period sätze

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Period sätze (in englisch)

1. END End of the period.
2. It was the time period.
3. Then she missed her period.
4. It always means a period.
5. An age is a period of time.
6. I must be having my period.
7. But during the period up.

8. Mates do not share, period.
9. There is no reason, period.
10. He had a period of severe.
11. This period wasn’t all bad.
12. The current period would be.
13. That is a period before the.
14. That recovery period can be.
15. He's an expert on the period.
16. This is the period of maturity.
17. And there was a period when I.
18. At the beginning of the period.
19. And neither did Leslie, period.
20. A lie is a lie is a lie period.
21. The bell for first period blares.
22. There were no back doors period.
23. I remember that I have my period.
24. Covering a four-year period, Mrs.
25. During this period, the Spanish.
26. It always means a period of time.
27. This period lasts until the 22nd.
28. Add to that the period you will.
29. It was a period of portents and.
30. This is a good career period too.
31. This wil begin the period of the.
32. Period she said in a bored tone.
33. This is the most stressful period.
34. During this period all the Roman.
35. The period of the tenancy is for.
36. Th e post-modernistic period and.
37. It was a period of human childhood.
38. To you she is Marshal Clay, period.
39. You enter a more social period now.
40. Used to indicate a period of time:.

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