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Frasi con quiet (in inglese)

  1. It was dark and quiet.
  2. He was the quiet one.
  3. It was quiet up here.
  4. It was quiet and dark.
  5. We need to be quiet.

  6. It is a quiet affair.
  7. You have to be quiet.
  8. It was nice and quiet.
  9. All quiet on Howth now.
  10. It was quiet and calm.
  11. It was quiet so quiet.
  12. He’s quiet for a bit.
  13. Follow me and be quiet.
  14. After that it was quiet.
  15. Caddies had to be quiet.

  16. We were quiet for a bit.
  17. The other end was quiet.
  18. He was quiet for awhile.
  19. I stayed quiet as well.
  20. She was cold and quiet.
  21. The shop was very quiet.
  22. The ride was a quiet one.
  23. The room had grown quiet.
  24. The room went dead quiet.
  25. Oh, gone real quiet now.

  26. It looks nice and quiet.
  27. The statue was now quiet.
  28. The ramp was very quiet.
  29. Very quiet way up there.
  30. It was quiet for a while.
  31. It was public but quiet.
  32. Yet, he just kept quiet.
  33. The room was very quiet.
  34. He was quiet for a moment.
  35. It was quiet for a moment.
  36. Duct tape kept her quiet.
  37. For a while all was quiet.
  38. And the quiet is nice.
  39. It was quiet as I waited.
  40. The cavern was not quiet.
  41. It was quiet in the camp.
  42. The whole room went quiet.
  43. I strove to quiet myself.
  44. He was a quiet young man.
  45. It is really quiet simple.
  46. The crowd was quiet again.
  47. Wendy was quiet for awhile.
  48. He fell quiet for a spell.
  49. The house was eerily quiet.
  50. The whole house was quiet.
  51. I need to leave the Quiet.
  52. She sighed, but kept quiet.
  53. It grew quiet between them.
  54. A quiet smile on his lips.
  55. And then it was very quiet.
  56. Even the crows were quiet.
  57. It looked quiet out there.
  58. He was quiet most of the.
  59. The room was so quiet he.
  60. Then it gets really quiet.
  61. And my dog was real quiet.
  62. Outside the camp was quiet.
  63. It was peaceful and quiet.
  64. Even Leslie had gone quiet.
  65. Misfortune was a quiet man.
  66. Her mind was quiet, serene.
  67. The forest was eerily quiet.
  68. It was almost eerily quiet.
  69. I like those quiet manners.
  70. To keep quiet and help her.
  71. The stadium was oddly quiet.
  72. The room was suddenly quiet.
  73. And the streets were quiet.
  74. The ocean was quiet and a.
  75. Its a quick and quiet ride.
  76. But we could keep it quiet.
  77. On the cheap, on the quiet.
  78. Tom had to be very quiet!.
  79. Pastel was quiet for a time.
  80. Suddenly it was dead quiet.
  81. Mahli was in quiet voiced.
  82. See! She was quiet too long.
  83. It was quiet, but distinct.
  84. As usual, the road is quiet.
  85. Titania sat still and quiet.
  86. Frank wanted rest and quiet.
  87. It’s dead quiet in there.
  88. All was quiet on this side.
  89. Now be quiet said Fred.
  90. It was all very quiet and.
  91. All day long there was quiet.
  92. I stayed quiet on that point.
  93. Just as she was in the Quiet.
  94. She was quiet and reserved.
  95. The house was dark and quiet.
  96. The bar room was still quiet.
  97. It’d been a quiet morning.
  98. I love how quiet it is here.
  99. As they ate, they grew quiet.
  100. When the house is quiet,.
  1. For quieting it what is the.
  2. He held his hands up, quieting the crowd.
  3. But they succeeded somehow in quieting him down.
  4. His equanimous passion quieting her spiraling forlornness.
  5. Meditation is the prowess of quieting the mind so that you turn aware.
  6. Whatever energy Etienne has left goes into quieting the noise in his head.
  7. Shhh, here he comes, said Brian, quieting the Frank talk at the table.
  8. Let me explain it first, Sheila said, quieting the sudden barrage of chatter.
  9. To the front the main road was busy from 7:30 in the morning quieting after 7 at night.
  10. He raised his hand for attention, quieting the inquisitive questions of the minions of the media.
  11. Age may, no doubt, improve some of the portraits of this class by quieting them in colour and tone.
  12. The excitement seemed now to have the effect of quieting her unstrung nerves and carrying her through.
  13. Probably seeing what was happening, Ivar lunged over to Lucia and held his hand over her mouth, quieting her cries.
  14. Most of the journey of learning to hear is about being aware that he wants to speak and is speaking, and then quieting ourselves to hear.
  15. He stepped under the porch and rested his head against the cold, damp wood of the thick front door, quieting his memories and savoring the moment at hand.
  16. Even though things were quieting down at Ozone, every day brought new information to us that indicated that the 222 Revolution was gaining worldwide momentum.
  17. Dilcey, silent too, guided the child’s mouth back, quieting him in her arms as Scarlett listened to the slow scuffing of Mammy’s feet across the back yard.
