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Frasi con dominate (in inglese)

  1. I can dominate and be admired.
  2. That coming in tends to dominate.
  3. No way are you going to dominate me.
  4. White man wanted to dominate man.
  5. They dominate the teachers colleges.

  6. All manifest, but only five dominate.
  7. Why are they trying to dominate them?
  8. The activities of night should dominate.
  9. We’ll dominate teams with you on the.
  10. He was the first man to dominate Rome….
  11. He seems to dominate the woman, keeping.
  12. It was a game of seduction I would dominate.
  13. The obstacle caused by the will to dominate.
  14. Health food, in my opinion, should dominate.
  15. Think about how you can dominate the industry.

  16. So they could walk on them and dominate them.
  17. However, his stare did not dominate me at all.
  18. I wouldn’t say we’ll dominate the market.
  19. Surviving plants that went on to dominate the.
  20. China will dominate the economies of this century.
  21. We allow our wants or desires to dominate our needs.
  22. Her natural tendency was to conquer and to dominate.
  23. His stronger nature seemed to entirely dominate her.
  24. Which force would dominate is an empirical question.
  25. You will dominate the world and you will live 20 years.

  26. Breckenridge continued, you will dominate the market.
  27. We liked our solitude and had no wish to dominate others.
  28. They dominate you only because you are interested in them.
  29. Maureen would dominate every conversation on their behalf.
  30. One or other quality will dominate in a successful work;.
  31. The dark spirits of this place dominate the people within.
  32. The abuser seeks tactics to control and dominate the child.
  33. This is the grand plan of Mister Shuai – To dominate.
  34. Professionals tend to dominate the markets at closing time.
  35. When unrighteous ways dominate a family, its women lose their.
  36. He only hoped that reason would dominate over greed, and soon.
  37. It is always hungry, never satiated, always looking to dominate.
  38. Alas, alas, this Shuai Tianfan wants to dominate the Pugilistic.
  39. Stomach zone relates with the need to dominate, with power, rec-.
  40. He was a man, who could dominate her both mentally and physically.
  41. Basically: in civilization: tool-values dominate over human-values.
  42. Instead of being involved in this sphere, the kshetragya dominate it.
  43. Also the feeling of failure and loss began to dominate his emotions.
  44. Though Aryans did come from the north to invade and dominate Persia.
  45. Those who are possessed by the will to dominate can never recognize.
  46. Your yearning will be for your husband, and he will dominate you.
  47. Under the orders of our Clan Leaders, we are here to dominate Shuai.
  48. But they weren’t trying to dominate it all, and that was the point.
  49. A trickster is a figure whose physical appetites dominate his behavior.
  50. The wicked will always dominate the good, and will always oppress them.
  51. To dominate my passions I don’t have to destroy the psyche; but I do.
  52. Nangong Changshu said, Do Mister know that if one is to dominate the.
  53. What is the sacred? #1 blurted quickly, trying to dominate the Q&A.
  54. I can learn to renounce my will to dominate and to recognize the laws of.
  55. You attract what you are in harmony with and what are your most dominate.
  56. Those examples simply go to show that bad policy can dominate a country.
  57. The consequences of decisions should dominate the probability of outcomes.
  58. The fact should be remembered that only five rays dominate at any one time.
  59. He applied his Reading the Tape skills to dominate trading in that product.
  60. He intended so to dominate the hearings that he would be entirely vindicated.
  61. Owen was a part of a partnership at that time, but his was the dominate voice.
  62. Nangong Changshu gravely said, If one is to dominate the Entire Fraternity.
  63. Heroes maintain culture, either the existing one or the coming to dominate one.
  64. You’ve seen the bad guy and learned of his wicked plot to dominate the world.
  65. As with stock options, the increase in the forward price will tend to dominate.
  66. Today African countries dominate the cocoa trade, as you can see in Table 19-2.
  67. The Galaxy was just too big, far too big for even the Veiled to dominate it all.
  68. In terms of physiology, this involvement starts to gradually dominate the whole.
  69. It seems to me that in a racing family, the sport comes to dominate all else.
  70. Your primary nature will be the center of your life and will dominate the others.
  71. Anything we cannot assimilate, digest, understand, dominate or control; we fear.
  72. I wanted a few select corals (acropora coral and montipora) to dominate the tank.
  73. Dollop looked round with the air of a landlady accustomed to dominate her company.
  74. According to Lepage"s thesis, oil won"t dominate the next century, fresh water will.
