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Frasi con command (in inglese)

  1. David is now in command.
  2. Command bridge of the H.
  3. A command to have had.
  4. Command bridge of the A.
  5. He spoke a command word.

  6. Under the command of a.
  7. Than a command to parley.
  8. Obey the command of God.
  9. This is my first command.
  10. But he can command you.
  11. Your wish is our command.
  12. To command over the ring.
  13. I have chains of command.
  14. They all moved on command.
  15. The single word a command.

  16. Command came from the top.
  17. The giant yelled a command.
  18. Rimmer, was now in command.
  19. Your desire is my command.
  20. Your wish is my command.
  21. A command? I ought to obey.
  22. He whispered a command word.
  23. Calvin had to lose command.
  24. I have to stop and command.
  25. He, at the command of the.

  26. But the command is too late.
  27. I’m the pilot in command.
  28. High command did have its.
  29. Command, this is Apex One.
  30. He might command her to….
  31. Woman at the command of the.
  32. He sent out a stern command.
  33. Four on your command ship.
  34. The command tent is ready.
  35. I'm in command of this pass.
  36. And such would be my command.
  37. The NOw is IT's command for.
  38. You can cancel that command.
  39. He thinks he’s in command!.
  40. The command that Day will be.
  41. He’s second in command, now.
  42. And the clouds I will command.
  43. The doctor, with his command.
  44. His power lay in command and.
  45. The power is yours to command.
  46. Abby was my second in command.
  47. A wise woman, Fair in command.
  48. The command of the Jewel Fire.
  49. You will be second in command.
  50. Then came the word of command.
  51. It was a command performance.
  52. Hogg and his command to take.
  53. Your objective is to command.
  54. I command it in Jesus’ name.
  55. Is that a command, sir?
  56. Hunter wondered at the command.
  57. Kitara was at the command chair.
  58. It gives you a certain command.
  59. It is waiting for My command.
  60. He politely issued some command.
  61. This will open the Command Line.
  62. Ingrid was in that command post.
  63. The command line arguments are:.
  64. I’ll be in Operations Command.
  65. High Command, please leave us.
  66. The command string will now be:.
  67. This was his squad, his command.
  68. He met me at the command center.
  69. Then, I punched in the command.
  70. There's a little search command.
  71. General Cross issues the command.
  72. The command of God was fulfilled.
  73. Obey Your Every Command With The.
  74. The command center needed to be.
  75. The bar-Seth is yours to command.
  76. A command to sum the sequence of.
  77. Message? It was a command!.
  78. It is another command word like.
  79. It’s a politely phrased command.
  80. With his brilliant, wise command.
  81. The 'program now' command came up.
  82. You have your old command back.
  83. Command post of the Morg flagship.
  84. He gave me command of Egypt's land.
  85. Take command of this structure.
  86. It shall be, lord, as you command.
  87. His father bought him the command.
  88. And you’re not under my command.
  89. Yes; my son, and a sacred command.
  90. Ben gave the unwanted command, Go.
  91. I could be killed at his command!.
  92. Or they had been under his command.
  93. Undine, contact Star Fleet Command.
  94. I learned how new I am at Command.
  95. He is therefore unfit for command.
  96. Command bridge of the battleship H.
  98. You have to learn to be in command.
  99. Major, I have command of the ship.
  100. He looked the length of his command.
  1. He begins by commanding that.
  2. Rod–A commanding rule or a law.
  3. It is more commanding than the Mastiff.
  4. The man walked with a commanding presence.
  5. He spoke gently but with commanding tones.
  6. Put me through to your commanding officer.
  7. He’s my commanding officer, I said.
  8. Commanding Officer of the Transvaal Scottish.
  9. I sensed no anger, just a commanding presence.
  10. The Commanding Officer of a Bombardment Group.
  11. There was a subtly commanding tone to her voice.
  12. Out of the fire there spoke a commanding voice.
  13. As cited, the RCMP's commanding officer in B.
  14. I could have been commanding Javerian soldiers.
  15. The face was friendly and yet subtly commanding.
  16. Dionus was, after all, their commanding officer.
  17. In his eyes gleamed a light, keen and commanding.
  18. CO: commanding officer of a station, base or ship.
  19. He was ex-military and had a commanding presence.
  20. Barkow entered and saluted his commanding officer.
  21. Now all of the Commanding Officers and Chevalier.
  22. But they don't know that it's God who's commanding.
  23. Hanor! Tarmon barked, commanding his attention.
  24. Tempted to lose themselves, but another commanding.
  25. About to leap forward to protect her, a commanding.
  26. The convening authority is the commanding officer.
  27. His robe and flowing beard made a commanding presence.
