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    1. "Yes, with net floor but no benches

    2. This al egation was of course denied, but the net result

    3. What is important is the net return

    4. How much net worth you have at present?

    5. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund gives the current value of your investment by indicating how much each unit of Rs 10 is worth on a day-to-day basis calculated from the daily market value of the funds total asset

    6. However, the net result is that Emma has made me promise I will not move back to the house … which is all well and good for her … but where am I to go?

    7. net respects the intellectual property of others

    8. net, they are granting us permission to distribute such material

    9. He’s got a white father and the net result is that he has very dark eyes but looks Latin more than anything, if you know what I mean

    10. A tabloid newspaper lay open as reading material and as a safety net for the droppings of his massive sandwich

    11. There’s some question about whether the man had been caught with his hand in the till which will need looking into, but the net result is that Sadler’s story no longer holds water

    12. Ava had a virtual universe set up that she said was copied from data she had gathered from the planet, animated with video and audio that is broadcast in their net

    13. tangle and spin around her, casting her into the middle of a trawling net

    14. The net result is that I end up with his arms round me … maybe this is the answer to my dilemma

    15. the metaphorical net curtain that hid the outer reaches of the old melodies from His

    16. Herndon got back over there for the service and found the family in an uproar because the disease specialist they called had snatched the body off to the Kassikan for study and Ernesto's remains were now somewhere in the air over the Gengee arm, heading for the tunnel in the cargo net of a native floater, a lighter-than-air mobile plant

    17. The spindle limbed bushes that edged the footpath seemed to tangle and spin around her, casting her into the middle of a trawling net

    18. but lift the close meshed net from these eyes

    19. There was enough growth in it all now to keep it anchored, but not enough to make more than a gentle net of thin ribbonleaves stretched from crack to crack

    20. They were still wrapped around each other and dry again, but she was still dressed only in that open net

    21. NET? Where is ASP

    22. NET at runtime in IIS5? IIS6?

    23. He scored only one goal for his great club and that was only because he tripped over his own feet and accidentally kneed the ball into his own net

    24. NET and this is one of those ASP

    25. NET provides helper function to check for Ajax requests which internally inspects X-Requested-

    26. NET to implement repository pattern Controller would have 2 constructors on

    27. net MVC application are interface based and hence mocking is much

    28. NET process for unit testing

    29. NET web application that does not make use of routing, an incoming browser request should

    30. NET web application that does make use of routing makes use of URLs that do not have to map

    31. I floated in the comfort of this smooth, luminous primeval liquid, looking at the patterns and the shifting net of sunlight underneath, and the sand way down below, ecstatic in the thrill of being aware of simple existence in a universe without change

    32. This means that no matter where you hold that landing net the fish will be able to see it or sense it

    33. kneed the ball into his own net

    34. The forefront of style among those that could afford it was the advanced surgical procedure that separated the skull into three sections, lifted it away, and put in a net that made all your thoughts available as your user interface to the network

    35. 47Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and

    36. By the time Dave has carved his fourth slice, he is starting to get the hang of it but the net result of this whole charade is that everyone is laughing and the ice has been well and truly broken

    37. weighted net impedes its wings, and the ropes tied to the trees prevent

    38. outside when the net was dropped

    39. It’s probably on the net by now

    40. Monica, on the other hand, was crying over spilt milk, as the imps had littered her bedroom with spilt-over milk cartons, as her father Byron tried to catch the blighters with a butterfly net

    41. He ran to his bedroom, grabbed a volleyball net and a penny, handing them to his friends, and then he and Monica picked up the train set

    42. The whole train set was encased within a glass casing, and Andrew and Monica were now carrying it outside, as Jack, Julia and Matt carried the volleyball net and the penny

    43. An anti-reality net seemed to catch him for a second, but he quickly broke free

    44. He was starting on the vermin net when Desa asked what that was for

    45. “That flimsy net won’t slow down anything big enough to bite a full grown human

    46. ” He worried about the implications of that while he put the net away

    47. Jean decided to cast his net a little wider, and leant

    48. It wasn't a starship, it was a nice big floater with Luray and Klarrain hanging in its net, along with quite a bit of gear

