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Frasi con bind (in inglese)

  1. I was in a bind.
  2. I was in a great bind.
  3. Timmy put me in a bind.
  4. I bind and loose again.
  5. Why bind her with such.

  6. Well, bind me, at least.
  7. We must bind his wounds.
  8. Even with the ties that bind.
  9. Surrounded by ties that bind.
  10. The bind was in the quitting.
  11. You have to bind her to us.
  12. Bind her and put her with them.
  13. Bind the flesh—bind the heart.
  14. With this third knot, I do bind.
  15. Then they were in a dreadful bind.

  16. Wrestling creates ties that bind.
  17. The rope cannot bind any longer.
  18. So my client was caught in a bind.
  19. Here we have to use bind variables.
  20. I could bind you, he suggested.
  21. And bind it with the Star that lands.
  22. And bind it with the star that lands.
  23. Ally me to the past and bind me there.
  24. Emotional ties that bind beyond death.
  25. This hint was enough to bind my hands.

  26. I need to bind Julia’s shoulder.
  27. This hint was enough to bind our hands.
  28. The knots of emotion that bind us to.
  29. And it's for a year he'll bind himself.
  30. The guards didn’t bind him this time.
  31. Rattigan could bind Winthrop’s hands.
  32. In short, galectin-3 receptors bind to.
  33. Bind her wounds that she may stand for Me.
  34. The yoke of love which tries to bind him?
  35. Then, lowering his head, he said: Bind me.
  36. The good do bind one very heavily in chains.
  37. One that would bind, a curse they’d been.
  38. Gag the creature and bind him as I command.
  39. The tarpaulin lay ready to bind over the load.
  40. The symbol for Bind flared in Setne’s face:.
  41. That you’ve never been able to bind and see.
  42. They were in a bind, and Berger did not like it.
  43. Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth.
