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Frasi con omit (in inglese)

  1. He did not omit a single riddle.
  2. And so I omit all the hypotheses.
  3. I will omit the end and withdraw.
  4. He somewhat blushing would omit:.
  5. That’s what your rationales omit.

  6. You may omit this child but no matter.
  7. Toasted Nutty White Fudge: Omit cherries.
  8. You omit the element of pure cognition, of.
  9. The child that you omit stands before you now.
  10. If canned fruit is used, omit the cup of sugar.
  11. You can either omit it or include it in your resume.
  12. If you prefer to omit the brandy, cover top of cake.
  13. We omit nothing in the Book…)) [Fortress Al Anam Verse 38.
  14. Selective lies are selective because of the truths they omit.
  15. You can omit the trailing caret symbol, except when using ":&".

  16. We will omit the details of the arrest in Santa Fé province of.
  17. Yes, it was inexcusable of me to omit that, said Nekhludoff.
  18. Besides the Motown family, we shouldn’t omit the Stax influence.
  19. Will could not omit Thorwaldsen, a living celebrity about whom even Mr.
  20. I will omit the details of the conversation that I may not be wearisome.
  21. Butterfield told me that he had asked Haldeman to omit that part of the story.
  22. Also do not omit the simple, leg stretching exercise described in chapter two.
  23. He thought it would be wise to omit some of the juicier, more intimate details.
  24. If you omit ^^, then will be removed from the previous command.
  25. They throw themselves on one side, they omit themselves, they think not of themselves.

  26. On the contrary, they constantly omit it, when formally enumerating those circumstances.
  27. It is optional, and if you omit it, Sparks will automatically select the latest version.
  28. The Bishop did not omit his pastoral visits because he had converted his carriage into alms.
  29. Along the lines of sales, you can’t omit another job in which I have no interest: politician.
  30. Chop onion and garlic, microwave for five minutes (omit this step if you don't have a microwave;.
  31. I have not found it shared in literature--in conversation I would omit it--except once, and then by a German.
  32. The February 21, 2008 issue of ArtVoice also had another story in News of the Weird that I just couldn’t omit.
  33. He did not confuse nor misrepresent the facts, nor soften them in his own interest, nor omit the smallest detail.
  34. I purposely do not omit this paltry incident of the wretched lieutenant, for my picture of Versilov is not complete.
  35. For example, you may want to omit stocks whose average daily volume is below half a million or even a million shares.
  36. In the above diagram, we’ll omit the number in row 1 column 1 but use all the remaining numbers to represent our family.
  37. And we should not omit the names of any famous athletes who either bought something or received it gratis, he added.
  38. It is surprising how much information can be gathered, while mingling with the employees, that the managers omit to pass on to us.
  39. When he spoke of the execution he wanted to pass over the horrible details, but Natásha insisted that he should not omit anything.
  40. So if Sophodes ignores the inherited curse of Laius, he does not omit the inherited curse of Oedipus, as the son is also the father.
  41. It requires so much closer attention to the habits of the birds, that, if for that reason only, I have been willing to omit the gun.
  42. It is not enough for those out to alter our nation through attacking its foundations to casually omit an inconvenient fact here or there.
  43. He did not omit to avail himself of the opportunity, cautiously and briefly: too cautiously to betray his presence by the slightest noise.
  44. But I omit them as altogether obsolete; and can hardly help suspecting them for mere sounds, full of Leviathanism, but signifying nothing.
  45. He did not omit to avail himself of the opportunity, cautiously and briefly; too cautiously to betray his presence by the slightest noise.
  46. Eggs are the most available substitute for meat at breakfast and it is doubtful economy to omit them, except in times of extreme high prices.
  47. Nor will they publish and list the actual damning facts, which they selectively omit from their whitewashed, homogenized versions of the past.
  48. Of course, Corina did not purposely omit details on Lizzies condition but had she meant to torture me, she could not have done it any better.
  49. In reporting crime, it would omit the racial identity of the culprit; simultaneously, it began, in 1945, a program to employ Negroes as reporters.
  50. Finally, to omit nothing, I will not allude here to your last strange, one may even say, your incomprehensible behaviour to me in the coffee-house.
  51. One detail, which we must not omit, is that he possessed a physical strength which was not approached by a single one of the denizens of the galleys.
