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Frasi con stop (in inglese)

  1. I had to stop him.
  2. But I have to stop.
  3. Hal came to a stop.
  4. I pulled to a stop.
  5. He was to stop at.

  6. I had to stop there.
  7. He tried to stop me.
  8. I could not stop it.
  9. I dare not stop me.
  10. Stop up here a ways.
  11. Yet he did not stop.
  12. I elbow him to stop.
  13. You can stop it any.
  14. I have to stop this!.
  15. He wanted it to stop.

  16. Then he would stop it.
  17. I wanted her to stop.
  18. I can still stop him.
  19. I had to stop you.
  20. The rain did not stop.
  21. We have to stop it.
  22. I had to stop the war.
  23. But you can stop that.
  24. Finally it was my stop.
  25. The Wind will stop by.

  26. You need to stop this.
  27. But, do not stop there.
  28. No end, or stop point.
  29. I tried to stop her.
  30. Tell me when to stop.
  31. The woman did not stop.
  32. It would stop me from.
  33. If you stop the sound.
  34. We have to stop them?
  35. You are to stop her.
  36. Stop where you are now.
  38. You can stop this, baby.
  39. But that didnt stop me.
  40. My plan was to stop him.
  41. Don’t try to stop her.
  42. So stop being so scared.
  43. We have to stop them.
  44. I didn’t need to stop.
  45. And stop calling me Mr.
  46. I tried to stop them.
  47. Only two things stop it.
  48. Stop before all is lost.
  49. This really has to stop.
  50. One monk tried to stop.
  51. I stop the echoing voices.
  52. But we can’t stop there.
  53. Somewhere it had to stop.
  54. T, stop with the games.
  55. At the first stop, they.
  56. Don't try and stop me ma.
  57. But this has got to stop.
  58. Tell me how to stop them.
  59. She did nothing to stop.
  60. Your next stop is London.
  61. Then we couldnt stop him.
  62. Don't try to stop them.
  63. But he did stop laughing.
  64. And it won’t stop here.
  65. Nothing can stop him now.
  66. The boat jerked to a stop.
  67. If anyone tries to stop.
  68. It will stop in a moment.
  69. Stop Living in the Past.
  70. Why stop there? Why not.
  71. I stop and ask, No way.
  72. Stop there, this is real.
  73. He did have to stop there.
  74. M: She could not stop you.
  75. The trick is to not stop.
  76. No one tried to stop them.
  77. Shit, he had to stop them.
  78. You can stop now, Alex.
  79. She came to a sudden stop.
  80. You can stop the bullying.
  81. Stop that, you silly boy.
  82. Dubs’ stop at a Chuck E.
  83. Yet they didn’t stop him.
  84. The rain wouldnt stop us.
  85. Yes, I want you to stop.
  86. We are going to stop them.
  87. We both stop at the graves.
  88. Yeah, you can stop that.
  89. In other words, the stop.
  90. He didn’t try to stop me.
  91. She couldn't stop a chuckle.
  92. She would stop every time.
  93. We came to a gentle stop.
  94. Will it stop? he asks.
  95. I believe we can stop here.
  96. KELLY: You told him to stop.
  97. She came to an abrupt stop.
  98. I have to stop her!.
  99. And it doesn’t stop there.
  100. He did not stop, even for.
  1. On stopping at a red.
  2. And it was not stopping.
  3. There was no stopping it.
  4. Soon we would be stopping.
  5. There is no stopping them.
  6. Then what is stopping you?
  7. That other guy is stopping.
  8. The view was heart stopping.
  9. Yes, and a hand stopping it.
  10. After stopping by the math.
  11. The armies were not stopping.
  12. There was no stopping me now.
  13. Stopping was not on the agenda.
  14. Gymnos about stopping at Chios.
  15. There is nothing stopping ME.
  16. Well, thank you for stopping.
  17. The stopping was what woke her.
  18. Stopping volume is exactly that.
  19. He lifted his hand stopping me.
  20. Ivan walked on without stopping.
  21. It's stopping before the door.
  22. Both walked on without stopping.
  23. Stopping briefly at the thicket.
  24. By stopping clocks he buys time.
  25. Nothing was really stopping him.
  26. He wondered if stopping having.
  27. I’m glad you’re stopping it.
  28. Were the Sacred stopping us or.
  29. Thank you for stopping by, Mrs.
  30. He will not see me stopping here.
  31. There was no stopping after that.
  32. However, nothing is stopping here.
  33. I really appreciate you stopping.
  34. The company is not stopping there.
  35. What’s stopping you? I say.
  36. The cops were right in stopping me.
  37. Not stopping to analyze her feel-.
  38. Compact but good stopping power.
  39. She grabbed his ankle, stopping him.
  40. Without stopping to see if his aim.