  44. She is in a psychological bind and feels a major.
  45. Then, when you have routed them, bind them firmly.
  46. I want that kiss, the one that will bind me to him.
  47. Note that the contract does not bind the sovereign.
  48. You will not admit that your conclusions bind no-.
  49. When the world does not hold and bind you, it be-.
  50. Bind across upper arm and chest to prevent movement.
  51. Nobody could bind him anymore not even with chains.
  52. I could only hope you'd do the same for me in a bind.
  53. Connections "tying" the knot and "the ties that bind".
  54. You would have needed a cooperage to bind her thighs.
  55. Reynolds nodded and used zip ties to bind the Pullers.
  56. Humans were not designed to bind things into slavery.
  57. On the other hand, I could bind her up again, and then.
  58. Bind the word to their hearts with the actions of love.
  59. Mikey tries to react and re-issue the Shadow Bind, but.
  60. And so the Elusivers truly had him in a bind of secrecy.
  61. Before humans invented cord: they could not bind things.
  62. The court finds reason to bind this man over for trial.
  63. The yoke was a device used to bind or tie oxen into a team.
  64. He stands for traditions and usages which bind and hinder.
  65. Come hither! Come hither! Bind and bound, cease and wither.
  66. For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on.
  67. I’ll get the blindfolds and the cord to bind his hands.
  68. Krishn has said that action does not bind him, and just so.
  69. She had experienced the bind and had rejected it after a time.
  70. Who bind it to us? what is this separate Nature so unnatural?
  71. Bind with some flour or starch if you prefer a thicker texture.
  72. Zac knows how to handle himself in a bind, that I'll give him.
  73. To prevent the strands from fraying, bind the rope with twine.
  74. Ties of this nature could not bind minds governed by superior.
  75. Bind around both spars—this binding should not be very tight.
  76. But no solemn promises bind us to the commander of this vessel.
  77. That wire was wrapped around him to bind his arms to his sides.
  78. Then the king said to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and.
  79. If you turn the words around it says; bind her soul to the law.
  80. Bid your men bind his arms and legs and lift him into my chariot.
  81. Her very stable, electric charge is used in bind with Ingvar –.
  82. Best stop your caterwauling and aid us to bind the king's wounds.
  83. With voiced harmony, your meek waters to the land you fondly bind.
  84. Bind up with My true obedient followers and enter My paradise.
  85. Mistress Nangong took out a handkerchief to bind the open wound on.
  86. In Jesus’ name, I bind that control spirit, I bind the unbelief.
  87. Crush one in the water, and wash the wound clean, and I will bind it.
  88. Apply to affected part and cover with a large leaf, bind in position.
  89. The testes help to exam how the sperm bind to outer layer of the egg.
  90. To print, gloss-laminate and bind the cover for a softback book costs.
  91. Because I would bind you to me in the old ways so I could track you.
  92. Back cohost is said to contain chemical agent which helps to bind the.
  93. Also, macro investors are in a bind if their predictions aren't working.
  94. Mathew 12:9 (also in Mark) says that it is necessary to bind the strong.
  95. I will take them out to the diving platform tomorrow and bind them to it.
  96. When you work with love, you bind yourself to yourself and to one another.
  97. It stands for the worldly fetters that bind only human beings in accord-.
  98. Bind variable colon (:) should be used while expression on concatenation.
  99. I am the cloud, the dullness of depressions that slip ankle and bind neck.
  100. It takes more time than I thought to rip up the shirt and bind his shoulder.
  1. It is a binding document.
  2. They cut the ropes binding.
  3. It is not binding in any way.
  4. Now is the time for the binding.
  5. We were binding sheaves of wheat.
  6. He enchanted a sorcery of binding.
  7. A covenant is a binding agreement.
  8. I began to cast a binding charm; but.
  9. That is upon your Lord a binding promise.
  10. The terms would be binding in perpetuity.
  11. Yet in spite of this your vow was binding.
  12. Are habits or traditions equally binding.
  13. PO) did not affect [11C]raclopride binding.
  14. PyQt is the Python binding of the QT toolkit.
  15. The binding spell Liam had used was a strong.
  16. Besides the proper binding adjustment, or DIN.
  17. The paper was cold, as was the leather binding.
  18. Gilead and the Sentinels uttered a binding spell.
  19. The vote is not binding on the government, but No.
  20. He sat and rocked his son, binding them together.
  21. For my binding is pleasant and my burden is light.
  22. Binding his foal to the vine, his donkey's colt to.
  23. Such love and self-sacrifice is a very binding thing.
  24. The thought of the binding ritual stiffened my spine.
  25. This is called as binding of the name to the object.
  26. The presence of other elves adds power to the binding.
  27. As in drying tears, binding wounds, forgiving anything.
  28. Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto.
