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    1. negating state of emotion and being up-‐leveling your vibration

    2. Only when a soul asks for help can another soul render aid thus negating karmic effect

    3. What the Court had done in negating an Act of Congress was to launch a subtle but ultimately devastating judicial counter-revolution against the newly adopted Constitution of the United States of America

    4. dom is eternally negating the unreal

    5. M: How can I put it into words, except in negating them? There-

    6. Not this; not this, the analytic process of progressively negating all

    7. 00 in order to come to the States, completely negating her earlier claims that her business was booming

    8. Barrad had often wondered what held the God-King inside the Temple for he certainly appeared incapable of leaving, it must have been some kind of time negating magic that held Hadrak within the Prison’s rift

    9. one squashing or negating the other as had happened in the past

    10. being and becoming, and they affirmed one while negating the other

    1. statements and give them the opportunity to affirm or negate your interpretation of their

    2. Always be careful to frame it in a way that does not negate their previous

    3. benefit or at least negate its importance

    4. But when you deny he ever lived, when you negate his very name, it aches like bones that

    5. The earlier news had weighed on his mind for a while, but he knew that this missive would more than likely lift his spirits and negate his boredom

    6. But in recent years, sad to say, the very concept of valedictorian would of course offend and absolutely negate the supposed equality of all that schooling

    7. By this argument alone, worldly and eternal cannot be separated otherwise such equivocations that must inevitably follow would negate the eternal order of things that transcends, although embracing, the worldly order of things each in conjunction with Eternal Designs

    8. Such does not negate, however, its (overall) salutary impact on society

    9. The British very shrewdly as is their way started a land reform plan to negate some of the grievances

    10. Such (lofty) ideals neither profess nor encourage the overriding of critical or independent thinking provided such expressions neither conflict with nor seek to negate another individual‘s right to equally express his or her own private opinions or place that individual in HARM‘S WAY

    1. The fact that she’d been born female negated every argument that she could make

    2. The army that had landed but seven weeks before, in the flush of health and strength, crawled back to the transports in regiments of gaunt spectres, to return to the country whose readiness and anxiety to do everything possible for its defenders had been negated by the unfortunate officialdom and chaos in Washington

    3. The first successful methods against landmines were to fill the vehicles tyres with water which negated the blast tremendously

    4. simultaneously; what is negated is the relation between them

    5. A negated predicate points to the entire spatial set of the subject rather than

    6. In the negated predicate we can appreciate fuller meanings of true and false within exterior

    7. where everything was affirmed as true and everything was negated as false,

    8. negated for another’s advantage

    9. the objective reality is negated, or the child begins to fantasize another love

    10. its future can either be affirmed or negated

    1. In this manner, Perfection negates Potential; that is to say, the potential to grow or develop into something that has yet to become

    2. This negates the often said saying that "the terrorist have to succeed only once and the Agencies may not fail ones

    3. PowerPoint or other electronic presentation that negates the

    4. presentation that negates the requirement to hold anything

    5. all but negates the idea that events in physical reality are symbolic representations of our lesson-circumstances

    6. all-but negates the idea that events in physical reality are symbolic representations of our lesson-circumstances

    7. Corporate and company lobbying should be illegal, as it negates the democracy

    8. While the Warren Commission ignored physical evidence (that they published) that negates their conclusions, I do not

    9. Not only can it lubricate and cool, it negates pressure difference between inside and out

    10. negates the whole point of analytics

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    neutralise annul counteract cancel repeal retract redress frustrate refute oppose contradict belie cross impugn contravene

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    negate neutralise neutralize nullify contradict contravene belie annul counteract cancel repeal retract redress frustrate refute oppose cross impugn