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Frasi con kill (in inglese)

  1. I had time to kill.
  2. I want to kill him.
  3. We have to kill Him.
  4. He was out to kill.
  5. Now I can kill them.

  6. She means to kill us.
  7. It was an easy kill.
  8. Law says to kill her.
  9. He will not kill me.
  10. He means to kill me!.
  11. I wanted to kill you.
  12. We have to kill him.
  13. I will kill you all.
  14. Open its mouth to kill.
  15. I wanted to kill them.

  16. He had an hour to kill.
  17. He let them kill him.
  18. He cant kill her now.
  19. But how to kill myself.
  20. They came to kill her.
  21. I would kill them all.
  22. Kill him if he resists.
  23. To live he had to kill.
  24. Kill every one of them.
  25. He wanted to kill me.

  26. He tried to kill me.
  27. The Plot to Kill Jesus.
  28. They will kill me for.
  29. You could kill us both.
  30. Kill him? No, too easy.
  31. It is wrong to kill men.
  32. I’m going to kill you.
  33. Or else I’ll kill you.
  34. I was going to kill you.
  35. I need you to kill me.
  36. She's trying to kill us.
  37. She wanted to kill me.
  38. My father would kill me.
  39. I didn’t kill her baby.
  40. I’ll kill you one day.
  41. Now, he had to kill her.
  42. I’m going to kill him.
  43. They want to kill me.
  44. He’d tried to kill me.
  45. My father will kill you.
  46. Hah, why kill of course.
  47. If she resists kill her.
  48. Kill this desire to fly.
  49. So who did he kill?
  50. My wife dresses to kill.
  51. Thats it, Rhone! Kill it.
  52. He was going to kill her.
  53. She was going to kill Rex.
  54. No, he would not kill me.
  55. He was going to kill you.
  56. I kill because I like it.
  57. Not bothered by the kill.
  58. Vernon wanted to kill me.
  59. They intended to kill him.
  60. I couldn’t kill my time.
  61. I didn't mean to kill him.
  62. The Romans could kill him.
  63. You hear? I will kill you.
  64. Losing Kate would kill me.
  65. They wanted me to kill it.
  66. It could kill you at any.
  67. They wanted to kill us.
  68. And then you will kill us.
  69. He knew he had to kill it.
  70. You can kill me or use me.
  71. David would not kill Saul.
  72. She’s going to kill me!.
  73. Maybe I should kill him.
  74. This will kill your thirst.
  75. Tell me or I will kill you.
  76. Try not to kill either man.
  77. The lion will kill you here.
  78. If I had to kill a man in.
  79. Look, Rachel, go kill them.
  80. She choose to kill instead.
  81. They were going to kill us.
  82. Ansh: but they will kill us.
  83. They're going to kill him.
  84. Yes you did kill someone.
  85. Option one I could kill him.
  86. They would kill each other.
  87. He had some hours to kill.
  88. She expected it to kill you.
  89. How dare he kill my father?
  90. You could always kill her.
  91. I didn't kill her, you did.
  92. Evans, I will kill your son.
  93. To kill as many as they can.
  94. One of you wants to kill me.
  95. I KNEW he didn't kill her!.
  96. I have to kill this bastard.
  97. My mother would kill me.
  98. I want to kill a couple next.
  99. I prayed for God to kill me.
  100. We can’t kill women, Adem.
  1. My legs are killing me.
  2. You are killing me now.
  3. That is ALL killing me?
  4. Not killing them to eat.
  5. His back was killing him.
  6. I loved killing bad guys.
  7. To them: killing was fun.
  8. He's very good at killing.
  9. My sandals are killing me.
  10. My feet are killing me.
  11. The Killing season is over.
  12. I prefer killing this way.
  13. Killing her would be easy.
  14. This was the killing stroke.
  15. This waiting is killing me.
  16. If it is just killing time.
  17. This was no random killing.
  18. This heat is killing me.
  19. These hills are killing me.
  20. Killing is the only answer.
  21. As a way to keep on killing.
  22. That meant a lot of killing.
  23. The suspense was killing me.
  24. Killing the undead was now.
  25. The memories are killing me.
  26. They loved to watch killing.
  27. Therefore the killing of Mr.
  28. This time he was killing her.
  29. The suspense was killing him.
  30. Killing them is a grave sin.
  31. Killing has lost its lustre.
  32. The Killing of Able by Cain.
  33. Killing outlaws to make money.
  34. I would still be killing him.
  35. Killing would cross the line.
  36. In the art of killing enemies.
  37. You’re killing me over here.
  38. Even if it meant killing them.
  39. Well, they started the killing.
  40. Killing you will not help you.
  41. I was only capable of killing.
  42. Just let them stop killing.
  43. The irony here was killing me.
  44. Killing Hurts the Killer, not.
  45. This feeling is killing me.
  46. Hey, this tie’s killing me.
  47. The Killing Grounds of Lebanon.
  48. This man was killing me slowly.
  49. We just were killing ourselves.
  50. No one enjoys killing an enemy.
  51. It was killing him emotionally.
  52. A proof of their killing power.
  53. But why was he killing blacks?
  54. Not without killing Hoenir, too.
  55. Help me! They’re killing me.
  56. Let's not have any more killing.
  57. Fritz is still killing teachers.
  58. When there came a killing frost.
  59. Killing them off in a few years.
