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Frasi con lull (in inglese)

  1. During a lull in the.
  2. He was waiting for a lull.
  3. If she could only lull well.
  4. A lull had fallen upon them.
  5. I waited for a tiny lull in.

  6. Nearly Out of the Summer Lull.
  7. In the lull that preceded the.
  8. After the lull came the tempest.
  9. After a lull in the conversation.
  10. The bil owy waves had come to a lull.
  11. There was a lull in the conversation.
  12. I should really love the summer lull.
  13. This lull in communication was due to.
  14. After a few more booms there was a lull.
  15. There was a lull and the shuffling ceased.

  16. At the time, there was a temporary lull in.
  17. Then there was a lull, and in a few moments.
  18. Nancy finally heard a lull in all the chattering.
  19. Taking advantage of the lull in the fighting, Lt.
  20. Soon, there was a lull in the number of customers.
  21. There was a lull and I screwed my eyes tightly shut.
  22. There was a lull in the action, as we savored what.
  23. There is an unnatural lull in the morning bird song.
  24. There was for a while a lull in the assault, since.
  25. There was still a strange lull in the conversation.

  26. Pliny the Elder wrote that a woman could lull a storm.
  27. Not to mention his ability to lull the truth from her.
  28. At a lull in the entertainment the man looked at me and.
  29. When there was a lull, she said, You’re right, Mick.
  30. There was a lull and then the scraping sound was repeated.
  31. The lull in quiet ended when it was time to part ways for.
  32. I waited until there was a complete lull in traffic to stop.
  33. A brief lull in the conversation snapped him back to reality.
  34. Then, on occasion, a lull might set in: a test that was looming.
  35. Taking advantage of a lull in their discussions, Tom interrupted.
  36. Thankfully, there was a lull in the number of patrons in the area.
  37. At some point the price will stop falling and there will be a lull.
  38. Whenever there was a slight lull or a small problem in my progress.
  39. Nathaniel said they were in the midst of the lull before the storm.
  40. A lull in the conversation allowed Tom to ask how a resourceful and.
  41. I knew that the lull in quiet within the pool area was only temporary.
  42. Then came a momentary lull, such as is often observed in revival seasons.
  43. When conversation at our table reaches a lull, I hear every word they say.
  44. It was all in the other quarter that, after a lull, the grossness broke out.
  45. There is an old saying in Tarden, he said during a lull in Hanor’s.
  46. So, he allowed himself to lull his conscience when she made the arrangements.
  47. That done, she laid it in her arms, and sang to it softly, to lull it to sleep.
  48. He had been president during a relative lull in the violence, from 1850 to 1853.
  49. During a brief lull in the sound he said, ‘There’s someone I need to talk to.
  50. I cannot believe you just did that, said Brian during a lull in the traffic.
  51. Maggie was left with the rocking of the wagon and the lull of the noises outside.
  52. I lull the cat into a false sense of security by combing her for twenty minutes.
  53. About an hour and a half into our time together, we had a major lull in the traffic.
  54. During a lull in the scrapping, a lone German wandered too near, and we collared him.
  55. Then he let the subject drop, leaving a lull in the conversation before she spoke up.
  56. She continued to ponder his plans, when the battle at the Rift entered a sudden lull.
  57. During a lull in the uneventful afternoon, a plan coalesced in Schnottweiper’s mind.
  58. During a lull in my career as a teacher, I worked as a messenger for a courier service.
  59. The Keeper shook his head, face showing no change, calm as the lull of the evening tide.
  60. Through the speaker on his iPod, the cellist bursts out of a lull with a crisp flourish.
  61. But when the time came as a lull in the storm of sickness, he found it was still no use.
  62. His concern was to get to the old Dutchman’s cave while there was a lull in the storm.
  63. I couldn’t deny her that and I nodded my acceptance of a temporary lull in the action.
  64. I called the police, and during a lull in breakfast activity took the part-time cook and.
  65. During a lull in the conversation, I asked, Does anyone have any idea where I can buy.
  66. That was the way it would go—a lull, followed by an intense exchange, then another lull.
  67. He knocked until his hands hurt and waited for some lull in the noise, but there was none.
  68. She had allowed his lack of emotion to lull her into believing he lacked interest as well.
  69. Look at the couple on that table, said Stan covertly during a lull in the conversation.
  70. Pon and Kim had been discussing what to do during the lull, which had lasted well over an hour.
