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Frasi con quarry (in inglese)

  1. A good stone quarry in the.
  2. There was no sign of his quarry.
  3. He escaped the cells in the quarry.
  4. But they never stopped at the quarry.
  5. The men soon closed in on their quarry.

  6. That is how she will taste her quarry.
  7. His eyes never wavered from his quarry.
  8. We’re somewhat close to the quarry.
  9. We come to you on the way to our quarry.
  10. Word is that the quarry is fi lled with.
  11. But I’ve sent all the masons to the quarry.
  12. To the east, the Park was a vast dark quarry.
  13. I was told about what happened at the quarry.
  14. Intent on his quarry, he seemed not to see me.
  15. All that remained was for the quarry to appear.

  16. When he at last saw his quarry, he was saddened.
  17. We were about twenty feet from our quarry when.
  18. With the quarry work occurring there were fewer.
  19. Ben entered a wooden hut half way along the quarry.
  20. They regularly asked after their quarry, but –.
  21. She then ran up the slope leading out of the quarry.
  22. He’d climbed the high ridge above the quarry and.
  23. They followed us to the quarry and parked beside us.
  24. They looked frustrated because their quarry was gone.
  25. He had worked with such before in his fathers quarry.

  26. They exterminated him along with the original quarry.
  27. Red puffed up his feathers; and what of your quarry?
  28. David told us that on this property there was a quarry.
  29. It was Ralph who stopped the carts leaving the quarry.
  30. Good, thought Huck, they will bury it in the old quarry.
  31. As she neared her quarry the melody became more complex.
  32. Have you been to the quarry and back? asked Cardiff.
  33. A few hairs were all that remained of their rodent quarry.
  34. A line of Teriz entered the quarry quietly, in single fi le.
  35. Her quarry moved to his feet and rubbed his hands together.
  36. Most of the children go to the quarry at about the same time.
  37. Salander had only winged her quarry and that was not enough.
  38. The kestrels were disturbing, but Hazel had quarry for them.
  39. Corrente was impatient to lay his hands on his quarry, so it.
  40. Dunradin and enter the village from the woods above the quarry.
  41. As darkness fell the Teriz gathered in the quarry and prepared.
  42. Well for one there is a mine, well a quarry actually, where.
  43. The monks have been working this quarry for hundreds of years.
  44. His quarry lay still and now it was his life which was at stake.
  45. Branan decided that they should have a look at the quarry area.
  46. We fought a number of encounters, but our quarry still eluded us.
  47. It was nothing to do with justice, merely that he was the quarry.
  48. Far across the river, at the quarry, a huge cheer went up as the.
  49. Earl Roland has stopped the priory taking stone from its quarry.
  50. Brakes failed and they sailed off the motorway exit into a quarry.
  51. Zygmunt Rombalski was a quarry man whose specialty was rock drilling.
  52. He was outrunning them! His quarry! His one chance to prove himself!.
  53. Merthin, on his way to the priory’ s quarry, had been full of news.
  54. Seeing his quarry, Dorro gingerly moved towards the back of the shop.
  55. And there went up ten shining rectangular stones not hewn in a quarry.
  56. Before he could turn to look for his quarry Don's foot shot out from.
  57. Petrie writes : Allow me to note that in this quarry, described by Mr.
  58. As he came around a rather large piece of machinery he saw his quarry.
  59. No other quarry in my circumstances would have leapt to that suspicion.
  60. Ryzik’s identification of the green man’s quarry is likely correct.
  61. The Witch, mouth wide, savoring doom, wandered off into the marble quarry.
  62. It is a particularly precious quarry, as this area lies at the foot of Mt.
  63. Banks watched his quarry trying to rise and saw his window of opportunity.
  64. They had camped the night before in the forest a few miles from the quarry.
  65. He will accept 50,000 for the quarry but he will not do any of the repairs.
  66. We got out of the car and walked through some trees and there was the quarry.
  67. He was in luck; his quarry had waited for Shoop’s threat to the dark room.
  68. They continued to spin around the back streets for a while until his quarry.
  69. I’ve spent some of it, paying carters to bring the stones from the quarry.
  70. After all, my parents’ house was downwind from the quarry and the landfills.
  71. At a commercial quarry such drill holes could be utilized in two possible ways.
  72. They took her out of the city, towards the quarry just outside the Jaffa Gate.
  73. They took the base stone for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial from that quarry.
  74. Go to a quarry and see how incredibly hard it is to make anything out of stone.
  75. From time to time he saw a maned wolf wander into the quarry searching for food.
  76. Staring down at the paralysed quarry below, savouring the terror generated, the.
