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    1. "I wish I could share your conviction," Serpent said, "but I've seen this Man who is meant to dominate us and he is a complete buffoon!"

    2. Once the euphoria of the meeting subsided a little, we four settled into the habitual comparisons that dominate male conversation, sharing our stories of capture, and gabbling away ten to the dozen in a mixture of Arabic and English about our shared experiences in the hostage hotels

    3. His thrusts were not done with a force to dominate, but more with love to please; and in doing so, he found a pleasure he had never known

    4. they think they dominate

    5. She was careful to explain how people would dominate even the private lives of each other, something like a bad factory boss that you couldn’t leave

    6. With man’s need to dominate man much diminished, his ability to use force against his fellows removed, all governments had just withered away

    7. We’ll dominate teams with you on the

    8. The abuser seeks tactics to control and dominate the child

    9. This bridge was supported in the center way up on the farthest upstream of the great chimneys that dominate the lower Hyadrain valley

    10. to dominate once more

    11. After the War of Lock Core he suddenly appeared in Shattered Rock, where he quickly began to dominate its underworld

    12. Been Completely Overlooked by the Masses and Allows You To Swoop in and Absolutely Dominate these Niche Markets in Google!

    13. Within a few generations the drive in males to dominate had died out because it had no reproductive advantage

    14. to dominate for more than a thousand years

    15. Think about how you can dominate the industry

    16. It was a game of seduction I would dominate

    17. this number are able to dominate in any niche they choose to enter

    18. She couldn’t combat them, but she couldn’t allow them to dominate her,

    19. My own task during this operation is to continuously monitor the Elf personally, as well as Senta who shall be with her on the dominate ship in this particular pack of thieves

    20. The question then arises: Can you have a strong purpose in life and still be happy? Is there some danger that such a purpose will dominate your attention, and prevent you from being happy?

    21. It is always hungry, never satiated, always looking to dominate

    22. programming to dominate their thought processes

    23. As the Universe cooled, the rest mass energy density of matter came to gravitationally dominate that of the photon radiation

    24. The bickering of two of worId’s largest nations over who would dominate the alliance led to the development of some arcane military technology

    25. I stared so hard that I had blurred vision even before entering the ring, trying to dominate him a la wanker versus killer (me)

    26. However, his stare did not dominate me at all

    27. No way are you going to dominate me

    28. No one forgot the problem of terrorist bases inside Rhodesia and the havoc it caused with the elections afterwards being able to dominate the locals to vote freely and fairly for the terrorists home political parties

    29. The point is that since the terrorists never had a fixed presence inside Owamboland they could not dominate and terrorise the population as much as happened in Rhodesia

    30. As you would recognise the pattern by now I don't really need to explain they planned to have permanent bases inside the country from which they could dominate the elections

    31. To make a long and boring story short the moderate candidate was replaced by the hawk known as PW Botha who would dominate the scene for the next decade causing unspeakable damage

    32. Shaking her head at the way Henry always seemed to dominate Elliot when they were playing, she walked off, searching along the sand dunes

    33. “It seems to me that in a racing family, the sport comes to dominate all else

    34. Your yearning will be for your husband, and he will dominate you”

    35. Owen was a part of a partnership at that time, but his was the dominate voice

    36. They tried by the use of checks and balances to prevent one being dominate over the other

    37. They did not see that the few Leftist at the convention would someday dominate the halls of education, government jobs, union leadership and so forth

    38. This may explain why this color became dominate in only one place on earth, northern Europe and Scandinavia

    39. Religions of the world have taken control of these eternal natural truths to dominate the poor and uneducated masses

    40. Considering this, we need to consciously cultivate the positive thoughts and swamp the negative ones, outnumber them, rather than fighting them and getting frustrated when they dominate

    41. This province seemed to center on a large lake called Cincay Qoca (Lynx Lake in the Quechua language which seemed to increasingly dominate in the highlands)

    42. What a shock all this was for Yeulla “I know we don’t even count humans as part of the population but for every vampire there’s about fifty humans on earth for each day or something along that line, but our population is much grander then that, the world’s full of vampires, we are the dominate race”