  52. After having taken even superfluous precautions against a discovery, our success in repeated meetings emboldened me to omit the barely necessary ones.
  53. Of whatever nature this dream may be, the history of this night would be incomplete if we were to omit it: it is the gloomy adventure of an ailing soul.
  54. If the company has enough cash to cover the short-term debt, we can omit the short-term debt and use the long-term debt as the debt for our calculations.
  55. Since we did not build this extra cash into the earnings power-operating earnings omit the interest on cash balanceswe should add surplus cash to the EPV.
  56. Many of the new Bible versions that have been released will change or omit certain aspects, which will alter the message that a passage intended to convey.
  57. I walked out here to speak with thee, and was only waiting for the breakfast-hour to seek thee out, for she will not, being so near thee, omit to join thee.
  58. Then followed a series of questions such as Smerdyakov had just complained of to Ivan, all relating to his expected visitor, and these questions we will omit.
  59. But in giving an account of the progress of my intellect, I must not omit a circumstance which occurred in the beginning of the month of August of the same year.
  60. All responsibility fell on the humble doctor, and he busied himself indefatigably, conscientiously, in the sweat of his brow, making every effort to omit nothing.
  61. In order to confine our discussion within the framework of logical reasoning, we shall purposely omit even a condensed summary of the main tenets of chart reading.
  62. It is here that a fact falls naturally into place, which we must not omit, because it is one of the sort which show us best what sort of a man the Bishop of D—— was.
  63. This facet of human life is so woven into the very fabric of our daily existence, both work and leisure, that to ignore it is to omit a vital ingredient of our humanity.
  64. And, sir, let me not omit to mention, the sentiments of the Republicans of '98-9 were not only entitled to the love and confidence of the people, but worthy of our imitation.
  65. Nor is it to be supposed from this that they are to omit commending themselves to God, for there will be time and opportunity for doing so while they are engaged in their task.
  66. Do not omit the correct breathing as you perform these exercises and if you would slim do please avoid constipation, as this is one of the worst enemies of the body and of the figure.
  67. The trial counsel began to read, “With the consent of the accused, I shall omit the reading of the charges, a copy of which is before each member of the court and the accused… “.
  68. But if you like these wall-paintings we can easily drive thither; and you will then, I think, have seen the chief works of Raphael, any of which it were a pity to omit in a visit to Rome.
  69. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper and smarter to omit the notices and just send the checks? The media made it quite clear who was eligible for a rebate although the amount was not specified.
  70. Tom Cecial left him and went home, while he stayed behind meditating vengeance; and the history will return to him again at the proper time, so as not to omit making merry with Don Quixote now.
  71. Having done nothing which they had not a right to do, and omitted nothing which they had not the right to omit, I cannot consent to any unauthorized control of this House over their proceedings.
  72. Casaubon's mind was more alert, and he seemed to anticipate what was coming after a very slight verbal indication, saying, "That will do—mark that"—or "Pass on to the next head—I omit the.
  73. This strong faith in the Lord's immediate return had much to do with the tendency to omit from the record those references which portrayed the purely human experiences and attributes of the Master.
  74. I would wish for the account to be numbered, for obvious reasons, as I would prefer that the normal account records omit reference to my name or any other identifying information, replied Robin.
  75. The principal advantage is that the reader can be assured that the professional preparers are striving to see that the documents do not omit material statements and do not contain material mis-statements.
  76. Then giving his grounds for this opinion, which I omit here, he added that the abnormality was not only evident in many of the prisoner's actions in the past, but was apparent even now at this very moment.
  77. I cannot omit a detailed account of the very brief interview that had taken place between the two "rivals"—an interview which might well have seemed impossible under the circumstances, but which had yet taken place.
  78. I wouldn't have talked about this scoundrel, and, indeed, he would not be worth dwelling upon, but there was another revolting story, so people declare, in which he had a hand, and this story I cannot omit from my record.
  79. Among the herbaceous plants we must not omit the ginseng, the Virginia snakeroot, the columbo, and the puccoon, two or three thousand pounds of the roots of which are annually carried by the inhabitants to our Atlantic cities.
  80. For example, are addresses complete? Did you omit any foreign travel or contacts? That will help us in completing our inquiries in an expeditious manner and not have to waste your valuable time by coming back to you with questions.