  29. If your binding does not come off when it should, it's.
  30. You can think about the printing and binding of the book.
  31. And My decrees, binding cords robbing you of your freedom.
  32. By the way, some of this interesting binding business and.
  33. Ropes: Ropes deal with binding, confinement and restriction.
  34. A binding document that a buyer can request from his bank.
  35. Chinese foot binding, though, rarely caused death, however.
  36. On double-page maps sometimes Fargo gets lost in the binding.
  37. Bind around both spars—this binding should not be very tight.
  38. Then he pulled a page out of the binding and handed it to Scotty.
  39. Money has binding to a mysterious impulse working by eye and mind.
  40. But a bond was binding the three of us in a sort of sacred mission.
  41. A thought is a binding link between the astral and material bodies.
  42. It should also be pointed out that unlike matter binding to other.
  43. Egg binding can be a serious and even deadly problem for the hen.
  45. Also, many binding, deeply entrenched beliefs are being blasted away.
  46. Estimates should not be binding more than thirty days after received.
  47. Our lips move in harmony, the same excitement binding me to his hold.
  48. It is the results of the judgment, an endlessly binding verdict that.
  50. Hospitality is binding even upon those who have been three days dead.
  51. Then as quickly as he could he cut away the binding cords and laid his.
  52. Maybe he was just obeying the yoke of his rabbi, by binding and loosing.
  53. The investigation of baseline D2 receptor binding showed that cocaine.
  54. Possibly the calcium is binding with and preventing the absorption of.
  55. After the shadow is absorbed, you’l need a binding spel to anchor it.
  56. Hemizona assay is an analysis to compare the binding capacity of sample.
  57. When properly approved, such compromises are binding on minority groups.
  58. A betrothal here is almost as binding and quite as solemn as a marriage.
  59. The Secret History of the Court of Charles II (red cloth, tooled binding).
  60. More fishing line wrapped around his arms and binding his hands together.
  61. Its dark, leather binding was very fragile and the pages were old and thin.
  62. Granted, but all of you are sworn to Mark with a powerfully binding oath.
  63. It will ensure the creation of binding legislation that will protect both.
  64. Bring rope between the spars and frap a couple of times around the binding.
  65. He began, too, binding his red handkerchief more becomingly on his forehead.
  66. By not holding strings binding possessions, the strings are not holding you.
  67. The Lore Masters also seized the moment and uttered a powerful binding spell.
  68. BDNF signal transduction is mediated by binding to two different transmem-.
  69. A more recent human study contrasted the in vivo binding of [11C]FLB 457 and.
  70. This vow is never binding under serious sin, and the formula is as follows:.
  71. In the Bible the word yoke stands for a binding contract, sometimes called a.
  72. There are three types of estimates – binding, non-binding and not-to-exceed.
  73. It can be as the binding element so as to ensure the child the love of parents.
  74. She screamed as the effulgent cobweb ensnared her, binding her limbs in the net.
  75. The paper that someone had laboriously filled by hand and sewn into the binding.
  76. This makes a simple, cheap, flexible and effective binding, and is not patented.
  77. They were hacked to pieces, unable to maneuver out of Guardon’s binding spell.
  78. Council's Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals which makes it a binding.
  79. Her black dress ended at the neck abruptly in its own binding and a hook and eye.
  80. Ulkxans lost the synergy from Maximus binding them and holding them on one nerve.
  81. They work by binding to excess stomach acid that escapes up into the esophagus i.
  82. I struggled, pulling away from the arms, but they were strong, binding me in place.
  83. Mortars for adhesion of finishing, heat-insulating and other Binding compositions.
  84. Thus, while studies in monkeys show that low D2 receptor binding is predictive of.
  85. Besides helping in production of good adrenal hormone in binding the levels of bad.
  86. On the edge of consciousness, absorbed by the captive forces binding him, Hanor did.
  87. This is the Python binding for the GTK+ toolkit which is the foundation upon which.
  88. As they both knew, they were close to a confession, one that would be legally binding.
  89. None of them succeeded in binding Than except Sisyphus and Hercules, but they had tried.
  90. Futures contracts differ from options by being binding on both the buyer and the seller.
  91. And finally, laws passed by the plebeian council became binding on all Romans in 287 BC.
  92. She noticed that the binding had been repaired but not as well as she might have expected.
  93. Legally binding emissions agreement: It is absolutely necessary that the world agrees to.
  94. When their conquest was complete, the Black Door was formed -- binding the worlds as one.
  95. Is The Law of Money higher than Life, the Rule of Contract more binding than the Heart, O.
  96. The mind can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven from feelings binding with intensity.
  97. A binding estimate may be given only when a moving estimator performs an in-house estimate.
  98. Talia told me of your thoughts, about letting the binding of your wedding vows affect you.
