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    1. Home treatment is merely a very simple and widely practiced form of interventionist treatment for mild health problems like pain, indigestion, constipation, mild diarrhea, nasal congestion, general weakness, mild skin rashes and so on

    2. "There are twenty of you remaining, only seven were female, you still number less than a thousand even part Brazilian, there is no chance you won't disappear into the general population in another century

    3. He’d bitch about his feet the whole time but then she’d talk bollocks about how they were going to live in a hot air balloon, raining cream puffs on the general population

    4. We leave it that I’ll ring her later in the week and let her know for definite then; after a few more minutes of general conversation, she rings off

    5. The reason for this is, that after we have participated in the happenings of the day and in the general give and take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case if the meditation is performed first thing in the morning

    6. The Ava that Tahlmute talked of was not listed as one of them, though quite a few were of the same general look

    7. "Only in the most general terms

    8. ‘The general feeling is that no, he doesn’t

    9. used the principles we had learned from “The diary of God’s general

    10. I want the best possible price given the general

    11. they could not participate in the general service

    12. It was the size and general shape of a native life form called a ksarid, colloquially translated as 'bird

    13. Closing my eyes, I let loose of the ball in the general direction of the plate, hoping for the best

    14. "Just too bad for him the man he killed was a general, and it was during the war

    15. This man is a former Roman army general, who was

    16. ‘Yes, that’s the general feeling, though they won’t know for sure until forensic tests have been carried out

    17. The general consensus is that she’ll be lucky to escape with nasty concussion to say the very least

    18. Indeed, in any party there is always one person who acts as a leader, although nobody can actually explain the reason why: in general, these persons are egocentric, frivolous and capricious

    19. In general, they were satisfied with us, but they made some remarks regarding the atmosphere of frivolity in the class and the teacher was obliged to reprimand certain persons

    20. Paul now refers to the general basis of his

    21. The same doctor that had attended me previously took new observations, making a general but non-specific fuss of his bewildered patient

    22. The sound of my own tongue further added to my general state of confusion

    23. How could he think that I was mixed up with the General Intelligence Department? I was just a boy trying to escape from other people’s expectations

    24. I was alone again with new friends who seemed to mix a general amiability with random psychosis

    25. Music: In general, it is a sign of consolation

    26. Treasure: In general, it is a very good omen; if you dream of a chest full of coins, jewels, ancient objects and that sort of thing, it means that you have a strong will and a good potential, which could be used to help yourself and others around you

    27. Wax: In general, it shows weakness of character

    28. Oh it was good to be out of all those fumes! The odour of cooked food quickly filled the room as Friede, the cook and general factotum of The Centre, brought in plates piled high with savoury pastries

    29. The same general that burned Sepphoris to the ground for their revolt also totally destroyed a town called Emmaus

    30. meadow and in general have loads of fun” said Joe

    31. For those who have undergone this treatment, it is general y recommended that they stay

    32. The same can be said about one’s health in general and the skin in particular

    33. Although he didn’t say it, I get the general feeling that he feels it should have been him and not Joris who died … as if sensible, down to earth Berndt would be caught prancing around on the rail … I feel a cold shiver down my spine as I contemplate how I would feel if it had been Berndt and not Joris …

    34. A small, open-all-hours, traditional general store and two small, occasionally open shops seemed to provide most of the basics for the villagers

    35. This is a general cleanser of the body and helps to expel waste matter and purify the blood

    36. ‘Joris spent much of his time here in the town and there is a general feeling that local people will want to attend

    37. My parents' general fear was starting to waver from panic to exhaustion and then back to panic

    38. They couldn't have a crazy person out in general admittance flailing around

    39. Once I actually got some sleep, I was allowed to integrate with the general public a little bit

    40. One night upon being let into the general public bed, a crazy lady jumped in bed with me and initiated contact

    41. People will tell you, and it has been written, that bipolar or mentally ill people in general are bound to fail

    42. In general when giving jewelry to your girlfriend it is a good idea to limit gifts to less expensive items in a new relationship but you can purchase more

    43. ‘That’s the general idea

    44. There was a general air of desperation

    45. Given that he has what appears to be a satisfactory and fulfilling life, I cannot come up with any sensible reason other than that he was bitten by the urge to help with the survival of his society and, although that would sit with the man and his general helpfulness, it’s a bit extreme as reasons go

    46. Terry retired from the beautiful game amid a welter of accusations, of public rows with Bling and general feelings of mutual betrayal

    47. In general an action method can

    48. Depending on the state of their dress, their general fashion sense, their hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate their “Naughty” ratio

    49. 'There,' he pointed in the general direction of the other temple shops

    50. But all bore the same general features as Tarak

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    general full general superior general cosmopolitan ecumenical oecumenical universal world-wide worldwide ordinary commonplace customary natural prevailing prevalent matter-of-course extensive broad limitless endless inclusive comprehensive comprehending unrestricted inexact vague ill-defined uncertain imprecise lax