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Frasi con net (in inglese)

  1. We met at the net.
  2. We pay a net of 6.
  3. We spend a net of 0.
  4. I do this and net 3.
  5. The Net is a scary.

  7. We collect a net of 6.
  8. We’d pay a net of 0.
  9. It's a total net loss.
  10. What is the net debt?
  11. We collect a net of 10.
  12. We collected a net of 1.
  13. VPP = pricing on the Net.
  14. I didn’t go to the net.
  15. He walked up to the net.

  16. Check it out on the net.
  17. Our net outlay is just 1.
  18. The net was out for two.
  19. He drew the net curtains.
  20. Net for the quarter was $0.
  21. When net income rose only.
  22. There is a net credit of 0.
  23. NET process for unit testing.
  24. My once positive net worth.
  25. Just what I read on the Net.

  26. OLD EVA = New Net Income -.
  27. Back and forth over the net.
  28. I think we can lower the net.
  29. It wasn't, it was on the net.
  30. Yes, Sam has the net ready.
  31. Have I checked the net debt?
  32. NET at runtime in IIS5? IIS6?
  33. The net effect was to create.
  34. It is a net for catching days.
  35. You net ’em, I kill ’em.
  36. NPV of the future net earnings.
  37. Net auctions are vast in scope.
  38. The net vega of the spread is.
  39. The net result is a debit of 1.
  40. Surf the net and see what they.
  41. Even if net income is lower in.
  42. Equity is the same as net worth.
  43. The net result is a credit of 2.
  44. The net result is a credit of 0.
  45. NET and this is one of those ASP.
  46. Net or drag them from the water.
  47. I prefer telephones and the net.
  48. And the net business impact of.
  49. The net result was a loss of 15.
  50. Ash had always been my safety net.
  51. Some insect will fall into her net.
  52. Try not to use a net to move them.
  53. It’s probably on the net by now.
  54. She looked at the net on the ground.
  55. I entangled and subdued in the net.
  56. We have a two-fold safety net here.
  57. Yes, with net floor but no benches.
  58. The average net profit margin is 27.
  59. Yes, but what was their net worth?
  60. It’s all in books and on the Net.
  61. Then she used it to go onto the net.
  62. His instruction to Cast the net.
  63. The net result would be a gain of 0.
  64. The final net equity value of £6815.
  65. So that’s a net debit of 50 cents.
  66. Pity bogeys he usually seemed to net.
  67. What is important is the net return.
  68. Earnings and net worth will increase.
  69. There are hundreds of Net 30 accounts.
  70. In this case, 1992 net income was $3.
  71. If the net worth is in the 50s then 6.
  72. If this happens, gently move the net.
  73. The mesh hair net almost covered his.
  74. So Maybe Options Here Are a Net Sale?
  75. The Vapors had a free shot at the net.
  76. Its net had risen from $691,000 to $3.
  77. A net is a web of 1-dimensional lines.
  78. The net cost of this trade would be 4.
  79. Share your place on the net with Google.
  80. I should have checked for a safety net.
  81. There is no railing or net to save you.
  82. With my torn and ripped net of delusion.
  83. In 2009, net income increased around 17.
  84. We can watch television, surf the net.
  85. Stated net worth was about $16 million.
  86. Unfortunately, it ran a net loss of $2.
  87. The net result is a debit or cost of 1.
  88. My net profit on the trade is +$14,150.
  89. Equity was $128 million, net worth $248.
  90. Premium Seller and net options shorting.
  91. That means we will have made a net of 0.
  92. One of which was to have a net worth of.
  93. And all calld it, The Net of Religion.
  94. On the Net, some helpful sources are….
  95. Continue until the net is fully extended.
  96. Alternatively, the net operating income.
  97. How much net worth you have at present?
  98. In this case, the actual net loss was 18.
  99. It took some time to get the net set right.
  100. I search on net and read a lot about that.
  1. Josh struggled in the netting to.
  2. Not a month has passed without him netting 30K.
  3. And in addition he was taught about netting and.
  4. Well, there’s camouflage netting over the camp.
  5. A brief attempt to brush aside the bug netting failed.
  6. When it rose off the netting the balloon jerked them and.
  7. As his feet began to leave the netting he was struck with.
  8. The netting was sewn directly to the edges of the hammock.
  9. He crawled out of the mosquito netting and chased off the cows.
  10. Within several days they had suspended netting obtained from Mr.
  11. Prior to bedtime, we dropped the mosquito netting around our beds.
  12. Now covered with camouflage netting, it would be invisible from above.
  13. He much preferred Lake Aknarra and trying his hand at netting peshines.
  14. Yinxue is not with me therefore you cannot achieve your aim of netting us.
  15. The windows of the bus were covered with what looked like chicken netting.
