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Payoff in a sentence

The payoff was.
Here is the payoff.
But Fauna had a payoff.
But a payoff ratio of 1.
This is just a payoff.
She wants the big payoff.
The payoff profile is asymmetric.

Let’s look at the payoff chart.
8 shows the payoff for this collar.
She then collects her secret payoff.
You can see this payoff in Figure 6.
They then collect their secret payoff.
2 Payoff for the 23/24 Collar in MGM.
The payoff function shown in Figure A.
A payoff to Heaven for a secular crime.
Your payoff ratio was a little over 2:1.
You can see the payoff chart in Figure 12.
Or not, because Regan had taken the payoff.
The payoff function PF(B,S,x) in equation 2.
The payoff function of options is not linear.
Constant Thinking: The Payoff and the Price.
Let’s see how this payoff chart would look.
9 Use payoff graphs to prove this if required.
You can see that the payoff line in Figure 3.
2 to see the payoff for this put ratio spread.
The at-the-money put’s payoff is different.
However, only A has a positive payoff overall.
There has to be a personal or emotional payoff.
The payoff would be more certain and based on.

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Synonyms for payoff

payoff reward wages issue proceeds return take takings yield bribe