  81. Any exercise which tones and stretches the leg muscles and the sciatic nerve will bring relief from aching legs and so do not omit from your daily practice schedule the exercises described in the following chapter on lumbago and sciatica.
  82. If we had, there must have been some extraordinary oversight committed by the then Secretary of the Treasury; and I believe politicians were not any more apt then than now to omit any items of public expense; they crowded in all they could.
  83. Young Overton's face assumed the bothered look of the man who is more accustomed to using his muscles than his wits, but by degrees, with many repetitions and obscurities which I may omit from his narrative, he laid his strange story before us.
  84. Young Overton's face assumed the bothered look of the man who is more accustomed to using his muscles than his wits; but by degrees, with many repetitions and obscurities which I may omit from his narrative, he laid his strange story before us.
  85. It may be that in the business of which I am now about to write the part which my friend played is not sufficiently accentuated; and yet the whole train of circumstances is so remarkable that I cannot bring myself to omit it entirely from this series.
  86. The sending system may supply the IP addresses of the systems that are to add time stamps to the header, enable the systems to save their IP addresses to the header along with the time stamps, or omit the IP addresses of the time-stamping systems entirely.
  87. Here I omit one circumstance, which will come in better later, in its proper place, and will only mention here that that circumstance was what principally confirmed Lambert in the conviction of the real existence and, still more, of the value of the document.
  88. But I cannot omit to mention here that when Ivan, on leaving Katerina Ivanovna with Alyosha, as I've related already, told him, I am not keen on her, it was an absolute lie: he loved her madly, though at times he hated her so that he might have murdered her.
  89. With his sixty years’ experience he knew what value to attach to rumors, knew how apt people who desire anything are to group all news so that it appears to confirm what they desire, and he knew how readily in such cases they omit all that makes for the contrary.
  90. They did not, however, omit to visit his niece and housekeeper, and charge them to be careful to treat him with attention, and give him comforting things to eat, and such as were good for the heart and the brain, whence, it was plain to see, all his misfortune proceeded.
  91. I must not omit to remark, that two wells, situated in a longitudinal line from north to south, with regard to each other, and also in a lower spot of ground, never failed entirely, although they diminished considerably, and now yield more copious supplies than any others.
  92. One of the survivors of this expedition, an intelligent workingman, who was very young at the time, related curious details with regard to it, several years ago, which Bruneseau thought himself obliged to omit in his report to the prefect of police, as unworthy of official style.
  93. Having copied her novel for the fourth time, read it to all her confidential friends, and submitted it with fear and trembling to three publishers, she at last disposed of it, on condition that she would cut it down one third, and omit all the parts which she particularly admired.
  94. However, these estimates are subject to measurement errors (even if we ignore likely time variation in these premia, many factor exposures are estimated with noise), and to specification errors (the model may omit important factors, the assumption of linear relations may be faulty, etc.
  95. Any word or speech that is against the holy Qur’an is a false word and it will return within its harmful results on whom he has fabricated it, the holy prophet (cpth) absolutely said nothing which are not from the holy Book of God the most High, because the holy Qur’an doesn’t omit any matter, issue or thing.
  96. Eaton, throw argillaceous slate into the transition class, and omit it in the primitive and secondary, embarrass us with an equal difficulty; for we find argillaceous slate in contact, and alternating with, mica slate, and without any impressions of organized bodies, when we must, without a doubt, call it primitive.
  97. In one of his scholarly essays, Some Aspects of Life in the Mid-Eighteenth Century, he describes all those things that other scholars omit: the conditions of plumbing in eighteenth-century England, the emptying of chamberpots and cesspits, the lighting of the streets, and various schemes for reducing muggings and street crimes.
  98. At the opening of the fifth Congress, in the answer of this House to the speech of the President, these words are used: We cannot omit to testify our approbation of the measure, and to pledge ourselves that no considerations of private inconvenience shall prevent, on our part, a faithful discharge of the duties to which we are called.
  99. But now, now, when my sentence is out and my days numbered! How can morality have need of my last breaths, and why should I die listening to the consolations offered by the prince, who, without doubt, would not omit to demonstrate that death is actually a benefactor to me? (Christians like him always end up with that—it is their pet theory.
  100. These antifraud provisions make it unlawful in connection with the purchase or sale of any security for any person, directly or indirectly, to make any untrue statement of a material fact or to omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading.