  71. Both sides were motionless, resting, restoring their strength with the brief lull in the battle.
  72. Later, during a lull in the calls, Ethan said, You seem convinced your ex-husband didn't do it.
  73. That was the way it would go—a lull, followed by an intense exchange, then another lull.
  74. This left Mark with no response, and Yazadril hurried to fill the awkward lull in the conversation.
  75. A brief lull settled over the square as Lalea went to gather the final Knot for their presentation.
  76. The song of the poplars would lull her thoughts and she loved to hear the players learning their lines.
  77. It was early morning now and the excitement of his story, once finished, brought a lull to the campfire.
  78. There came a lull in the firing, and with all of us more or less badly shaken there was a queer silence.
  79. They mesmerized me, pulling me into a hypnotic lull as they played over his well-muscled arms and torso.
  80. The children lay silent in suspense, waiting for a lull in the wind to hear what their father was doing.
  81. We’d engaged a bunch of insurgents, killing quite a few, and were waiting through a lull in the action.
  82. In fact, on this night, it’s clicking was about to lull me to sleep when I heard Harv’s terrifying shout.
  83. The bells seemed to have distracted Johnny's motive, so she used the lull in his senses to pry the knife free.
  84. The wind had been powerful on the steps, but on the platform, under the lee of the carriages, there was a lull.
  85. We’d engaged a bunch of insurgents, killing quite a few, and were waiting through a lull in the action.
  86. The noise managed to lull her, appeasing her briefly in her dilemma over her role within the Lakellers society.
  87. The word is evidently connected with the verb "leleyat" to fondle or soothe, likewise with our own word "to lull.
  88. However, no fish and giant shrimps for Corina's last night in Egypt and no wine to lull me to sleep at the wheel.
  89. The wind died away, a temporary lull, and Hal’s mom slid the box of photos onto the shelf under the coffee table.
  90. The most ineffable accents of the feminine voice employed to lull you, and supplying the vanished universe to you.
  91. My master's uneasiness experienced a lull, and further circumstances diverted it into another channel for a space.
  92. Monday came, also, the last day before the election, with its lull in the heart-breaking activities of the campaign.
  93. My master’s uneasiness experienced a lull, and further circumstances diverted it into another channel for a space.
  94. The pair continued to argue the statue's merit, while Brice used the momentary lull to further study their surroundings.
  95. Perhaps Annie and I had been talking, and the conversation had reached a natural lull when Mother had entered the room.
  96. I will not allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation of failure.
  97. Proud of herself, Farah used a short lull in the enemy firing to come out from behind her cover and rush towards the stern.
  98. She resolved to take a walk in Central Park - how long had it been? - during the mid-afternoon lull between lunch and dinner.
  99. Anthony moves toward Layla, his footsteps unsure, with his hands in front of him as if he is trying to lull her into a trance.
  100. Looking at printouts of historical results is a nice start, but don't let good numbers lull you into a false sense of security.
  1. I closed my eyes with Aidan's heartbeat lulling me to sleep.
  2. But the intricate details that Sorren spoke were lulling him to sleep.
  3. From nearby offices drifted the drone of American accents lulling me to sleep.
  4. Pedro Montero had a talent for lulling his adversaries into a sense of security.
  5. In comparison, the voice of the elf was soft, tranquil, almost lulling him to sleep.
  6. She kept on lulling off from behind Joey, who wrapped his arms around Heliri’s flat, hard stomach.
  7. Her wings moved at a fast rate, to the point where there was a lulling buzz that floated on the air.
  8. I stood before her, and could I tell what the man told me in the lulling quiet of The Four Provinces.
  9. The sun’s heat was having its usual lulling effect on Laeron, and his silver eyes were hooded by his heavy lids.
  10. The steady one foot after the other, the images repeating themselves, they acted like a drug, slowing his reactions, lulling him.
  11. He sucked it up and pushed on, resisting the entertainment lasers and lights that danced around the room from lulling him into a daze.
  12. But after two days of forced inactivity she had become used to—even to like—the patter lulling her to sleep at night or to nap during the day.
  13. It was a lulling melody, and Edgar felt himself immediately begin to relax, as if he were a kitten curled up with his muzzle buried in the fur of a littermate.