  28. The commanding officer had observed the men carefully.
  29. Oh yes we can! the Admiral said in a commanding.
  30. You get to the hill, Yuta said in a commanding tone.
  31. The commanding tone in her voice surprised even herself.
  32. It makes a difference when the commanding officer has.
  33. Next to him in midfield was the commanding Kadazan-Dusun.
  34. From there we had a commanding view of the new building.
  35. He had always been so strong, so powerful and commanding.
  36. The Rottie is a tough, commanding, brave, devoted, likes to.
  37. She was mother, teacher, and commanding officer to the boys.
  38. Mark glared at his Commanding Officer, What did you do?
  39. Alison heard the deep, commanding, masculine voice behind her.
  40. Stopping he stood at attention and said in a commanding, loud.
  41. Gig: a ships boat designated for use by the commanding officer.
  42. He was a commanding figure in any room and could easily block.
  43. Brent turned and looked into the eyes of his commanding officer.
  44. The Captain is commanding the Third until they get a new CO.
  45. He heard her voice, commanding the lights in the hallway to dim.
  46. What was that soldier? Talaric said in a commanding voice.
  47. Tea over, the commanding old lady pleads urgent business (which.
  48. Her nipples hardened, exposed to his commanding possessive gaze.
  49. But don’t think you’re my first female commanding officer.
  50. With a commanding gesture he indicated that they should be seated.
  51. In the Army it’s customary to salute your commanding officer.
  52. For Jesus was commanding the unclean spirit to come out of the man.
  53. Sage asked in a commanding tone with a strong emphasis on the 304.
  54. His glance is calm and commanding, he tosses the slouch of his hat.
  55. Stop! called out a commanding voice, and now Tom saw the girl.
  56. That’s enough! Van Thorn said in his commanding voice as he.
  57. Puzzled by the silence, he asked in a commanding tone, What’s.
  58. At least their commanding officer has the decency to make them stop.
  59. I’ve already spoken to your commanding officer about the matter.
  60. His commanding officer immediately ordered the blast shutters closed.
  61. A commanding voice, a voice that appeared to be used to being powerful.
  62. And? His face was expectant, eyes and clenching hands commanding.
  63. Lipinski had discussed the matter with Commanding Officer Craig Callens.
  64. Examiner said with a commanding voice, Presenter! Bring forward the.
  65. Thank you, Lieutenant, the man said in a soft yet commanding tone.
  66. The commanding officer spoke quietly to the men who were gathered around.
  67. The most insufferable of them all was the egomaniacal commanding officer.
  68. He had little intercourse with the commanding officers or with his equals.
  69. To feel the presence of a brave commanding officer--to feel his sympathy!.
  70. With a loud, commanding voice, Roger shouted, I ask you, as an American.
  71. And Herod Antipas sent a soldier, commanding him to bring the head of John.
  72. Millet, representing 'Apollo lifting his golden lyre', commanding the apex.
  73. His tall, commanding figure was accompanied by a cold, lean-dog expression.
  74. The letter of Tolstoi produced a softening effect on the commanding officer.
  75. Duval entered, preceded by his armed escort, commanding and larger than life.
  76. Suddenly he knew in his heart that they were silently commanding him to wait.
  77. I’m not sure how they got away with it - probably a bad commanding officer.
  78. He moved behind the Kiprich brothers and spoke in a commanding tone to Jozef.
  79. Now here’s the kicker–my boss was Melvin’s commanding officer in Nam.
  80. There was no supplication or courtesy in his voice, rather, it was commanding.
  81. In the background Duplex was commanding them to wait for the rest of the group.
  82. Juez looked up, and seeing the Galaef, he said, in a commanding voice, All rise.
  83. Do you have a plan, Longleaf? she noted, a commanding tone now in her voice.
  84. I had just countermanded a direct order from the mayor and my commanding officer.
  85. A commanding voice protested, I know it has been three hundred years since the.
  86. So the detachment the commanding officer and the officers of the Jews seized Jesus.
  87. Telegrams from commanding officers to dead soldiers’ next of kin began that way.
  88. There was a subtle commanding influence in his rugged, nomadic, and homeless life.
  89. Jess was merely in the way, and at a commanding glower from the Artifex, he moved.
  90. Her Majesty’s ship-of-the-line, HMS Donegal, with Captain Paynter, RN, commanding.
  91. I guess after a lifetime of commanding sailors, she’s got an unfairly jaded view.
  92. She peered up at him, commanding an answer, her lips slightly pursed as she waited.
  93. Your new commanding officer will brief you as soon as we arrive at the moon base.
  94. The commanding Somali angrily retorts in Arabic, ‘Shut up you two and let me think.
