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Punt в предложении (на )

  1. This is a wild punt.
  2. I took a punt on HMV.
  3. I decided to take a punt.
  4. You may punt, he said.
  5. It’s got to be worth a punt.

  6. I suppose I'm to go in the punt.
  7. Gary swung one foot back as if to punt a football.
  8. A splash of shares is a punt on the obvious upside.
  9. The punt was holding over half an inch of rainwater.
  10. The rain poured down, and obscured the receding punt.
  11. One of the does stamped on the puddled floor of the punt.
  12. Matt pulled the punt over, and the two men went back with it.
  13. Vera’s face turns red like she wants to grab my head and punt it.
  14. Buying something for a punt – and with no trading plan in place.
  15. She dipped the paddle into the water and turned the punt towards home.

  16. If you punt you need to keep that money separate from your investments.
  17. It was a good deal easier than the cord on the punt, though about as thick.
  18. Then the roof vanished, the punt was gliding on and he heard Kehaar calling.
  19. It was plain that the punt would drift against the bridge and be held there.
  20. The dark tunnel was not long -- perhaps not much longer than the punt itself.
  21. The current did not slacken and the punt There was nothing to be done but wait.
  22. The punt cord had been drenched through with rain, pliant, slippery and fibrous.
  23. Broadside on, the punt struck gently against two of the piers and stopped, further.
  24. There’s a punt on the screen, and the pigskin seems to hang forever in the fall air.
  25. Finally, there was no way of controlling the punt and they did not know where they were going.

  26. She waited for what seemed another half-hour, and then turned the punt in the direction of the shore.
  27. When the punt floated down the river in the rain, part of General Woundwort's authority went with it.
  28. Kehaar appeared on the parapet above them, flapped the rain out of his wings and dropped down to the punt.
  29. Then a heavy blow vibrated along the length of the punt and its smooth movement was appeared, very low above him.
  30. The "boat" was a miniature punt, used for reed-cutting -- little more than a raft, with a single thwart amidships.
  31. In the same moment the rope parted and immediately the little punt began to move along the bank in the steady current.
  32. The punt would not have left the bank or, if it had, would have run aground or been fouled by weeds or some other obstruction.
  33. Be cautious about trading a share with a spread over 3%, and never trade one with a spread over 4 or 5% unless it is a minor punt.
  34. The punt had been drifting broadside on, but now one end swung forward, so that Hazel lost his bearings and found that he was no.
  35. The punt slipped downstream smoothly, without any alteration of the Most of the rabbits had very little idea of what was happening.
  36. Atlanta came back and had a couple of first downs, but the drive stalled and they put San Francisco deep in their own end on the punt.
  37. LP slowed his boat to a punt as it pushed through into a huge lagoon, saying, This is where we’re fishing, out of the wind and current.
  38. But when she wanted to turn the punt towards the relief of the shadows along the shore he instantly stopped her, and told her to keep on straight into the eye of the sun.
  39. He pledged himself to invade Punt from the east with a host of black spearmen, Shemitish archers, and mercenary swordsmen, and to aid the king of Keshan to annex the hostile kingdom.
  40. For a price he would train the armies of Keshan and lead them against Punt, their hereditary enemy, whose recent successes in the field had aroused the fury of Keshan's irascible king.
  41. Very early in their acquaintance he had conveyed to her that she ought always to wear white and those hats were foolish and unnecessary; therefore she did wear white, and sat hatless in the punt.
  42. He knew that it had been Thutmekri who had proposed the conquest of Punt to the kings of Zembabwei, which conquest was but one move toward their real goal – the capture of the Teeth of Gwahlur.
  43. You took your punt round the end of an arm of reeds, and you found a small beach of fine shells, an oak-tree with half-bared roots overhanging one side of it, and a fringe of coarse grass along the top.
  44. In shallow water the best means of controlling a raft is like a punt, but preferably with two long poles—with one person poling at one front corner of the raft, and another at the diagonally opposite back corner.
  45. She wondered whether it would have been any worse--instantly she corrected the word (it had been the merest slip of her brain) to more glorious--to be sitting in a punt with, simultaneously, Shakespeare, Sophocles.
  46. She would get Robert's dinner ready for him early, and then put some bread and butter and a cucumber into a knapsack with her German grammar, and paddle the punt down the lake, tie it up where the trees began, and start.
  47. It was so wonderful to be back in the bright world of free movement, to be presently going to punt, and presently be off for a day in the forests, to be able to arrange, to be in clear possession of her time and her body.
  48. Space, freedom, quiet; the wind ruffling the rye; the water splashing softly against the side of the punt (there was a punt, she had extracted); the larks singing up in the sunlight; the shining clouds passing slowly across the blue.
  49. In the lily time I get into the miller's punt and make them an excuse for paddling about among the mud islands, and even adventurously exploring the river as it winds into the forest, and the old man watches me anxiously from under the elm.
  50. Even though it is making interesting money, more than is fun to punt with, it is basically a waste of time when it comes to the prospects of long term profits, because no gains are safe, so no money in that account has any long term reality.
  51. Some of the rabbits, in the first confusion of boarding the punt, had found themselves in this water, but now all had got clear of it -- most either to bows or stern, though Thethuthinnang and Speedwell were hunched on the narrow thwart, amidships.
  52. Her hub fifty odd and a methodist but takes the sacrament and is to be seen any fair sabbath with a pair of his boys off Bullock harbour dapping on the sound with a heavybraked reel or in a punt he has trailing for flounder and pollock and catches a fine bag, I hear.
  53. Oh, the magnificence of marriage, thought Ingeborg, beating her hands together, the splendour of its liberations! She would go off in the morning with the punt full of books, and spend long glorious days away in the forest lying on the green springy carpet of whortleberries, reading.
  54. And in a case like this--"Oh, in a case like this," she suddenly cried out aloud, flinging the paddle into the punt and twisting her hands together, overcome by the vision of the glories that were going to be missed, "when it's so important, when it so tremendously matters--to be caught.
  55. The next two died, one doing it boldly of mumps, a thing that had never been achieved before and greatly interested the doctor, who predicted a memorable future for him if he had been going to have one, and the other, more explicably, by falling out of the punt when his very existence depended on his keeping in it.
  56. She was paddling the punt as usual down the lake one afternoon, a pile of books at her feet, when, passing the end of the arm of reeds that stretched out round her hidden bay, she perceived that her little beach was not empty; and pausing astonished with her paddle arrested in the air to look, she recognized in the middle of a confusion of objects strewn round him that no doubt had to do with painting, sitting with his elbows on his drawn-up knees and his chin in his hand, Ingram.
  57. She learned them aloud from her grammar, saying them over and over again glibly, mechanically, while her thoughts danced about the future, from the immediate future of what she would do to-morrow, the future of an afternoon in the punt among the reeds and perhaps paddling along to where the forest began, to the more responsible vaguer future of further down the months, when, armed with German, she would begin among the poor and go out into the parish and make friends with the peasants and be a real pastor's wife.
  58. I did not this time attempt the punt, for I was tired, and it was half full of water, probably poured into it by a miller weary of the ways of women; and I drank my tea quietly, going on at the same time with my interrupted afternoon reading of the _Sorrows of Werther_, in which I had reached a part that has a special fascination for me every time I read it--that part where Werther first meets Lotte, and where, after a thunderstorm; they both go to the window, and she is so touched by the beauties of nature that she lays her hand on his and murmurs "Klopstock,"--to the complete dismay of the reader, though not of Werther, for he, we find, was so carried away by the magic word that he flung himself on to her hand and kissed it with tears of rapture.

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