  75. By giving up violence and the will to dominate, which she is born with, the mother.
  76. Hold the strings in your dominate hand and use your other hand to stop the ring if.
  77. The ISI will dominate the world intelligence community for the next half century.
  78. Bodies, where the particles of the type "Spirit" dominate, we should call as the Spirit.
  79. Then insects came: and spread out and tried to dominate plants by being on top of them.
  80. Man would dominate nature and glorify himself to the letter; but no power has he to.
  81. They never cease talking, careful not to dominate with their own points, their own tales.
  82. It's about letting go of the fears that dominate your thoughts in the present and about.
  83. The reason for this is because in human society: tool-values dominate over human-values.
  84. If we are dominate, not easily moved by the emotions of others, then that peace resides.
  85. Only then, when they found a way to dominate grazing animals did they invade their lands.
  86. Indeed, relative reversal patterns dominate in country allocation among long-dated bonds.
  87. The messages from the original texts match Old Testament symbolism meaning to dominate or.
  88. Would she fight to dominate him physically as well as mentally? How perfect that would be.
  89. Wall Street institutions and Hedge Funds dominate trading and flow of funds in the market.
  90. They tried by the use of checks and balances to prevent one being dominate over the other.
  91. All of them have long wanted to dominate the entire Pugilistic Fraternity and potentially.
  92. And therefore Roosevelt will lose the war of wills and I will dominate in the history books.
  93. He said: in the world, they lord over and dominate one another, and boss one another around.
  94. Historically, they came to dominate the Puebla Valley and remained independent of the Aztecs.
  95. Demons that roamed the other realm and together they would dominate the world, obliterating it.
  96. A primary purpose of the Babylonian conquest was to dominate and reshape the viewpoints of the.
  97. The Western sector won’t dominate just yet, but becomes just as strong as the Eastern sector.
  98. These sorts of things cause trauma or inspire awe, and they tend to dominate the men and women.
  99. The five underlying contracts will tend to dominate the position, resulting in a positive delta.
  100. Their only alternative was war, or the abandonment of their objectives to dominate the Far East.
  1. Yet the latter is dominating.
  2. Dominating yes! Only in names.
  3. He was the most dominating in.
  4. These were much faster and dominating.
  5. Tholomyes followed, dominating the group.
  6. A company that is dominating a favored.
  7. She is afraid, she is not being dominating.
  8. Dominating Christian, it all becomes clear.
  9. No one could be more dominating than stout Mrs.
  10. William followed with the same dominating pose.
  11. In Practice: identify the dominating interference.
  12. It loomed over the landscape, dominating every view.
  13. Disappointment was now dominating his joyful thoughts.
  14. Europe’s days of dominating the world were numbered.
  15. On Twitter, it’s easy to tell who is dominating it.
  16. But for a soul dominating in the mind, it is very simple.
  17. There was no grand imperial city dominating the mainland.
  18. One dominating lesson it taught me is the value of freedom.
  19. Reversed: Money or thoughts of money are dominating factors.
  20. Revenge began dominating her mind; she needed to be made whole.
  21. The voice opposite droned on, engrossing, dominating, hypnotic.
  22. Google is dominating the search and online-advertising business.
  23. Dominating the wall behind his desk was a framed print of a tall.
  24. The principles of taking into account the factor of dominating ANS.
  25. We did so to sidestep the HFTs who were dominating these strategies.
  26. Her dominating force, however, was reserved for strangers and animals.
  27. Creating thus a dominating electric circuit, which consumes all the.
  28. The competitions in Tae Kwon Do is what makes the art so very dominating.
  29. Dominating the landscape, of course, were the island’s famous statues.
  30. Death was a dominating issue in Roger’s life; consequently, he never.
  31. You may be imagining that, through all, Anita had been dominating my mind.
  32. Adams, Branton High oozed the potential to be a dominating force this year.
  33. Before competitors noticed, Wal-Mart was dominating the small-town market.
  34. The forces of the Kravenas were dominating, in spite of their smaller number.
  35. It didn’t take long for her body to break under the fervent dominating kiss.
  36. Fear is the force behind failure, constantly dominating the choices of the many.
  37. Like Modi, Joshi, too, was an RSS pracharak but with a less dominating presence.
  38. It was the whisper of the soul, deep, continuous, dominating that of their voices.
