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Frasi con payoff (in inglese)

But Fauna had a payoff.
But a payoff ratio of 1.
This is just a payoff.
She wants the big payoff.
The payoff profile is asymmetric.
Let’s look at the payoff chart.
She then collects her secret payoff.

You can see this payoff in Figure 6.
They then collect their secret payoff.
The payoff function shown in Figure A.
A payoff to Heaven for a secular crime.
Your payoff ratio was a little over 2:1.
You can see the payoff chart in Figure 12.
Or not, because Regan had taken the payoff.
The payoff function PF(B,S,x) in equation 2.
The payoff function of options is not linear.
Constant Thinking: The Payoff and the Price.
Let’s see how this payoff chart would look.
You can see that the payoff line in Figure 3.
The at-the-money put’s payoff is different.
However, only A has a positive payoff overall.
There has to be a personal or emotional payoff.
The payoff would be more certain and based on.
But, believe me, the payoff will blow your mind.
Payoff functions of short and long calendar spreads.
A stronger payoff is the feeling that others fear you.
The strike prices are inflection points for our payoff.
Thus, the payoff for your efforts is more immediately seen.
With the odds reaching that high a payoff, at a hundred to.
This is because options have an asymmetric payoff function.
That payoff table looks different as you can see in Table 3.
Then, for each price outcome the option payoff is estimated.
Whoever owned this sucker was waiting on some kind of a payoff.
The payoff diagram for this combined trade appears in Figure 5.
The resulting changes in the payoff form can be very different.
What does this payoff chart look like? We see that in Figure 12.
The payoff charts for the two combinations are also very similar.
But if there were any surprises, the payoff would be substantial.
Was that money a payoff for some kind of services rendered to.
Payoff functions of long and short strangles are shown in Figure A.

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