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Frasi con order (in inglese)

  1. In order to have it.
  2. God is a God of order.
  3. I was ready to order.
  4. It was a direct order.
  5. There is an order to.

  6. In order to fund her.
  7. In fact, in order to.
  8. Iqama is an order to.
  9. We put in a rush order.
  10. Go! It was an order.
  11. In order to work with.
  12. But again, in order to.
  13. In order to do both his.
  14. In order to hav You have.
  15. By order of the Overlord.

  17. You order him to roll over.
  18. Now breakfast was in order.
  19. Yassap gave the order to.
  20. A new world order begins.
  21. All in order, ready to go.
  22. I had to restore order.
  23. I get paid for this order.
  24. The two main order effects.
  25. According to order and rank.

  26. In order to do this, women.
  27. You need order and stability.
  28. Therefore, in order to keep.
  29. In order that I not be slain.
  30. She did not disobey an order.
  31. It is still in working order.
  32. The order of the day was to.
  33. Word order of the adjectives.
  34. Create Order out of the Chaos.
  35. Next in order come the pulses.
  36. I had wanted to order a slug.
  37. Eye raised his hands for order.
  38. You'll obey their every order.
  39. Faye Anne, that is an order.
  40. Should I order the usual?
  41. This is out of order, Bradlee.
  42. Order them to scan again!‖.
  43. Ma’at: order of the universe.
  44. No and yes in that order.
  45. That’s the order of the fall.
  46. That is in order, Hap said.
  47. Rauros gave the order to retreat.
  48. To Order The Emotion Code.
  49. No third order, no fourth order.
  50. As you have all things in order.
  51. Both boys acknowledged the order.
  52. You're still on the first order.
  53. He had to begin again in order.
  54. Your Order is right to fear me.
  55. You are to disregard that order.
  56. He could not order a retreat now.
  57. It is all in Divine Right Order.
  58. On the order of John Stuart Mill.
  59. Moshe was about to give the order.
  60. We sent no order for you to come.
  61. My point of order is this, sir.
  62. It will be denied in short order.
  64. Rachel raised her hands for order.
  65. Let the Convention be in order.
  66. He decided a speech was in order.
  67. In order to keep the demons at bay.
  68. The order of Dawn was small, self.
  69. We were on the road in short order.
  70. Remember in order to ceive you h.
  71. I shouldn’t have to order you.
  72. Another order comes across the bar.
  73. Harold called the meeting to order.
  74. There was a sense of lack of order.
  75. In no particular order, here are.
  76. Mother? Did you order this?
  77. Everything appeared to be in order.
  78. In order to communicate with your.
  79. I’m not arguing; it’s an order.
  80. Now or never: I had to restore order.
  81. Then the final order came: Attack.
  82. Plans and more plans were his order.
  83. That order record will be rewritten.
  84. We can’t order her to do anything.
  85. The order had gone out to buy only.
  86. In order to address root causes of.
  87. I’ll put the order in on tomorrow.
  88. I wouldn't presume to order for you.
  89. In order to improve the ef iciency.
  90. Order such as the axis, the universe.
  91. I stepped down in order to come here.
  92. There has to be order, even in chaos.
  93. A direct order from the great leader.
  94. The EPA refused to rescind its order.
  95. Rattigan gave the order to open fire.
  96. Use the grenade, that’s an order.
  97. Secretary of this church are in order.
  98. Set an order of play before you begin.
  99. For that, we’ll need a court order.
  100. We needed a blanket in order to sleep.
  1. I heard him ordering or.
  2. I am ordering you ahead.
  3. I’m ordering you to stay.
  4. Of the Ordering of the Shire.
  5. I'll be doing all the ordering.
  6. Ordering Bane to fetch what he.
  7. Make the ordering process flexible :.
  8. Laws ordering trappers to check their.
  9. You shouldn’t be ordering him around.
  10. Shes been ordering the servants around.
  11. Recognising and rejoicing in your ordering.
  12. Guest is served within 4 minutes of ordering.
  13. I’m ordering you to hold! Gowron said.
  14. The waitress stepped out, Davies ordering a.
  15. Then ordering them to face outwards he shouted.
  16. The ordering process can often be quite complex.
  17. Ordering dinner—mess, pizza shops, and hotels.
  18. Melanie carried on ordering the household around.
  19. Here's Yashvin ordering me a drink a pick-me-up.
  20. She had heard Vaidehi ordering Tarana to come here.
  21. When ordering fast food without sauces or any other.
  22. Like he was ordering something foreign off the menu.
  23. He did not tell him the president was ordering this.
  24. The unified ordering can be either complete or partial.
  25. Don't make the ordering process harder than it needs.
  26. After ordering dessert, Twilly went on with his story.
  27. Thank you for the maps and for ordering the Mapsco CD.
  28. He spotted him ordering his drink a few minutes earlier.
  29. Yes, like ordering pizza, Ed said shaking his head.