  39. He caught her hand and looked down at her, something suddenly dominating in his eyes.
  40. This growing trend of money-earning potential is gradually dominating in elderly people.
  41. Gabriel stood several feet away, his shadow taller and more dominating that I recalled.
  42. Then she will be withdrawn or outgoing depending on which of the elements is more dominating.
  43. When he popped back up, he fired lasers like a madman! Chuck was killing it! He was dominating!.
  44. Suffice to say here that by mid-2002 it had become a very visible and dominating investment crowd.
  45. The swollen current was road level, rapid and angry and dominating the void where the bridge had stood.
  46. Shapiro’s problems at home mirrored his problems with the two cases that were dominating his work life.
  47. The line 1-2 has been selected as the dominating line, and an assortment of radiating ones drawn about it.
  48. But Bryan was also the best hope the US had to avoid becoming a colonial empire, dominating other nations.
  49. The real problem in my estimation stems from the rise of relativist attitudes dominating our school environments.
  50. It may be one alternative dominating over all the rest, several best alternatives, or even the whole initial set.
  51. During the dark ages, when superstition and tyranny reigned over the better judgments of men, dominating every.
  52. There aren’t as many people dominating Pinterest for your niche as there are people dominating Twitter for your niche.
  53. Once on top, she quickly embraced the decks and bridge of the yacht, which she was now dominating from her new position.
  54. A distinction should be made between the rays dominating in a solar system and those dominating in a scheme, or a chain.
  55. The side dominating the trend usually loses, so in this case, buyers had lost momentum and sellers were set to take over.
  56. The country was never colonised by the Europeans, but they controlled it nonetheless, mainly by dominating the Siamese king.
  57. Ganesh’s father also had a fierce visage, dominating eyes, and a knack for rubbing others the wrong way, including his son.
  58. Excuse me, prince, excuse me, but now that will not do, shouted Lebedeff’s nephew, his voice dominating all the others.
  59. I suggest, Pine moved toward him again showing his authority and power, dominating to prove he was not to be trifled with.
  60. So saying Grindel stomped from the chamber, leaving behind the dead thing that up to now had been such a dominating force in his life.
  61. Someone such as Betty? Someone younger than herself, and without a dominating personality? Hmm… now that made an interesting thought.
  62. Only one narrow street, paved with marble and guarded by heavy iron gates, led up to it, where it crowned the hill dominating the city.
  63. R: I don’t guess I have to know how, but I know that I would request that greed not be the dominating force in the economies of Earth.
  64. With credit cards dominating the market world today, even college students are already prospective clients of most credit card companies.
  65. Without a word, Sarah took her passport out of an internal pocket of her jacket and handed it to the big policeman dominating her by a head.
  66. While he was a man of medium height and built, he was in top physical shape for his age and his manners denoted a strong, dominating character.
  67. To terrify men with the prospect of the wicked dominating the good is impossible, for that is just what has always been, and is now, and cannot but be.
  68. It was huge, one of the biggest she had ever seen, yet fitted in without dominating, as the rest of the furniture was built on an impressive scale as well.
  69. He was gasping for breath, however; he felt so oppressed — so oppressed; he felt that all those eyes fastened upon him were oppressing and dominating him.
  70. For example, I had never traded against algorithms for most of my trading career, and then they just appeared without warning dominating a new trading reality.
  71. At the time of the first book it was the ascendant city in the valley, dominating its neighboring cities and intruding itself westward into the Valley of Mexico.
  72. We will thus be dropped by helicopter on a number of selected hills dominating the access road to Masan and will establish defensive positions on those hilltops.
  73. If we find an element dominating over the selected one, we pass on to the next alternative because the selected element certainly does not belong to the Pareto set.
  74. Through mud-encrusted eyes, the man looked up at the dominating female, focusing on the sabre that flicked his sword away and then extended down to touch his throat.
  75. And as for dominating the vote, you know as well as I that The Assembly of The Just Alliance is a body that decides by consensus, and not by a vote of the majority.
  76. It was date night, and because I had been dominating our choice of activities since taking on the murder case, I told Kelly I would take her wherever she wanted to go.