  99. An incorporation not only renders them necessary, but makes the act of the majority binding.
  100. By blocking the alpha2 receptor with Yohimbine, the negative feedback caused by NE binding.
  1. I am bound to him.
  2. He and I were bound.
  3. He is bound by nothing.
  4. That was bound to be.
  5. It was bound to happen.
  6. It should be TIME BOUND.
  7. Bound are you in a plane.
  8. They are bound to suffer.
  9. Earth bound cats of today.
  10. His clothes are bound to.
  11. Yes, she was bound to him.
  12. Ahead, a snow bound path.
  13. Bound in one of the stalls.
  14. This is bound to lead to.
  15. Printed and Bound in the U.
  16. For they were bound to Me.
  17. I feel bound to say that MM.
  18. We are bound to each other.
  19. The devil is not yet bound.
  20. But I was bound by my word.
  21. Whatever is time bound is.
  22. There are bound to be flaws.
  23. Rykus grabbed her bound arms.
  24. It’s a Pole bound train.
  25. I feel bound to report that.
  26. The break is bound to happen.
  27. His heart gave a great bound.
  29. Slaves are bound to be equal.
  30. And the wanting crosses bound.
  31. This was just bound to happen.
  32. There was bound to be a guard.
  33. She was bound to Herr Dremmel.
  34. My heart seemed to bound with.
  35. There is bound to be a war now.
  36. Honey it was bound to happen.
  37. I knew it was bound to be so.
  38. M: All experience is time bound.
  39. They are al bound for the fire.
  40. The government was bound to lie.
  41. Six of them to three bound men.
  42. You are bound to say of where.
  43. I was bound to resist, however.
  44. This horse was very herd bound.
  45. Bound to find one in the garage.
  46. She hated how he was bound to.
  47. So something was bound to happen.
  48. There’s someone that is bound.
  49. You may not be bound by the vow.
  50. The girl was bound to have them.
  51. What Are You Bound Too: Desire?
  52. We had been bound by our destiny.
  53. They, too, are bound by the law.
  54. My hands and feet aren’t bound.
  55. She was bound to crack before me.
  56. Bound by strong vows tha t ha d.
  57. Joy knows no bound, peace reigns.
  58. This sticky habit's bound to send.
  59. Imorbis was bound to the Dead Tree.
  60. They're bound to find him guilty.
  61. I am honor bound by the Prime.
  62. It was bound to get in the fabric.
  63. She’d forgotten they were bound.
  64. But mathematics bound us together.
  65. The family was very closely bound.
  66. Yes, she was bound to choose him.
  67. Where are you bound? she said.
  68. And to increase the pain I'm bound.
  69. That infrastructure was now bound.
  70. They bound the girl and threw her.
  71. No solemn promises bound us to him.
  72. The bound between the bad and good.
  73. She’s bound to be an asset in a.
  74. Life of love bound by fear of life.
  75. The book was old and leather bound.
  76. Dan was bound to have had the money.
  77. He was bound to render some account.
  78. Such was bound to happen, I said.
  79. Badgers by Berries bound, where the.
  80. The bullishness is bound to subside.
  81. Pierre was bound to feel intimidated.
  82. Everyone felt bound to do something.
  83. Who found you and bound you so?
  84. But its bound had been miscalculated.
  85. Our fates are all bound together now.
  86. But, it was bound too tight for that.
  87. You're bound hand and foot like that.
  88. Yes, we are bound together by fate.
  89. Some were obviously law books bound.
  90. I am bound here by my own ambition.
  91. The biological side is bound to lose.
  92. My life is not bound up with my body.
  93. It’s bound to come across with force.
  94. And I knew just where it was bound.
  95. Javert, still bound to the post, was.
  96. It was bound in leather, old and worn.
  97. We are the ones who are bound by Time.
  98. See the old villain bound with ropes.
  99. He is bound by the code as we all are.
  100. Obstacles are bound to come but they.
  1. M: All that binds you.
  2. Wynne drooped in his binds.
  3. That binds you with hard laces.
  4. But nothing binds us to Captain Nemo.
  5. The colossal mech binds to its shadow.
  6. The printer simply prints and binds the.
  7. All life is one, and one rule binds all life.
  8. She looses the chains and binds you to her love.
  9. I shall break this lie that binds me at any cost.
  10. I bid you to destroy the binds holding you in thrall.
  11. Spirit is the only true religion that binds you to God.
  12. He binds the firm and also other partners by his acts.
  13. It is the realization of the humanity that binds us all.
  14. The binds were attached to something far above her head.
  15. Whereas knowledge binds and clear understanding unbinds.
  16. Her Ladyship? When she binds with cords, she's after meat.
  17. Now, I thought, he is all that binds me, and he is my judge.
  18. Eric says as he binds his hands together with intertwined fingers.
  19. Emily fought against the binds on her wrists, but was unable to.
  20. Interdependence is a good thing, for it binds a society together.
  21. What binds us is what blinds some unconscious painful attachments.
  22. I mow and she binds the sheaves, and sometimes we both of us reap.
  23. A guard came and hauled Kyle away as he struggled against the binds.
  24. Insulin is the hormone produced by our pancreas that binds itself.
  25. The virtuous property binds the Self to the body with attachment to.
  26. Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with.
