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    1. "They now call electronics 'Yingolian crystals' and its widespread use began when our ship arrived," Herndon told her, "though it really had more to do with your friend's sister

    2. 9 This is fairly new information, not widespread

    3. These magical slates were in widespread use in Lyndesfarne, Tom

    4. to become widespread - what a coup that would be for

    5. But a full scale assault? Surely our order would have been alerted of such a widespread infection

    6. Since that became widespread, most people hardly ever have to seek commercial treatment from geneticists except for things they want to change about themselves

    7. “That is its widespread reputation, after all

    8. The most widespread corrosion of this type is sulfate corrosion which takes place in cement stone under action of ions

    9. Widespread dents and holes in the hull, many windows blown out, lights inside faltering and the rear of the ship was burning, flames fed by the gases inside shooting out through gaps in the damaged hull

    10. closed to his widespread body, and set about

    11. this position and governed this very small but widespread island group with class

    12. He saw the folly of a widespread gorilla war

    13. In spite of missing this opportunity for destruction, for the next seven days, the most widespread assault on private shipping in

    14. Her mind shied away from the potential for widespread devastation, the utter vileness of the idea

    15. A good idea to be sure, but it also meant that white males in South Africa cannot legally be hired into 97% of available jobs, which simply means whites are not employable, and since skill plays no role in hiring, the whole country’s infrastructure is rapidly collapsing causing widespread rioting

    16. Atrocities in the Pacific Theater by US troops were widespread; execution of POWs; mutilation of enemy dead; massacres of civilians; even the collection of enemy body parts as trophies

    17. Atrocities in the Pacific Theater were widespread

    18. Both led to widespread hatred and even physical attacks on entire broad ethnic groups, Asians and Middle Easterners

    19. Both Lyndon Johnson and Nixon ordered the widespread use of both napalm and Agent Orange in the US-Vietnam War

    20. The Committee on Public Information made some of the first widespread uses of public relations

    21. This includes not only continuing deaths in the Holocaust but widespread deaths in Slavic countries, especially Poland

    22. Carter himself in recent years described conditions in Gaza and the West Bank as “apartheid” with widespread segregation, discrimination, and the entire population collectively punished by the Israeli government

    23. Already convinced of widespread corruption within the Samoza government, international reporters gave wide coverage to the conflict and abuses of civil rights by security forces

    24. The Sandinistas, already enjoying widespread popular support, quickly overwhelmed attempts by the Guardia Nacional to contain them and the Samoza family ran, ending it all, or so it was thought

    25. Shortly following this, the province was swept through by widespread crack cocaine use

    26. It was in the history of this widespread terror and uncertainty that she wanted to begin her search, hoping for

    27. Isolated successes brought widespread attention and growth to the Sandinistas, primarily among the country’s poor, the overwhelming majority of the population

    28. If love is so great and widespread in the universe, then why is it sometimes

    29. In the present state of the earth, widespread ignorance keeps us from seeing

    30. The US experienced widespread drought through the entire year

    31. ” The government had decided it had had enough of profiteering by American servicemen, using the favorable exchange rate for American Military marks as the basis for a widespread black market

    32. Was he instead, an indication of the widespread earlier popularity of this “God Most High” that had spread as far as the hill country of Canaan?

    33. Widespread thanks were offered in many unique and imaginative ways as they witnessed to their deliverance

    34. “But at least his evil didn’t involve the widespread manipulation of an entire faction and the systematic murder of every political leader we have

    35. Englishman, the world’s population would become limited by its food supply, which in turn would produce widespread famine and starvation

    36. The part that was left out was the widespread attempt to herd the Indians onto reservations after the buffalo were nearly eliminated and their horses reduced

    37. “I have met some people in the north who feel that they would have been better off had the Khanate never been established and wondered how widespread that opinion was

    38. The more widespread our cadre of revolutionaries, the greater were our chances of success

    39. “Did you find widespread unrest in the north?”

    40. “No, but there was some and I think once the idea of self-determination got abroad, there would be widespread revolt

    41. Last night, there was not one horrific murder, but two! These atrocities were carried out by two different people – two of our well known members of Parliament – although the widespread belief is that all these horrific deeds are the work of one man

    42. Of course, the widespread belief is that these horrific murders are the work of just one man, and the members of the club have gone to great lengths to maintain that deception

    43. They originally were more widespread to the north and east, but since so many of them had joined the Khanate with their whole families, there was only a remnant of them left behind in a few scattered villages in the southwest corner of their old tribal area

    44. attack at the Reactor had resulted in widespread insecurity and a

    45. The only treatment was strict quarantine for the homes of the afflicted, or the whole town if it was widespread

    46. But, thanks to widespread

    47. A widespread rejection of rational thought and the lessons of human history make these insurgents all the more dangerous

    48. “Compulsory education was not widespread until the Industrial Revolution we are more ancient than that

    49. For example, if you have created a how-to blog post on a specific problem that is widespread or common in your industry or niche, or you've come across such a post, share the link with your audience

    50. Crusade, widespread massacre of Jews was rare in the west

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