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Frasi con overshadow (in inglese)

1. Christ should overshadow Christianity.
2. Christianity should not overshadow Christ.
3. It grew ever larger as if to overshadow the cloud before it.
4. His joy seemed to overshadow hers as he covered her face in kisses.
5. Nothing should ever steal or overshadow our excitement about Jesus Christ.
6. It was situated in a protected site, but the hills seemed to overshadow it a little.
7. Soon their terror will overshadow the last armies of our friends, cutting off the sun.

8. But a dark star was rising in Germany that would overshadow the atrocities of Mussolini.
9. Jealous are the old trees of the saplings shooting up about them, soon to overshadow them.
10. In due course, under his benign influence, the West became wealthy and prosperous to overshadow the swarga itself.
11. She ignored the worried looks from Elandria and Corallyn’s raised eyebrows as her focus on Trevain’s life began to overshadow her own priorities.
12. Because to-morrow, Haidee, you will be free; you will then assume your proper position in society, for I will not allow my destiny to overshadow yours.
13. The choice of bureaucrats in Modi’s PMO reflected his approach—low-profile and experienced individuals who would never try and overshadow their boss.
14. When the bodies of higher Plans only overshadow the head, weakly penetrate, they can’t full-blownly cooperate with the bodies of lower Plans in organism.
15. However, the need of its own organism in food and inability to obtain it by any other way but to kill another being, overshadow the sympathy for the victim.
16. As though to demonstrate the weakness for his women did not overshadow his paternal feeling, he went through the same process with Saroja’s gold chain as well.
17. If he is surrounded by mountainous circumstances, an Achillean shore, whose peaks overshadow and are reflected in his bosom, they suggest a corresponding depth in him.
18. Acts 5:15 Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid [them] on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them.
19. When she woke later, with a scarlet headache that seemed to overshadow her whole body, she could feel the gentle comfort of her mother’s hands on her head, beyond that, her grandmother’s words.
20. May the intercessory prayers of al the saints ever overshadow us and assist us al the days of our life, especial y the prayers of the al -holy Theotokos and of the holy and God-bearing Fathers of Mt.
21. Yet to such an extent did the stirring poetry of the courage which I could detect in Zuchin (in particular) overshadow the coarse, vicious side of his nature that the latter made no unpleasant impression upon me.
22. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and a journey that should have lasted a short while turned into an ordeal of 40 years, but the ordeal did not overshadow the ideal; and the vision, although it tarried, did come.
23. These are messages suggesting that the stormy black clouds of evil human acts that overshadow the world more often than not will never absolutely prevail in the total destruction of humanity, this is, Self, Spirit and Soul.
24. Questions could be asked now during your development but it is imperative that the mind not overshadow the physical or energy bodies and that the mind not jolt the physical body and make it completely aware of what is taking place.
25. Luke 1:35 35 And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.
26. It should also be noted in this chapter that there will be times where macroeconomic factors, such as the global boom and then bust of commodities as a whole in 2008, will overshadow the individual fundamentals of certain markets at times.
27. Look at Luke, Chapter 1, Verses 35 through Verse 38; And the angel Lord came to Mary and said, the Holy Spirit will come upon you, the power of the Highest will overshadow you, and the Holy One that's born of you shall be called the Son of God.
28. Isaac Taylor has truly described them, several generations of Christians had lived, beneath the terrific superstitions that overshadow mankind under the assertion of native immortality, and the denial of God's grace in the gift of life eternal.
29. In the case of these trees it seems that they steal nutrients from the yelm tree directly, or use it as leverage to gain more height to photosynthesize; seeing as how the yelm trees usually overshadow other plants and starve them of sun light!.
30. Lest the awful remembrance should remain and grow, and overshadow mirth and pleasure, and the great haunting memory should spoil all the after-lives of little animals helped out of difficulties, in order that they should be happy and lighthearted as before.
31. If you spend more than 2-3 hours a day practicing your tool skills and have less long-term relationships and less time to develop any: what need is there for you to develop your ability to love in order to survive inside civilization? How much does the need to compete overshadow the need to cooperate?
