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Frasi con qualifying (in inglese)

In general, a qualifying taxpayer.
There is first a qualifying round.
The qualifying factor here is the price.
Paul had to address this by qualifying who was an.
But these sweeping generalizations need qualifying.
Qualifying expenses that are not allowed are as follows:.
He lead his country through all of the qualifying matches.

For the purpose of section 1031, a qualifying property is a.
The taxpayer is a parent of a qualifying child to claim the credit.
Thank you for qualifying my questions as silly, he said smiling.
The difference between qualifying for the Olympics and walking away with gold.
A claimant with two qualifying children can receive a maximum credit of $5,028.
I use the word ‘tribe’ quite a lot in this chapter, but it needs qualifying.
Both groups hate America, thus qualifying for his most favored nations status.
It was the almost perfect inverse of the order he had expected based on the qualifying times.
She’s doing great, qualifying the car pretty much where it should be, Enrico told them.
For tax year 2009, a claimant with one qualifying child can receive a maximum credit of $3,043.
For example, if you have two qualifying children for the tax credit then you qualify for $2000.
Otherwise it would be impossible to account for the plural, or for such qualifying expressions as.
In Chapter 7, I go through other qualifying questions to ask before choosing a manager to invest money for you.
The date on which the dividend will be paid to qualifying shareholders (those owning shares on the record date).
The rising costs associated with our society‘s War on Drugs, for example, have succored qualifying arguments favoring its.
You may have multiple rules and qualifying conditions, but, within those rules, you must be absolutely, perfectly consistent.
Otherwise it would be impossible to account for the plural, or for such qualifying expressions as this age, or the age to come.
After passing the qualifying exam, a doctoral student is now a doctoral candidate and is sometimes referred to as ABD (all but dissertation).
So if you’ve had late repayments - even though it was through no fault of your own - then this will go against you in qualifying for a mortgage.
Prevail there and it would mean a trip to Berlin, another qualifying race or two, and finally the gold medal race against the best crews in the world.
Hence, in the case of a bullish symmetrical triangle, the breakout will likely occur in the same direction, qualifying the formation as a continuation pattern.
Even though volume is only average, it is the highest volume in 11 days, qualifying as pocket pivot volume, and occurs after four orderly, low-volume down days.
I’m not sure exactly what was said, but what came out was that what we have been fed by the press and the government wasn’t the whole story, qualifying as ETC.
Her stomach sank as she hit the second page, but she kept reading, searching for the qualifying argument, the refutation that would’ve signified balanced investigation.
The storm over that incident was nothing compared to the 1969 World Cup qualifying match between El Salvador and Honduras: The two countries actually went to war over it.
He lead his country through all of the qualifying matches with an authority that mixed stern determination with the most sublime football skills that the world had ever seen.
But these filth are sneaky: they corrupt everything: instead of stating the truth as it actually is: they added a qualifying clause to it and twisted the truth and changed it to:.
So, in a nutshell, attraction signs exist to tell you that you can move forward from the introduction phase and concentrate on qualifying, isolating, and escalating things physically.
Qualification for deductibility involves two parts: The education has to improve an existing job skill and the degree is not for the purposes of qualifying for a new trade or profession.
To qualify in 2003, the earned income and the adjusted gross income must be less than $29,666 for a taxpayer with one qualifying child and $11,230 for a taxpayer with no qualifying children.
The band-pass filter simultaneously diminishes the amplitude at low frequencies, qualifying it as a detrender, and diminishes the amplitude at high frequencies, qualifying it as a data smoother.
The apprentices were there to master the trade, qualifying themselves to become master workers themselves; not mere sweaters and exploiters of the labour of others, but useful members of society.
Of course we were diligent about qualifying our renter before accepting him into our home (he was an older retired gentleman), and over the years he ended up becoming not just a renter but a friend.
Only they are qualified to.
That’s not a very qualified list.
Music hardly qualified as language.
The better qualified the prospects.
I’m qualified as a Field Healer.
He ’s not a qualified carpenter.
He was qualified for marksman status.
Deitus’ doctor had qualified him for.
He felt he had gained a qualified success.
Qualified in a number of different areas.
She was highly qualified intelligent lady.
T-shirt, which barely qualified as clothing.
Just occasionally it is a qualified report.
Many of their lawyers are dual qualified too.
Maude is well qualified for his present work.
This is driving highly qualified people crazy.
The one oath qualified and explained the other.
There were dozens of politicians more qualified.
What was coming out of me qualified me for both.
It is for this reason that Jesus is qualified to.
He believed she was qualified to be his assistant.
I’d say that last night qualified on that count.
She was a bright young thing then, just qualified.
He is much more qualified to expand on this topic.
He was an expert pilot, fully qualified and very.
I qualified for severance pay if the bank was sold.
In addition, I need a highly qualified, secretive.
They’re more qualified to figure it out than you.
All it takes is a visit to a qualified hair expert.
Lydia was more qualified to know their state of mind.
Question: Are you qualified to give a urine sample?
Because she was pregnant, Lucy qualified for state-.
Turns out he was a qualified pilot, with experience.
He was, like Gāndhi, a Barrister qualified in London.
Work Only With Motivated Sellers and Qualified Buyers.
M: You are not only qualified, but you are truth itself.
Highly qualified and experienced instructors are from.
You are a qualified stone cutter, aren’t you?’’.
A third strike would have qualified him for Alaska too.
I was afraid I was not qualified, as I told you before.
But an Isfet breach certainly qualifies.
That qualifies as a love-hate relationship.
This qualifies the prospect as a potential customer.
Philemon’s big feet hardly qualifies you as my guest.
Surely such a thing qualifies me for another chance.
However, understanding what qualifies the property and.
So, first make sure that your invention qualifies for a patent.
The extreme intraday low on May 29, 1962, qualifies as an important low.
Another pocket pivot buy point on April 28th qualifies for the same reason.
This constant bearing that qualifies our thoughts would thus be our absolute.
This is actually close to being flash fiction, but it just qualifies as a short.
Out Against John Kerry, which was debunked by the Boston Globe, so it qualifies as ETC.
Since more than one individual is involved here, I think that qualifies as a conspiracy.
I guess it qualifies as a minor attunement, but it's not enough to offset the fire you have.
I guess that qualifies it for being on the beaten path, even though it was a bit of an unusual path.
You know, I think that qualifies as one of those it’s-best-to-leave-the-past-in-the-past questions.
This spread still qualifies as a straddle because we are buying calls and puts at the same exercise price.
Only the second bullish candlestick after the second touch qualifies as a valid wammie entry candlestick.
Applying these factors to the Compustat dataset qualifies just 6 percent of the stocks as Market Leaders.
I sir, have commanded one of Her Majesty’s Ships he said rather grandly which I believe qualifies.
Wounding an animal qualifies as killing it, and Bruce has found the site of the hit which is stained with blood.
At 2, the second touch is a few pips higher than the first touch, which qualifies this double bottom as a wammie.
The Wood Bison has not been so fortunate; in the US it has a CITES II rating, meaning it qualifies as an endangered sub-species.
I bought some more for my old portfolio on Monday and wondered whether that qualifies for the blog portfolio and the answer is yes.
Maybe you could use some of that £500 David gave you – he said to spend some of it on something for yourself and that sort of qualifies.
Your sword work definitely qualifies as fencing, which is the best method for dealing with foes who aren’t wearing armor, or who are very quick.
Indeed, it is precisely this apparent lack of a biography that qualifies these leaders to represent and bring about a fantastic and grandiose future.
No one qualifies for the throne of David, and no one qualifies to be a priest, therefore, the earthly kingdom of Israel or the Law cannot be restored.
The Times sees nothing in that story that qualifies as part of All the News That’s Fit to Print, as the Times proudly proclaims its policy to be.
Flying into the trackless Sierra Nevada looking for a mythical lake in order to rescue a child from savage cultists certainly qualifies me on both counts.
Paying alimony to your ex-spouse, or to a spouse that you are legally separated from, usually qualifies you to be able to deduct those types of expenses and payments from your taxes.
In Psalms 15 and 24, David asks the Lord the same basic question: Who qualifies to remain in His presence? The Ark represented to Israel the assurance that the Lord’s presence stayed with them.
In this article, we are not interested in the historical process but in the answer to the twin questions: what qualifies one to be a leader and why do people elect someone specific to be a leader.
October 6 = The rally attempt count was not reset because the NASDAQ Composite Index corrected less than 6 percent, thus is still in its original rally attempt and qualifies as a follow-through day.
On one hand, the requirements seem to be minimal: anyone with a few thousand dollars and an Internet connection can open an account and place trades, but this does not mean that you can compete effectively, anymore than buying a football qualifies you to be in the NFL.
April 22nd, on the other hand, qualifies as a high-quality pocket pivot buy point because of the strong, high volume and also because the days leading up to this pocket pivot are orderly, having very tight price closes over the prior four days leading up to the pocket pivot on the 22nd, hence the context of this pocket pivot is very constructive.
The words of the Declaration of Independence, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not limited to pale males, that is, only one sex with white skin qualifies them for consideration.