    43. Historically, they came to dominate the Puebla Valley and remained independent of the Aztecs

    44. He thought he had left that behind him years ago but it seemed in life there was always someone that wanted to dominate your existence

    45. He foresees that English will still dominate domestically, and will continue to be used in foreign trade and diplomacy

    46. They dominate the teachers colleges

    47. At one end of the scale are institutions that allow people to make their own judgments, at the other end are institutions that allow an elite to rule, dominate, and oppress

    48. against the forces of the outcasts who now dominate this

    49. They dominate you only because you are interested in them

    50. and illegal behavior to not only dominate the market, but allow crooks to corner

    1. He is dominated by

    2. And time; the Kassikan was founded when the Minoans dominated the Mediterranean

    3. Which morality makes the society to be male dominated

    4. "It is very scary actually, but it is done and the civilization of YingolNeerie is now dominated by these Angels except in Brazil and a few small regions around it

    5. A king size bed dominated the room, there were also two dressers and a nightstand; another large Persian rug was on the floor, Coleman lanterns lit the way

    6. This society seems to have been dominated by a culture that wanted to turn them into a male fantasy, they had to act out the part, but he could see on her face that it hurt to do so

    7. “If you think mine is sex dominated you’d better not go visit her

    8. Its three black masts dominated the bay of Dorini like primed Harpoon missiles locked onto a delicate conservation sanctuary

    9. The study was typical of all study’s - a large desk dominated the room; made of a wood similar to Teak wood from Earth

    10. If there was a day that India dominated world cricket, it was on the fourth day

    11. whose lives were dominated by a certain emotion would

    12. However, Vidya's thoughts dominated them all

    13. The wall opposite the door was dominated by a wardrobe whose dark, lustrous woodgrain shone in counter-point to the amber tones of the floor, valise stand, and night table with its reading lamp and small book of verse at the bedside

    14. The stalls are dominated by beautiful, brightly

    15. This smal island is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, known for its protected apes who receive a daily supply of water and food, plus regular vet care and microchipping

    16. Shaped like a boot, Italy’s history and food is dominated by regions, plus the islands of Sicily and Sardinia

    17. The north is dominated by the vast lowlands of the Danube

    18. loomed the huge castle complex, dominated by an

    19. Manhattan still dominated comedy movies in 2253, those were the newest ones they had received from Earth

    20. They were a working-class band here in the city, but would have been a major draw in Lastriss and dominated Hazorpean alongside Dundorada and Pongi

    21. His face was dominated by an irritated expression he rarely used

    22. This caused them unimaginable distractions, upheavals, confusion, and suffering in general that would not be at all necessary if they only had been appropriately educated from the time they were little tots about the dangers of their massive burgeoning egos dominated by a congested stream of interminable, muddled thoughts

    23. Nervous glances were exchanged as silence dominated for many unsettling seconds

    24. The foul odor still dominated his sense of smell, but he tried his best to endure it and not let it overwhelm him

    25. Mostly it was the indirect experiences that dominated the conversation

    26. The bedroom was a long L-shape, half of which was dominated by the wardrobe and the electric tilting bed

    27. The taunts and yells of the ern, by then, dominated the evening

    28. In a way it was if he had stepped back a couple of hundred years into the past when those kind of people dominated the landscape below

    29. She threw a shocked glance upwards in time to register his intense stare before his dark head lowered and dominated her upturned mouth

    30. After these annihilations, the remaining protons, neutrons and electrons were no longer moving relativistically and the energy density of the Universe was dominated by photons (with a minor contribution from neutrinos)

    31. Independent lines of evidence from Type Ia supernovae and the CMB imply that the Universe today is dominated by a mysterious form of energy known as dark energy, which apparently permeates all of space

    32. I feel guilty that I have dominated so much of his time

    33. I had not achieved any of my jobs all weekend as you dominated

    34. It pervaded every sense and dominated every thought

    35. They played everything from cards to Clue, and the conversation was dominated by childhood memories shared between Alex and Katie

    36. he was concerned, one supported the Federation or one acquiesced to a future dominated by the