  1. Here it is in full, omitting the.
  2. Lucy told her mother what happened, omitting.
  3. Emotions have the destruction by omitting all data against it.
  4. By omitting the e, though incorrectly, Pierre got the answer he sought.
  5. He tells her of the car wreck, omitting that it happened on Christmas Day.
  6. I related the entire story, omitting the fact that Joseph had not believed me.
  7. I am omitting the ‘Dear’ as I am not sure I can address you as that anymore.
  8. I will compress the story as far as may be done without omitting anything vital to the case.
  9. But it's already glowing, I said as I noticed the faint glow that the paper was omitting.
  10. And then I told him my story as I have written it here, omitting only any reference to my love for Dejah Thoris.
  11. It's too long, but omitting the passages I've marked will make it just the right length, he said, in a businesslike tone.
  12. Well, it’s all in the family, she said, thinking to herself that Jill wouldn’t mind her omitting a long explanation!.
  13. Of the two soups he chose turtle with savory patties and went on to the game without omitting a single dish or one of the wines.
  14. I extract the incident, or part of it, from the journal which I have already mentioned, omitting the preliminary observations of the counsel.
  15. However, relying solely on historical data is fraught with risks of omitting details that might turn out to be essential for future events forecasting.
  16. In the tabulation presented on page 666 we supply comparative figures for these two enterprises, omitting some of the items on our standard form as immaterial to this analysis.
  17. Then Raskolnikov repeated (rather dryly) his conversation with Svidrigaïlov, omitting his account of the ghostly visitations of Marfa Petrovna, wishing to avoid all unnecessary talk.
  18. And when Lydia asked them all to recount the same event, each remembered it somewhat differently, omitting some parts, exaggerating others, emphasizing their own individual perspectives.
  19. A client was completely flummoxed by a distribution manager who sent her an e-mail saying, ‘we shouldn’t count our eggs,’ omitting the part about only not counting them before they’d hatched.
  20. He can't be said to have told it fluently and consecutively, but he seemed to make it clear, not omitting any word or action of significance, and vividly describing, often in one word, his own sensations.
  21. It appeared that Lyamshin had quoted the phrase about "undermining the foundation," word for word from this document, not omitting a single stop or comma, though he had declared that it was all his own theory.
  22. The countess in turn, without omitting her duties as hostess, threw significant glances from behind the pineapples at her husband whose face and bald head seemed by their redness to contrast more than usual with his gray hair.
  23. Her father is telling an abridged story of their flight, train stations, fearful crowds, omitting the stop in Evreux, but soon all of Marie-Laure’s attention is absorbed by the smells blooming around her: egg, spinach, melting cheese.
  24. I withdrew at once with the Morisco into the cloister of the cathedral, and begged him to turn all these pamphlets that related to Don Quixote into the Castilian tongue, without omitting or adding anything to them, offering him whatever payment he pleased.
  25. The landlord and landlady immediately came to the conclusion that the madman was their guest, the balsam man and master of the blanketed squire, and they told the curate all that had passed between him and them, not omitting what Sancho had been so silent about.
  26. Without going back beyond the renewal, in one thousand eight hundred and three, of the war in which Great Britain is engaged, and omitting unrepaired wrongs of inferior magnitude, the conduct of her Government presents a series of acts, hostile to the United States as an independent and neutral nation.
  27. Such is the origin and such the character of this State, which has been described in outline only; the more perfect execution was not required, for a sketch is enough to show the type of the most perfectly just and most perfectly unjust; and to go through all the States and all the characters of men, omitting none of them, would be an interminable labour.
  28. And, finally, that his proposals with respect to the other branch, the attack on the frigate Chesapeake, were founded on a presumption, repeatedly declared to be inadmissible by the United States, that the first step towards adjustment was due from them; the proposals, at the same time, omitting even a reference to the officer answerable for the murderous aggression, and asserting a claim not less contrary to the British laws and British practice, than to the principles and obligations of the United States.
  29. A couch by midwives attended with wholesome food reposeful, cleanest swaddles as though forthbringing were now done and by wise foresight set: but to this no less of what drugs there is need and surgical implements which are pertaining to her case not omitting aspect of all very distracting spectacles in various latitudes by our terrestrial orb offered together with images, divine and human, the cogitation of which by sejunct females is to tumescence conducive or eases issue in the high sunbright wellbuilt fair home of mothers when, ostensibly far gone and reproductitive, it is come by her thereto to lie in, her term up.