  16. These were all dark green and had army camouflage netting draped over them.
  17. The door was made of wire netting on a wooden frame, with two leather hinges.
  18. She rolled off of me and away from me a couple feet in distance on the netting.
  19. A chainlink fence with green privacy netting had risen on one side of the yard.
  20. Bravely a team of sailors dove over the side of the ship with ropes and netting.
  21. Credit helped her into the mosquito netting and then climbed the cliff above them.
  22. Reaching for the stretchy netting, David placed it over the open top of his shoebox.
  23. Instead of netting a large profit they would have been faced with a substantial loss.
  24. Her head crested the water and I caught her hands and hauled her up onto the netting.
  25. Startled she jerked up to her feet and almost tripped on the netting and fell overboard.
  26. Harmony ceased the breath and covered her ears but the netting did not halt its new song.
  27. Use caution when netting a Yellow Tang because of the blades at the base of their tail fin.
  28. It was clear if the netting and ropes were removed he would immediately attack the Circle.
  29. This is easily my best trade of all time, netting me nearly £700,000 profit – so far!.
  30. Entering the olive grove, I noticed sunlight netting shadows and light underneath each tree.
  31. If the netting fails, only then will I climb the Baobob tree and hide with the rest of the women.
  32. Status is extremely important to hyenas, with a higher rank netting more respect within the troop.
  33. He entered the store and walked to the shelves where the whisky bottles stood behind wire netting.
  34. Her wrists were still red and raw after spending hours bound and trussed in the filthy rope netting.
  35. She tried to run, but her legs were unresponsive lead weights, and her feet tangled in cargo netting.
  36. I beat Keturah to the surface and hauled myself out of the water and onto the low-lying netting quickly.
  37. Often they gave quite a show, surfacing, blowing, diving, and breeching and on rare occasions bubble netting.
  38. We had fourteen planes lined up under canvas and tenting; some under camouflage netting, stashed here and there.
  39. He bent and picked the mass up by whatever invisible netting was holding it together, and headed outside with it.
  40. I glanced down at the netting as eye contact right now was too much, Of the two of us Keturah I’m the crazy one.
  41. Netting had been thrown over the side and sailors eagerly lifted us out of the heavy water that dragged at our clothing.
  42. Then, cover yourself in insect repellent or keep those mosquitoes out with netting to stop yourself being bitten next time.
  43. As the netting and ropes were released from Flin, he gave a mighty series of shakes that drenched everyone in the vicinity.
  44. She stepped down onto the deck netting and the whale drew back as graceful and as calculated as the swish of a cat’s tail.
  45. Hardly had the light been extinguished, when a peculiar trembling began to affect the netting under which the three children lay.
  46. It consisted of bars at a few inches' interval, with stout wire netting between, and it rested upon a strong stanchion at each end.
  47. I glanced over at her to see her looking at me with her head propped up on her arms as she lay on her belly on top of the deck netting.
  48. At the same time the knots at the top so that the netting were released and it fell heavily around the children in the three bulky heaps.
  49. He grabbed a pike pole off the dock, but when he tried to reach over the netting and into the pen with it, he came up several feet short.
  50. I stepped closer to her across the netting and gently said, They tell me that you like fruit so I brought a selection of it along with me.
  51. I smiled, as I glanced at her hands that I held imprisoned against the netting even as her body lay beneath me captive, No, I don’t suppose I do.
  52. Behind them is their four-wheeled drive pick-up, parked nearby in the depression, well out of sight from the road and covered with camouflaged netting.
  53. With Newell’s help, it took half as long to move everything, netting their camp site to the floor to prevent it from flying all over the engine room.
  54. The official investigation into his father’s disappearance had been short but sweet, netting nothing but a one-line explanation and a death certificate.
  55. Between the two dugout canoes was stretched a netting made of some ropelike material that was borne up by the underpinning that supported the central mast.
  56. What's up with yer? It were strong enough ter stop deer, weren't it? I broke off a particularly rusty piece of the netting, holding it out for him to see.
  57. I could see what I thought were peas climbing a section of netting, large rubber tires housing a creeping plant of some sort, and several raised beds with strawberries in them.