  14. But the fluid in his body lagged quietly through his settling veins and he heard his pulses thud, pause, thud, pause and thud again with lulling intermissions.
  15. Heads bowed in the circle of yellow light as Ellen thanked God for the health Ellen closed her eyes and began praying, her voice rising and falling, lulling and.
  16. Prepared speeches, soft songs, lulling you to sleep as you rest comfortably in your padded chairs, slowly fading into all this darkness in which you are so easily ensnared.
  17. There’s a lulling thing in his voice that makes me feel as if a spell has been cast that shall wake us all so that we might fly out of the mirror and speak to each other clearly at last.
  18. On and on the train went the rattle clack of its wheels lulling us into a trance like state until the old engine came to an incline or hill and then it would wheeze and snort like an old asthmatic.
  19. Did not their near relationship warrant the gentleness in their tones, the tenderness in their glances? Eugenie took delight in lulling her cousin's pain with the pretty childish joys of a new-born love.
  20. We had heard no step on that grass-grown track; the water running in the vale was the one lulling sound of the hour and scene; we might well then start when a gay voice, sweet as a silver bell, exclaimed—.
  21. The rioter was drying near the oven some rags which served for swaddling cloths, while the child, in the hands of the blue-eyed Theodosia, was crying at the top of its lungs, the woman lulling it in a gentle voice.
  22. Sometimes a cultured voice came from the shadows: my horse? Sometimes it was the hard burring of a mountain voice, sometimes the odd nasals of the flat Wiregrass country to the far south, occasionally the lulling drawl of the Coast that caught at her heart, reminding her of Ellen’s voice.
  23. And shout with euphoria while flavoring your lulling stay,.
  1. Monk-Key 1 lulled the Dr.
  2. Some of his wariness was lulled.
  3. Others, lulled by the mesmerizing.
  4. Aidan's soft breathing lulled me to sleep.
  5. They slept wide-awake, thus sweetly lulled.
  6. William was lulled by the tone of her voice.
  7. Moni’s head lulled to the side, her eyes shut.
  8. A stronger will than his lulled him back to sleep.
  9. McLean lulled this nugget over in his mind as the.
  10. They were again lulled into a state of false security.
  11. It had such a soothing tone, that you were lulled by it.
  12. Must have been lulled to sleep by the rain, he mused.
  13. An hour afterwards, lulled by hope, he was sleeping soundly.
  14. All night he was lulled by the melancholy noise of the surf.
  15. The reading had lulled her into a peaceful Sunday afternoon nap.
  16. Now Kirk was only half listening, lulled by the Primagnon’s voice.
  17. The sound of the tyres rolling over the fairly smooth road lulled him.
  18. He lulled his subjects into submission through fixating them on a certain.
  19. Near five o'clock a torrential rain fell, but it lulled neither wind nor sea.
  20. The flickering panorama lulled the driver, and he was only half aware of the.
  21. It was as if the wind and rain had lulled at last, after a long and fearful storm.
  22. Lulled by the motion and the muted hum and vibration of the engine, James slept…….
  23. The motion of the bullet train lulled me into a stupor, while we rocketed toward Chicago.
  24. She felt bad for spoiling his evening, but did enjoy being lulled to sleep by the oldies.
  25. This was what eventually lulled the entire assemblage into an altered state of consciousness.
  26. I told them everything that had happened and when the conversation lulled to a silence, I slept.
  27. A furtive glance over her shoulder at the door and quickly around the room lulled her suspicion.
  28. I’d simply enjoyed the ride, lulled by the women’s confidence that they knew where they were going.
  29. O blessed sleep! Often, when most miserable, I sank to repose, and my dreams lulled me even to rapture.
  30. It may have been the even murmur of her voice, helped by the soft and balmy air, that lulled me to sleep.
  31. In the afterglow, she fell asleep with her head on his chest, lulled by the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.