    49. Klarrain dropped a heavy cargo net over Alan and that android

    50. The android crawled out from under the net, leaving Alan under it

    1. Kofi AwoonorWhen our tears are dry on the shoreand the fishermen carry their nets homeand the seagulls return to bird islandand the laughter of the children recedes at night,there shall still linger here the communion we forged,the feast of oneness which we partook of

    2. by the outline of old boats and piles of ragged nets

    3. in the lean months, picking at nets

    4. At the turning area in the light from an old van and a single bulb in a shed, fifteen or so fishermen crunch on the gravel, concentrating hard whilst straightening coloured nets and winding spiky lines around their baskets with bare hands

    5. It was Nikos, struggling towards his car with a basket of fishing nets

    6. But there was enough room on deck for three crew and a good catch with nets and baskets stored for and aft

    7. Of those that had come a couple had shotguns, a few carried farming tools, long poles and fishing nets and reminded me of senior retired gladiators

    8. We set up stout nets suspended high up in the forest canopy,

    9. dragon was on the ground, they employed weighted ropes and nets to

    10. She had barely entered the room, all hung with discarded cargo nets, when she did a double-take

    11. Indeed, we had little trouble hauling in nets crammed full of herring, along with some sea bass

    12. He suggests employing specialist butterfly death squads to go around armed with big nets and long range rifles

    13. From the work storage area we took a large quantity of sail cloth, rope, trawling nets, carpentry tools, sewing tools, shovels, and pick axes

    14. "Throw out the nets

    15. We often provide safety nets designed to excuse rather than formerly decry base or unbecoming behavior whose pervasiveness must inevitably weaken the moral imperatives of a well-ordered society

    16. Buried under the fishing nets in the bottom of his boat were twenty-five kilos of ninety-three percent pure cocaine, disguised as packages of surgical bandages

    17. No longer would the fish practically jump into our nets

    18. They settled in the center of the canoe on the pile of nets and were off

    19. Later, they stopped to work with their nets while Caroline and Mike snorkeled, drifting hypnotically above the wonderland of the reef

    20. Pulling and tying nets all day

    21. “You’re better than half the people on the nets

    22. Its use was to adjust speed during trolling operations, while busy with nets and booms; he’d used it to maneuver alongside the barge and remembered clearly that it was still engaged

    23. Still, were they doing the right thing? He’d spoken with Beth about it while Truman was in the hold hooking up his nets

    24. What had become of his cousin that he’d run his life into such a quagmire that each choice was grimmer than the last? The nets were pulled free and all three stepped back, squinting into the dazzling brilliance: five hundred eighty-seven snow-white kilos of cocaine reflected the full midday glare of Caribbean sunshine

    25. Nearby, fishermen were preparing their nets as they did every day

    26. Within a few minutes, their luggage had been carried down the hatchway, and they had found places for themselves on the tarpaulins that Boroszki’s son had spread over piles of nets in the vessel’s hold

    27. Why do people continue to abuse the beautiful environment we have been gifted by Mother Nature? Plastic and glass bottles, plastic and wooden crates, old fishing nets, soft drinks cans, plastic bags and bags of household rubbish

    28. 17 And nets of checker work, and wreaths of chain work, for the chapiters which were on the top of the pillars; seven for the one

    29. ” In America, there were school lunch programs, food stamps, the Salvation Army and shelters, safety nets of all sorts

    30. Nets are good if you want to stay netted all the time

    31. American taxpayer had supported and was supporting 12 to 20 million illegal people with programs, education, health care, safety nets and for some, prison accommodations

    32. 10 Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while that I beside escape

    33. and delivered His holy one from destruction: (3) and saved me from the nets of Sheol, and my soul from the pit that cannot be

    34. 26 And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoever pleases God shall

    35. nets on the waters shall languish

    36. There were nets, traps, fish spears, baskets, cedar bowls, and even snowshoes for my use as well as some blankets, in the sleeping area

    37. On the jetty nearest her, fishing nets lay unfolded; young fishermen

    38. had luckily landed on a pile of old fishing nets

    39. tables, chairs, drum cans, fishing nets, buoys, and tonnes of garbage littered the mud-