  58. That said, he restored order in the netting, pushed the two children gently down on the bed, pressed their knees, in order to stretch them out at full length, and exclaimed:—.
  59. Now I was leaving the island for the mysteries of the sea instead and I had the greatest treasure a man could ever ask for in the form of a woman lying asleep on the forward netting.
  60. The theme would be military equipment on display and the idea I had was to get as much camouflage netting as I could beg, borrow or steal and then drape the whole place in this netting.
  61. A few minutes later, Ingrid was putting down her things besides a bed in a small ward, with the nurse pulling a curtain around the bed, which also had a mosquito netting and was near a window.
  62. On hearing it, he had waked with a start, had crawled out of his "alcove," pushing apart the netting a little, and carefully drawing it together again, then he had opened the trap, and descended.
  63. Until they left Perm Nekhludoff only twice managed to see Katusha, once in Nijni, before the prisoners were embarked on a barge surrounded with a wire netting, and again in Perm in the prison office.
  64. The mast ripped through the protective netting rigged above the decks, crushing half a dozen men, fouling three more guns in the starboard broadside, and then plunging over the side like a sea anchor.
  65. The cunning hutch door had become nothing but a piece of wire netting, tacked to a frame made from four strips of half-by-half; and the rabbits sat on the planks, sniffing and nosing it without talking.
  66. Despite the high fence and faded signs warning of prosecution for trespass, it took only a few seconds to lift a corner of the rusty hurricane netting, slide under and drag body and bike to the edge of the old dip.
  67. Eartheart is creating a global urgency encouraging, enlisting our help; GlobalMind is netting us to capture it a conscious self-awareness; and now Techine is calling us to manufacture the immortality creating Teme.
  68. The place was like a huge cave, and it’s hard to explain the smell, but the camouflage netting was made of the same canvas that old summer camp tents were made of, so the place had a very unique, but subtle smell.
  69. How they did it with Flin moving around I’m not sure, but they managed to attach a piece of netting under his belly and secured it by ropes to the crude winch lever system that had been constructed above the deck.
  70. So, you can see the effect Delta would have if you consider the process of rolling Calls from at-the-money, where the premium is $16 to a strike $10 lower where the premium is $22, in this case netting you a $6 credit.
  71. As he got nearer he could see the chickens inside flapping around the netting in panic, a fox was entangled in the nets that surrounded the hen house snapping at anything that moved or came within range of its white fangs.
  72. The brilliant blue sky was the same one I had seen overhead for the last two weeks in the camp, only now it wasn’t broken up by camouflage netting and it seemed almost too blue—like it had scared away the clouds with its brilliance.
  73. After dinner, at five o’clock, the crew distributed folding canvas cots to the passengers, and each person opened his bed wherever he could find room, arranged it with the bedclothes from his petate, and set the mosquito netting over that.
  74. Tie in cheesecloth or netting one ounce, each, of whole cloves, previously bruised, and stick cinnamon, broken into small pieces; add these to the kettle with five pounds of granulated sugar, and let cook until the mixture is of the consistency of marmalade, being careful to avoid burning.
  75. They were obliged to find additional means of support for their families: netting birds in the woods, trapping fish in the stream that ran through Brookfield, making belts or sandals from cheap leather offcuts, weaving cloth from yarn for Kingsbridge merchants, or poaching the king’s deer in the forest.
  76. The second cotton layer was encircled by a satin rose’ trim and edged with blue-silver colored ribbon; the scalloped hemline of the third layer was lace and edged with apricot cream trim, while embroidered jasper colored squares and interweaved floral designs in all four colors decorated the fine netting.
  77. He had left behind his violin, for he identified it too closely with his misfortune, but his mother had obliged him to take his petate, a very popular and practical bedroll, with its pillow, sheet, small pewter chamber pot, and mosquito netting, all of this wrapped in straw matting tied with two hemp ropes for hanging a hammock in an emergency.
  78. There are no big trees in the garden of The Willows, because it was built in the middle of meadows where there weren't any, but all round the iron railings of the square garden--the house being the centre of the square--and concealing the wire netting which keeps the pasturing cows from thrusting their heads through and eating the shrubs, is a fringe of willows.
  79. While rehearsing me, Edgar had told me to be subtle and not too fast, like Gypsy Rose Lee who could trigger male orgasms merely by the seductive manner in which she removed a glove! I’d wrapped a bit of semi-transparent curtain netting around my cods, under my pouch, under my swim suit, under my shorts, under my trousers; and a singlet under my shirt under my jacket.