    37. They had completely dominated Minnesota

    38. But the boom of Capron's first gun at Caney sent a thrill through the ranks; discomforts were forgotten, and the tension of anxious anticipation, the exultant, undefinable something of approaching battle, dominated each one of us

    39. A flutter of colour on the pole and a thrill of exultation dominated each heart, as “Old Glory” was unfurled over the city

    40. Since they were rather good mechanics according to themselves (they were indeed - fixed their big six Cortina by this time) they offered their services and found her and her Army second lieutenant boyfriend (a hard as nails second lieutenant of the Parachute Battalion that they knew could not be dominated by them) waiting for them to change the flat tyre

    41. They dominated Sandhurst for instance and always won the Sword of Honour for being the best cadets

    42. ” She pointed vaguely in the direction of the lake, beyond which agriculture still dominated the lowlands

    43. All that remained now was a pathway leading into the great bulwark of earth that dominated the scene

    44. ” If you prefer groups of slaves all dominated at the same time, try “Slave Star

    45. The terrorist groups are dominated by a single leader which makes them very much the same as a cult with absolute obedience

    46. There are very few women terrorist leaders for it is a male dominated society

    47. "And this is the lounge area," the matron told us, stepping aside so that we could view a dismal room dominated by a large, wide-screened television set

    48. As a sports fan who came of age in the sixties, I often ask myself, what have become of the Larry Czonka‘s or the Bill Riggins‘ or the Jerry West‘s or Rick Barry‘s, White Athletes who once dominated their respected sports? Is it conceivable that, in a day and age when the financial rewards are exceptionally high, (White‘s) have suddenly lost their competitive spark? Or could it be that many have fallen victim, in their own right, to stereotypical standards that seem to favor skill specific attributes like speed or vertical aptitude above other, less ―remarkable‖ qualities equally essential for performing on a higher level? Will such patterns eventually mandate the same type of protective status for Whites that are presently afforded to African Americans and other racial minorities competing in the public and private sectors? The latter is a stretch, granted

    49. The Soviets also never had the ability to successfully invade the US across oceans dominated by the US Navy, or frozen Alaska

    50. It has long been dominated by a mestizo elite of Spanish-Filipino and Spanish-Chinese ancestry that keeps other Filipinos poor, and Aguinaldo and most other Filipino presidents were part of that elite

    1. This element dominates over the two previous ones and it is the human innate inclination to do the biggest possible evil to animate beings or inanimate things

    2. Rows of glowing crystal balls line the upper level, a huge glowing crystal onion ringed with six ornate thrones dominates the sunken central portion of the room

    3. It dominates this whole area with its

    4. “So the Empire dominates and controls the trade routes

    5. I catch my reflection in the windows just beyond the main corridor—my hair is stringy and limp, and the bandage dominates my forehead

    6. On the other hand, jealousy that dominates the emotions causes us to lose sight of right and wrong, and could produce disastrous results

    7. What else gives our souls a fighting chance against the ego? But money and indulgence, along with self-importance, dominates our lives

    8. Hypocrisy dominates the Christian faith, and faith is the primary message delivered by Christianity

    9. We are working individually to purify our souls, and it must be done in the material world where magnetism and negative charge dominates

    10. dynamics—a new universe dominates that was not contained in nor predicted by the old

    11. The Dark cabal which currently dominates Earth is like an octopus hanging onto a rock for dear life in pounding surf, and eventually it will be dislodged

    12. Now that the relationship has been inverted and culture dominates over

    13. It would appear that brief encounters with the right-cognitive style shows that another reality can exist in which an entirely different type of thinking dominates

    14. Steng skepticism still dominates, "This is fascinating

    15. Sometimes one or the other dominates through the story but both are essential for a satisfying narrative

    16. nearly all the others; they are defined by that which dominates in each case

    17. The great Aryan race which, though not yet at its prime, dominates the world

    18. This spirit of the Father partakes of the love of the Father, and as it dominates man, it unfailingly leads in the directions of divine worship and loving regard for one's fellows

    19. The lower half of the Horoscope no longer dominates; the upper and lower halves are about equal in power right now

    20. high outcropping which dominates the main valley

    21. From then on, most of East Africa is under the control of various Islamic regimes, and China dominates much of sub-Saharan Africa further west

