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Frasi con obligate (in inglese)

  1. It’s a privacy obligate situation.
  2. In the meantime, using them did not seriously obligate her in any way.
  3. Obligate mutualism is when two species depend on each other for something.
  4. Khalid said, O Allah, if you deliver their shoulders to us, I will obligate.
  5. So I doubt you will be asked for your advice very often, for fear that you will morally obligate us to further strains upon our treasuries!.

  6. Now that she’s officially engaged, she would almost always succeed in escaping from attending official events that she had to attend, but now it’s becoming a difficult task to squeeze her way out of it, as Ali is the new person in charge to obligate her to comply.
  1. A financial contract obligating the buyer to purchase an asset (or the seller to sell an asset), such as a physical commodity or a financial instrument, at a predetermined future date and price.
  1. Not the one you were obligated.
  2. If a firm becomes obligated to.
  3. That money was obligated elsewhere.
  4. I would be obligated for an additional $2.
  5. You have a talent, and you are obligated to.
  6. He felt obligated in some way to be there for them.
  7. Impregnated with his child, I felt obligated to wed.
  9. You shouldnt feel obligated to give me the whole cookie.
  10. On second thought he felt he was obligated to do so, actually.
  11. I hope that is not someone you feel obligated to hang out with.
  12. The above being said does not mean we are obligated to go it alone.
  13. Still, she felt obligated to show him she could keep her promises.
  14. Otherwise, I would feel obligated to inform the authorities of child.
  15. You’re obligated to pay this so long as your equity remains below.
  16. Not a day went by when there wasn’t some reference to the obligated.
  17. They had gotten in enough trouble that the state had felt obligated to.
  18. As the holder of the option, you aren’t obligated to purchase the car.
  19. You could leave, you’re not obligated to your brother, Jaycee said.
  20. If you pay for half of the date you won’t feel obligated to return the.
  21. Archy only wished that he was not obligated to The Company for the next ten.
  22. Cash dividend: Once it is declared, the recipient is obligated to receive it.
  23. In the macroevolution idea, the human selfish need is to not be obligated to.
  24. Tony was obligated to create a logistics operation to export and import auto.
  25. You are not obligated to try the offers, and will get paid a small amount just for.
  26. If the latter party wins, it is obligated to spend no more than four times that, $7.
  27. He felt obligated to maintain a tidy bar with selection and sources to other countries.
  28. Due to the constant lack of energy to do all the things that a person is obligated to.
  29. Arash was a friend of mine and I felt obligated to accompany his father to the prison.
  30. You aren't obligated to trade this many shares, but you may not trade more than this number.
  31. Do men not know that feeling? You don’t want to be mad, but you’re obligated to be, almost.
  32. He began to believe that no one should feel obligated to change or judge another man's beliefs.
  33. I believe that he excluded blacks when he obligated all Christians to obey the Great Commission.
  34. I'm obligated to pry Lorie, William replied jokingly as he stuffed another bite into his mouth.
  35. African Americans, according to this premise, would not be obligated to obey the Great Commission.
  36. With puts, the person assigned is obligated to purchase 100 shares (per put option) at the strike price.
  37. However, in some situations you are legally obligated to choose a specific funding source for an expense.
  38. To dream that someone is obligated to you indicates that you are ready to achieve a new level of success.
  39. No one is obligated to participate, but I'm sure you will be surprised at how many guests will opt for this.
  40. What’s more, the company was now obligated to pay out to shareholders all the proceeds from the sale of its assets.
  41. The management is the more obligated to act fairly toward the sellers because the company is itself on the buying side.
  42. Discounted cash flow (DCF) models work great for securities, which are contractually obligated to distribute cash flows.
  43. At the same time, the trader is obligated to pay the brokerage firm any dividends that accrue over the short-sale period.
  44. They did not take noonmeal at Yorthops’ because hSkaiya felt obligated to stay and watch to see if they left with anything.
  45. In all other matters concerning national interests, however, each is obligated to address its pressing requirements in a 52.
  46. She wouldn't have chosen it, but she was still trying to pretend theirs was a real marriage, so she felt obligated to wear it.
  47. The first is that the directors were not obligated to devote themselves exclusively or even preponderantly to this enterprise.
  48. Unfortunately we are obligated to contend with the continuing movements of the goblins, orcs and their Commanders, the Harad Ghul.
