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Frasi con passport (in inglese)

1. To get a passport was not.
2. There was still no passport.
3. Now where was his passport?
4. All you’d need is a passport.
5. It was the name in my passport.
6. Then taking a passport from his.
7. Ray, I need a genuine passport.

8. She did not even stamp my passport.
9. He proudly presented the passport.
10. Said he’d forgotten his passport.
11. You won’t find one damn passport.
12. The passport in the same good shape.
13. Have a completed official passport.
14. With my passport and the ticket in.
15. I had to get my hands on that passport.
16. We stood in line for passport control.
17. Hell, she didn’t even have a passport.
18. There, next to the lamp, was my passport.
19. By the way, do you have a passport?
20. I gave them the wrong passport in Zurich.
21. Where the hell did I leave my passport?
22. He had brought with him a passport for me.
23. I had to get his new passport issued as EGB.
24. Then she saw the expiry date of the passport.
25. Beside the digital alarm clock was a passport.
26. So, I packed my things got a passport and left.
27. Your passport and tickets are safe and secure.
28. Under the floorboards he also found a passport.
29. The new passport would be ready in three days.
30. Isabelle, have you seen my passport? I.
31. Not a passport photo but I can have one done.
32. Your passport, please, he requested stiffly.
33. The professor who was to hand my passport had.
34. It was necessary to show him the yellow passport.
35. Ainura was told to give her passport to the agent.
36. To show that the owner of the passport has in 72.
37. An American passport still carries a lot of weight.
38. Some clothes, not much, and my passport, she thought.
39. I had my passport in my pocket and a bundle of cash.
40. Woodrow Wilson who issued his passport knew it also.
41. I’d just as soon keep my passport in my own hands.
42. Flipping it open, he realised the passport was gone.
43. There is however the matter of this Russian passport.
44. I was able to see her passport before she attacked us.
45. The two passport inspectors glanced at each other with.
46. The agent nodded, then continued examining her passport.
47. There's only one thing that looks like a passport, Dave.
48. Joe used a forger in Capetown to make his fake passport.
49. The man inspecting the passport glanced at his colleague.
50. Without a passport, and the fact that Saudi Law prohibits.
51. Passport To Assassination: The Never-before-told Story Of.
52. The passport office was temporarily in the basement of the.
53. But I needed a passport so I could visit my parents in USA.
54. The police have sent him here because he has no passport.
55. The NKVD man was carefully turning the pages of the passport.
56. His passport was torn up and dropped into a dumpster and he.
57. Next, I moved to the passport desk and asked for Hassan Riad.
58. I could be wrong but my passport at the bottom of my bag is.
59. All Alliance citizens with a valid passport are urged to leave.
60. Call up time for customs and passport control in forty minutes.
61. They got the passport notification when we entered the islands.
62. The army guy closed the case and then stamped Tamir’s passport.
63. He had long had a passport in readiness made out in a false name.
64. The sergeant grinned on hearing her name and checking her passport.
65. Why the hell would Paul's passport be in Robert's room, you idiot?
66. That means your name is now on a computer and your passport flagged.
67. He also confirmed that he was the same person as the passport photo.
68. Her passport was scanned, the customs official eyeing Julia’s suit.
69. She did not tell him that she still had her British passport as well.
70. In that case, give her the new passport and bring back the old one.
71. Egan handed his passport and flight details to the check-in assistant.
72. Then he reached inside once again, replaced his hat with a passport.
73. I want the woman's passport stamped with an exit date just like mine.
74. All he had to do himself was to find his passport and fill his wallet.
75. Was anyone ever prosecuted for this bogus Canadian passport scam that.
76. I locked my suitcase, pocketed my passport, and got into the backseat.
77. The flights are free, all that is needed is a valid Alliance passport.
78. An American passport for ease of entry into the United States in future.
79. The doorman was sent to eject her from the box or ask for her passport.
80. The boarding pass was printed and handed to him along with his passport.
81. I grabbed my ticket and passport and emptied a drawer into my backpack.
82. He gave me my passport and the airplane ticket, and said that the plan.
83. It turned out quite simple to get a passport; just as easy as he thought.
84. Pon sat down again and produced a passport and showed it to Stu and Spock.
85. He not only renewed his passport and told all his associates that he was.
86. I had no money, no passport, no clothes and no idea where the hostel was.
87. The one with the glasses must go on the passport in the name of Krazinsky.
88. Before admitting me to their car or truck they’d ask to see my passport.
89. Turney hadn’t moved out completely and his passport was not hard to find.
90. Somewhere along the line, I gave her the new passport and took the old one.
91. Your passport photo should follow these parameters: It needs to be in color.
92. Matthew was so proud of his green passport with the golden harp on the cover.
93. She was ashamed the passport was as pristine as the day she’d received it.
94. One look at her passport made the Iranian customs agent look sharply at her.
95. He then produced the passport photograph taken off the Thai immigration form.
96. Certainly, you can also have the other papers, including Jack’s passport.
97. He pulled my passport out of my left pocket and the credit card from my right.
98. He couldn't use the passport with safety, but did he have to have one at all?
99. After looking quickly at the passport, the barman nodded and smiled back to her.
100. I pushed my passport through the gap and he opened it up and stared at my photo.

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