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    1. The villages quieten as he began to speak

    2. The ringing sound made everybody quieten down and take notice, their faces turned towards him in eager anticipation

    3. “Where I said he would be large as life and wearing more foliage than a bloody May Day Queen, it was hard for me to spot him at first now do quieten down and let me concentrate

    4. But I was determined to get back to our lines and find another way to kill the little shit so I lay as flat as I could and waited for things to quieten down again

    5. Grindel nodded at his guards and they moved forward to quieten the crowd, beating those that continued to shout

    6. Grindel mounted the rock platform that Cherva's minions had constructed and waited for the badgers ranked around him to quieten down

    7. stop it? There must be a way to quieten the mind

    8. Turning the boy around so both of them faced the birds, Simon held his hand, more to quieten the tremble in his own fingers than to give reassurance

    9. lifted a hand to quieten him as he listened intently

    10. He held up his hands to quieten them down, and the room gradually settled back down

    11. in the same way if you quieten your mind, it becomes the

    12. After you get off the phone, just quieten down, and just worship the Lord, and just sense - what are you feeling in your spirit? I'll give you an example

    13. She had to quieten herself before hoisting herself through the hatch into the kitchen

    14. Doesn’t that explain the ever-growing corruption in all societies? But the vast majority, without access to that extra pie, is the most vocal against corruption in society! Give them half a chance to line their pockets, and they’re sure to quieten down like kitten

    15. Thus we see that for Pranayam we have to quieten the leanings, stop the flow of ideas, and

    16. I tried to put my hand to her lips to quieten her, but only managed to wave it uselessly in her direction

    17. David was trying to quieten him

    18. He closed his eyes to quieten his mind and took a few deep breaths to steady his heart

    19. It took all of his effort to quieten them again

    20. using it to quieten his woes earlier, it was necessary to get the information they needed

    21. Raising a hand to quieten everyone, their plans had not foreseen this

    22. was irrelevant, needing answers to quieten the storm within

    23. precaution to quieten the noise of their passing

    24. Things started to quieten down, and you could hear a lot of shushing going on

    25. The minister knew the best way to quieten every one down

    26. group almost a minute to quieten down after that display

    27. Looking around frantically for a taxi, the street appeared to quieten down almost immediately

    28. I picked her up to quieten her

    29. Even so, Forsberg thought he was doing some good, especially when he used his old classroom authority to quieten hysterical children, or when he handled crisis situations out in the field

    30. The man only told the Haverly boys to quieten down

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    hush hush up quieten shut up silence still calm calm down lull quiet tranquilize tranquillise tranquillize pipe down quiesce quiet down