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Frasi con modification (in inglese)

1. Voice and its modification, R.
3. She stuck to her behavioral modification.
4. Any modification would have to be hardware.
5. This modification only cost eighteen cents.
6. The single seater was a modification of the.
7. The rod of iron was a modification by.

8. Does the simple modification of E=mc2 (E=mc ^.
9. About 75% of the issue accepted this modification.
10. This modification of the motion was accepted by Mr.
11. VRITTI—A wave of thought, a modification of the mind.
12. There is not a shade of modification from the idea or.
13. This alone proves that this verse is a later modification.
14. In fact with that modification it can become a better idea.
15. Well, I never heard anything else about this modification.
16. In this section we will discuss the advanced modification.
17. Still, the notion of unrestricted modification intrigued me.
18. She must have made some sort of modification to the device.
19. In the past, homeowners who were granted a loan modification.
20. The importance of modification in both licenses was a reflec-.
21. This was followed by a modification of the famous donkey game.
22. All use, reproduction, distribution and modification of these.
23. Such modification allows for realizing two plausible assumptions.
24. Knowing a little about behavior modification, I know that the less.
25. The act to be done was, the revocation or modification of the edicts.
26. Obviously, this was an ill-timed modification to your trading system.
27. I don’t believe that the point of the therapy was behavior modification.
28. It can be fired from any of our P I and picket ships without modification.
29. There is not a shade of modification from the idea or absolute eradication.
30. It may be asked how far I extend the doctrine of the modification of species.
31. A candlestick chart is a modification of a bar chart, where each candlestick.
32. In 2007 a legislative project (PL 912) for modification and completion of OUG.
33. Since his arrival in Sulaco the colonel's ideas had undergone some modification.
34. Wedding is a modification that requirements a certain quantity of creativeness.
35. The two could not be separated from each other as I taught the line modification.
36. I believe it had something to do with a modification to the stasis infrastructure.
37. There may be better, stand alone default algorithms that need no modification.
38. A variable is receptive to modification yet maintains its identity as that variable.
39. That modification was inserted to delude followers and justify the many centuries of.
40. Different kinds of modification would, also, serve for the same general purpose: as Mr.
41. The second method of empirical distribution modification is based on its symmetrization.
42. With some global cooperation and symbol modification, the IPA could very well form the.
43. This objection did not meet the merits of the bill, but merely suggested a modification.
44. Scripts written for the Bourne shell usually need some modification to run in the C shell.
45. This modification has spawned a host of false prophecies such as the seven-year tribulation.
46. It states that a software entity should be open for extension, but closed for modification.
47. Scripts written for the Bourne shell usually can run in the Korn shell without modification.
48. Time is intimately associated with the process of change, which requires a modification of.
49. Sheryl, we have discovered an intrusion to the EDWARD system, caused by E-tek modification.
50. This was the truly ‘tricky’ part, since the modification of the missile was the critical.
51. Isolation also is an important element in the modification of species through natural selection.
52. He should, therefore, vote for the motion as it now stood, but would prefer a modification of it.
53. Many other aspects of the raid were also studied; particularly, the modification to the torpedoes.
54. How are the MAV modification plans coming, Bruce? Is JPL going to have that procedure soon?
55. DNA modification through genetic engineering is considered by many a virtual ―fountain of youth‖.
56. We should suggest the following principle as a desirable modification of the traditional viewpoint:.
57. This modification took place even though the judge lashed out at the defendant for its vile behavior.
58. The just one modification after another, but that’s what helps us to develop and grow as human being.
59. Let us see how far these several facts and inferences accord with the theory of descent with modification.
60. First of all genetic modification of embryos can pose an ethical question about the right of the babies.
61. There may be something in the modification of it; but, as respects the main principle, there is nothing new.
62. I wound up with a slight modification to my redundant backup process by using the Monday of the week as the.
63. This is sometimes called "behavior modification" and it basically means solving your dog's behavior problems.
64. The simplest modification of the random walk is to allow the coin toss to determine the persistence of motion.
65. Research shows that shedding unwanted pounds will do more for your apnea than any other lifestyle modification.
66. Today's child is preminded in an environment of screens, pads, and incessant behavioral modification by rewards.
67. I recall a specific instance when I was working on a modification to a program to add checking for a new transaction.
68. But he soon found that neither behavioral nor cognitive modification could effectively treat his particular illness.
69. But the bad news is we have to get a modification of those instruments to a mortal who is dying and make him ascend.
70. The consequence is that at Belmont Park one notices a distinct modification in the gorgeousness of the women’s clothes.
71. Example: Modification of guaranty of Trinity Building 5½s by United States Realty and Improvement proposed in March 1939.
72. To find out about in-law apartments visit the National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification website.
73. But as long as selection is rapidly going on, much variability in the parts undergoing modification may always be expected.
74. No better modification, for the purposes therein intended, has suggested itself than that proposed in the letter aforesaid.
75. The laboratory modification of citrus pectin to Modified Citrus Pectin yields a galactose-rich pectin product with a lower.
76. This modification saved the Air Force lots of money as now the amplifier could be repaired in the field far about ten cents.
77. The forms which stand in closest competition with those undergoing modification and improvement, will naturally suffer most.
78. In order to adjust for this, when testing a trading system, a slight modification was applied to adjust for low-volume days.
79. I think you’re right in saying that the Muse began as an internal modification of the directive voices early humans heard.
80. Some clinics offer a sort of intensive and advanced behavioral modification approach to bedwetting called dry bed training.
81. There is a probability of one chance in seven somewhat complex and such a modification has there-that display would show ‘0.
82. Hence, in accordance with the principles inculcated in this volume, these forms will not have been liable to much modification.
83. Of course, you should try low-risk options (behavior modification, for example) before higher risk options (such as medication).
84. This modification would be addressed to both descriptions of men—those who would prefer money, and such as would prefer land.
85. Turning to geographical distribution, the difficulties encountered on the theory of descent with modification are serious enough.
86. Therefore I cannot doubt that the theory of descent with modification embraces all the members of the same great class or kingdom.
87. On a small island, the race for life will have been less severe, and there will have been less modification and less extermination.
88. Some directory services, such as NDS, base their data synchronization algorithms on time stamps assigned to each database modification.
89. Thus it is, as I believe, that two or more genera are produced by descent with modification, from two or more species of the same genus.
90. Used in this way, reusable urine absorbers such as underpants or liners can be used as part of behavior modification to cure bedwetting.
91. No doubt they would accelerate the modification process once Garcia started directing energy into Seven to prompt her regeneration cycle.
92. Such a drastic modification of history, especially if followed by a few other measures, should ensure that the Imperium disappears forever.
93. You can represent that modification on a diagram in various ways, but I choose to list the current name first with the original in parentheses.
94. But sometimes the beliefs need modification, and sometimes they need to be thrown out; which is which will become evident in the coming months.
95. Lynkyn had provided that improvement, and his modification had been just as brilliant—and almost as simple—as Zhwaigair’s initial concept.
96. The two other drugs included in this group are codeine (known to be less potent than morphine) and heroin (a chemical modification of morphine).
97. Your city is one of those experiments for genetic healing, and by far the most successful one, because of the behavioral modification portion.
98. Any tendency to modification will also have been checked by intercrossing with the unmodified immigrants, often arriving from the mother-country.
99. She thought the wizard's modification called the Instinct would have prevented this, but it only prevented violence done by one human on another.
100. But not in this sense – that you are a part, a piece, of an eternal, infinite being, an aspect or modification of it, as Spinoza’s pantheism.

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