    22. secret truth whose spirit now dominates the world

    23. � The militarist faction that presently dominates Japan will accept nothing less than what they are already planning to annex and which they call the �East Asia Coprosperity Sphere�, and will certainly not put an end to the Japanese atrocities in China

    24. The mind precedes all things, the mind dominates all things, the mind creates all things

    25. each of which dominates one or two phases

    26. ISIS is actually claiming to follow the teachings of Wahabism, the official, state-sanctioned hard-line variant of Islam that dominates in Saudi Arabia

    27. ’ Let’s hope that the opportunity aspect of that word dominates in this case

    28. Fear vibrations dominates at the thought of speaking, but no place to escape to as the freedom is brought into conclusion

    29. Pride dominates the race in arrogance standing victoriously

    30. birth as a dog because only that comes true which dominates the mind of a dying

    31. If you have believed in Al’lah who dominates the heaven with its constellation and steers all this universe, remember then the Doomsday when you will stand between the Hands of this Grand Creator who observes everything

    32. States to have currency that dominates in the world

    33. one that dominates every other is sadomasochism

    34. When it becomes vacant, peace of mind dominates

    35. It governs the life of individuals and of nations, and it dominates the activities of the commercial world

    36. Usually you are lost into that identity when it dominates your

    37. A unified field produce by termites dominates and orders them to behave as a single organism, without contact between them

    38. Even so, to see the human population today it is obvious that the progressive will of God dominates through the ages

    39. Thus, the TEC, even of the most undeveloped “human personality” manifested by a LLUU-VVU-Form, is structured by Stereo-Type Configurations in which the creativity characteristic of a higher-quality UU-VVU (that is, synthesized to a greater degree) dominates over the destructive tendencies of parrgs, mmuunds, argorrs, alls, mimms or ogguls

    40. There is a color differential with altitude; at high altitude oxygen red dominates, then oxygen green and nitrogen blue/red, then finally nitrogen blue/red when collisions prevent oxygen from emitting anything

    41. Because it has been spoiled by both parents, and allowed to grow unsupervised and unregulated by both parents: it now has become a monster that dominates both parents

    42. What flaw of character is it that makes a man so vulnerable to the existence of a single woman? That ties him to her for life and dominates his being? Is it her indifference? The occasional crumb she will throw his way? Will our scientists solving the puzzle of the human genome not discover the aberrant gene that brings on this illness and eliminate it from the human race? It will make for a happier humanity

    43. When you refuse to give yourself over to any state that ordinarily dominates you, for the first time you are conscious of the state and the ground it is rolling over

    44. There are few sights as gripping and soul wrenching as the heroically time-defying remains of the Parthenon which dominates the Acropolis

    45. As long as the need to make a selfish profit dominates the soul of every human in the Nation… we will have the greedy selfishness of corruption in our politics

    46. � Whatever doubts we may feel about such actions, the fabric of deception that we weave engulfs us until the meaning perspective that dominates our choices holds that the most expedient action, no matter how degrading or degraded, offers the only real value for our identity and ego driven lives

    47. � If one part of the body or the whole being becomes distorted, dominates in some way, it can make disease in the whole

    48. The one that dominates the market is Aweber There is a reason for that they deliver more than any of their competitors and have over twenty years experience of what works when it comes to email

    49. � The child can feel very much her/himself about without making the adult into an Other who dominates or whom the child must reject

    50. � When we come to look at the mechanisms of the advertising and the programming, we will find a very strange symmetry, but one that works to make for a pattern of feeling that draw us into that form of reality, into that world which then dominates us, dominates our perceptions, or thinking, and our actions

    1. Tatania dragged him from one VIP to another, introducing him before dominating the conversation with amusing epithets about speculative inappropriate behaviour from Sam

    2. ground to the most dominating long distance runners in the Apparently, it is not a good idea to run with a brand new world

    3. 'Adrian, I'm a landlubber but I do appreciate what a wonderful, dominating experience it must be to have this at your mercy