  60. Yeah, and it is killing me today.
  61. This instant shit is killing me.
  62. Killing is not a pretty business.
  63. This proves that the killing of.
  64. So they began killing each other.
  65. You’re killing me little one.
  66. Killing you is much, much easier.
  67. But I have had enough of killing.
  68. I—I think about killing myself.
  69. The caged bird blindly killing.
  70. My job was killing, not teaching.
  71. He cursed me for killing his son.
  72. Killing me doesn’t change that.
  73. God, these straps are killing me.
  74. Son was not killing his opponents.
  75. I remembered seeing one killing.
  76. He started by killing them first.
  77. Not being with you is killing me.
  78. Again – instead of killing him.
  79. The brutal killing of the little.
  80. Killing really is a man’s thing.
  81. She was used to killing in battle.
  82. War should not be about killing.
  83. There are alternatives to killing.
  84. That's where the idea of killing.
  85. The pain and cold are killing him.
  86. Some men claimed killing was easy.
  87. Even if it was killing him inside.
  88. The cord itself was a killing not.
  89. You have a motive for killing him.
  90. The killing before me needed done.
  91. And that’s for killing Simon.
  92. I’ve seen it when he’s killing.
  93. As opposed to simply killing her.
  94. Killing it, slowly, softly, surely.
  95. All this killing is getting boring.
  96. Bloodlust; the killing of innocents.
  97. Maybe she was killing herself, too.
  98. Stop it, you’re killing us all.
  99. Doesn’t it ever? Killing a kid.
  100. Please, Chessy, no more killing.
  1. I know I killed her.
  2. He was killed by a U.
  3. I had killed the one.
  4. They killed some of us.
  5. Killed him in the end.
  6. He killed Bobby for it.
  7. Be aware, or be killed.
  8. He is not to be killed.
  9. And then you killed him.
  10. He could have killed us.
  11. All had been killed by.
  12. I could have killed him.
  13. It killed me to leave.
  14. When the boy was killed.
  15. You nearly killed us all.
  16. Not when Louk was killed.
  17. He must have been killed.
  18. But Raven had killed him.
  19. This will get you killed.
  20. All on board were killed.
  21. Once you have killed 839.
  22. They have all been killed.
  23. The one you nearly killed.
  24. Of course, that I killed.
  25. My wife was killed some.
  26. She killed my best friend.
  27. Lives than he killed lives.
  28. We would have killed them.
  29. You could have killed her.
  30. The fast water killed him.
  31. It has killed many others.
  32. One was killed by a bullet.
  33. They would have killed her.
  34. He’d killed his own wife.
  35. You still killed my father.
  36. He had never killed before.
  37. The other dogs were killed.
  38. But your father killed her.
  39. You killed my only child.
  40. I nearly got us all killed.
  41. He was bayoneted and killed.
  42. That should have killed her.
  43. When he is killed in a flash.
  44. That was what had killed him.
  45. She was killed in the alley.
  46. They have killed their own.
  47. Farm girl had killed Serena.
  48. She had killed King Maurice.
  49. He killed him in cold blood.
  50. Or they could get her killed.
  51. A drunk driver killed her.
  52. Why hadn’t he killed him?
  53. Killed two of those bastards.
  54. Syd near killed my Joshua.
  55. Prestley, or God killed Jesus.
  56. She said you killed her!.
  57. You know, when he was killed.
  58. They would kill or be killed.
  59. Dan Arkin was killed with a.
  60. Sadly, he was killed in the.
  61. He was killed for nothing.
  62. His friends have been killed.
  63. My head man, they killed him.
  64. It could have killed you all.
  65. You’re going to get killed.
  66. The other was killed by Bill.
  67. Many of our ranks were killed.
  68. The Justicars killed them all.
  69. He was killed in an avalanche.
  70. He killed the town’s hero.
  71. The old gal that got killed.
  72. The War of 1812 killed 19,000.
  73. I had killed more men than I.
  74. They haven’t killed her yet.
  75. We thought you were killed.
  76. She was killed by her husband.
  77. He was killed by unfriendlies.
  78. He almost killed her in there.
  79. I thought they had killed you.
  80. He had killed her only friend.
  81. You bastards nearly killed me.
  82. God, I could’ve been killed.
  83. Killed every last one of them.
  84. I have no idea who killed him.
  85. He killed one giant, but the.
  86. That man killed our town dog.
  87. He said that he killed Dale in.
  88. Didn’t we? We killed them.
  89. You raped and killed my mother.
  90. He…was killed here in Skyrim.
  91. That killer kitty killed her!.
  92. But I have never killed anyone.
  93. But since she hadn’t killed.
  94. But, still, he killed Limpy.
  95. It nearly killed us my friend.
  96. It was my blood that killed her.
  97. I've probably even killed a few.
  98. I killed my master in his sleep.
  99. I should have killed the bastard.
  100. Are you sure he killed Dan?
  1. It kills me that I.
  2. The shot that kills him.
  3. What if she kills him?
  4. If he kills them, what.
  5. It kills you with a style.
  6. Honor kills in the name of x.
