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    1. “Yes, here is the sales report,” Henry tried to say with an air of authority as he put the slightly crumpled papers in Mr

    2. "You speak with authority on the natives

    3. never happen unless someone assumes the authority and puts everything

    4. In order to use the authority and power of Spirit we need to use our faith,

    5. The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband

    6. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own

    7. in the name and authority of Christ

    8. Behold, I give you the authority

    9. Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions,

    10. According to God’s will we are the bearers of His power, His authority

    11. If we have an understanding this authority we will not set our

    12. the manifestation of His authority and the release of miracles by the

    13. Behold, i give you the authority

    14. We have the authority over him

    15. All the authority given by Jesus must be manifested through the Church,

    16. We have the authority whether we realize it or not

    17. authority of the believer

    18. Church have such authority on the earth which we have not realized yet,

    19. the authority which we do not use… Only few of us have touched the edge

    20. of this authority, but before Jesus comes back there will be a whole group

    21. Behold, i give you the authority 101

    22. We need to learn how to take on this authority so that we could confirm

    23. whom he presented and he realized full measure of his authority as a

    24. God gave you the authority in your life just as He gave the authority

    25. you have the authority over your family and your

    26. When we saw in the Word of God that we had the authority over

    27. to the Word of God and release this authority with your mouth

    28. Behold, i give you the authority 103

    29. God gave me the authority over demons, diseases and

    30. that is why i take the authority over any situation which does not

    31. and all the symptoms of disease in my life, for i have the authority to trample

    32. i thank my God who has given such authority to the man

    33. Jesus gave us the authority, and the Holy

    34. has given us the authority over demons, diseases and death

    35. that authority, Satan will use it

    36. the Scriptures: God gave us the power and authority to live a victorious

    37. has the everlasting authority to forgive our sins

    38. his sins for 38 years before he met the One Who had the authority to for-

    39. with daring and authority

    40. In the end, the victims consider it as the greatest honour and happiness to serve an authority or a master

    41. Schools of spiritual development are no different to the army: They teach you how to fight but never for your personal interest; it is always for a supposedly superior authority

    42. That is not to say they have the authority of an eldership (which has been

    43. authority upon them are called benefactors

    44. leader, (to rule, command; to have authority over; a prince, of regal power,

    45. As in all departures from biblical authority, men think they know more than God and try

    46. If God has provided the rule, pattern, authority for the operation of his church, man

    47. 2) Declining respect for the authority of God's Word

    48. "An Ayatollah has authority only in matters of faith

    49. "The faith they seek is the faith that never questions authority, coupled with the certainty of faith that they are the authority in society

    50. (2) A declining respect for the authority of God's Word in all religious matters

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    authorisation authority authorization sanction dominance potency say-so assurance confidence self-assurance self-confidence sureness agency bureau federal agency government agency office expert critic adjudicator master arbiter administrator connoisseur power strength sway influence control supremacy rule ruling statute government justification permit liberty warrant witness