    40. trapped birds in nets, but this is intended to state God's deliverance for us from

    41. After I gave up wearing out skimmer nets sweeping the accumulated live and dead bodies from the pool, I hired a service and quickly found out that it cost me more than I was paying in rent

    42. ) The beach trip wasn’t much of a vacation for the kids when they were young, either, because with my penchant for aquariums, I had them dragging nets in the ocean and in Bogue Sound before they got too old to protest

    43. Immediately they left their nets and followed Him

    44. Going on a little further from there He saw two other brothers James the son of Zebedee and John his brother who were also in the boat with Zebedee their father mending their nets

    45. 2 He saw two boats standing by the lake but the fishermen had gone out of them and were washing their nets

    46. 4 When He had finished speaking He said to Simon "Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch

    47. The gomers are tapped into all our nets

    48. 44 And while he was walking on the shore of the sea of Galilee he saw two brothers Simon who was called Cephas and Andrew his brother casting their nets into the sea; for they were fishers; And Jesus said to them Follow me and I will make you fishers of men; And they immediately left their nets there and followed him; And when he went on from there he saw other two brothers James the son of Zebedee and John his brother in the ship with Zebedee their father mending their nets and Jesus called them; And they immediately forsook the ship and their father Zebedee and followed him

    49. And when the multitude gathered to him to hear the word of God while he was standing on the shore of the sea of Gennesaret he saw two boats standing beside the sea while the two fishers which were gone out of them were washing their nets; And one of them belonged to Simon Cephas; And Jesus went up and sat down in it and commanded that they should move away a little from the land into 52 the water; And he sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat; And when he had left off his speaking he said to Simon Put out into the deep and throw your net for a draught; And Simon answered and said to him My Master we toiled all night and caught nothing; now at your word I will throw the net; And when they did this there were enclosed a great many fishes; and their net was on the point of breaking; And they beckoned to their comrades that were in the other boat to come and help them; And when they came they filled both boats so that they were on the point of sinking

    50. The fishermen would put down their nets and hook-lines to watch the fleet sail by

    1. involved a small time politician that had netted her twenty thousand

    2. “By doing it his way, he netted us a prisoner

    3. Nets are good if you want to stay netted all the time

    4. a five-day span in, which Ayoob also threw a fundraiser for Senator Reid, from which he netted thousands of dollars in donations from

    5. That way, Simon will be the more securely netted

    6. Soon he slept, and Simon allowed himself to drift back to the memories that had netted him

    7. Last year, my uncle lost his balance on the fishing perch when he netted two salmon at once

    8. “Bet that crippled blacksmith was surprised when he netted a couple of stupid kids

    9. “All fifteen locations together netted around eighty-four thou last month

    10. In fact the first month he made a sale which netted him $765 in

    11. There was a section of flesh in the middle of Lezura’s back that was discolored, twisting and netted, consistent with a burn mark

    12. They turned themselves in to the Feds and their testimony netted quite a catch

    13. So how efficient is 20% administrative overhead for US health in the business? If the insurance companies only netted 1% in profit, $9

    14. Instantly, I was netted! A whole squad of law enforcement

    15. The crashing sound was the sound of their netted gear falling to the floor

    16. netted him a big sale

    17. "His spear,” Runs Like Cheetah continued, “may wound or kill one of us, but once he has thrown it, he will be without a weapon for a moment and easily netted

    18. If his cheetah can be netted, we will do so

    19. The netted and bound Antelope Hunter was brought in and laid on the ground in the middle of the Circle

    20. roofing company netted no results and now, with the Sabbath approaching, it looks that

    21. What David had in his box was a sheet of some stretchy netted material with holes, a couple of marbles, a large elastic rubber band and a pencil and he was really quite keen to move on from this frivolous moment that Brian and Helen seemed to be sharing so that he could discuss his ideas about gravity and black holes

    22. This is that anti-intuitive hyper-intuition that one is but a psychic antenna literally netted inside multi-taneous minds enlightening, and your awareness has been telescoped ten god strides across heaven and time, picking up ideas bigger than humanity in the great electrical field that actually 362

    23. My one time offer pulsed throughout the fabric of my neurally netted kinesthetic kinnections again and again and again