32. What must it be, for example, for an indevout scientific man to pass into a condition where atheism is no more possible; because the Divine Wisdom,—no longer beheld at a distance in the order of revolving planets, in the laws of sidereal motion, in the arrangements of far-off universes, in that remoter magnificence which shrouded it from view while he inhabited the body,—has now come near as the Ruling Authority, and closely encompasses the soul, and pierces its secret darkness through, in one calm, intolerable blaze of the Excellent Glory? What must it be to perceive, with a clearness which profane defiance and dishonest speculation can overshadow no longer, that Almighty God is holy, and that Omnipotence is everywhere,—or to review in thought those inner and outer evidences of a Divine Revelation of truth, which, made light of on earth, will seem so appallingly real in their power of condemnation now that they are remembered in perdition? Those must be very ignorant of much that is passing in this world, in the solitudes of enforced thought, in prisons and on beds of sickness, who peremptorily decide that such experiences are improbable beyond.
1. She was hardworking and independent and needed no man’s overshadowing authority.
2. The sadness between us was almost suffocating, overshadowing the joy of our reunion.
3. What was needed for him who, overshadowing others, stood at the head of that movement.
4. Until recent years the dividend return was the overshadowing factor in common-stock investment.
5. The chirping of birds intensified, overshadowing the rhythmical lapping of waves against the shore.
6. What was needed for him who, overshadowing others, stood at the head of that movement from east to west?
7. The individual was almost lost before the overshadowing authority, tradition, and dictation of the church.
8. They give joy, gladness, peace, because, by prayerful y reciting the Psalms, we feel ourselves under the overshadowing protection of God.
9. This is the last word of refined culture, and with it, of that overshadowing of conscience which has come upon the educated classes of our times.
10. Against this humbling 'form of doctrine’ all the authority of the loftiest speculation of both Europe and Asia was arrayed with overshadowing influence.
11. He showed me a large willow tree overshadowing plains and mountains and under the shade of this willow had assembled all those who were called by the name of the Lord.
12. Exactly the same mathematical advantage which practically assures good results in the investment field may prove entirely ineffective where luck is the overshadowing influence.
13. As the days wore on, and no ill news came, as the day closed in and darkness fell, my overshadowing dread of being disabled by illness before to-morrow morning altogether mastered me.
14. However, he was very enthusiastic about her, admitting she was wonderful in the film, the best thing in it, her performance overshadowing his own and the final result worth the aggravation.
15. If it hadn’t been for The Doctor s presence overshadowing everything, this time could have passed as a fun, week-long get together between Kathy, the Smiths and the Garland Roses and their retinue.
16. It’s possible that we may hear more about the pretenders to the throne in the White House during the first years of the twenty-first century, but the state of the economy seems to be overshadowing any effort to bring justice to the oilmen.
17. Neither did this substitution of the fact of the resurrection of Jesus for the saving gospel truth of sonship with God in any way interfere with the rapid spread of their teachings; on the contrary, this overshadowing of Jesus' message by the new teachings about his person and resurrection seemed greatly to facilitate the preaching of the good news.
18. Can it, then, be thought incredible,—since the very essence of Christianity is thus in its spiritual quality and physical aims a work not of law but of pardon, from its beginning to its end a miracle of new creation,—if the evidence of its truth be miraculous also? What we term the miracles of the Scripture history are but the bright cloud overshadowing that Savior who is Himself 'the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty God,’ and whose work transcends all that Nature can know.
