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Passport in a sentence

To get a passport was not.
There was still no passport.
Now where was his passport?
It was the name in my passport.
All you’d need is a passport.
Then taking a passport from his.
Ray, I need a genuine passport.

He proudly presented the passport.
She did not even stamp my passport.
Said he’d forgotten his passport.
You won’t find one damn passport.
Have a completed official passport.
With my passport and the ticket in.
The passport in the same good shape.
I had to get my hands on that passport.
We stood in line for passport control.
By the way, do you have a passport?
There, next to the lamp, was my passport.
Hell, she didn’t even have a passport.
I gave them the wrong passport in Zurich.
Where the hell did I leave my passport?
He had brought with him a passport for me.
I had to get his new passport issued as EGB.
Then she saw the expiry date of the passport.
Under the floorboards he also found a passport.
So, I packed my things got a passport and left.
Your passport and tickets are safe and secure.
Isabelle, have you seen my passport? I.
Beside the digital alarm clock was a passport.
The new passport would be ready in three days.
Your passport, please, he requested stiffly.
Not a passport photo but I can have one done.
The professor who was to hand my passport had.
It was necessary to show him the yellow passport.
Ainura was told to give her passport to the agent.
To show that the owner of the passport has in 72.
An American passport still carries a lot of weight.
I’d just as soon keep my passport in my own hands.
Woodrow Wilson who issued his passport knew it also.
I had my passport in my pocket and a bundle of cash.

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