  30. Given these facts, what attitude should we adopt with respect to what is written in the Bible? Should we not pay careful attention to the message it conveys? If we know and can scientifically prove with 100% certainty that the Bible is the only Book on Earth that demonstrates that a supernatural Being was responsible for its construction in its entirety; that every letter in the original languages, in which this Book was written, was placed in their individual positions with intense purpose and that this Book has been preserved through the ages without changing, omitting or adding one letter, does this not give us enough reason to at least read it and try to understand what is our Creator’s purpose for us?
  2. Acroteria have also been omitted.
  3. Matthew unwittingly omitted, and S.
  4. Omitted, all the voyage of their life.
  5. He omitted the part about Sarah Proud.
  6. Any spice that is not available may be omitted.
  7. You also omitted the dinner from your statement.
  8. Search engines should have the list below omitted.
  9. Shane told him the story and omitted certain things.
  10. The usual accent is intentionally omitted from veame.
  11. In the array declaration, the size can also be omitted.
  12. And he was still more angry at having omitted to say it.
  13. And yes, there is something which I omitted to tell you.
  14. He omitted the part about Kagen dismissing the incident.
  15. To save space that material is omitted from this edition.
  16. Have you perhaps omitted to investigate the coal-hole?
  17. He was long since married, but had omitted to mention it.
  18. Article 40th - The omitted cases will be resolved for the.
  19. William Barton, who has therefore omitted it in his Prodr.
  20. The usual accent has been intentionally omitted from aerea.
  21. The subject of the active sentence follows by or is omitted.
  22. Emiliaand Manuel are omitted; it is not believed that their.
  23. If an interjection is omitted, the sentence still makes sense.
  24. Tam recounted some of his adventure in the forest but omitted.
  25. Fields that routinely change are omitted from the calculation.
  26. She omitted the final ‘ g’ from all verbs, which gave her.
  27. Unfortunately, she omitted to mention it before we got married.
  28. Why? He certainly would not have omitted such a doctrine as Hell.
  29. When? and by what path? for the dunce has omitted to tell me this.
  30. With this format, omitted datetime components are always displayed.
  31. The reading of the charges may be omitted, said the president.
  32. But, as always happens, he omitted the most important thing of all.
  33. Inmates routinely omitted one line in the pledge of allegiance, often.
  34. But, states have a couple different ways of handling omitted relatives.
  35. Besides, he has omitted to inform us that the rachis is naked on one side.
  36. It was later restored to 5% but in 1938 the dividend was omitted entirely.
  37. I once counseled a man who omitted from his list the service station owner.
  38. That day, she requested that the word obey be omitted from the wedding vows.
  39. In addition, the omitted care or supervision about one‘s own animals is a.
  40. They omitted to do so, either from want of time or from want of royal permission.
  41. In the older language the pronoun object of reflexive verbs was frequently omitted.
  42. Nevertheless, authors have omitted to mention the effect of the political upheaval.
  43. Furthermore, the effect of the bid-ask spread and dealing charges have been omitted.
  44. It seems to me that this is an important thought, omitted in my Declaration of Faith.
  45. If we omitted the check and had an abend, someone would have to research the results.
  46. American Standard foot note says they, ―Are omitted by the best ancient Authorities.
  47. In these cases, the interpositions deemed proper, on our part, have not been omitted.
  48. However, all that has been omitted here is brought out in another portion of the book.
  49. Those standing behind noticed what a speaker omitted to say and hastened to supply it.
  50. Also sub-headings duplicated at the start of a new page in the index have been omitted.
  51. There is, however, a corroborative view of this subject, which ought not to be omitted.
  52. I will do my best, I said; but I should think that a great deal will have to be omitted.
  53. In articles beginning with a quotation, the publisher omitted the opening quotation mark.
  54. Nothing which is characteristic of that surprising war of the streets should be omitted.
  55. Truths have been distorted, facts are twisted or omitted and sources may not be reliable.
  56. N, NN, A, B, V, G, Z, (the initials, substituted for the names omitted by the editors), pp.
  57. Without the Divinity, the Bible is, 'the drama of Hamlet, with the part of Hamlet omitted.
  58. I restore the first twowords, omitted in all previous editions, without which the passage.
  59. The next dividend payment was omitted entirely, and the price of the stock collapsed to 7½.
  60. I have had no answer, and I very much fear that I must have omitted to put my name at the end.