    24. #thegreeks&thegoodlife and then, out of BlackSpace, I was netted and yours is the first face I've seen since I was renditioned from virtuality

    25. “Incarnate as Pan, how far do you think I'd get before being netted, petted and zooed? The best thing that could happen to me is to end up back here with you

    26. “In case you thought we had been zombie-snared, they only netted our echoes

    27. Next the gang held up Jerilderie, netted two thousand more, While Dan and Steve held hostages in the Royal Mail,

    28. After a moment of struggling she reappears again, her hair a bit mussed and her cheeks a bit flushed, letting the mass of lifeless dress flop to the floor while her many layers of delicate, netted petticoats settle back around her

    29. had been spooked had netted him the winning ring

    30. Next, the number of fish netted is 153, which is called a triangular

    31. 15, ask the porter for the key of the room on the fifth floor, enter the apartment, take from the corner of the mantelpiece a purse netted in red silk, and give it to your father

    32. "My father!" cried the young girl, out of breath, and half dead with joy—"saved, you are saved!" And she threw herself into his arms, holding in her extended hand a red, netted silk purse

    33. Then dozens of fish were revealed, flapping in muddy pools on the bottom, and they had to be netted and shared out among the volunteers

    34. All was still, save for the noonday the trees of the Belt were looped and netted with darkest shadow

    35. fringe hung down from loops of tidily netted hair, swinging close to her brown eyes, eyes cherry streamers made her creamy skin glow

    36. But we’re talking about the twelve percent the trade netted the Hamilton-Sweeneys

    37. "Don't stay up there and be netted!" For he saw spiders swarming up all the neighboring trees, and crawling along the boughs above the heads of the dwarves

    38. It was tall and netted over with silver cobwebs

    39. Above her brow her head was covered with a cap of silver lace netted

    40. Buying (shorting) at the close on Thursday before expiration week if the market was down (up) and selling (covering) the Friday of expirations would have netted the following results since July 1978:

    41. I have seen situations in which an SPX 1350–1360 call spread netted more than an SPX 1340–1350 call spread

    42. This bearish big shadow on the AUD/JPY daily chart has netted 137 pips by using the three-bar exit

    43. Here we might have taken a position as a scalping trader and netted perhaps 20 or 30 cents on the contract

    44. In the earlier examples with stocks, market positions there may have been in place for days, weeks or even months and netted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars

    45. Putting on credit spreads in both the calls and the puts would have netted a $312

    46. This operation would have netted a sure return at the rate of 40% per annum on the capital invested—as shown by the following calculation:

    47. The 300,000 shares he sold had a book value in December of 1968 of $180,000 and he netted therefor 20 times as much, or a cool $3,600,000

    48. Let’s Make a Deal had netted him three hundred and fifty thousand, all of it wired into an account at the Union Bank of Switzerland

    49. The investor following the fundamental finance approach and restricting his investments to heavily discounted securities would have netted an 83 percent return on his investment excluding dividends

    50. Several have netted large gains as others resulted in small losses

    1. but decided, in the end, to prop up some netting where the canal joined the pond

    2. Entering the olive grove, I noticed sunlight netting shadows and light underneath each tree

    3. What's up with yer? It were strong enough ter stop deer, weren't it?" I broke off a particularly rusty piece of the netting, holding it out for him to see

    4. We had fourteen planes lined up under canvas and tenting; some under camouflage netting, stashed here and there

    5. She tried to run, but her legs were unresponsive lead weights, and her feet tangled in cargo netting

    6. understanding; The wicked desires the netting of evil men; but the root of the righteous yields fruit; the wicked is snared by the

    7. reached out to hold him there, a collection of limbs netting him

    8. netting that spanned the entire ceiling

    9. When it rose off the netting the balloon jerked them and

    10. Josh struggled in the netting to

    11. As his feet began to leave the netting he was struck with

    12. some of the new branches that were netting the spaces I’d

    13. As he got nearer he could see the chickens inside flapping around the netting in panic, a fox was entangled in the nets that surrounded the hen house snapping at anything that moved or came within range of its white fangs