  95. The hard, chiseled line of it gave his face a regal quality, commanding and majestic.
  96. Haven immediately took control of the situation and said in as commanding a voice as.
  97. As of this moment you, Commander Presley, are the commanding officer of the Nighthawk.
  98. It wasn’t a commanding lead, though, and it didn’t mean much so early in the race.
  99. The last few weeks have proved that she is more than worthy of commanding an air wing.
  100. Satisfied he had her full attention, Joel began talking, his voice calm but commanding.
  1. They did as he commanded.
  2. He had not commanded them.
  3. King commanded him to stop.
  4. Just as when He commanded.
  5. Our Lord Jesus commanded it.
  6. We were commanded to follow.
  7. What is it? commanded Louie.
  8. He commanded it to be given.
  9. He was not commanded to sing.
  10. Stop it! I commanded her.
  11. Look at me, he commanded.
  12. Commanded to look after my dog.
  13. The man commanded authority to.
  14. He said that his god commanded.
  15. Just put it on, he commanded.
  16. Would you have commanded any of.
  17. Get me water! she commanded.
  18. Today he commanded one destroyer.
  19. The orc who commanded her armies.
  20. All stop, the Elf commanded.
  21. In fact, she commanded that you.
  22. Wendy commanded her fighter wing.
  23. Then he commanded the anti matter.
  24. Shake it off, Brie commanded.
  25. Israel that which he was commanded.
  26. No, stop, commanded the King.
  27. Give me that, Raya commanded.
  28. As you commanded me, your Holiness.
  29. The Knot did as they were commanded.
  30. Take it, the shaman commanded.
  31. Now, look at me, he commanded.
  32. And he still hadn’t commanded her.
  33. Raze the city, she commanded.
  34. Moses was commanded only to count.
  35. Bring them out, he commanded.
  36. When Moses commanded the children.
  37. Euphrates, as the Lord commanded me.
  38. Lord God of Israel had commanded him.
  39. Joseph commanded his servants, the.
  40. Ha! explain! commanded the lady.
  41. PULL OFF THE road! he commanded.
  42. He never commanded nor spoke of it!.
  43. Climb the anchor, she commanded.
  44. First, strip me, she commanded.
  45. God commanded the Israelites to shout.
  46. I did as she commanded and called home.
  47. Shut up! the other one commanded.
  48. Rex instantly commanded his quarks to.
  49. Moses the servant of God had commanded.
  50. Run it off again, she commanded.
  51. I was doing my duty as commanded, sir.
  52. Then Pilate commanded the body to be.
  53. Mount! he commanded in a whisper.
  54. Samuels, who commanded The Fair Winds.
  55. Finish the job! Hades commanded.
  56. Everybody out! he commanded in.
  57. Stay out of this! Greg commanded.
  58. Instead, he commanded Judas to do it.
  59. Love her, the whisper commanded.
  60. Simon commanded the red alert to cease.
  61. But he must first be commanded into a.
  62. Drey—use it, Reza commanded him.
  63. And he did as the Lord commanded Moses.
  64. There will be order! he commanded.
  65. And he did as the LORD commanded Moses.
  66. Come on up the hill, he commanded.
  67. Return to your seat! he commanded.
  68. Zeus would have eventually commanded it.
  69. Sit down! commanded David harshly.
  70. Of patience, Nicolette commanded oceans.
  71. Drink it! she commanded and took.
  72. Tell me? he commanded in curiosity.
  73. Git out an’ wash, she commanded.
  74. Our prince, who commanded the riches of.
  75. The man did as Joseph commanded, and the.
  76. Leave the boy alone… he commanded.
  77. Here, one of the soldiers commanded.
  78. Come, he commanded, slapping his leg.
  79. Rachel commanded the combat hospital ship.
  80. His sons did to him just as he commanded.
  81. He sensed the commanded felt the same way.
  82. Stand up! he commanded her and she.
  83. Stop you’re wailing! he commanded.
  84. Tanner commanded, Now use mind’s eye.
  85. Raul, he commanded, wriggling close.
  86. Watch Jim commanded, You have to watch.
  87. Now, Tony, the voice in his head commanded.
  88. Drop the gun Philippe! commanded Max.
  89. My survival instincts commanded me to scram.
  90. As its head he should have commanded more.
  91. I killed her for my master commanded me.
  92. Gwen, the hat and veil, commanded Mrs.
  93. VICi, halt playback, Jared commanded.
  94. Sig was commanded to stay on alert outside.
  95. Stand ready! Mark’s father commanded.
  96. Remove the gates, commanded the Galaef.
  97. He actually commanded the campaign and was.
  98. Steve commanded the most respect on the hill.
  99. Whenever she had commanded it to go astray.
  100. Say this, and only this, commanded Max.
  1. God commands us to be.
  2. Commands end with ; or \g.
  3. Brigadier commands and I do.
  4. They help commands and staffs.
  5. She gave us her last commands.
  6. The commands were not a burden.
  7. These commands are as follows:.
  8. None but my father commands me.
  9. My mother obeyed Karen's commands.
  10. Doth he obey thy Commands?
  11. James 3:1 commands that not many.
  12. It won't respond to their commands.