  27. However, calcium (from supplements or food) binds to oxalate in the.
  28. Yup'ems, and both as long as there's one law that binds them together.
  29. Tamas binds the Self with laziness, the tendency to put off a task to the.
  30. Error is the force that binds men together; truth alone can set them free.
  31. Without the State and its contracts, little binds these strangers together.
  32. The test uses a sample of sperm and adds a substance that binds only to the.
  33. The prevailing power of evil is the cohesive force that binds them together.
  34. These conditions are the Sacred Writings, the treaty that binds our two clans.
  35. Before it even hits the ground, I turn to release my parents from their binds.
  36. I saw one at the Vienna exhibition, which binds with a wire,’ said Sviazhsky.
  37. When inhaled, nicotine rapidly crosses into the brain where it binds to nicotine.
  38. I attempted to move my arm to wipe the tears away but it was impossible with the binds.
  39. Simon strains at the plastic that binds him and feels it weaken and stretch a little more.
  40. This is the sentiment of friendship that binds the individual Soul with the Cosmic Spirit.
  41. It is painful with memory, but eased by the friendship which binds them, one to the other.
  42. In between the wooden pilings is a special cement/wood mixture that binds the logs together.
  43. Native: The Warrior who impeccably binds with the fearsome and magical rhythms of heaven and.
  44. It is a superstition and an ungodly thing to believe that an act of a majority binds a minority.
  45. But this life is due to inspiration received through the connecting link that binds it to its source.
  46. In Paris, the identity which binds an individual to himself is broken between one street and another.
  47. It is what holds Life itself together, what binds those from the distant past with those in the present.
  48. The second is the invention of money, which binds together all the relations between civilized societies.
  49. The invisible tether that binds the normal people on their steady course doesn’t hold us in the same way.
  50. The endless chain of credit that binds together the whole of modern society had snapped in a thousand places.
  51. And we all carry a strong bond made of both love and hatred, where hatred binds her to us even more than love.
  52. The All Heaven treaty binds us to Heavenly Talstan I know, Heymon said, but I don’t trust them in the least.
  53. The other meaning of gunā is rope, a rope that binds our ātmā down to our body, mind, intellect, and our sense of ego.
  54. He lives alone, which renders him a little sad, perhaps; Enjolras complains of his greatness, which binds him to widowhood.
  55. So stabbing them with a piece of their homeland and saying the ritual binds them to that dimension for the rest of eternity.
  56. In you his faith is absolute, and this is good—faith in a common belief binds people together, unites them in their goals.
  57. However, the true life of human beings, the thing that gives meaning to their existence is the bond that binds them to others.
  58. The Lord is good to all, and his tender mercies are over all his creation; he heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
  59. It is easy for a human to realize that there is a force that binds all our components together though that force remains unidentified.
  60. You will not transgress a righteous man’s dwelling without the authority that binds us both in our existences being given to you.
  61. And you promise me that you won’t stir things up here and get yourself into any tough binds, especially ones that I can’t save you from.
  62. Small circles, made of thought, confound us thinkers, but that centripetal force, that tensile string of fallibility binds us to their dizziness.
  63. We don’t separate, condemn, nor do we put conditions or expectations on you, Love cannot do that, Love always binds people together, the law destroys.
  64. Only you hold the key to the PandoraBox that binds you to money and locks your hope in future possessions, chaining your benefits to anonymous deaths.
  65. ONCE! Activated charcoal can clear the GI tract with varying degrees of efficiency for individuals as it binds and absorbs the harmful elements and your body excretes and.
  66. At the same time, each enzyme actually binds to a carbon atom in the Well, and in doing so, it has created not a reproduction of the cell, but one that gets its energy on a molecular level.
  67. At first, everything burns black, and then later, when the carbon binds with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, flames will remove all water and carbon from the bones, leaving snow white bones.
  68. Later that day, he asked himself, What is it which binds me to this miserable assignment? Muttering beneath his breath, he paced the floor back and forth outside of Adorno’s bedroom suite.
  69. He is a man who is famous for having knowledge of great secrets and it is believed that by using the cord around his waist that binds his robe, he can talk with whomever he wants, and whenever he wants.
  70. A certificate is a digitally signed statement, issued by a third party called a certificate authority (CA), that binds a user, computer, or service holding a private key with its corresponding public key.
  71. Never again will she let lose her might, Her power now mild, her anger restrained, From herein she will live within our binds, This, our will, we here now proclaim, By the power of three times three, As it is said, so mote it be.
  72. But I'll take care henceforward to use such as befit the dignity of my office; for 'in a house where there's plenty, supper is soon cooked,' and 'he who binds does not wrangle,' and 'the bell-ringer's in a safe berth,' and 'giving and keeping require brains.
  73. That only seems so to the superficial observer: the cement which binds every artistic production into one whole and so produces the illusion of a reflection of life is not the unity of persons and situations, but the unity of the original, moral relation of the author to his subject.
  74. Once the marital thread that binds woman to her nuptial bed is sapped, won’t that tend her to turn loose? If it comes that, won’t that damn my character? Moreover, what’s the guarantee that my rendezvous with Vivek wouldn’t affect my future relationship with Gautam? After all, all men are possessive about their women.