  77. Tatania dragged him from one VIP to another, introducing him before dominating the conversation with amusing epithets about speculative inappropriate behaviour from Sam.
  78. In one fashion or another (shown by the particular planet) angular planets maintain the upper hand: their POSITION is DOMINATING, whereas that of cadent planets is REACTIVE.
  79. What about the Pre-history of these bands and tribes coming out of Africa to find huge massive Neanderthals; populating and dominating the two continents of Asia and Europe?
  80. A green-blue serene lake similar to an ocean in rest was dominating the geography, and in its crystalline waters there were little tiny creatures swimming with big emulation.
  81. He knew the busy mountain town of Monaki lay beyond it, dominating the plateau and overlooking the rock face beyond it, several of the roofs were visible marking its position.
  82. The men of the higher dominating classes whose conscience is naturally not sensitive or has become blunted, if they don't suffer through conscience, suffer from fear and hatred.
  83. The Earth by its standard and dominating its sphere of which it can control with influence is the hottest centre in the space of its domain and it holds the moon centred to the Earth.
  84. To have an opinion with research and experience behind you is to be applauded, but closing one’s mind as well as dominating the conversation may not be in everyone’s best interest.
  85. It then takes over as the dominating belief; until, that is, anomalies arise that this new model cannot account for, and another shift is triggered (as happened when ‗Newton‘s Laws‘.
  86. Everyone in the dominating group strictly adheres to that meaning perspective because of the inherent threat of the inner prejudice that the dominating click uses to control those within it.
  87. It was only a matter of time before this growing sense of powerlessness turned into a blind, uncontrollable rage that would only be satisfied by turning against the women and dominating them.
  88. It would not have been the first time that Wickland had observed a weaker business partner who was slightly frightened by a more dominating figure—perhaps the role that Cartwright had assumed.
  89. As a rule, there is a bullish anticipation of the IPO of any company in the technology or computer sector, especially one as successful as Google had been in dominating the online search market.
  90. By the 1990s the Asian countries seemed to be dominating the world economy, particularly as they specialised in producing the sort of hi-tech equipment on which the modern world has come to depend.
  91. Turning away from his grisly discovery, Grindel hastily entered the inner chamber, all thoughts of rebellion vanishing once he stood before the bent and twisted old figure dominating the small space.
  92. The situation is analogous to a ProAm golf event: Even if all of the amateurs are hopeless duffers, the team's best-ball score will be respectable because of the dominating skills of the professional.
  93. Problems arising when the Pareto set consists of the insufficient number of elements can be solved by applying the specific method that allows increasing the number of dominating elements (see section 7.
  94. Or perhaps Self’s personal sense of belief to be arrogant, dominating, self-obsessed and selfish emanating from the personal belief in one’s self-importance, sense of superiority and over inflated ego.
  95. Over the next hundred years the Company extended control over most of India, dominating the highly profitable sub-continent and considerable China trade, and bringing a huge population into the British fold.
  96. It's easily stopped, so if I've got noisy, noise in my mind, and distracting, dominating thoughts, I have to literally aggressively cast them, push them out of the way, otherwise I'm not going to hear from God.
  97. She wondered if he'd be offended that she used him as her inspiration? Reuben was quite a character, a hopeless womaniser who enjoyed dominating in the bedroom, but he wasn't all bad and had a lot of good qualities too.
  98. The Almighty never enables the enchanter and the devil to cooperate and support one another in harming a person and dominating them, unless this is due to the mean deeds that have previously been committed by their victim.
  99. But if Apple stock is dominating your portfolio (remember, it has grown 44%, and it’s put you out of balance, likely significantly), the rules of rebalancing say that you have to sell some Apple to get your ratio right.
  100. What is more, even in the acutest paroxysm of this cowardly fever, I dreamed of getting the upper hand, of dominating them, carrying them away, making them like me—if only for my elevation of thought and unmistakable wit.