    4. In Practice: identify the dominating interference

    5. the eyes – dominating the higher peaks surrounding it

    6. The competitions in Tae Kwon Do is what makes the art so very dominating

    7. He was the most dominating in

    8. It loomed over the landscape, dominating every view

    9. Turning away from his grisly discovery, Grindel hastily entered the inner chamber, all thoughts of rebellion vanishing once he stood before the bent and twisted old figure dominating the small space

    10. So saying Grindel stomped from the chamber, leaving behind the dead thing that up to now had been such a dominating force in his life

    11. ” If you prefer men dominating women you can check out “For Rent” or “Lazy Susan

    12. The real problem in my estimation stems from the rise of relativist attitudes dominating our school environments

    13. But Bryan was also the best hope the US had to avoid becoming a colonial empire, dominating other nations

    14. Ganesh’s father also had a fierce visage, dominating eyes, and a knack for rubbing others the wrong way, including his son

    15. It was date night, and because I had been dominating our choice of activities since taking on the murder case, I told Kelly I would take her wherever she wanted to go

    16. At the time of the first book it was the ascendant city in the valley, dominating its neighboring cities and intruding itself westward into the Valley of Mexico

    17. Fear is the force behind failure, constantly dominating the choices of the many

    18. one of the major dominating themes of my life

    19. Yet the latter is dominating

    20. The job of completely subjugating and dominating the individual was almost done,

    21. It was huge, one of the biggest she had ever seen, yet fitted in without dominating, as the rest of the furniture was built on an impressive scale as well

    22. On the presently dominating

    23. Dominating yes! Only in names

    24. It is true that this order of things apparently can exist only with Prince Bismarck, that he is the only one capable of directing and dominating it; was this not proven in the political struggle that has just ended, where his personality united scattered and indecisive forces and was the principle element of his victory?17

    25. He was dominating me

    26. “And as for dominating the vote, you know as well as I that The Assembly of The Just Alliance is a body that decides by consensus, and not by a vote of the majority

    27. R: I don’t guess I have to know how, but I know that I would request that greed not be the dominating force in the economies of Earth

    28. intelligence, all his courage and his capabilities towards dominating and

    29. He knew the busy mountain town of Monaki lay beyond it, dominating the plateau and overlooking the rock face beyond it, several of the roofs were visible marking its position

    30. Someone such as Betty? Someone younger than herself, and without a dominating personality? Hmm… now that made an interesting thought

    31. Through mud-encrusted eyes, the man looked up at the dominating female, focusing on the sabre that flicked his sword away and then extended down to touch his throat

    32. Her dominating force, however, was reserved for strangers and animals

    33. A green-blue serene lake similar to an ocean in rest was dominating the geography, and in its crystalline waters there were little tiny creatures swimming with big emulation

    34. Dominating the wall behind his desk was a framed print of a tall

    35. dominating or following the others

    36. were once dominating their relationship!

    37. Reversed: Money or thoughts of money are dominating factors

    38. Then she will be withdrawn or outgoing depending on which of the elements is more dominating

    39. `What happened to wizards not dominating? Would she have accepted the marriage proposal if she was a wizard?'

    40. Only one narrow street, paved with marble and guarded by heavy iron gates, led up to it, where it crowned the hill dominating the city

    41. But over and above all, just then, a new and dominating thought began to occupy the forefront of his conscious mind: He had set out to get honor for himself, and if this could be secured simultaneously with getting even with those who had contributed to the greatest disappointment of his life, all the better

    42. It then takes over as the dominating belief; until, that is, anomalies arise that this new model cannot account for, and another shift is triggered (as happened when ‗Newton‘s Laws‘

    43. On Twitter, it’s easy to tell who is dominating it

    44. There aren’t as many people dominating Pinterest for your niche as there are people dominating Twitter for your niche

    45. Dominating the landscape, of course, were the island’s famous statues

    46. dominating, but it was there

    47. the truth, dominating their enemies

    48. when the problem was not dominating

    49. To have an opinion with research and experience behind you is to be applauded, but closing one’s mind as well as dominating the conversation may not be in everyone’s best interest

    50. step closer to dominating this world

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