  75. He clarified through the verses of the Holy Qur’an that intercession can be achieved only by the believer, and it begins from this world and lasts for him into the afterlife; and that intercession is the binding of one spirit to another, derived from the word ‘couple’, which indicates that a thing binds itself to another, coupling with it and adhering to it.
  76. Mark 3:23-29 How can Satan expel Satan? and if a kingdom is divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand; And if a house be divided against itself that house cannot stand and if Satan rise up against himself and is divided he cannot stand but has an end; No man can enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods unless he will first binds the strong man and then he will spoil his house.
  77. The connecting link is as perceptible as the cord which binds the newly-born child to its mother; but as the umbilical cord and the placenta become after parturition useless pieces of flesh, which are carefully buried out of regard for what they once nourished, so the Church has become a useless organism, to be preserved, if at all, in some museum of curiosities out of regard for what it has once been.
  78. Can the same silent force of gravity that binds objects to earth and holds planets in orbit grow to such incredible power in immense objects that even light can’t escape? Can such black holes swallow entire galaxies? And could they concentrate the matter of the universe in one compact ball of matter so dense earth would be pressed to the size of a pea, or even a grain of sand? And could that ultramass be triggered to suddenly, somehow, overcome the squeeze of.
  79. Yet, all the believing Musalmans kept their share of slaves, got as spoils of war, without qualms, and even Muhammad, who claimed that Gabriel would come to him every Ramadan to make sure that nothing of the Revelation had slipped from his memory, only freed his slaves, among them women, just before his death! The tendency of the Musalmans to revere Muhammad, though he himself maintained that he was just human, and approach his life with a sense of divinity binds them to the hadith and sunna without regard to the context in which he said what he said, and did what he did.
  80. Then his wife busies herself, grows passionately fond of handling coin, gets her fingers covered with verdigris in the process, undertakes the education of half-share tenants and the training of farmers, convokes lawyers, presides over notaries, harangues scriveners, visits limbs of the law, follows lawsuits, draws up leases, dictates contracts, feels herself the sovereign, sells, buys, regulates, promises and compromises, binds fast and annuls, yields, concedes and retrocedes, arranges, disarranges, hoards, lavishes; she commits follies, a supreme and personal delight, and that consoles her.
  81. We SHOULD display the fruit of the Spirit while we are outside of our homes, but don't "relax" at home! Your home is your greatest ministry! If you are going to be "real" anywhere, PLEASE be real at home! How many couples scream at each other on the way to church, then go in and sing "Blest Be The Tie That Binds"? How many times have we disrespected our husbands or neglected our children, yet how sweetly we talk to "Sister Sarah" on the phone about how she can better her walk with God?? We have this idea that it is okay to be rude and downright self-centered in our homes, but we would never speak that way to our preacher.
  82. He revealed the reality of intercession, which most of the scholars failed to reach, where they thought it an intercession of unjust mediating through which the noble messenger (cpth) gets whoever he likes out of fire, the matter which incites people to commit sins hoping to be interceded on doomsday, so he clarified through the verses of the Holy Qur’an that intercession is got only by the believer and it begins from this world and lasts for him to the afterlife, and that intercession is binding of a spirit to another, derived from the world (couple), which indicates a thing binds to another and couples with it adhering to it.
  83. He revealed the reality of intercession, which most of the scholars failed to reach, where they thought it an intercession of unjust mediating through which the noble messenger (cpth) gets whoever he likes out of fire, the matter which incites people to commit sins hoping to be interceded on the doomsday, so he clarified through the verses of the Holly Qur'an that intercession is got only by the believer and it begins from this world and lasts for him to the afterlife, and that intercession is binding of a spirit to another, derived from the world (couple), which indicates a thing binds to another and couples with it adhering to it.
  84. This being so, thou must remember that I am now labouring under that infirmity which women sometimes suffer from, when the craving seizes them to eat clay, plaster, charcoal, and things even worse, disgusting to look at, much more to eat; so that it will be necessary to have recourse to some artifice to cure me; and this can be easily effected if only thou wilt make a beginning, even though it be in a lukewarm and make-believe fashion, to pay court to Camilla, who will not be so yielding that her virtue will give way at the first attack: with this mere attempt I shall rest satisfied, and thou wilt have done what our friendship binds thee to do, not only in giving me life, but in persuading me not to discard my honour.
  85. It binds you with the fencing of string,.

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