  30. Colonel Polonchuk was not only ordering the information.
  31. Burton was everywhere, ordering the building of the camp.
  32. Providing secure online ordering is very affordable today.
  33. Hey, you explicitly said that you would do the ordering.
  34. But Nat didn't see him ‘cause she was ordering her food.
  36. For example, Dixons2 shows the current ordering step, and.
  37. More and more, the OWG was ordering them to avoid the area.
  38. The ordering process is very simple like most online stores.
  39. Titania was at that very moment ordering the Duke's army to.
  40. Now ordering his men into a tactical retreat to the ladders.
  41. But 2000 was the peak of the cycle for ordering new computers.
  42. He was ordering her—telling her what to think, what to feel.
  43. Don't make the ordering process harder than it needs to be :.
  44. Then ordering me around and I snapped and hit him in the face.
  45. Doyle was ordering the drinks and revving up the conversation.
  46. This game's gone on too long; I'm ordering us back to the ship.
  47. Sayeed walked down the steps and across to the bar, ordering a.
  48. Consider an ordering of combinations sorted by descending profit.
  49. He considered ordering the Usherite to remain, but not very hard.
  50. My friend has laryngitis; that’s why I am ordering for him.
  51. They did all of this just as Alvin was ordering another cold one.
  52. Officers stood with drawn guns ordering the women into the boats.
  53. He knows all these things, and is ever ordering all for our good.
  54. The White Witch rose and went out, ordering Edmund to go with her.
  55. Julius left to tend to Van Thorn, but instead of ordering another.
  56. Each day is represented by a separate ordering of 500 combinations.
  57. The lords are ordering their tenants to volunteer, Karyl said.
  58. He also hissed a warning in her ear, ordering her to make no sound.
  59. His father had subsided without ordering any action at all for him.
  60. I have a letter ordering you to hand everything to me, immediately.
  61. Herod was condemned as a sinner for ordering all the boy children.
  62. So there is a natural objection to ordering your product, one way of.
  63. She gave it to me and I shrugged into it, still ordering my thoughts.
  64. Usually partial ordering appears when a complete one is unachievable.
  65. If you have any questions at all before ordering, please contact me:.
  66. Is she still ordering nuns to wear linen masks in the hospital?
  67. Ordering another cup of tea, Frank thought about what he’d been told.
  68. The intervals between ordering is crucial to their fraud, Commander.
  69. Again, the voice of our officer bellowed ordering them to keep silent.
  70. Chevalier called a halt to it all, ordering a day of rest for everyone.
  71. We proceed with such iterations until the initial ordering is through.
  72. In such situations only partial ordering of alternatives is achievable.
  73. After ordering and receiving his food, he looked for an available table.
  74. Shortly after he realized I worked for his mom, they stopped ordering.
  75. At each step of the ordering process think about how this step could be.
  76. Then he started ordering me around and I snapped and hit him in the face.
  77. After a pause in which she was evidently ordering her thoughts, she began.
  78. Preferentiality refers to the rank ordering of choices, inclinations, or.
  79. Please forgive me for ordering Pierre to place you on the shoulder of the.
  80. Regulars looked on with suspicion at the stranger who was ordering a beer.
  81. Your oldest girl was here yesterday, ordering more hats from the Miss’s.
  82. When ordering your credit reports, you will have an opportunity to place a.
  83. It's important that throughout the ordering process, common user questions.
  84. In fact there is no paper signed by Hitler ordering the murder of millions.
  85. What business had Veck ordering this program? Fired back Stan angrily.
  86. Perhaps this is why one often sees obese women ordering the diet plate in.
  87. The ordering page for the products on the site should be made to reach by.
  88. This involved counting the stock of forms on hand and ordering new supplies.
  89. After ordering tea and scones, she leaned back in her chair and studied him.
  90. So EI was in the position of ordering Denny to pay for EI to do the cleanup.
  91. Molinari asked if he could handle the wine, ordering a pinot noir from Oregon.
  92. Suddenly ordering his men back five paces, the captain locked eyes with Moshe.
  93. You sit, he said, not ordering, but as though he wished to do the honors.
  94. Shay glanced at it before ordering starters and main courses for both of them.
  95. The only sound was Flask’s voice, ordering the street sweepers to stand down.
  96. I am ordering all weapons on standby until the enemy in three hundred yards off.
  97. The party in the next room were hilariously ordering, mostly from the wine list.
  98. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering a case of squid, he added with a grin.