  80. For long after the sale had been executed, transferring the bonds from his accounts to Regan’s father’s—after Felix Rohatyn had stepped in and arranged for the rescue of the city budget, netting the Hamilton-Sweeney Company a neat $900,000 on a strategy that had been Keith’s; after Regan had taken a job of her own (albeit at her family’s company)—Amory would reach him at the office.
  81. It was such a tumultuous and intemperate invasion that during the first days it was impossible to walk through the streets because of the furniture and trunks, and the noise of the carpentry of those who were building their houses in any vacant lot without asking anyone’s permission, and the scandalous behavior of couples who hung their hammocks between the almond trees and made love under the netting in broad daylight and in view of everyone.
  82. If only he could speak with her and she to him tonight, how good the night might be, and how easy to breathe and how lax the vessels of blood in her ankles and in her wrists and the under-arms, but there was no speaking and the night was ten thousand tickings and ten thousand twistings of the blankets, and the pillow was like a tiny white warm stove under-cheek, and the blackness of the room was a mosquito netting draped all about so that a turn entangled her in it.
  83. If only he could speak with her and she to him tonight, how good the night might be, and how easy to breathe and how lax the vessels of blood in her ankles and in her wrists and the under-arms, but there was no speaking and the night was ten thousand tickings and ten thousand twistings of the retched blankets, and the pillow was like a tiny white warm stove undercheek, and the blackness of the room was a mosquito netting draped all about so that a turn entangled her in it.
  84. We hung up netting around the bar,.
  1. If his cheetah can be netted, we will do so.
  2. It was tall and netted over with silver cobwebs.
  3. By doing it his way, he netted us a prisoner.
  4. That way, Simon will be the more securely netted.
  5. Nets are good if you want to stay netted all the time.
  6. Instantly, I was netted! A whole squad of law enforcement.
  7. In any event we still netted nearly 12 points on this trade.
  8. In fact the first month he made a sale which netted him $765 in.
  9. After commissions he netted $22,500 in his Marketocracy portfolio.
  10. Several have netted large gains as others resulted in small losses.
  11. Above her brow her head was covered with a cap of silver lace netted.
  12. Next, the number of fish netted is 153, which is called a triangular.
  13. All fifteen locations together netted around eighty-four thou last month.
  14. The crashing sound was the sound of their netted gear falling to the floor.
  15. They turned themselves in to the Feds and their testimony netted quite a catch.
  16. In case you thought we had been zombie-snared, they only netted our echoes.
  17. Putting on credit spreads in both the calls and the puts would have netted a $312.
  18. But we’re talking about the twelve percent the trade netted the Hamilton-Sweeneys.
  19. Bet that crippled blacksmith was surprised when he netted a couple of stupid kids.
  20. Soon he slept, and Simon allowed himself to drift back to the memories that had netted him.
  21. Last year, my uncle lost his balance on the fishing perch when he netted two salmon at once.
  22. This bearish big shadow on the AUD/JPY daily chart has netted 137 pips by using the three-bar exit.
  23. All was still, save for the noonday the trees of the Belt were looped and netted with darkest shadow.
  24. The netted and bound Antelope Hunter was brought in and laid on the ground in the middle of the Circle.
  25. Here we might have taken a position as a scalping trader and netted perhaps 20 or 30 cents on the contract.
  26. I have seen situations in which an SPX 1350–1360 call spread netted more than an SPX 1340–1350 call spread.
  27. Still, with the right stop-loss, this trade could easily have netted over a +40 percent return in three months.
  28. My one time offer pulsed throughout the fabric of my neurally netted kinesthetic kinnections again and again and again.
  29. Even a shorter-term hold of four weeks would have netted a +25 percent return on equity, and in a down market no less.
  30. The final sell-out price of about 4800 netted the trader a profit of about 2500 points, or more than 100% in nine months.
  31. After transaction costs, slippage, and the price of his expired options, he would have netted just over $4,000 per spread.
  32. There was a section of flesh in the middle of Lezura’s back that was discolored, twisting and netted, consistent with a burn mark.
  33. Let’s Make a Deal had netted him three hundred and fifty thousand, all of it wired into an account at the Union Bank of Switzerland.
  34. So how efficient is 20% administrative overhead for US health in the business? If the insurance companies only netted 1% in profit, $9.