  49. It was almost too much to bear; to feel all those heavy eyes on me, and to feel so obligated to dance their afflictions away!.
  50. As Enron’s chief financial officer, was Fastow obligated to act exclusively in the interests of Enron’s shareholders? (Of course.
  51. But you are not obligated to perpetuate any dishonesty or injustice involved in the unfair accumulation of wealth by your ancestors.
  52. If prices increase and the holder exercises her option, you’re obligated to sell her the underlying asset at the agreed-upon price.
  53. A year ago, Cadman would’ve felt obligated to lead the band of novices around and perhaps teach them some useful lessons in survival.
  54. This is because nobody wants to feel obligated to someone else although some measure of financial assistance is called upon when needed.
  55. However, we are obligated, especially under the circumstances of these crimes, to investigate every possible lead to our fullest ability.
  56. One of the main pillars of modern destructive consumer morals is that every parent is morally obligated to give their children a better life.
  57. From where did it come? If anyone believes, practices, or teaches anything in the name of Christ, they are obligated to prove it from the Bible.
  58. When assets are sold for noneconomic reasons, the most common explanation is that some type of institutional constraint obligated the owner to move.
  59. If you were to do such a thing, I must tell you that I would feel obligated to resign in protest and publicly explain the reasons for my resignation.
  60. And so I’m obligated to heal their hurts whenever possible until such time as they’re fully sifted by the Inquisition and condemned for their crimes.
  61. We believe that God can keep His children completely in Jesus Christ,1108 while the believers are obligated to hold on to their faith firmly till the end.
  62. They will, of course, be obligated to continue to produce and deliver food to the city, but they will be under supervision by one of the leading factions.
  63. As she bustled around the room, putting on the kettle and pulling out mugs, Molly said, You are absolutely not obligated to tell me what that was about.
  64. They’re supposed to help you make the right decisions about your money, but keep in mind that they’re actually not obligated to do what’s best for you.
  65. That elemental knowledge makes the individual responsible to act accordingly, and makes society obligated to build institutions to reinforce individual responsibility.
  66. And just like that no one, not even the more respectful students like Gretchen Furlong and Dennis Jambrich, felt obligated to pay the class the slightest bit of attention.
  67. In addition, factions, or groups of people with similar interests, are obligated to renounce those factional interests if they do not tend to the best interest of the whole.
  68. Very often, when people stop doing all the things they feel obligated to do – they will then choose to do other things that are far more meaningful to others around them, i.
  69. The reason for this phasing is not clear, especially since Corporation was obligated to pay the entire $106 million purchase price to the Brewing shareholders by July 15, 1969.
  70. That act mandated that anyone in any state that encountered a runaway slave was obligated to take action to return the slave to his owner or face heavy fines and imprisonment.
  71. When the school board made no effort to home school him as they were legally obligated to do, I had to hire Bill McCoy, a Montville family lawyer, to sue the Board of Education.
  72. Despite his prominence in the leadership of the North Shore Jewish Community Center, or perhaps because of that prominence, Cohen felt obligated to take in a family from the ships.
  73. Edward and I have become increasingly friendly during the last few days, partly because I was obligated to help him recently with the accounts of one of our more important customers.
  74. At that point, they decided not to fill the other vacancies as they were not obligated by their own resolution forming the committee to have a fully seated committee, only a majority.
  75. Compare and see that in the current model, the organizations are obligated to incorporate and to execute tasks of other Areas of Activities that are not part of its principal activity.
  76. After the filing, some holders of the debt will be obligated by their investment policy to sell it, and bonds that have traded at 85 cents on the dollar can now fall to 70 cents or less.
  77. The odds are that the stock price will drop slightly after the ex-dividend date to reflect the amount of money that the company will be obligated to pay out as dividends to its shareholders.
  78. We will not always refer to it as earth because you will not always be here, we do not want you to see yourself as limited to this one single planet, though you are not obligated to do anything.
  79. The Exchange then needs to decide which of the many trades where the calls were sold in an opening transaction, or sold to open, should be obligated to sell to each exercising long call holder.
  80. The Company is contractually obligated to expend the marketing and reservation fees it collects from franchisees in accordance with the franchise agreements; as such, no income or loss to the Company is generated.