  99. For example, all funds may be invested in the first combination in the ordering.
  100. On average every element of such ordering will be superior to the following ones.
  1. I was ordered to come.
  2. I ordered them to stop.
  3. As they are ordered to.
  4. It was ordered by Mr.
  5. I know I was ordered to.
  6. Then he ordered a drink.
  7. I ordered salad to start.
  8. He went in and ordered.
  9. He hadn't ordered a fire.
  10. The next day he ordered.
  11. Jack had ordered a book.
  12. Call girls may be ordered.
  13. He ordered the same again.
  14. That is not what I ordered.
  15. She ordered a lot at once.
  16. He ordered blinis to start.
  17. I ordered one to fetch me.
  18. I was ordered to kill you.
  19. He ordered the chief and.
  20. I ordered those for you.
  21. Ordered to lie on the table.
  22. They ordered her to raise.
  23. We have an ordered society.
  24. Pilate ordered to be slain.
  25. Waddell ordered the men to.
  26. He ordered two of our seats.
  27. She’s ordered us to leave.
  28. I was ordered to serve for.
  29. He was ordered for the duty.
  30. She ordered up a hot, moist.
  31. I ordered a bottle of white.
  32. They ordered hot spiced wine.
  33. Just what the doctor ordered.
  34. Owens had ordered, when she.
  35. Get up! The soldier ordered.
  36. Rory nodded and ordered again.
  37. I’ve ordered an extra squad.
  38. They both ordered their meals.
  39. Margaret ordered a clear soup.
  40. Then he ordered a dry Martini.
  41. Lenny arrived and ordered tea.
  42. He chose what food he ordered.
  43. You were ordered to stay here.
  44. She would if I ordered her to.
  45. I was ordered to inject you.
  46. I’ve been ordered to Beijing.
  47. He ordered the captain of the.
  48. I was ordered to investigate.
  49. We ordered coffee and a slice.
  50. He ordered a mug of ale, then.
  51. Thomas Langley ordered a break.
  52. I ordered them to be got ready.
  53. I ordered a servant to call her.
  54. Not unless they are ordered to.
  55. I wish I had ordered that!.
  56. Then he ordered a horse to be.
  57. The chief ordered his men into.
  58. You too can live an ordered life.
  59. We both ordered spaghetti with.
  60. So ordered, the judge said.
  61. Take them out! he ordered.
  62. And in 1953, he was ordered to.
  63. These were ordered as follows:.
  64. Tania ordered a coffee for the.
  65. The jobs are ordered such that.
  66. She ordered a Zombie mixed drink.
  67. The Caliph ordered the Cadi to.
  68. Unless they had been ordered to.
  69. He ordered his men to find the.
  70. Because I've been ordered to.
  71. At the bar, she ordered a Martini.
  72. They ordered hamburger and fries.
  73. The police have been ordered.
  74. The king had ordered them to be.
  75. He ordered his minions to break.
  76. Doc ordered himself another pint.
  77. I ordered two eggs with potatoes.
  78. And I was ordered to keep silent.
  79. But my patrol wasn't ordered out.
  80. Ocba was ordered out for execution.
  81. He ordered us to lie down quietly.
  82. Come here Grant, He ordered.
  83. President has ordered your capture.
  84. First you crawl, he ordered.
  85. It was midday and Talaat ordered.
  86. They ordered two coffees and cake.
  87. Steer away then ordered Bill.
  88. Look around you! she ordered them.
  89. Pull out! the sheriff ordered.
  90. The producers ordered him to do it.
  91. Come out of there, he ordered.
  92. Porter ordered to lie on the table.
  93. We have been ordered to terminate.
  94. This isn’t what I ordered at all.
  95. He ordered the Jewish midwives to.
  96. Find him, Stenworth ordered as.
  97. I did what he told me and ordered.
  98. As soon as they ordered I had the.
  99. It was all set, everything ordered.
