healing powers of magnets

    49. knew about the magic powers this wonderful document possessed

    50. moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the

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