  81. Inflexibility example: Organization invests and it loses for the temporary lack of market when it is obligated to close its activities or to run into debt until market that ends up breaking for payment incapacity existing.
  82. I’ll deal with drugs later in more detail, but matters don’t improve when a patient is obligated to buy some product because of a financial benefit that a physician will see, since the latter has an interest in some pharmaceutical firm.
  83. The argument is made by OPMI representatives, including the Plaintiff’s Bar, that in an MBO-type transaction, the control persons should be obligated to pay the OPMIs that price which represents what the business is actually worth to the buyer.
  84. The captain holstered his weapon and said, As a soldier of this country, I am obligated to protect its citizens from foreign threats, even if they are no good thrash, most of my men will not be willing to attack those people unless it is in self-defense of the camp.
  85. About a fortnight after the election, Mr Scudmyloof, the schoolmaster, called one day on me, in my shop, and said, That being of a nervous turn, the din of the school did not agree with him; and that he would, therefore, be greatly obligated to me if I would get him made a gauger.
  86. Assigned an Exercise Notice – Being notified that the owner of the option contract has exercised his rights, making the recipient obligated to fulfill the conditions of the contract (buy 100 shares of stock at the strike price, if the option sold is a put; sell 100 shares when the option is a call).
  87. For instance, the corporations are obligated to create fiscal department or to hire services of third party to render accounts to the tax collection of the collection of tributes, social costs and declaration of revenues for not being punished by ignorance of the social legislation, tributary or labor.
  88. In a letter dated June 25, 1962, her attorney, Mickey Rudin, warned her, I feel obligated to caution you on your expenditures since at the rate you have been making those expenditures, you will spend the $13,000 in a very short period of time and we will then have to consider where to borrow additional monies.
  89. It would, as I said at the time, have been just as well to have made it really a trades’ ball, without any adulteration of the gentry; but the hempies alluded to jouked themselves in upon us, and obligated the managers to invite them; and an ill return they made for this discretion and civility, as I have to relate.
  90. Off the record version? she said, intimating there may be a public version that she would be obligated to relay if the call were official as well as an unofficial version that was a combination of rumor and fact garnered from conversations, both participatory and overheard, meetings of the council, among other sources.
  91. But the payment of the interest on the public debt, with which the town was burdened, began soon after to press heavily on us, and we were obligated to take on more borrowed money, in order to keep our credit, and likewise to devise ways and means, in the shape of public improvements, to raise an income to make up what was required.
  92. It may seem, hereafter, to the unlearned readers among posterity, particularly to such of them as may happen not to be versed in that state of things which we were obligated to endure, very strange that I should make this special mention of Mr Hirple at his latter end, seeing and observing the small store and account I have thus set upon his talents and personalities.
  93. Some of the things which I am about to say to you may seem hard, but you have elected to represent me in the world even as I now represent the Father; and as my agents on earth you will be obligated to abide by those teachings and practices which are reflective of my ideals of mortal living on the worlds of space, and which I exemplify in my earth life of revealing the Father who is in heaven.
  94. It was with great difficulty that I got him pacified; but unfortunately the joke was oure good to be forgotten, and when it was afterwards spread abroad, as it happened to take its birth in my house, it was laid to my charge, and many a time was I obligated to tell all about it, and how it couldna be meant for me, but had been incurred by Bailie Pirlet’s conceit of spinning out long perjink speeches.
  95. Every citizen, in one way or another, is expected to participate in a constructive manner that accrues to the mutual benefit of every citizen living in a free and open society; that each individual is obligated to lend his or her unqualified, excepting such conditions were that society has spiritually and morally corrupted itself, support in the cause of freedom; and that the general welfare of that society should take precedence over the private belief system of any individual who continues reaping the benefits of living in that society.
  1. NISAB: The minimum net worth of an individual which obligates him.
  2. Evidently, the incurring of long-term debt obligates the company to a series of interest payments that raises the risk.
  3. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries obligates each organization to have diverse departments or specialists, even under the disguise of the outsourcing with its thousands of stored material resources that deteriorate or consume enormity of invested money (maintenance cost).
  4. It burns billion of organizational resources to produce thousands of products that stay idle or stored awaiting customers, it executes production under intention that generates expenses and they inflate its prices for later to place at the market with intensive propagandas, promotions or prizes to attract customers for the inflexibility of the retrograde economic system that obligates it to have fixed cost.

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