1. You feel you are being overlooked or overshadowed.
2. Myrina had overshadowed Kent, at least for the moment.
3. A black hand overshadowed Kevin and grabbed hold of him.
4. The hatred that vibrated through me overshadowed any fear.
5. For, in fact, American women are overshadowed by their men.
6. Phoenix had been overshadowed by more cur rent controversies.
7. The urge to drink is overshadowed by the memory of his father.
8. But he had always been overshadowed by her brother's presence.
9. Maybe she didn’t want her wedding day overshadowed by theirs.
10. My tears flow; my mind is overshadowed by a cloud of disappointment.
11. Once again, not any more his presence, but his ghost overshadowed me.
12. Seraphim of Sarov, overshadowed by the light of the Holy Spirit, who.
13. His chin dropped upon his hand, and his white hair overshadowed his face:.
14. My short and long term worries, the serious and less serious, were overshadowed.
16. The three Isabels, overshadowed and clear cut in a great smoothness confounding the.
17. A barnstorming Ronald Reagan could easily have overshadowed the less charismatic Bush.
18. Lord John had been gazing curiously at a great tree-fern which overshadowed the encampment.
19. The brilliance of red poppies that survived in the mountains overshadowed everything else.
20. It seemed that I did have some, even if it was only when the need was overshadowed by fear.
21. That autumn was overshadowed by the death of young boy called Simon who lived in their street.
22. But the aptness of the clichéd saying is overshadowed by the nature of the saying as a cliché.
23. His feelings for her overshadowed the subject and he never willingly brought it up again with her.
24. The future life was overlooked, overshadowed by the consciousness of the presence of God Himself.
25. She has been overshadowed by the Most High and she will have a child and you will name Him, Jesus.
26. The very sentimental crowning of Millie was still overshadowed by the victory of King David Michaels.
27. Moreover the woods and every sweet-smelling tree have overshadowed Israel by the commandment of God.
28. Just in time he threw himself down in a patch of long grass behind a tree that overshadowed the road.
29. Any redeeming characteristics in Nixon had been overshadowed by the extent of the lies and the crimes.
30. Somewhere along the way Brice's plans for the future overshadowed the thoughts and emotions of one man.
31. Blighted wheat, overshadowed by the height of the cedars, whose shadows are long, whose roots grow wide.
32. The watchers on the city walls shook to see that vast host, which overshadowed the powers of the rescuers.
33. I would lie if I claimed that the pain and grief an abandoned child feels overshadowed my childhood years.
34. That’s what I call a belly-blinker, said the Seeker, his charm overshadowed by the hunger in his eyes.
35. Whatever you hope to gain by thieving and Divines-know-what else will always be overshadowed by the latter.
36. The horror of the fiery phantom was overshadowed by the horror of those limp, violated bodies beside the burning ox-wain.
37. I reckoned that if he had any other feelings towards me at all, they must be complete ly overshadowed by his sexual attraction.
38. The sound filled the valley but was soon overshadowed by their battle cries as they broke from their jog into a full-blown charge.
39. And my children idolise me, although they occasionally allow their idolatry to be overshadowed by their adoration of their mother.
40. Centering: means not allowing your inner thoughts to be overshadowed by stressful circumstances or negative thoughts and emotions.
41. I groaned a little at the feeling of being stretched after so many weeks, but it was overshadowed by my desperate need for release.
42. I did feel a pang of regret, but it was far overshadowed by relief at being able to continue with my lifelong affinity for breathing.
43. Jiva and her picturesque dimples had vanished tonight, overshadowed by her fear and torment at what she imagined was going to happen.
44. The result was a government that convinced the people that security and terrorism were huge issues that overshadowed everything else.
45. His focus to find a way back to his family overshadowed the feelings he had felt for his mother and new-found family he left behind in 1892.
46. Passing Lake Mapourika as the roadway climbed and twisted its way along its shoreline, they were overshadowed by tall stands of dense rainforest.
47. His fame, though still on its upward slope, already overshadowed the soberer reputations of his fellow-clergymen, eminent as several of them were.
48. The iron box was there—no one had touched it—under a beautiful fig-tree my father had planted the day I was born, which overshadowed the spot.
49. The minds of men have been overshadowed by ideas of Deity, which revolt the soul precisely in proportion to its general intelligence and morality.
50. There was a dim sheet of water no longer overshadowed, and on its sliding surface there were dancing and broken reflections of clouds and of stars.
51. It didn’t matter that many of his ascertains were incorrect, Aristotle’s reputation overshadowed the shortcomings of his specific contributions.
52. Joe’s brother Brian was there that day and although they did not have a lot to say to each other the rift between them was overshadowed by what was happening.
53. With amazing agility, Kaori quickly scaled a collapsed concrete stanchion that blocked our way and ran towards the buildings that overshadowed the freeway overpass.
54. As the youngster of the party, not merely in years, but in experience, character, knowledge, and all that goes to make a man, I had been overshadowed from the first.
55. Under different circumstances, this would have been a spectacular pyrotechnic display, but it was overshadowed by the constant, incredible power of the combusting Sun.
56. Now running late, he cursed and leaned on the horn between bursts of acceleration and rapid braking, but his excitement over the taped conversation overshadowed his fury.
57. When he cared to talk, he talked well; but, the cloud of caring for nothing, which overshadowed him with such a fatal darkness, was very rarely pierced by the light within him.
