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Frasi con national (in inglese)

1. He was a national hero.
2. It was a national effort.
4. It all made national news.
5. It was a national holiday.
6. It is the national dog of.
7. Now that he was a national.

8. King became a national hero.
9. I’ve been on the national.
10. This national pride ran deep.
11. This is a national emergency.
12. National Review was its name.
14. In the National Recovery Act.
15. National Council on the Aging.
16. Alexis became a national hero.
17. One was in The First National.
18. In the National Football League.
19. Do not paralyze the national arm.
20. National Review editor William F.
21. If the aggregate national char-.
22. Stevenson of the National Heart.
23. Eating out is a national pastime.
24. The national mood was galvanized.
25. The National Council on Aging, Inc.
26. Wei Chen, a North Korean national.
27. The national news shows eventually.
28. See National Institutes of Health.
29. The Grand National he replied.
30. Again this is recorded at national.
31. There is a national culture Namibia.
32. Now, he’s at the national level.
33. It's a national computer data base.
34. It's a matter of national security.
35. However, they wanted the national.
36. National sports associations and Mr.
37. National parks should be privatized.
39. National Center for Fathering (The).
40. During that time, Western National.
41. The State And National Park Service.
42. The ultimate national father figure.
43. Woodson, president of the National.
44. National Rowing Hall of Fame, 363.
45. In the National Museum at Naples, No.
46. To: The National Security Adviser.
47. I could always go national if I want.
48. However, the National Institutes of.
49. Today, the national day of Romania is.
50. This was the story of a national hero.
51. First National City Bank provided $24.
52. It’s going to be big national news.
53. In November 1970 National Biscuit Co.
54. The arms dealer is a Russian national.
55. Western National Life is committed to.
56. Western National Life is dedicated to.
57. A national magazine ran the headline D.
58. He is national treasure,' Ish growled.
59. This is the bulk of the national debt.
60. Despise national vanity and self-love.
61. Family road trip to the national parks.
62. The National Institutes of Health (NIH).
63. This is a national disaster that must.
64. More "Trump-Tower" than "National Park.
65. There is the National Guard in addition.
66. Cano, ex-director of the National Agency.
67. Codes Centre and the National Museum of.
68. It's that national LOTTO program!.
69. Shouting is a national sport in America.
70. Telecom Namibia Limited is the national.
71. It was like watching the last National.
72. Two weeks after the National Convention.
73. Now we see the national life of Israel.
74. Th is idea is nourished by national and.
75. They've both been on national television.
77. Our national politics are a good example.
78. One such magazine is National Geographic.
79. And all national life into the parochial.
80. This is a matter of national security.
81. Today Bletchley Park houses The National.
82. He could be in the national team someday.
83. He has it in him to make to the national.
84. An example of this is the National Anthem.
85. In human-kept national parks and reserves.
86. Baker National Forest restoration project.
88. This has been our great national strength.
89. You can have a national uprising in Chile.
90. He took the turnoff into the National Park.
91. National Council of Teachers of English, n.
92. Hiding behind reasons of national security.
93. There were 30,000 members of the national U.
94. National Historic Park; the Center for the.
95. Bauer, the manager of the Eastern National.
96. Ted read about a great national competition.
97. Nor is there any national standard in the.
98. Recognized on the state and national level.
99. National Stadium in China, and the Freedom.
100. They are in fact to be national privateers.

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