  18. This has been verified by experiments that measure brainwaves, heart rates, and other physical changes that result from deep meditation and quieting of the mind.
  19. It can’t be that easy!!! But I can physically feel my mind quieting; it feels like thousands of loud washing machines progressively stopping one after the other.
  20. Quieting him with a word of command and a caress, I looked hurriedly through the approaching gloom for a sign of Dejah Thoris, and then, not seeing her, I called her name.
  21. She had worn, all the time that she was quieting her nerves, a look of anxiety into the midst of which would break every now and then the kindest and briefest of whimsical smiles.
  22. Reaching his horse he paused to ascertain that the blacks were not sneaking after him, and then he climbed into the saddle and stood upright on it, quieting the uneasy steed with a low word.
  23. She lay, now and again thumping her heart in tambourine hysteria, then, quieting, the slow sad thoughts of bronze childhood when everything was sun on green trees and sun on water and sun on blond child hair.
  24. She lay, now and again thumping her heart in tambourine hysteria, then, quieting, the slow sad thoughts of bronze childhood when everything was sun on green trees and sun on water and sun on blonde child hair.
  25. The universal toleration which the laws of the United States assure to every religious persuasion, will not escape you as an argument for quieting the minds of uninformed individuals, who may entertain fears on that head.
  26. But the sun was down at last, dew was falling and quieting the dust, and the final journey to the restaurant car had been made, a journey on which it was Ingeborg who opened the doors and nobody helped anybody at the crossings.
  27. Every initiation carries a quieting, but the final one, which marks the achievement by the being of the state of the Mahatma – the Great Soul – gives a person the greatest possible sense of perfection and joy of the achieved.
  28. The acrid taste of the quieting serpent overpowered him as he felt his teeth against bone but his commitment was total and with the help of the powerful dog the deadly jaws loosened, ripping tortured flesh as they gave up their purchase.
  29. This might have been one of the chicks that I had held close to my chest, quieting her peeps with my gentle strokes and soft words, putting it to sleep by rocking my hips back and forth, like I had watched Mom do with Jason only a few years before.
  30. Rocinante took fright at the noise of the water and of the blows, but quieting him Don Quixote advanced step by step towards the houses, commending himself with all his heart to his lady, imploring her support in that dread pass and enterprise, and on the way commending himself to God, too, not to forget him.
  1. His mind had quieted down.
  2. The crowd had finally quieted.
  3. The shooting had quieted down.
  4. Vince quieted her with his mouth.
  5. Any noise in the room had quieted.
  6. The crowd quieted for the most part.
  7. Sean quieted down, without hesitation.
  8. Her cries quieted into softer sniffles.
  9. The wind quieted down to nonexistence.
  10. She quieted down and calmly told him:.
  11. Thereafter, I quieted down considerably.
  12. Thereat were quieted the fleecy cheeks.
  13. Once the girls quieted down Tori told.
  14. That quieted the rabble down, he thought.
  15. His name was good to hear, Janice quieted.
  16. The audience quieted immediately and sat.
  17. He was calmed and quieted by his own words.
  18. The professor waited until the room quieted.
  19. After being quieted on the course, the Ego.
  20. With the room finally quieted down, he began.
  21. The ringing quieted down into a dead silence.
  22. Suddenly, the Café quieted and stopped moving.
  23. The voices quieted and the library melted away.
  24. When he hit the water, the harmony was quieted.
  25. She quieted her engine to better hear a noise.
  26. Eventually, his hurt quieted, his body stilled.
  27. When my sobs quieted he moved me away from him.
  28. Deville bowed his head until the class quieted.
  29. Slowly, his thoughts quieted and his eyes settled.
  30. He took another deep breath as the crowd quieted.
  31. She finally quieted, but it was already too late.
  32. The organ music quieted and a gentle voice said:.
  33. Domino quieted them down with a wave of his hand.
  34. Many minutes passed before he quieted and raised.
  35. Why am I here, the voice quieted her to shore.
  36. The crowd quieted and the next Cheerlady had her turn.
  37. A dog barked somewhere ahead but was quieted quickly.
  38. Shh, Isis quieted him, pulling him closer to her.
  39. Schmatzenbladder, relieved to have quieted the throng.
  40. Our voices quieted as we heard some of the men praying.
  41. Eventually, the tears dried up and the sobs quieted to.
  42. The crowd quieted immediately when George began to sing.
  43. They quieted upon his approach and snapped to attention.