  41. Be stopping by the area long?
  42. In stopping them, I can stop myself.
  43. But it is no good only stopping here.
  44. He had no way of stopping his for-.
  45. There was no stopping either of them.
  46. The bells were just stopping, and Mrs.
  47. She ran, stopping in front of my path.
  48. Stopping at a bend in the river, the.
  49. The hatred you feel is only stopping.
  50. Stopping at a car rental place, they.
  51. Oh, stopping only once to reload!.
  52. My stopping by the pond to feed them.
  53. This impacted me by totally stopping.
  54. The lil bomber wasn’t stopping for.
  55. Hi, I said, stopping next to them.
  56. All seeking disappears in the stopping.
  57. I’m not stopping, Nic whispered.
  58. Lydgate, stopping to speak to some one.
  59. Stopping in the center, they could see.
  60. However, there was no stopping Berniece.
  61. Once in, there was no way of stopping it.
  62. The only solution to stopping it is to.
  63. Starting and stopping a virtual machine.
  64. I'm stopping off here a few days to rest.
  65. So what is stopping you from being that?
  66. The Mental Pain of Stopping Yourself Out.
  67. But why wasn't he stopping? She wondered.
  68. The wind blows constantly, never stopping.
  69. A bulge of muscle is stopping the fabric.
  70. Is it the runes? he asked, stopping.
  71. Anneliese Corsatas said stopping her.
  72. The specified stopping distance shall be.
  73. Stopping at one of the guards he remarked.
  74. But something within him was stopping him.
  75. Stopping at the table, he poured a drink.
  76. What happened why are we stopping?
  77. Finally stopping amid an outgrowing shrub.
  78. What do you want? she said, stopping.
  79. Nicole trekked around London, stopping at.
  80. Stopping the cycle of child sexual assault.
  81. The Cherokee of course followed, stopping.
  82. In that case keep stopping and questioning.
  83. Stopping to examine (and show me the time0.
  84. I had to keep stopping as words disappeared.
  85. There is no way you are stopping that much.
  86. He called her name, stopping her at the door.
  87. Moreover, without stopping, he went on.
  88. That’s exactly why we’re not stopping.
  89. She considered stopping her to let her know.
  90. Missy grabbed Lov's pointy ear, stopping him.
  91. They hurried forwards, stopping abruptly as.
  92. She worked relentlessly, stopping only long.
  93. That gouger M'Coy stopping me to say nothing.
  94. The cloud on her mind was stopping her from.
  95. Until, after stopping to rest at one of the.
  96. Time they were stopping up in the City Arms.
  97. I could concentrate on stopping his heart.
  98. Here we are, he said, stopping abruptly.
  99. Now how strange, thought Fanny, stopping dead.
  100. What the hell? He said, stopping the car.
  1. I was stopped at a.
  2. He stopped for a rest.
  3. When I stopped at Dr.
  4. He has to be stopped.
  5. I stopped to help him.
  6. She had to be stopped.
  7. He stopped by to say.
  8. He stopped a foot away.
  9. He needs to be stopped.
  10. Not that it stopped us.
  11. She saw me and stopped.
  12. I stopped in my tracks.
  13. He stopped dead in his.
  14. Then he stopped in the.
  15. I stopped for the night.
  16. All at once she stopped.
  17. We stopped for gas once.
  18. He never stopped to chat.
  19. He had stopped the storm.
  20. He stopped in his tracks.
  21. I stopped and called him.
  22. That is why I stopped by.
  23. They had stopped in Des.
  24. At midday he stopped by.
  26. It stopped just like that.
  27. Finally he stopped on El.
  28. She stopped talking to me.
  29. Dorian stopped a foot away.
  30. Josh stopped in his tracks.
  31. I stopped to consider that.
  32. I stopped and let him out.
  33. I was sure I had stopped.
  34. She stopped at the doorway.
  35. Have you ever stopped and.
  36. I never stopped loving you.
  37. Soon as the money stopped.
  38. Selma stopped in front of.
  39. For a moment, Johan stopped.
  40. He stopped by the jewelry.
  41. I stopped at the shops to.
  42. He even stopped wanting it.
  43. I stopped the car and got.
  44. He stopped and watched her.
  45. I stopped at the age of 20.
  46. ERICK: I would have stopped.
  47. He stopped at the foot of.
  48. He had stopped the bubbles.
  49. I stopped and looked at her.
  50. It stopped when he sat down.
  51. Tim stopped to consider this.
  52. Your fears have stopped you.
  53. Jasper then stopped at the.
  54. Grover stopped in his tracks.
  55. I stopped her with my hand.