  1. The man in the shaft dominated.
  2. He was totally dominated by her.
  3. The pink dominated Fritz’s face.
  4. On its home planet it dominated.
  5. The girl dominated her thoroughly.
  6. One is dominated by the ego-driven.
  7. Enjolras, who was grave, dominated.
  8. Our lives are dominated by the masses.
  9. His booming voice dominated the room.
  10. As usual he dominated the conversation.
  11. The Cerrillos Hills dominated the view.
  12. They had completely dominated Minnesota.
  13. An extreme close-up dominated the room.
  14. Rather, they are wholly dominated by it.
  15. A deep-set frown dominated his features.
  16. That triumph dominated her life for the.
  17. The evil Ottomans dominated it at moment.
  18. Sex and drinks dominated and consumed me.
  19. Down the prison hallway, silence dominated.
  20. Pain ripped into my body and dominated me.
  21. She dominated my thoughts and I could not.
  22. I have a friend who is completely dominated.
  23. The Bridge dominated the whole scene.
  24. The two dominated much of the conversation.
  25. The African continent was dominated by the.
  26. However, Vidya's thoughts dominated them all.
  27. Gambino’s face is dominated by a hugh beak.
  28. Those invaders eventually dominated England.
  29. Parker’s desk completely dominated the area.
  30. Dinosaurs dominated the land, and reached their.
  31. The merchant class soon dominated all the isthmus.
  32. He was not the man to be dominated by a relative.
  33. The stalls are dominated by beautiful, brightly.
  34. Kurukshetr when it is dominated by devilish forces.
  35. Dominated by desire and fear, they can do nothing.
  36. Church spires dominated the skyline, with the col-.
  37. It pervaded every sense and dominated every thought.
  38. Life changes is dominated by spirit and soul in full.
  39. Across from the library was the game room, dominated.
  40. You work in a business that has been dominated by men.
  41. Africa was dominated by hoofed animals, and primates.
  42. I said the simple truth that dominated my thoughts:.
  43. It’s a very competitive field, dominated by men.
  44. This built the bear market crowd that dominated the U.
  45. Until they dominated the true hunters by storytelling.
  46. Which morality makes the society to be male dominated.
  47. The 1970s and 80s were dominated by computer hardware.
  48. A huge custom-made bed dominated the vast wooden floor.
  49. Normally, my mental clatter dominated the whole screen.
  50. I feel guilty that I have dominated so much of his time.
  51. The city heart is dominated by the Id Kah Mosque, which.
  52. The western world was now dominated by Nordic barbarians.
  53. He was always there, and he dominated the conversations.
  54. Isaac quickly dominated the conversation with Tsarevich.
  55. Macarena" and "The Electric Slide" have dominated dances.
  56. The land outside was dominated by intricate water bodies.
  57. The north is dominated by the vast lowlands of the Danube.
  58. The middle of the room was dominated by a large oak table.
  59. So long as a man lives within nature, he is dominated by.
  60. We are so dominated by the needs of the self that we view.
  61. A proud sun dominated a cloudless sky and the invigorating.
  62. Today, the field of Primatology is statistically dominated.
  63. There were once three great peoples that dominated Assoria.
  64. But the meeting was dominated by the Tibetan government-.
  65. And you can be as dominated with soft words as with the whip.
  66. God Boy had noticed the rather large ant hill that dominated.
  67. But its head space was dominated not by brain but by eyeball.
  68. Television news that evening was dominated by reports from St.
  69. The meal times and sleeping routines dominated this jail life.
  70. This judicial oligarchy, dominated by a majority of five non-.
  71. A picture begins to emerge of a government dominated and con-.
  72. I had not achieved any of my jobs all weekend as you dominated.
  73. The taunts and yells of the ern, by then, dominated the evening.
  74. Large windows dominated just about every space in the building.
  75. Not only is truth scarce, our lives are dominated by propoganda.
  76. She dominated everything and wanted to be in control right away.
  77. His face was dominated by an irritated expression he rarely used.
  78. In 1900, the world was still dominated by the continent of Europe.
  79. A large underground lake dominated the ground plane of the cavern.
  80. Nemedia, dominated by the Aesir mercenaries, resists all invasions.
  81. All beings are dominated by their governing property and act under.
  82. Instead it was political and military news that dominated the media.
  83. In short, he was carried away by the repugnance which dominated him.
  84. It is a shame that this Plane is dominated by such aggressive rulers.
  85. If you think mine is sex dominated you’d better not go visit her.
  86. A black cloud of oppressive silence suddenly dominated the conversation.
  87. The R Project organization is dominated by academia, and of companies.
  88. Internet was dominated by the free sharing of scientific data from one.
  89. Mostly it was the indirect experiences that dominated the conversation.
  90. They stood in the middle of a bedroom that was dominated by a large bed.