58. Antique chandeliers still hung from the elaborately moulded ceiling, out-of-place echoes of lost elegance, overshadowed by chunks of loose plaster, exposed pipes and drooping duct work.
59. The spring sun beamed bright and yellow, but the afternoon sky turned to clouds of black and grey when my father overshadowed us, standing with the family Bible in his outstretched hands.
60. The spring sun was bright and yellow, but soon the afternoon sky turned to clouds of black and grey as my father overshadowed us, standing with the family Bible in his outstretched hands.
61. I believe that if you were not in disgrace with the Court, and had not been overshadowed by that cloud for years past, a letter de cachet would have sent me to some fortress indefinitely.
62. While he was still speaking behold a bright cloud came and overshadowed them and they were afraid as they entered into the cloud; A voice came out of the cloud saying This is My beloved Son.
63. The handful of stocks that investors might know—Dillards, Federal-Mogul, Air-France, and Hitachi—are vastly overshadowed by virtual unknowns like IDT Corp, Uralsvyazinform JSC, Scailex Corp, and Scor S.
64. During the first weeks of his stay in Petersburg Prince Andrew felt the whole trend of thought he had formed during his life of seclusion quite overshadowed by the trifling cares that engrossed him in that city.
65. You are correct that Theta causes the greatest amount of time decay in the final month of a contract, but that effect can be overshadowed by the change in moneyness of the longer term option of a Calendar Spread.
66. This suggests that the Chytri was but one day of the Anthesteria, and, though the worship of the departed may have been the older portion of the celebration, it was later overshadowed by the festivities in honor of the wine-god.
67. Normally this would have been the detail of the book that would have intrigued me, but it was overshadowed by my irrational obsession with the ill-fated Miyawaki place, so I stored away that particular rumination for another time.
68. And from the tenth mountain where were trees which overshadowed certain sheep they who believed were the following: bishops given to hospitality who always gladly received into their houses the servants of God without dissimulation.
69. But hardly had the light of day made it possible to see and distinguish things, when the first object that presented itself to the eyes of Sancho Panza was the squire of the Grove's nose, which was so big that it almost overshadowed his whole body.
70. The hope of human brotherhood can only be realized when, and as, the divergent mind religions of authority become impregnated with, and overshadowed by, the unifying and ennobling religion of the spirit -- the religion of personal spiritual experience.
71. At certain moments, all these beings of the past, returned and present, formed a circle around him, and overshadowed him; then he thought of Cosette, and recovered his serenity; but nothing less than this felicity could have sufficed to efface that catastrophe.
72. Also, she has just informed me that her doctor has told her beyond a shadow of doubt that she is pregnant! In ordinary circumstances, this would be the most wonderful news, although it somehow is now overshadowed by the nightmarish situation in which I find myself.
73. Can it be that the better instinct in me was overshadowed by my affection for Seriosha and the desire to shine before so brave a boy? If so, how contemptible were both the affection and the desire! They alone form dark spots on the pages of my youthful recollections.
74. And then so short a time had elapsed since the death of poor Valentine, and the gloom which overshadowed the house was so recent, that no one wondered to see the father so absorbed in his professional duties, which were the only means he had of dissipating his grief.
75. How could Zacchaeus not be angry at what God had bestowed on him? I could picture countless hours spent in front of the mirror as a mortal child, when Zacchaeus was growing up only to be overshadowed by the love his parents and their friends must have bequeathed on Adrinius.
76. At the far end the rock-wall was sheer, but at the bottom it had been hollowed back into a shallow bay with an arched roof: the only roof of the hall, save the branches of the trees, which at the inner end overshadowed all the ground leaving only a broad open path in the middle.
77. And a glorious angel of the Lord who was very tall was standing beside the willow having a large pruning-knife and he was cutting little twigs from the willow and distributing them among the people that were overshadowed by the willow; and the twigs which he gave them were small about a cubit as it were in length.
78. In fact, eccentric as was her conduct, it was also overshadowed by her triumph; with the result that the General no longer feared to be publicly compromised by being seen with such a strange woman, but, smiling in a condescending, cheerfully familiar way, as though he were soothing a child, he offered his greetings to the old lady.
79. I did not understand him, but the older I became the better did I feel that there was a sad secret germinating in the bottom of his soul, where it grew like a spreading tree, the branches of which crept up to the castle and covered the walls, little by little overshadowed the sunlight, absorbed the air, and darkened everyone's heart.
