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Frasi con punt (in inglese)

This is a wild punt.
I took a punt on HMV.
I decided to take a punt.
You may punt, he said.
It’s got to be worth a punt.
I suppose I'm to go in the punt.
Gary swung one foot back as if to punt a football.

A splash of shares is a punt on the obvious upside.
The punt was holding over half an inch of rainwater.
The rain poured down, and obscured the receding punt.
One of the does stamped on the puddled floor of the punt.
Matt pulled the punt over, and the two men went back with it.
Buying something for a punt – and with no trading plan in place.
Vera’s face turns red like she wants to grab my head and punt it.
She dipped the paddle into the water and turned the punt towards home.
If you punt you need to keep that money separate from your investments.
It was a good deal easier than the cord on the punt, though about as thick.
It was plain that the punt would drift against the bridge and be held there.
Then the roof vanished, the punt was gliding on and he heard Kehaar calling.
The dark tunnel was not long -- perhaps not much longer than the punt itself.
The current did not slacken and the punt There was nothing to be done but wait.
The punt cord had been drenched through with rain, pliant, slippery and fibrous.
Broadside on, the punt struck gently against two of the piers and stopped, further.
There’s a punt on the screen, and the pigskin seems to hang forever in the fall air.
Finally, there was no way of controlling the punt and they did not know where they were going.
When the punt floated down the river in the rain, part of General Woundwort's authority went with it.
She waited for what seemed another half-hour, and then turned the punt in the direction of the shore.
Kehaar appeared on the parapet above them, flapped the rain out of his wings and dropped down to the punt.
Then a heavy blow vibrated along the length of the punt and its smooth movement was appeared, very low above him.
The "boat" was a miniature punt, used for reed-cutting -- little more than a raft, with a single thwart amidships.
In the same moment the rope parted and immediately the little punt began to move along the bank in the steady current.
The punt would not have left the bank or, if it had, would have run aground or been fouled by weeds or some other obstruction.
Be cautious about trading a share with a spread over 3%, and never trade one with a spread over 4 or 5% unless it is a minor punt.
The punt had been drifting broadside on, but now one end swung forward, so that Hazel lost his bearings and found that he was no.
The punt slipped downstream smoothly, without any alteration of the Most of the rabbits had very little idea of what was happening.
Atlanta came back and had a couple of first downs, but the drive stalled and they put San Francisco deep in their own end on the punt.
LP slowed his boat to a punt as it pushed through into a huge lagoon, saying, This is where we’re fishing, out of the wind and current.
But when she wanted to turn the punt towards the relief of the shadows along the shore he instantly stopped her, and told her to keep on straight into the eye of the sun.
He pledged himself to invade Punt from the east with a host of black spearmen, Shemitish archers, and mercenary swordsmen, and to aid the king of Keshan to annex the hostile kingdom.
For a price he would train the armies of Keshan and lead them against Punt, their hereditary enemy, whose recent successes in the field had aroused the fury of Keshan's irascible king.

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