  77. My anonymous quarry took part in the conversation like an old friend, her voice.
  78. Mechanism as for spring snare, but here the quarry is tempted with a tasty morsel.
  79. There was a jogging trail that snaked through an old quarry near Rebecca’s house.
  80. He would be furious at the suggestion, but this quality he shared with his quarry.
  81. In the middle of the afternoon, the first of the carts arrived back from the quarry.
  82. Then, maybe then with luck, the real quarry could be tracked down and silenced too.
  83. Inside, asleep on the massively overstuffed paisley couch, he also found his quarry.
  84. He looked around and smiled, he loved being here in his quarry on top of the mountain.
  85. The men in the quarry looked up, alerted by the sound of horses, but no one approached.
  86. For his eighth man, he wanted a knowledgeable guide who could lead them to their quarry.
  87. They saw their quarry leave and pulled sneakily out of the layby to follow the black cab.
  88. In all instances, the ‗hound‘ had to be a dog built to outrun its quarry with speeds.
  89. The writer cocked his head, shifting his focus off his quarry and smiling at the principal.
  90. But I know nothing of such things except of course that I could tell a mine from a quarry.
  91. Herb was an interesting character who was always going on about the glories of his quarry.
  92. Then the school was moved to Iringa and the disused quarry at Kongwa remained but a dream.
  93. It meant that Gomes theoretically would never be without some sort of power in his quarry.
  94. Fishmael, however, was in it for the agony, loving every vibration of his tortured quarry.
  95. He hated the place fiercely but knew that there would be no other way to get to his quarry.
  96. Quarry: Area of land where stones were extracted for building various objects and buildings.
  97. Let us approach our usual quarry and see what the response of these dark predators shall be.
  98. More than fifty blocks had to be extracted from the quarry to find thirty perfect monoliths.
  99. He charged up to the gate as soon as he lost sight of his quarry, but lost him in the crowd.
  100. Within that small location can be found a stone quarry, asphalt business and three landfills.
  1. Convicts were, at that period, sometimes employed in quarrying stone from the lofty hills which environ Toulon, and it was not rare for them to have miners' tools at their command.
  2. As each year passes you will have learned some valuable trade experience such as building construction, blacksmithing, gardening, lumber making, boat construction, grain milling, quarrying and the like.
  1. Steatite is common, and is quarried in Litchfield.
  2. At their feet fell the precipice where the limestone was quarried away.
  3. What of that? Who's afraid of black's afraid of me! I'm quarried out of it!.
  4. An impressive structure of wood and quarried stone, with great windows, long.
  5. Four huge stones were piled on its flatbed, rough-hewn and incised with the mark of the man who had quarried them.
  6. It’s divided into sections; the hedged area with swings and benches and footpaths paved with quarried flagstones.
  7. Two guards dragged her through dark narrow hallways and down a dank stairway framed by walls of roughly quarried stone.
  8. As you know, the walls of our church at Lindisfarne were made of stone that had been quarried from an ancient Roman ruin.
  9. What a hot and strong grasp he had! and how like quarried marble was his pale, firm, massive front at this moment! How his eye shone, still.
  10. More likely, thought William, the towers had been quarried whole out of granite, and somewhere in Vermont twin holes plunged a thousand feet into the bedrock.
  11. That rose-colored stone, marked by dense swirling patterns and quarried from the de Castro Mountains in North Harchong, was the favorite medium of the Church’s sculptors and architects.
  12. The smallfolk hereabouts called it the Milkhouse, for its walls and keeps and towers were made of finely dressed white stone, quarried in the Vale and brought over the mountains at great expense.
  13. Some of the Storeton Stone, if free from clay galls, although very soft when quarried, becomes hardened by exposure, and will stand the weather much better than a harder and more pretentious material.
  14. Such portentous appetites had Queequeg and Tashtego, that to fill out the vacancies made by the previous repast, often the pale Dough-Boy was fain to bring on a great baron of salt-junk, seemingly quarried out of the solid ox.
  15. That the Pelasgicum was of considerable size is known from the fact that it was one of the sacred precincts occupied when the people came crowding in from the country at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, 117 and from the inscription 118 which forbade that stone should be quarried in or carried from the precinct, or that earth should be removed therefrom.