    14. A brief attempt to brush aside the bug netting failed

    15. The netting was sewn directly to the edges of the hammock

    16. Often they gave quite a show, surfacing, blowing, diving, and breeching and on rare occasions bubble netting

    17. While rehearsing me, Edgar had told me to be subtle and not too fast, like Gypsy Rose Lee who could trigger male orgasms merely by the seductive manner in which she removed a glove! I’d wrapped a bit of semi-transparent curtain netting around my cods, under my pouch, under my swim suit, under my shorts, under my trousers; and a singlet under my shirt under my jacket

    18. Despite the high fence and faded signs warning of prosecution for trespass, it took only a few seconds to lift a corner of the rusty hurricane netting, slide under and drag body and bike to the edge of the old dip

    19. Pieces of netting

    20. my luggage from out of the netting infront of the seat

    21. These were all dark green and had army camouflage netting draped over them

    22. them the hollow in the wall enclosed with netting that served as a bunk, the counter top that served as a galley and the fold down dining table

    23. Behind them is their four-wheeled drive pick-up, parked nearby in the depression, well out of sight from the road and covered with camouflaged netting

    24. It was such a tumultuous and intemperate invasion that during the first days it was impossible to walk through the streets because of the furniture and trunks, and the noise of the carpentry of those who were building their houses in any vacant lot without asking anyone’s permission, and the scandalous behavior of couples who hung their hammocks between the almond trees and made love under the netting in broad daylight and in view of everyone

    25. with an infant tub that has supportive netting

    26. the support netting with some of the warm water, because

    27. A few minutes later, Ingrid was putting down her things besides a bed in a small ward, with the nurse pulling a curtain around the bed, which also had a mosquito netting and was near a window

    28. Harmony ceased the breath and covered her ears but the netting did not halt its new song

    29. With Newell’s help, it took half as long to move everything, netting their camp site to the floor to prevent it from flying all over the engine room

    30. Then, cover yourself in insect repellent or keep those mosquitoes out with netting to stop yourself being bitten next time

    31. decorated with a full canopy bed with the lace netting that would

    32. If the netting fails, only then will I climb the Baobob tree and hide with the rest of the women

    33. It was clear if the netting and ropes were removed he would immediately attack the Circle

    34. Reaching for the stretchy netting, David placed it over the open top of his shoebox

    35. Credit helped her into the mosquito netting and then climbed the cliff above them

    36. He crawled out of the mosquito netting and chased off the cows

    37. He much preferred Lake Aknarra and trying his hand at netting peshines

    38. Yinxue is not with me therefore you cannot achieve your aim of netting us

    39. Eartheart is creating a global urgency encouraging, enlisting our help; GlobalMind is netting us to capture it a conscious self-awareness; and now Techine is calling us to manufacture the immortality creating Teme

    40. I could see what I thought were peas climbing a section of netting, large rubber tires housing a creeping plant of some sort, and several raised beds with strawberries in them

    41. The second cotton layer was encircled by a satin rose’ trim and edged with blue-silver colored ribbon; the scalloped hemline of the third layer was lace and edged with apricot cream trim, while embroidered jasper colored squares and interweaved floral designs in all four colors decorated the fine netting

    42. netting them so that their fins don't get caught in the net

    43. Use caution when netting a Yellow Tang because of the blades at the base of their tail fin

    44. The theme would be military equipment on display and the idea I had was to get as much camouflage netting as I could beg, borrow or steal and then drape the whole place in this netting

    45. The place was like a huge cave, and it’s hard to explain the smell, but the camouflage netting was made of the same canvas that old summer camp tents were made of, so the place had a very unique, but subtle smell

    46. There are no big trees in the garden of The Willows, because it was built in the middle of meadows where there weren't any, but all round the iron railings of the square garden--the house being the centre of the square--and concealing the wire netting which keeps the pasturing cows from thrusting their heads through and eating the shrubs, is a fringe of willows

    47. At the same time the knots at the top so that the netting were released and it fell heavily around the children in the three bulky heaps

    48. He bent and picked the mass up by whatever invisible netting was holding it together, and headed outside with it

    49. Within several days they had suspended netting obtained from Mr

    50. Her wrists were still red and raw after spending hours bound and trussed in the filthy rope netting

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