80. With every onward step, I thought about the time I'd spent there — meeting the brothers Kelvin and Anthony, the lovely night I'd spent with Emma, my time on the beach with the crazy son of Elvis and his silly dog and, of course, the moments I'd spent with the beautiful Rosa, but those thoughts were soon overshadowed by images of the hotel fire.
81. I suppose each of us has had more than one occasion to come in contact with monstrous, senseless phenomena, and to find back of these phenomena put forward some important principle, which overshadowed those phenomena, so that in our youthful and even maturer years we began to doubt whether it was true that those phenomena were monstrous, and whether we were not mistaken.
82. They grew also behind my house, and one large tree, which almost overshadowed it, was, when in flower, a bouquet which scented the whole neighborhood, but the squirrels and the jays got most of its fruit; the last coming in flocks early in the morning and picking the nuts out of the burs before they fell, I relinquished these trees to them and visited the more distant woods composed wholly of chestnut.
83. At other times, if I was alone in the drawing-room and Lubotshka was performing some old-time air, I would find myself laying my book down, and gazing through the open doorway on to the balcony at the pendent, sinuous branches of the tall birch-trees where they stood overshadowed by the coming night, and at the clear sky where, if one looked at it intently enough, misty, yellowish spots would appear suddenly, and then disappear again.
84. Neither did the telegraph line cross the mountains yet; its poles, like slender beacons on the plain, penetrated into the forest fringe of the foot-hills cut by the deep avenue of the track; and its wire ended abruptly in the construction camp at a white deal table supporting a Morse apparatus, in a long hut of planks with a corrugated iron roof overshadowed by gigantic cedar trees—the quarters of the engineer in charge of the advance section.
85. And now vegetation matured with vigour; Lowood shook loose its tresses; it became all green, all flowery; its great elm, ash, and oak skeletons were restored to majestic life; woodland plants sprang up profusely in its recesses; unnumbered varieties of moss filled its hollows, and it made a strange ground-sunshine out of the wealth of its wild primrose plants: I have seen their pale gold gleam in overshadowed spots like scatterings of the sweetest lustre.
86. It was encouraging to see the vitality of the hotel was slowly returning as if it had been plagued by a debilitating illness and was now only recovering, showing some signs of colour in its cheeks; perhaps since the first inquest had been disposed, the aura of darkness surrounding the disappearance and the apprehension of this pending storm, whose towering thunderclouds could be seen churning several miles from the shore, was being overshadowed by the jovialness that the hotel itself possessed and attempted to exude through its bright floral arrangements and charming atmosphere.
1. Throne in Arabic means that which overshadows.
2. The mind is the result of the dark spirit soul assembled in the unconscious mind to overshadows the white spirit in the conscious mind.
3. Wasn’t that like an orgasm without end? Didn’t it represent oversized sexual potency? A potency that overshadows even the will to survive?
4. It is a concept so foreign to the western culture in which we grew up, where being successful in other fields of endeavor overshadows sex and makes it almost peripheral to our life.
5. The decrease in volatility causes all options to lose some of their time value, sometimes to such a degree that it overshadows the increasing probability that they will end up expiring in-the-money.
6. My estimate is that more than 70 percent of my trades have been losers, maybe more than 80 percent (I didn’t always keep statistics), and my dollar loss per losing trade far, FAR overshadows my profit per winning trade.
7. My failure to write sooner shows how getting caught up in everyday life overshadows the responsibility we all have in voicing our objections against mixed-messages that fail to instill proper meaning to words like Character.
8. What we understand of the word Throne mentioned in this verse and in other verses is that it connotes the Godly manifestation and sustenance which overshadows all creatures and gives rise to everything to be founded upon such high degree of perfection.
9. I perceive that, when an acorn and a chestnut fall side by side, the one does not remain inert to make way for the other, but both obey their own laws, and spring and grow and flourish as best they can, till one, perchance, overshadows and destroys the other.
10. This truth does not indeed render it a less solemn thing to bring children into the world; but it represents the birth of children as opening an infinite possibility of life and salvation; it dispels the black cloud which overshadows marriage as if it were the means of peopling an eternal hell, and shows how Christ’s loving word thus turns the bitter water of despairing thought, at every wedding festival, into the wine of hope and gladness.

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