  56. But I stopped when I heard.
  57. I stopped and looked at him.
  58. Her heart stopped at 2:25.
  59. He stopped her in her tracks.
  60. They stopped in a courtyard.
  61. We stopped at a gas station.
  62. Instead, he stopped at the.
  63. But then stopped and thought.
  64. They stopped and stared at.
  65. She pulled over and stopped.
  66. She stopped a few steps away.
  67. They stopped when he entered.
  68. I stopped the car and got out.
  69. She had stopped in front of.
  70. We stopped at the garage door.
  71. Montana stopped on the porch.
  72. Krome, it would have stopped.
  73. He stopped dead in his tracks.
  74. Petr stopped and looked back.
  1. He stops with a frown.
  2. And then the car stops.
  3. At last, the bus stops.
  4. Pull out all the stops.
  5. The car stops with her.
  6. She stops and looks down.
  7. It's the same with stops.
  8. He stops at the iron gate.
  9. When the rod stops, the.
  10. Keep Those Stops in Place.
  11. Sia stops by his desk once.
  12. And the cycle never stops.
  13. She stops tapping the tray.
  14. Reagan stops in his tracks.
  15. Tony stops at the elevator.
  16. It stops her in her tracks.
  17. The tic tic ticking stops.
  18. When the body stops moving.
  19. Uriah stops in front of me.
  20. It never stops when you own.
  21. It stops on sixteen seconds.
  22. Dana stops washing her hands.
  23. This stops the subject cold.
  24. In his head the music stops.
  25. Note to self: trailing stops.
  26. It stops once before Chicago.
  27. The doe stops to draw breath.
  28. MY heart never stops beating.
  29. Look you, these are the stops.
  30. He stops, and looks back at me.
  31. Rather, they use mental stops.
  32. What stops you, then? A sigh?
  33. The elevator stops with a ding.
  34. She stops and unlocks the door.
  35. Teresa stops and stands there.
  36. It turns out that the stops Mr.
  37. Aaron stops short of the street.
  38. Starts an’ farts an’ stops.
  39. Andie stops to clear her throat.
  40. At some point the beating stops.
  41. Diane D stops and stands still.
  42. John stops, gets out of his car.
  43. He swings it around and stops.
  44. It stops being human in nature.
  45. The train stops at the signal.
  46. It was only four bus stops away.
  47. It stops being human altogether.
  48. He stops speaking for a while.
  49. Jo had pulled out all the stops.
  50. Billy stops and looks at the man.
  51. She stops when she sees the mess.
  52. He stops, waiting for me to calm.
  53. King stops looking at his notes.
  54. He stops again and blinks at her.
  55. He stops and looks at the target.
  56. Trailing stops = keeping profits.
  57. He stops walking and looks at her.
  58. It stops bleedin’ better than.
  59. He stops me at the Bathroom door.
  60. Diane D stops in her tracks again.
  61. He stops, takes a sip of the tea.
  62. What is it then? (Stops his ears.
  63. It never stops raining on Venus.
  64. Stops at the tomb in passing by;.
  65. She obediently stops the vehicle.
  66. The girl stops crying and smiles.
  67. Fear stops us dead in our tracks.
  68. This stops them attracting flies.
  69. She stops to drink a sip of water.
  70. Estes stops by to offer us drinks.
  71. A bus station is where a bus stops.
  72. He never stops his mishievous acts.
  73. She stops pacing and looks at Carl.
  74. The video stops playing the rescue.
  75. He stops at each window, checks it.
  76. The man turns in and stops the car.
  77. It preserves semen and stops all.
  78. For but a moment, everything stops.
  79. When the rain stops, he said.
  80. This is, Peter stops himself.
  81. There are groans as the bus stops.
  82. Tara stops and stares at the door.
  83. It never stops snowing over there.
  84. He stops when he sees Emily and me.
  85. Mark comes up to her and stops her.
  86. The bear stops and sniffs the fish.
  87. My heart stops beating for a second.
  88. The boy stops short in front of him.
  89. Twelve striking: stops the clamor;.
  90. The thought stops her in her tracks.
  91. Jayson stops on the street to watch.
  92. I do not trail stops for this play.
  93. Shorty, already running the stops.
  94. Everyone stops dead in their tracks.
  95. He stops five feet away from ERICK.
  96. I know 'cause she stops the clock.
  97. Well, obviously it stops somewhere.
  98. One case of Illness stops the pay.
  99. After many fruitless stops on the.
  100. When she stops, her lips are on his.

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