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Frasi con return (in inglese)

As soon as I return.
River of No Return, n.
The return of the Reich.
Now to return to lasers.
The point of no return.
I cried for his return.
You will have to return.

In return for food, he.
We return him to you.
It is ours to return.
Each would return by a.
I promise to return in.
That Return To The Paths.
Return the car the next.
Return to Gaea we should.
And return it to Zeus.
He will return and show.
I had to return in haste.
I had to return to the USA.
You may just return later.
I too, can return at will.
In return for what; full.
They kicked him in return.
I long for the return of.
The Return of the Oracle.
I knew he would return soon.
The Nord smirked in return.
The Return Home to Poznań.
So, they used to return it.
Seven gifts return to love.
But to return to the story.
That should bid thee return.
It had the return address.
We promised to return the.
Tell the children to return.
The Return of the Corsair.
In return they betrayed him.
The symptoms can come return.
One of our boys returning.
The idea of returning to.
Returning to his desk, he.
On returning to this room, M.
But as to returning to his.
Returning to the island, he.
Returning to our VPA analysis.
Returning to its real essence.
Before returning to the seas.
After returning to the place.
Tension was returning in waves.
I’m just returning the favor.
The copy that is now returning.
I will not be returning to the.
The Colonel dreams of returning.
Returning to the bedroom, most.
Returning to the Rest of Faith.
He loathed returning to his home.
I salute you, sir! Returning.
Returning to our example in Fig 11.
We’re returning to the Obsidian.
Returning to Youssaf, he continued.
Nelson heard the horseman returning.
Returning to the Safety of Sinatra.
The money is not returning to them.
But he saw me returning the knives.
But returning to the planet would.
Returning to my Who or what would.
Too many of them were not returning.
Richards, returning, decided that Mr.
If they keep returning to the same.
Without returning my greeting he said.
Now I’m returning with a boyfriend.
It is past; I am returning to England.
It was the PartyMob returning for me.
Instead, therefore, of returning to.
Hey, she says, not returning it.
Shane walked up as Billy was returning.
Returning a portion of the capital (e.
I returned to my car.
I returned to my seat.
I returned to the house.
He returned to his seat.
I returned with a mop.
And he returned to this.
I returned to my charge.
He returned to the frog.
I returned to the 'area'.
I returned to my patient.
He returned to his desk.
He returned to the gang.
We returned to the house.
He has only just returned.
We returned to the palace.
When he returned home he.
The dogs had not returned.
When he returned, he was.
He returned the ID to Theo.
I was found, and returned.
He returned a moment later.
Link returned with my drink.
He returned to his kingdom.
Briz had returned to this.
Warmth returned to her face.
The lost sheep had returned.
Brian returned with the tool.
He returned to his old life.
And I think he has returned.
Quonez returned to the fort.
A week after we returned, Dr.
But by the time I returned.
When he’d returned to his.
He returned me a blank stare.
I returned home with Staszek.
She returned his gaze coolly.
Then his grim humor returned.
He returned to Ghana in 1975.
Within the hour Nuke returned.
In time, my strength returned.
The returns in Table 6.
By the sky that returns.
That is, it returns the.
He returns to the Legend.
He returns to his earth.
Aaron returns to the chair.
At 12% returns per year (i.
So much for average returns.
When the driver returns to.
The spirit that returns to.
THE BOY returns the next day.
The model’s returns of +33.
Returns the remainder of 8%3.
Isabella returns with the box.
The doctor returns to his work.
At early morn returns the maid.
Returns the floor of the 4 // 3.
He can call me when he returns.
She returns the smile, confused.
I said, Your cousin returns.
The day returns, but nevermore.
The annualized returns were 17.
I will see you when he returns.
Weighted average of returns, 83.
When both returns and leverage.
As Cass stands, the boy returns.
She returns my stare for a second.
Aaron returns to MacGregor Range.
I press send as my mother returns.
He returns to Mr Hooperman's side.
She looks up and returns the smile.
I want to be here when he returns.
You see the effect on the returns.
Enough on historical bond returns.
Returns the transpose of an array.
And another dance when she returns.
We also have a 17% cap on returns.

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