  35. Then dozens of fish were revealed, flapping in muddy pools on the bottom, and they had to be netted and shared out among the volunteers.
  36. The 300,000 shares he sold had a book value in December of 1968 of $180,000 and he netted therefor 20 times as much, or a cool $3,600,000.
  37. This operation would have netted a sure return at the rate of 40% per annum on the capital invested—as shown by the following calculation:.
  38. Incarnate as Pan, how far do you think I'd get before being netted, petted and zooed? The best thing that could happen to me is to end up back here with you.
  39. His spear, Runs Like Cheetah continued, may wound or kill one of us, but once he has thrown it, he will be without a weapon for a moment and easily netted.
  40. In the earlier examples with stocks, market positions there may have been in place for days, weeks or even months and netted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
  41. Interestingly this is not due to the 1923 hyperinflation (because both the long holding of bonds and the implicit short position in bills lost everything, so these netted out in the hedged return).
  42. The investor following the fundamental finance approach and restricting his investments to heavily discounted securities would have netted an 83 percent return on his investment excluding dividends.
  43. This series of trades has netted the trader a profit of 140 points (up-cycle) plus 140 point (down-cycle) minus 60 points (the difference between the final limit order to buy and stop order to sell).
  44. Buying (shorting) at the close on Thursday before expiration week if the market was down (up) and selling (covering) the Friday of expirations would have netted the following results since July 1978:.
  45. After a moment of struggling she reappears again, her hair a bit mussed and her cheeks a bit flushed, letting the mass of lifeless dress flop to the floor while her many layers of delicate, netted petticoats settle back around her.
  46. This is that anti-intuitive hyper-intuition that one is but a psychic antenna literally netted inside multi-taneous minds enlightening, and your awareness has been telescoped ten god strides across heaven and time, picking up ideas bigger than humanity in the great electrical field that actually 362.
  47. What David had in his box was a sheet of some stretchy netted material with holes, a couple of marbles, a large elastic rubber band and a pencil and he was really quite keen to move on from this frivolous moment that Brian and Helen seemed to be sharing so that he could discuss his ideas about gravity and black holes.
  48. Next the gang held up Jerilderie, netted two thousand more, While Dan and Steve held hostages in the Royal Mail,.
  1. There should be nets at.
  2. Control: use fine mesh nets.
  3. The nets were hauled on board.
  4. But we can stop him with nets.
  5. She walks the nets of her boat.
  6. Pulling and tying nets all day.
  7. In Psalms another allusion to nets;.
  8. Two wardens walked between the nets.
  9. Therefore, John nets a $1,300 credit.
  10. Jesus told them to put down their nets.
  11. Just another one of my safety nets.
  12. Keep me posted on those Vietminh nets.
  13. This trade nets a total profit of $287.
  14. The gomers are tapped into all our nets.
  15. Zebedee their father, mending their nets.
  16. Pil ows or nets made from this material.
  17. Then he threw his nets for the fourth time.
  18. These things aren’t safety nets, they’re.
  19. Angle, (cast): Stretching nets upon the waters.
  20. Them dogfish just love to break into the nets.
  21. And he cometh to Bethsaida (Place of Nets); and.
  22. Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.
  23. What with—butterfly nets? Abigail snapped.
  24. This trade nets out a profit of $295 per contract.
  25. And he (Jesus) cometh to Bethsaida (Place of Nets).
  26. You’re better than half the people on the nets.
  27. Yea, snares, and pits, and traps, and nets, did lie.
  28. Apart from the curtains and nets hanging in the bay.
  29. And he cometh to Bethsaida (place of nets); and they.
  30. Nets are good if you want to stay netted all the time.
  31. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I.