  16. Built by women for women’s use, the 6,000+-year-old ‘community centers’ that dot the islands were constructed of huge blocks of stone that had to be quarried, transported a great distance and raised, then fitted with incredible precision…in a period when no mechanical devices existed! Local legend tells of an Amazonian woman who carried the stones and set them in place.
  17. The sandstone is for the most part gray, in some parts spotted red and brown, forming, as the section represents, the last stratum seen; the beds of sandstone are but a few inches in thickness, and the last (17) becomes less than an inch; it is probable, however, from the relative situation, from the dip and direction, that these strata are a continuation of others seen on the other side of the hill, where they are of sufficient thickness to have been quarried for the purposes of architecture.
  1. There are no quarries on the island.
  2. There were also mines and stone quarries.
  3. I should think from the color of his clothes that he is working in the quarries.
  4. Her earlier intuition regarding quarries and chisels had been sharp--razor sharp.
  5. This method was not used at large quarries because they closed down for the winter.
  6. Horan has to go to the limestone quarries in Vermont, which is cost, time and trouble for him.
  7. Some quarries of this rock have been opened in Massachusetts; and in Vermont are extensively wrought.
  8. I have seen that done at the quarries when they were shy of gun powder to blast or lacked laborers to pound conical iron rods.
  9. The man was traveling from the stone quarries in Quincy, Massachusetts and they had agreed by mail upon the meeting time and date.
  10. He was employed at quarries during the warm weather months but had to search for other work when the quarry ceased operation in the winter.
  11. The fine stone employed in the construction was brought from quarries in Sweden, Scotland, Italy, Algeria, Finland, Spain, Belgium and France.
  12. Quarries do not use fire to a large extent because it is too expensive to pay laborers on a twenty-four hour a day basis to keep the fires fed.
  13. So Paul and Arthur scoured the coppices and woods and old quarries, so long as a blackberry was to be found, every week-end going on their search.
  14. It is also in the valley of this river, and not far from its famous passage through the Blue Ridge, that immense quarries of beautiful Breccia have been opened.
  15. Toutain had commenced researches in two necropoli of the city hoping to find tombs and epitaphs of the freedmen and slaves employed in the neighbouring quarries.
  16. He was called count, he was said to possess 50,000 livres per annum; and his father's immense riches, buried in the quarries of Saravezza, were a constant theme.
  17. Those members of the Cougourde of Aix who were in Paris then met on the plain of Issy, in one of the abandoned quarries which are so numerous in that side of Paris.
  18. Paths and lanes were constructed through which the granite blocks were moved after being transported from the quarries of Upper Egypt by boats traveling up the Nile.
  19. The city’s industry and quarries were located to the north, on the edge of the inhospitable and mysterious Northland, so that the approach from the south was unsullied.
  20. I may mention, however, that the quarries of Grinshill, between Shrewsbury and Hawkstone, yield a beautiful white sandstone, of a finer grain than Storeton, but of a similar quality.
  21. Most of you will, no doubt, have observed the sort of marbling or grain upon the stone of our old buildings, such as the Town-Hall, which I believe was obtained from quarries occupying the site of the St.
  22. A learned man, before whom the last circumstance was mentioned as a fact, declared he had seen the quarries in question, which gave great weight to assertions hitherto somewhat doubtful, but which now assumed the garb of reality.
  23. On Cefn Croes in Wales the developer built a complete concrete factory on the site, which is not unusual, as well as opened quarries to provide rock for new roads -- neither of which activities were part of the original planning application.
  24. Great stores of goods and food, and beer, were found that had been hidden away by the ruffians in sheds and barns and deserted holes, and especially in the tunnels at Michel Delving and in the old quarries at Scary; so that there was a great deal better cheer that Yule than anyone had hoped for.
  25. That close-shaven turf, those pebbly paths, that chalk, those pools, those harsh monotonies of waste and fallow lands, the plants of early market-garden suddenly springing into sight in a bottom, that mixture of the savage and the citizen, those vast desert nooks where the garrison drums practise noisily, and produce a sort of lisping of battle, those hermits by day and cut-throats by night, that clumsy mill which turns in the wind, the hoisting-wheels of the quarries, the tea-gardens at the corners of the cemeteries; the mysterious charm of great, sombre walls squarely intersecting immense, vague stretches of land inundated with sunshine and full of butterflies,—all this attracted him.

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