  7. That kills you all the same.
  8. It really kills the moment).
  9. Money in sport kills the sport.
  10. See, this one kills trolls.
  11. Then, in 2008, he kills again.
  12. You got more kills than anyone.
  13. It is the consolation that kills.
  14. Good Stress and Stress that Kills.
  15. Cold or hot water kills the yeast.
  16. Any cubs not sired by him he kills.
  17. I’d had a lot of confirmed kills.
  18. I'll get that place if it kills you.
  19. Are you saying he kills them?
  20. How Linden Kills the Thing She Loves.
  21. You got more kills than anyone.
  22. Woundings were common and kills rare.
  23. He loves to argue oh and it kills me.
  24. NKM is a poison which slowly kills us.
  25. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you that kills.
  26. Blood that he kills to take and drink.
  27. I would have to pay dearly for my kills.
  28. As the old saying goes, Stress kills.
  29. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem that kills the.
  30. That beggar by the door kills my heart.
  31. Hunger kills the pacifist in us all.
  32. Perhaps not near the creature’s kills.
  33. Through it, God kills two birds with the.
  34. Nothing kills a business faster than debt.
  35. Capitalism's final goal: winner kills all.
  36. The purpose actually kills the endeavor.
  37. A winner is a killer who kills by winning.
  38. One of his favorite kills and photographs.
  39. To prove that this concoction kills dogs?
  40. That which you are afraid of kills you.
  41. A rifle is a machine that wounds and kills.
  42. I know of at least three kills on your head.
  43. Money, and the lack of it, literally kills.
  44. Gosh, I hope this isn’t where he kills me.
  45. Then, they gave eight kills to that teenager.
  46. It is not I that kills them, if indeed they.
  47. Mercysssss, Mercyssssss! Donssss kills mes.
  48. The hunters use them to designate their kills.
  49. I was worried about the deliberate road kills.
  50. It kills me to say it, but I don’t think so.
  51. Two of their most important kills, was in Yemen.
  52. And I want him caught before he kills again.
  53. Ricin kills over a period of hours, even a day.
  54. I still blame them for robbing us of our kills.
  55. Mac sees through the seduction and kills Rowena.
  56. I know where to obtain a weapon that kills Fae.
  57. Every energy which kills them is POSITIVE ENERGY.
  58. Selfishness leads to grief; perpetual care kills.
  59. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you that kills the prophets.
  60. But if someone else cuts your throat and kills you.
  61. Kills most of the ants, disregarding those still.
  62. If evil cannot do that: it kills itself instantly.
  63. She has failed him and, for this, Gelahn kills her.
  64. I wonder if its the familiarity that kills desire.
  65. They’d been clean kills in an airport parking lot.
  66. Not often I see her upstairs, it kills her to climb.
  67. The Word kiss not kills in power and life in motion.
  68. I took it and wound up getting a bunch of kills on it.
  69. I’d had even more kills in Ramadi than in Fallujah.
  70. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem that kills the prophets, and.
  71. Lion kills by hunters were considered valued trophies.
  72. I don’t care who kills her; I just want her dead.
  73. Civilization crushes, kills, and buries all new ideas.
  74. Flee from the thing that kills everything in its path.
  75. Siegfried, having learnt Mime's intentions, kills him.
  76. A psychopath is heartless, kills with knives and guns.
  77. So he kills her, then paints that slogan on the walls.
  78. I had roughly twenty confirmed kills while I was there.
  79. As you know, I’m sure, Punch kills Judy and her baby.
  80. If you need witnesses to your kills, just call us, out.
  81. Thus the answer is not how many kills but who you kill.
  82. Who will it be: the one who kills and destroys or the.
  83. Then he kills me, Malcolm shook his head and sighed.
  84. Avoid using anything with Urea in it as it kills the soil.
  85. This kills me, that’s what I make of it, she said.
  86. Love never kills the innocent to save other innocent ones.
  87. If he kills me, he's only killing the enchanted image of.
  88. She kills for fun and she doesn’t preselect her victims.
  89. The day offers thanks to the higher power and kills turkies.
  90. Unlike the Gray Man, she usually quickly kills her victims.
  91. It’s no’ about who saves Christian and kills the Hag.
  92. One never kills innocent ones to kill the, per se, bad ones.
  93. He’s abandoned at birth and unwittingly kills his father.
  94. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem that kills the prophets, and stones.
  95. Before she kills you, or those little boys are beyond repair.
  96. I am to stage an accident that kills you and your family but.
  97. Smoking is a wrong thing: it makes others suffer and it kills.
  98. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that kills the prophets, and stones.
  99. Execution kills instantly, life-imprisonment kills by degrees.
  100. Q: Nature kills by the millions, but this does not frighten me.

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