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No one else would qualify.
He had to qualify it with.
To qualify for the standard.
You do have to qualify for the policy.
Obama and company would never qualify.
Well, I qualify there, said Jill.
If the children could not qualify for.
And how did this not qualify as trust?
That doesn’t qualify us as friends.
Two more and you will qualify as an ace.
Stores and office buildings also qualify.
And the man I marry will have to qualify.
If you qualify to wear white, you have to.
They’re free and will qualify you for a better.
Plainly speaking, he didn’t qualify for services.
I would like to qualify what I mean by second-rate.
Now, maybe all 40M qualify for government assistance.
I don’t think either one of us qualify as the Son of.
My marriage would qualify as falling into that category.
It depends what you would qualify as strange, monsieur.
In addition, we don't qualify for state or government aid.
Excuse me, Milord, but I have to qualify your statement.
Q: I may qualify as a nurse, or just marry and have babies.
There are no conditions required to qualify for their love.
For that noble reason, I suffered the test to qualify as a.
He even had to qualify his statements as to their sincerity.
This would seem to qualify, if you want to dig around in there.
Sadly, most often they do not qualify as a majority shareholder.
The other guys – just ‘hired guns’ – they don’t qualify.
Simply moving will not automatically qualify you for tax deduction.
There are many behaviors that qualify as emotional or verbal abuse:.
Therefore each segment of time will qualify to be called by its name.
They must be known published positions to qualify to be on the ballot.
One option is to consider insuring a spouse or child who could qualify.
Clydie commented, They could qualify for Dancing With The Doms and Subs.
Few of these cases, however, would qualify as a "true" operating system.
Well, yes, that would qualify as an unsanitary condition, but as.
One who endeavours to qualify himself as his own doctor can become a Yogi.
Between the two of us, Cam, we've told enough lies to qualify for Congress.
If you know what visa you qualify for, and have had this confirmed through.

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