  61. So completely did she pass from it that I omitted to tell her I was going or bid her farewell.
  62. It appeared to me that certain details of exactly who was going were omitted, but I didnt care.
  63. It was the one thought that did occur to me, monsieur, so much so that I omitted to follow Mlle.
  64. Nothing was omitted, on his side, of civility, compliment, or kindness, that might assist the plan.
  65. French goods have never been omitted in any of those general subsidies or duties of five per cent.
  66. CO2 acted as plant food, and this fertilization effect was often omitted from the IPCC models.
  67. All mistaken ideas, false starts, badly designed experiments, and incorrect calculations are omitted.
  68. But when he checked with the beacon, it had gone; curiously the suit had omitted to relay that to him.
  69. One computer has a personal hot wallet that works just like Electrum, but the private keys are omitted.
  70. It appears that when singing they had omitted to raise their hands from time to time in sign of animation.
  71. Butterfield omitted that he had written Haldeman to request a meeting about working in the administration.
  72. That is why this section has given a general picture and the overall policies but carefully omitted numbers.
  73. Or you may suppose the opposite case--that the intermediate passages are omitted, and the dialogue only left.
  74. I have omitted to say that during our talk I had offered to give him some leaflets on drink and some booklets.
  75. Page 1: The opening quotation mark of the first paragraph was intentionally omitted by the original publisher.
  76. Alicia and Gina glanced at each other, both noticing how the doctor had omitted any information about the baby.
  77. Within six months after the last payment at the $10 rate (in December 1931) the dividend was omitted entirely.
  78. He omitted one detail: For the sake of Mac and his family, he said nothing of how the chocolate had been lost.
  79. I understand that since 2008 the cages have been omitted and I have not read or heard about any shark attacks.
  80. The Thain's Book was thus the first copy made of the Red Book and contained much that was later omitted or lost.
  81. Crucial parts of memos have been omitted from their memoirs, altering the historical record in significant ways.
  82. But, in compensation, there have been several joint-stock companies which have failed, and which he has omitted.
  83. It should not have been omitted that previous to completely stripping the body of the leviathan, he was beheaded.
  84. Some states protect spouses and grandchildren under the theory that they have been omitted rather than excluded.
  85. In verses 44, 46, and 46 the American Standard footnote says they, Are omitted by the best ancient Authorities.
  86. I wonder where Sean is; if he was similarly summoned and chose not to appear or if Ryodan omitted him deliberately.
  87. Interborough Rapid Transit Company was promptly compelled to reduce its dividend, and it was omitted entirely in 1919.
  88. This is become increasingly difficult under state laws that protect omitted relatives and disfavor no-contest clauses.
  89. This did not trouble them, but they were concerned lest anything that the law required in such cases should be omitted.
  90. Michaux has omitted it altogether, (with many more American species) in his Flora Boreali Americana, published in 1803.
  91. Ethical dative, best omitted in translation;analysis shows that the pronoun contains an idea of advantage, or atleast.
  92. Athena seems to have been omitted, because the artist found it difficult to introduce another figure in the narrow space.
  93. I must mention, by the way, that the Drozdovs had by this time succeeded in paying all the visits they had omitted at first.
  94. At present there is only one set; the previous occupant having omitted to return the second set when Stephen bought the house.
  95. Well, the one on Saint Francis de Sales has a word omitted under the drawing of Francis and the hearing-challenged young man.
  96. Secondly, the New Age movement has distorted the original concepts, omitted the colors gold and orange, and turned red into pink.
  97. A list of surviving third cabin passengers and crew is omitted owing to the impossibility of obtaining the correct names of many.
  98. He omitted, however, many things, which were better omitted, including the scene at the police station with all its consequences.
  99. Everything about the original story seems to me to have dropped off into unreality, or been omitted altogether except one instance.
  100. In discussing this matter with the client, it was disclosed that the rent expense had been omitted from the client’s information.
  1. F TR omits "the Pharisees".
  2. Luke’s narrative omits the boat trip.
  3. Mathew omits the spoken words of Jesus, and so does.
  4. The uniq command omits adjacent duplicate lines from files.
  5. Tischendorf omits the repetition of the words in versus 44, 46.
  6. During the conversation the music never omits, at the mention of father, sword, etc.

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