  91. She was in a room dominated by a roaring fire in the hearth next to her.
  92. If there is the alternative al that is dominated by ak, al is discarded.
  93. An ornate fireplace dominated the end of the room where they were seated.
  94. The stark lonely spire called Shiprock dominated the view in front of us.
  95. Our society is dominated by fear and greed, which is constantly rewarded.
  96. It existed in an age dominated by the Female Spirit, by the Mother Goddess.
  97. But there was another consideration that dominated his thinking these days.
  98. Narrow paths led out into what were suburbs dominated by immigrants from.
  99. A cathedral and a castle, the former still being built, dominated the city.
  100. A male dominated society finds it easy to typecast women as beautiful/ugly.
  1. But what dominates the room is a bed.
  2. But the mother dominates these photos.
  3. It dominates this whole area with its.
  4. When it becomes vacant, peace of mind dominates.
  5. States to have currency that dominates in the world.
  6. Open, grassy country dominates most of the landscape.
  7. Steng skepticism still dominates, This is fascinating.
  8. So the Empire dominates and controls the trade routes.
  9. Pride dominates the race in arrogance standing victoriously.
  10. Usually you are lost into that identity when it dominates your.
  11. Now that the relationship has been inverted and culture dominates over.
  12. Medtronic’s bone-graft product, for example, dominates the spinal market.
  13. The great Aryan race which, though not yet at its prime, dominates the world.
  14. During the early months of pregnancy, the hormone progesterone dominates the body.
  15. At the euphoria stage, speculation dominates and any value concerns are dismissed.
  16. If none of the elements dominates over ak, the latter is included in the Pareto set.
  17. In an industry of firms that have been around for decades, Advisors Excel dominates.
  18. The mind precedes all things, the mind dominates all things, the mind creates all things.
  19. If none of the elements dominates over the selected one, it is included in the Pareto set.
  20. It is obvious that the strategy selected by the criterion dominates over the rejected one.
  21. Intel currently dominates the high-performance market with its flagship i7 2600k processor.
  22. China dominates steel production, with generous subsidies in place for its steel manufacturers.
  23. None of the solutions belonging to the Pareto set dominates over other solutions included in it.
  24. He dominates whole sectors of Mexico’s economy, including stakes in banking, airlines and mining.
  25. Hypocrisy dominates the Christian faith, and faith is the primary message delivered by Christianity.
  26. Sometimes one or the other dominates through the story but both are essential for a satisfying narrative.
  27. It governs the life of individuals and of nations, and it dominates the activities of the commercial world.
  28. The United States dominates the soybean market, accounting for more than 50 percent of total global production.
  29. With a broad distribution of companies in the index, there is no industry that dominates the index's performance.
  30. The lower half of the Horoscope no longer dominates; the upper and lower halves are about equal in power right now.
  31. Unexpected news dominates returns in the short run but the effects of such news tend to cancel out in the long run.
  32. Even so, to see the human population today it is obvious that the progressive will of God dominates through the ages.
  33. Today, America still dominates the international food aid system, providing more than half of all global food assistance.
  34. A unified field produce by termites dominates and orders them to behave as a single organism, without contact between them.
  35. Fear vibrations dominates at the thought of speaking, but no place to escape to as the freedom is brought into conclusion.
  36. I catch my reflection in the windows just beyond the main corridor—my hair is stringy and limp, and the bandage dominates my forehead.
  37. What else gives our souls a fighting chance against the ego? But money and indulgence, along with self-importance, dominates our lives.
  38. We are working individually to purify our souls, and it must be done in the material world where magnetism and negative charge dominates.
  39. On the other hand, jealousy that dominates the emotions causes us to lose sight of right and wrong, and could produce disastrous results.
  40. While the particles Yin - "Matter", because the process of destruction of the Spirit and returning to the original state dominates in them.
  41. There are few sights as gripping and soul wrenching as the heroically time-defying remains of the Parthenon which dominates the Acropolis.
  42. From then on, most of East Africa is under the control of various Islamic regimes, and China dominates much of sub-Saharan Africa further west.
  43. The former dominates the latter when the averaging period is small (less than 200 days) and vice versa when the period is large (more than 200 days).
  44. South Africa dominates the platinum supply, but Russia, which contributes 52 percent of the global mine supply, is the hammer in palladium production.
