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Qualifying en una oración (en ingles)

A qualifying child is:.
qualifying for this money.
a qualifying child must be a U.
qualifying customers for loans.
In general, a qualifying taxpayer.
There is first a qualifying round.
The qualifying factor here is the price.

object of qualifying himself for Their service.
Paul had to address this by qualifying who was an.
But these sweeping generalizations need qualifying.
thereby, uniquely qualifying the holders as decision or.
Qualifying expenses that are not allowed are as follows:.
He lead his country through all of the qualifying matches.
free incentive) you are carrying out a qualifying procedure.
For the purpose of section 1031, a qualifying property is a.
household services and for the care of a qualifying individual.
51per cent students becoming eligible for qualifying certificates.
The taxpayer is a parent of a qualifying child to claim the credit.
Thank you for qualifying my questions as silly, he said smiling.
18 per cent girls have become eligible for qualifying certificates while 88.
The difference between qualifying for the Olympics and walking away with gold.
A claimant with two qualifying children can receive a maximum credit of $5,028.
I use the word ‘tribe’ quite a lot in this chapter, but it needs qualifying.
Both groups hate America, thus qualifying for his most favored nations status.
Neither “nehphesh” nor “psuche” are used with the qualifying words immoral,.
versity of Toronto, later qualifying in psychiatry and staying in the city following.
Physical endurance, the field trials, snapping in with several weapons, and qualifying,.
It was the almost perfect inverse of the order he had expected based on the qualifying times.
She’s doing great, qualifying the car pretty much where it should be, Enrico told them.
For tax year 2009, a claimant with one qualifying child can receive a maximum credit of $3,043.
I am not qualified.
Qualified staff are.
I was well qualified.
They have qualified,.
Notice I said qualified.
that should be qualified.
are qualified to do that.
with a qualified eldership.
of the qualified list.
71% qualified, 53% took it.
Only they are qualified to.
They’re not very qualified.
have been qualified as racist.
those who were most qualified.
qualified with flying colours.
in which you are not qualified.
am also qualified in first aid.
most qualified to recognise it.
‘Only the best qualified, then.
where both spouses are qualified.
That’s not a very qualified list.
better qualified, were suing for it.
Music hardly qualified as language.
which will bring a qualified traffic.
The better qualified the prospects.
was very qualified for the position.
highly qualified teachers supported.
I’m qualified as a Field Healer.
only the most qualified men and women.
He ’s not a qualified carpenter.
think that qualifies for rich.
But an Isfet breach certainly qualifies.
That qualifies as a love-hate relationship.
This qualifies the prospect as a potential customer.
Philemon’s big feet hardly qualifies you as my guest.
Surely such a thing qualifies me for another chance.
However, understanding what qualifies the property and.
girls and seem to think that the nickname Shooter qualifies me.
So, first make sure that your invention qualifies for a patent.
business of selling information and this qualifies as information.
The extreme intraday low on May 29, 1962, qualifies as an important low.
Another pocket pivot buy point on April 28th qualifies for the same reason.
evidence that water once flowed on Mars, the planet qualifies as ‘habitable.
This constant bearing that qualifies our thoughts would thus be our absolute.
This is actually close to being flash fiction, but it just qualifies as a short.
Out Against John Kerry, which was debunked by the Boston Globe, so it qualifies as ETC.
Since more than one individual is involved here, I think that qualifies as a conspiracy.
the power of darkness? Would you agree that the tribulation qualifies as a time when the.
I guess it qualifies as a minor attunement, but it's not enough to offset the fire you have.
I guess that qualifies it for being on the beaten path, even though it was a bit of an unusual path.
You know, I think that qualifies as one of those it’s-best-to-leave-the-past-in-the-past questions.
Applying these factors to the Compustat dataset qualifies just 6 percent of the stocks as Market Leaders.
Only the second bullish candlestick after the second touch qualifies as a valid wammie entry candlestick.
This spread still qualifies as a straddle because we are buying calls and puts at the same exercise price.
I sir, have commanded one of Her Majesty’s Ships he said rather grandly which I believe qualifies.
Wounding an animal qualifies as killing it, and Bruce has found the site of the hit which is stained with blood.
At 2, the second touch is a few pips higher than the first touch, which qualifies this double bottom as a wammie.
The Wood Bison has not been so fortunate; in the US it has a CITES II rating, meaning it qualifies as an endangered sub-species.
I bought some more for my old portfolio on Monday and wondered whether that qualifies for the blog portfolio and the answer is yes.
Maybe you could use some of that £500 David gave you – he said to spend some of it on something for yourself and that sort of qualifies.
qualify her as an expert.
No one else would qualify.
If that doesn’t qualify.
He had to qualify it with.
To qualify for the standard.
course, I have to qualify that.
These guys wouldn’t qualify.
he qualify in when the time comes.
out what visa you would qualify for.
You do have to qualify for the policy.
Obama and company would never qualify.
Well, I qualify there, said Jill.
If the children could not qualify for.
That doesn’t qualify us as friends.
Two more and you will qualify as an ace.
And how did this not qualify as trust?.
Stores and office buildings also qualify.
And the man I marry will have to qualify.
If you qualify to wear white, you have to.
✔ Technically to train or to qualify the.
They’re free and will qualify you for a better.
deserved and would also qualify as overdue in the.
score is too low to qualify her for their best rate.
that you will qualify for other loans in the future.
I would like to qualify what I mean by second-rate.
Plainly speaking, he didn’t qualify for services.
speaking, would definitely qualify as a false wonder.
point where the Universe ends and that too I qualify.
‘’I must qualify your statement about that, miss.

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