  13. Hands in the air, he commands.
  14. The LORD thunders commands to his.
  15. What amazing resources she commands.
  16. Mastiffs who always obey my commands.
  17. Morrel looked obedience to her commands.
  18. Select any of the following commands:.
  19. Suck, he commands, his voice soft.
  20. He commands a submarine named Nautilus.
  21. The Word of God has commands such as:.
  22. If it stands between me and his commands.
  23. This is equivalent to these two commands.
  24. If we follow His commands and keep all.
  25. He had a bass voice and barked commands.
  26. Both units need commands to gain access.
  27. They totally overlook that God commands.
  28. I need to turn off the commands and make.
  29. An example is of an asset which commands.
  30. Commands used by Carter, Sadie, and others.
  31. Find out Which Commands You Use Most Often.
  32. Do you reduce my commands to the rantings.
  33. Thinly veiled commands, supply lists, maps.
  34. One is, a demon? He, he commands my blood.
  35. And this A-hole commands all of them?
  36. They train the dog to obey certain commands.
  37. You will have to use hand and voice commands.
  38. Did not the Cuamhnόir obey my commands?
  39. Commands or statements from God do not mean.
  40. Neither of these are interface-level commands.
  41. Certainly, he rejects ALLAH’s commands and.
  42. And then he could hear Hurd giving the commands.
  43. Tanriel also commands the skies and the earth.
  44. Clemens started babbling commands in our dialect.
  45. Much the same smile? This grew; I gave commands;.
  46. She could hear them giving commands to the horses.
  47. One of the commands is: thou shall not steal.
  48. Many commands and programs have traditionally kept.
  49. I raised the wand and started spouting off commands.
  50. Was Catherine obedient to her father's commands?
  51. Stan chased her, calling out commands to the horse.
  52. Jesus the Christ commands His disciples to spread.
  53. Meaning of these commands and usage will be seen on.
  54. The love of the moon for the tides that it commands.
  55. Bayis issued commands in a steady, authoritative tone.
  56. Commands will suggest themselves in seasons of doubt.
  57. Sleep, he commands, then switches off the light.
  58. She had been thoughtlessly following the GPS commands.
  59. This is a wise man who commands respect, but not love.
  60. She commands the room and takes her audience with her.
  61. You girls should come with me, Victoria commands.
  62. However, the operator has to remember all the commands.
  63. All instructions must be screened; all commands voiced.
  64. Hathor's hair, he continued his shouted commands.
  65. Every officer shouted commands at the top of his voice.
  66. I will kill anyone who stood before me and his commands.
  67. Aj commands obedience and brings good fortune to others.
  68. This will only happen if we obey His commands and keep.
  69. It was as if she were responding solely to commands by.
  70. The one who commands and protects the power of the Well.
  71. He commands them to go forth in two different directions.
  72. Commands were flat, quick and resistant to human contact.
  73. All the Torah and the prophets hang on these commands.
  74. A programmer typed in commands and read the line-by-line.
  75. Hathor’s hair, he continued his shouted commands.
  76. She was sick now, her Meade’s commands and stay in bed.
  77. But she still preferred the simplicity of voice commands.
  78. The teacher introduces various new commands and actions:.
  79. You can read about all the debug and show commands in the.
  80. No! I have to breathe! The commands won’t stop!.
  81. Tom gulped, afraid to give any commands that would disturb.
  82. They repeated my commands back as they moved the levers.
  83. They are both commands, and they are both commanded tithes.
  84. ALLAH is to live life according to His commands (indicated.
  85. In the Commands list, drag the Custom button onto a toolbar.
  86. Turn around and return to your home, the voice commands.
  87. When it comes to fetching commands, that’s one tough master.
  88. You can use several commands in Linux to find your way around.
  89. Batch - : A group of commands that are executed one at a time.
  90. At a future stage only your voice is used for these commands.
  91. As they reach the other side, Unks commands him, Stop!.
  92. It does not cost much, but commands a higher price than beer.
  93. I will have to bear it, as the law commands us not to kill.
  94. By doing this, we get all the advantages offered by commands.
  95. He stands at the door between them, and so commands them both.
  96. Relaying the MMARV commands through Daisy’s communications.
  97. She looked ashamed to pass along the rest of Tragus's commands.
  98. His subjects are dependent on His power and obey His commands.
  99. We see here that Nadab and Abihu ignored God’s commands and.
  100. It went off the grid and stopped responding to their commands.

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