  45. It’s two in the afternoon, the time of day the erstwhile ex-owner of my shop and man who dominates the top of my lengthy shit-list never comes around.
  46. ISIS is actually claiming to follow the teachings of Wahabism, the official, state-sanctioned hard-line variant of Islam that dominates in Saudi Arabia.
  47. The Dark cabal which currently dominates Earth is like an octopus hanging onto a rock for dear life in pounding surf, and eventually it will be dislodged.
  48. This element dominates over the two previous ones and it is the human innate inclination to do the biggest possible evil to animate beings or inanimate things.
  49. Rows of glowing crystal balls line the upper level, a huge glowing crystal onion ringed with six ornate thrones dominates the sunken central portion of the room.
  50. As long as the need to make a selfish profit dominates the soul of every human in the Nation… we will have the greedy selfishness of corruption in our politics.
  51. It would appear that brief encounters with the right-cognitive style shows that another reality can exist in which an entirely different type of thinking dominates.
  52. When you refuse to give yourself over to any state that ordinarily dominates you, for the first time you are conscious of the state and the ground it is rolling over.
  53. The frequency of values that are close to the average (somewhat greater than 1) dominates substantially over the frequency of the same values of normal distribution.
  54. Because it has been spoiled by both parents, and allowed to grow unsupervised and unregulated by both parents: it now has become a monster that dominates both parents.
  55. This spirit of the Father partakes of the love of the Father, and as it dominates man, it unfailingly leads in the directions of divine worship and loving regard for one's fellows.
  56. Although this best value does not fall into the interval of the desired values of this particular characteristic, it still dominates over all other variants selected at the first stage.
  57. The moon was full and low like a wagon wheel, no doubt flanked by the two identical towers on Lafayette Street where the head of Picasso’s girl with a ponytail dominates a small square.
  58. The one that dominates the market is Aweber There is a reason for that they deliver more than any of their competitors and have over twenty years experience of what works when it comes to email.
  59. There is a color differential with altitude; at high altitude oxygen red dominates, then oxygen green and nitrogen blue/red, then finally nitrogen blue/red when collisions prevent oxygen from emitting anything.
  60. One of the most interesting new companies of the first decade of the new millennium is Google, whose search engine technology dominates the market today and has been used as a device for selling online advertising.
  61. If you have believed in Al’lah who dominates the heaven with its constellation and steers all this universe, remember then the Doomsday when you will stand between the Hands of this Grand Creator who observes everything.
  62. It is possible to face a situation when only one single element dominates over the remaining alternatives (in this case the Pareto set consists of one element) or even the situation when no dominating alternatives exist at all.
  63. Nations are built up and moved by another force which sways and dominates them, the origin of which is unknown and inexplicable: that force is the force of an insatiable desire to go on to the end, though at the same time it denies that end.
  64. Passing on the left of the entrance the superb, large bronze of “Theseus battling with the Centaur,” one is fronted by the great cast of the “Lion and Serpent,” which from the centre of the gallery dominates the surrounding exhibits.
  65. You may have the world's most robust, most profitable trend-trading system at hand, but if fear, anxiety, panic, laziness, greed, or some other unhelpful mental state dominates your frame of thinking, you are much less likely to make that system work for you.
  66. Thus, the TEC, even of the most undeveloped human personality manifested by a LLUU-VVU-Form, is structured by Stereo-Type Configurations in which the creativity characteristic of a higher-quality UU-VVU (that is, synthesized to a greater degree) dominates over the destructive tendencies of parrgs, mmuunds, argorrs, alls, mimms or ogguls.
  67. What flaw of character is it that makes a man so vulnerable to the existence of a single woman? That ties him to her for life and dominates his being? Is it her indifference? The occasional crumb she will throw his way? Will our scientists solving the puzzle of the human genome not discover the aberrant gene that brings on this illness and eliminate it from the human race? It will make for a happier humanity.
  68. Here the meaning of life no longer presents itself to the author in the experiences of all kinds of debauched persons,—here the contents, as the title says, are formed by the description of a ruined, innocent, sweet woman, who is prepared for anything beautiful, a woman who is ruined by that very gross, animal sensuality which in the former stories presented itself to the author as the central phenomenon of life, which dominates everything, and the author's whole sympathy is on the side of the good.

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