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Passport in una frase (in inglese)

I saw his passport.
Her passport, and.
Here's my passport.
And that's a passport.
Give us your passport.
with a Canadian passport.
country without a passport.

To get a passport was not.
I gave them my passport.
There was still no passport.
everywhere without a passport.
Now where was his passport?.
did not even stamp my passport.
It was the name in my passport.
All you’d need is a passport.
Ray, I need a genuine passport.
Then taking a passport from his.
She did not even stamp my passport.
He proudly presented the passport.
You won’t find one damn passport.
Said he’d forgotten his passport.
The passport in the same good shape.
With my passport and the ticket in.
Have a completed official passport.
We stood in line for passport control.
passport in the name of James Collins.
I had to get my hands on that passport.
Hell, she didn’t even have a passport.
By the way, do you have a passport?.
There, next to the lamp, was my passport.

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