  44. Then he tapped on a microphone and the crowd quieted down.
  45. When the room had quieted down Sylvia stood for attention.
  46. Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, We.
  47. Sim quieted, and images, out of the terror, floated to him.
  48. We quieted down for a short while but then we resumed our.
  49. The men huddled together and mumbled away in quieted voice.
  50. The hubbub that filled the room quieted as he announced:.
  51. The genial tobacco seemed to have quieted his nerves, and.
  52. The Olympians quieted down to listen to Ares’s next words.
  53. I waved my hands over my head and that quieted some of them.
  54. The crowd quieted and the reporter got his story and picture.
  55. The dragons keening became very loud and the babies quieted.
  56. When things quieted down, I stood up and pulled out the casing.
  57. The room quieted, and Bendinger asked if the jury had a verdict.
  58. The words quieted as Eric followed the light of his realization.
  59. After about 30 seconds I held up my hand and they quieted down.
  60. The men quieted down when they heard Frank announce his promotion.
  61. Nangong Mistress was quieted for awhile before she nodded her head.
  62. But, you haven’t… Alvin started, but was quickly quieted.
  63. Her raised hands quieted the crowd until she could talk above them.
  64. A murmur of optimism circled the room and quieted at Vivian’s feet.
  65. Instead, he petted and stroked and gradually quieted himself over it.
  66. Gradually, his breathing quieted and his pulse rate returned to normal.
  67. She quieted, but her fingers kept opening and closing on the tablecloth.
  68. Her weeping quieted a small bit, and she whispered, This is so wrong.
  69. But experienced meditators tell us that indeed the mind can be quieted.
  70. When things quieted down, I stood up and pulled out the casing.
  71. That’s when she realized the pandemonium beyond the caravan had quieted.
  72. Kevin didn’t like it, but he quieted down when she pulled the iPad out.
  73. Through her now quieted sobs against Elm's chest she knew she was moving.
  74. The respect he commanded was obvious; his quavering voice quieted the mob.
  75. The water quieted and the unfeeling beast sank beneath the bloody surface.
  76. As soon as she hit, the world dimmed, quieted, and ultimately disappeared.
  77. At this stage, the mind has been quieted, and in the stillness it produces.
  78. Finally, the crowd quieted, and those with chairs sat down, all except Clint.
  79. The classroom quieted and the children paid close attention to the board as Mr.
  80. I quieted my Breath, near stopp’d my Heart, until the Ruffians all departed.
  81. The great room quieted and they all waited expectantly for what they knew was.
  82. Johnson’s voice quieted to a pleasant tone, like that of father to his child.
  83. Finally Orphenn’s eyes opened, and the thrashing quieted, but the sobbing and.
  84. Presently, as Jo's sobs quieted, he said hopefully, I don't think she will die.
  85. Arriving back at the briefing tent; I looked around the room, and it quieted down.
  86. His conversation with the president and the fresh air quieted Nekhludoff a little.
  87. When I finally quieted down I realised that Berta had somehow embraced me in her.
  88. After a while he quieted them down and I noticed his command with kids was supreme.
  89. As their screaming voices quieted they became aware of yet another horrible thing.
  90. At length, the breakfasters quieted down, rushed back to their tables and began to.
  91. The assembly quieted down a little, although they were pretty subdued to begin with.
  92. Things quieted down again after that so much so that she wondered if her users had.
  93. The judge rapped his gravel but the crowd was in an uproar and would not be quieted.
  94. Above, and beyond us, in the tunnel, the rumble of rocks and earth shifting quieted.
  95. After a while, the hum of the airplane quieted as the pilot started to cut the power.
  96. She was an altered creature, quieted, stupefied, indifferent to everything that passed.
  97. But Gabriel Andersen quieted his heart, whispering softly, They know not what they do.
  98. Finally the studio quieted again as the audience began to settle back into their seats.
  99. When everything was quieted they told us we might go back to bed, as the ship was safe.
  100. Were we there I wondered when the car quieted followed by the sound of doors being opened.
  1. The class settles in and quiets as Mr.
  2. And the next few moments the crowd quiets down in hushed awe.
  3. The baby quiets down instantly when it finds the familiar nipple of its mother, who now is silently shedding her own river of tears, tears of joy and also tears of guilt.
  4. Further, this is normally an opportune time to purchase options as volatility often moves to very low levels as the market quiets down and moves into this trading range.

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