  100. Before I could speak, he ordered me.
  1. Such are not my orders.
  2. Many are in Holy Orders.
  3. I still give the orders.
  4. We wait for your orders.
  5. I give the orders, Mr.
  6. The Case For Stop Orders.
  7. They were in holy orders.
  8. What orders had the two.
  9. But you give the orders.
  10. All thanks to stop orders.
  11. Carry out your orders now.
  12. God orders me not to tell.
  13. He barked the new orders.
  14. I have my orders but I am.
  15. I was only following orders.
  16. This is still five orders.
  17. He was only obeying orders.
  18. You are not in holy orders.
  19. Cats never wait for orders.
  20. The orders came faster and.
  21. We have the colonel's orders.
  22. I told her my orders from M.
  23. All I did was follow orders.
  24. His orders had been specific.
  25. Again, orders are to follow.
  26. Then you have your orders.
  27. Court handed him his orders.
  28. The Case Against Stop Orders.
  29. Orders were being given –.
  30. No need to think with orders.
  31. The witches had their orders.
  32. He hears Thor yelling orders.
  33. And gave him orders, orders.
  34. But I take my orders from.
  35. My orders are very specific.
  36. Come with me, he orders.
  37. We have been given our orders.
  38. She should have orders, too.
  39. Still, he did obey the orders.
  40. Giselle barked out her orders.
  41. Ve Germans always obey orders.
  42. All these directions are orders.
  43. You know those were the orders.
  44. The orders of knighthood of St.
  45. The guards took orders and left.
  46. Orders are issued for a battle.
  47. Another was how to take orders.
  48. Merry hurried off to give orders.
  49. He drops the orders to the floor.
  50. Gentlemen, you have your orders.
  51. I follow his orders immediately.
  53. They were just following orders.
  54. They knew the orders were that.
  55. None of them listened to orders.
  56. He has his orders, mind ye that.
  57. We have to follow orders, Mrs.
  58. It was evident he had his orders.
  59. We’re under orders to back off.
  60. The orders were to wait for them.
  61. Strict orders were being issued.
  62. A waiter took their drink orders.
  63. When the orders went to Central.
  64. And then he whispered his orders.
  65. General Tyler gave the orders.
  66. They’re giving orders right now.
  67. Some orders could not be followed.
  68. Yesterday, I was given orders to.
  69. What are your orders, sir?’’.
  70. The Long and Short of Stop Orders.
  71. That's my orders, full bed rest.
  72. Your orders are to rendezvous.
  73. We were given our marching orders.
  74. Follow his orders to the letter.
  75. Don finally finished all the orders.
  76. Stop loss orders may be ineffective.
  77. Can take orders and stick to them.
  78. Chapter 5 Stop orders and emotions.
  79. One voice was heard barking orders.
  80. This represents most of the orders.
  81. Your last orders, as it happens.
  82. The bosses' orders, Dave stated.
  83. Suck, he orders, his voice soft.
  84. Sir Thomas had given orders for it.
  85. The orders came in and Max carved.
  86. His job was to carry out her orders.
  87. Tell it to stop and await my orders.
  88. Together they issued orders to the.
  89. Buseth’s orders rent the night air.
  90. The waitress arrived with our orders.
  91. I have other orders, he hummed.
  92. I was under the orders of Pallas.
  93. She would have to follow his orders.
  94. She gave Shap his orders with a nod.
  95. My father already gave his orders.
  96. I want you to give Garcia orders.
  97. I have orders to keep her sedated.
  98. The orders totaled 5,000 steel balls.
  99. Therefore, what are your orders?
  100. His orders were to stay in the house.

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