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Frasi con period (in inglese)

  1. END End of the period.
  2. It was the time period.
  3. Then she missed her period.
  4. I must be having my period.
  5. But during the period up.

  6. It always means a period.
  7. An age is a period of time.
  8. He had a period of severe.
  9. There is no reason, period.
  10. Mates do not share, period.
  11. This period wasn’t all bad.
  12. The current period would be.
  13. He's an expert on the period.
  14. That is a period before the.
  15. That recovery period can be.

  16. And there was a period when I.
  17. This is the period of maturity.
  18. A lie is a lie is a lie period.
  19. At the beginning of the period.
  20. And neither did Leslie, period.
  21. The bell for first period blares.
  22. I remember that I have my period.
  23. There were no back doors period.
  24. During this period, the Spanish.
  25. This period lasts until the 22nd.

  26. Add to that the period you will.
  27. This is a good career period too.
  28. It always means a period of time.
  29. It was a period of portents and.
  30. Covering a four-year period, Mrs.
  31. During this period all the Roman.
  32. This is the most stressful period.
  33. Th e post-modernistic period and.
  34. This wil begin the period of the.
  35. Period she said in a bored tone.
  36. The period of the tenancy is for.
  37. At the beginning of third period Mr.
  38. You enter a more social period now.
  39. Used to indicate a period of time:.
  40. You may recall this period in our.
  41. To you she is Marshal Clay, period.
  42. One day my period was very late.
  43. It was a period of human childhood.
  44. Where’s the diary for that period.
  45. What period was it, by the way?’.
  46. I was getting my period, I realized.
  47. It depends on what period we look at.
  48. It's called a ―cooling off period.
  49. When the interest free period ends.
  50. By now, the darkest period had begun.
  51. It was a period of time in which to.
  52. I can go for months without a period.
  53. Every seed has an incubation period.
  54. There was a short period of confused.
  55. A period of activity, another of rest.
  56. At the end of the escrow period, the.
  57. A month passed and I missed my period.
  58. Evils were out for themselves, period.
  59. Avoid speculations during that period.
  60. These were the mirages of that period.
  61. This was a warm period with high sea.
  62. That’s too short a period of time.
  63. This is basically a preparation period.
  64. Take it nice and easy over this period.
  65. This is a sixteen hour period from 8 a.
  66. Try to make the home safer this period.
  67. It would seem that during this period.
  68. During this period, he was blessed by.
  69. During this cool period there is less.
  70. It is the period of resting and renewal.
  71. Thus, after a period of about fifteen.
  72. During that 20-year period, timber (11.
  73. It was just a period of … adjustment.
  74. Not for any other living things: period.
  75. Period (10th and 11th cycles), until now.
  76. Be more careful driving that period too.
  77. This same period is also symbolized as.
  78. This is a powerful financial period too.
  79. Over a period of time, a number of cars.
  80. Over a period of three years that house.
  81. Kirby I learned that my lack of period.
  82. Not all states have a redemption period.
  83. So you are in a strong spiritual period.
  84. You are more charitable this period too.
  85. Drive more carefully during this period.
  86. I was paranoid by the end of the period.
  87. They had kept her for too long a period.
  88. There is a change-over period, of course.
  89. Her period did not arrive as it ought to.
  90. I will never quite understand that period.
  91. We can record light waves of the period.
  92. Take it nice and easy during this period.
  93. Hereʼs a summary of the fasting period:.
  94. In this period the weeds start sprouting.
  95. This is a dark period of Alaskan history.
  96. Over a period of three years, a hundred.
  97. Eureka! Within a short period of time I.
  98. A two week orientation period is provided.
  99. I went back and studied that time period.
  100. That is over a period of 30 years plus!.

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