  32. After they fail to catch any fish, He causes the nets.
  33. All night they toiled with the nets but caught no fish.
  34. No longer would the fish practically jump into our nets.
  35. McG on 2 nets w/ strident, pointed questions of RN on VN.
  36. When the nets were dropped, no creature could escape them.
  37. The idea worked and even resulted in more fish in the nets.
  38. Habakkuk sees that the hierarchy catch people in their nets;.
  39. A new global Net specifically to link the nets of category 2.
  40. On both nets Tricia effectively handled rabble as she pointed.
  41. Nearby, fishermen were preparing their nets as they did every day.
  42. It’s so inconvenient through these nets; nothing can be heard.
  43. Get one of those small nets that pet stores use to get small fish.
  44. The Nautilus's nets hauled up several types of sea turtle from the.
  45. The identification of net nets does not appear to be that difficult.
  46. Joseph glanced to where the kind man suggested they lower their nets.
  47. He also practices left-handed throws at the nets on a regular basis.
  48. To catch their salmon, the native fishermen mostly used nets on poles.
  49. On the jetty nearest her, fishing nets lay unfolded; young fishermen.
  50. From a large stone chest he pulled out some nets with weights on the.
  51. It was Nikos, struggling towards his car with a basket of fishing nets.
  52. At the end of a month they fish up your man in the nets at Saint-Cloud.
  53. The nets of the local fishermen trapped the turtles because of their size.
  54. The fisherman kicked the bag away from the nets; as he picked it up the.
  55. They settled in the center of the canoe on the pile of nets and were off.
  56. Lady Redthorne observed lich folk who fished in the murky pools with nets.
  57. Vexed with having such a bad haul, when he had mended his nets, which the.
  58. No boat can have its nets in the water until that opening signal is given.
  59. Teams of fish hunters hauled great, seaweed nets filled with bass and carp.
  60. I know it all! I have dogs, and two guns, and nets, and a screen and a hawk.
  61. For 2009, Allergan estimated total product nets sales to come in between $4.
  62. One way is with two small nets, one on top of the other, thus trapping them.
  63. Here are the ones that the Nautilus's nets most frequently hauled on board:.
  64. I can scarcely see what there is in the nets which the sailors are pulling in.
  65. Unethical? And releasing a virus on the Vulcan Security Nets is ethical?
  66. That right, we just put in the morning nets when Peter saw her just floating.
  67. Get one of those small nets that pet stores use to get small fish out of a tank.
  68. I had to rest content with the various specimens of fish brought up by our nets.
  69. So saying, he threw away the rubbish, and after having washed his nets clean of.
  70. On the further side of the nets were the prisoners, on the nearer, the visitors.
  71. On his voyage he will again distribute malaria nets and spectacles to the less.
  72. I will build a house on the shore to warn fishermen who come to cast their nets.
  73. Let us go fishing; put out into yonder deep and let down your nets for a draught.
  74. The fisherman resolved to obey the genius exactly, so he did not cast his nets a.
  75. Nets are costly and time-consuming but effective for keeping birds, animals and.
  76. The fishermen would put down their nets and hook-lines to watch the fleet sail by.
  77. He was also taught how to fish with their primitive, yet effective, hooks and nets.
  78. Close by, along the tree line, were two P-26A fighters covered with camouflage nets.
  79. These are the same flatteries that the fishers of men use to catch men in their nets.
  80. Men stood on wooden platforms in the mist and fished with nets attached to long poles.
  81. First, we are not interested in net nets unless the company is extremely well financed.
  82. The nets were necessary since they rewarded the villagers with fish, their livelihood.
  83. They shirked the restraining nets with ease and engaged the fighters in a fierce melee.
  84. Tomorrow, you will learn how to make the nets and ropes you will need to trap the cubs.
  85. I'd seen the gun and I thought they were probably going to use ferrets and perhaps nets.
  86. Now Fishermen use nets of cord to catch fish but to catch men they use nets of vanity; as.
  87. In these examples we see that men are taken or caught up in the nets which are cast by the.
  88. Ecclesiastes tells us that these nets are evil, of course he is alluding to the worship of.
  89. He might have nets suspended from the ceiling and canisters of poison gas for all they knew.
  90. Ever hit a rock full pace and been thrown overboard, only to be saved by your own nets?
  91. She had barely entered the room, all hung with discarded cargo nets, when she did a double-take.
  92. His nets are ill-founded and are even unreal, although he acts against those who are deserving.
  93. Indeed, we had little trouble hauling in nets crammed full of herring, along with some sea bass.
  94. As he turned his head, he just caught a quick movement as the nets were twitched back into place.
  95. Bright Hands and Little Man have made many nets for us that can be thrown over him and his cheetah.
  96. From that day David Zebedee, this Simon, and their associates forsook their nets and followed Jesus.
  97. The priest invokes this Lord to bring the people together like nets bring together the ears of maize.
  98. These same waters that provided shelter for their nets, were also prone to algae bloom, the red tide.
  99. Soon after their Master was crucified, they returned to their families and nets; their work was done.
  100. We toiled all night and took nothing; however, at your bidding we will put out and let down the nets.

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