  32. The sound of the fire lulled him into a sort of reverie and the day’s hike finally settled into his body.
  33. Lulled by the clicking needles, Aesa closed his eyes, letting the heat from the hearth entice him to sleep.
  34. But the edge of her fear was dulled, and, lulled by the monotony of motion, she passed into a quiet slumber.
  35. She felt lulled by his warmth; she wanted to lean into him, let him take her, but she felt wooden and hollow.
  36. The master, throned on high in his great splint-bottom arm-chair, was dozing, lulled by the drowsy hum of study.
  37. The long and unbroken peace lulled the wizards into a false sense of safety, and they became lax in their vigil.
  38. In theory, income stocks should be safer, but don’t be lulled into believing that they can’t decline sharply.
  39. When I reached the beach I found them, as I had hoped, lulled into a false sense of security by the sun and surf.
  40. She had lulled herself into hoping that Paul would not irreparably harm Lydia because he still wanted to please Claire.
  41. Gradually, lulled by the monotonous gurgle of the stream, and by the absolute darkness, I sank into an uneasy slumber.
  42. Lulled into a deep relaxation, she soon began enjoying the rough, but highly stimulating, reef sponge bathing her tender skin.
  43. He cried at the loss of his mother, her warmth and affection, her soothing words and gentle songs that had lulled him to sleep.
  44. I had been lulled into a false sense of security talking to my friends I should have kept my guard up and got out of here while I could.
  45. The rocking and swaying of the carriage lulled me to sleep and I woke when the groomsman stopped in front of a grey cobblestone building.
  46. Publio complied so readily that Conan's suspicions were lulled, and without further hesitation he sat down and devoured enough for three men.
  47. The ebb and flow of the soccer players going back and forth in waves on the TV screen lulled his mind into a more relaxed, less panicked state.
  48. I was sick of hearing about the reasons Levi and I wouldn’t work, I had heard them all before, lulled over them in my brain countless times.
  49. As a fond mother, thou wouldst lavish care and caresses on him; a nutshell was his cradle, where, lulled by thy songs, he would lie on rose leaves.
  50. We cut through the blue Aegean Sea at quite a fair pace and the rolling and swaying of the ship soon lulled me and Archie to sleep when we awoke Archie said.
  51. I rested my head against his chest and felt myself start to drift off slowly, lulled by the even tempo of his breathing and the rhythmic rattle of the train.
  52. It was a monotonous, dull roar of moving vehicles that would have been better for the nerves if it had been ocean waves, but it still lulled Garcia into sleep.
  53. Manstein's favourite tactic was to allow a Russian penetration in a particular area and then encircle the attackers when they had been lulled into complacency.
  54. If they were woken up during the night, just listening to the sounds of the sea lapping against the sandy shore, was enough to be lulled back into peaceful slumber.
  55. The attack on us had lulled at the sight of our astonishing escape upwards from the pit floor, but now, as Trent hauled me upwards it started back up with a vengeance.
  56. It was a dangerous thought too, for she couldn’t afford to be lulled into a false sense of security, and that was exactly what she was afraid was happening to her now.
  57. The train into London was almost a luxury, after the kidney-rattling progress of their Library transportation, and Jess found himself napping, lulled by the clacking wheels.
  58. The weather was fair, the skies reasonably clear, the cold quite brisk, namely –12° centigrade; but after the wind had lulled, this temperature didn't seem too unbearable.
  59. Sylvia would get so involved in the project at hand that she’d forget how much of a basic fuck-up Mike could be and allow herself to be lulled into a false sense of security.
  60. Clouds hid the moon, everything was obscure, and I heard only the sound of the boat as its keel cut through the waves; the murmur lulled me, and in a short time I slept soundly.
  61. He did not bathe himself with the gourd but would plunge into the fragrant waters and remain there for two hours floating on his back, lulled by the coolness and by the memory of Amaranta.
  62. Levels that have shown multiple clean tests are potentially dangerous because many traders may be lulled into establishing very large positions with stops just on the other side of the level.
  63. She would not see him place it all on the ground just outside of where she slept, and that he would do his best to keep a protective though very tired eye on her tent as the night lulled on.
  64. Left in dirt, to cry with cold and hunger till I was weary, and sleep without ever being prepared by exercise, or lulled by kindness to rest; could I be expected to become any thing but a weak and rickety.
  65. Coming joys, like tropical shores, throw over the immensity before them their inborn softness, an odorous wind, and we are lulled by this intoxication without a thought of the horizon that we do not even know.
  66. Look at the flames of a fire, and you will become distracted and hypnotized, and drugged, and be automatically lulled into a false sense of artificial warmth and security by its distracting flames, and radiating heat.
  67. This song was an old cradle romance with which she had, in former days, lulled her little Cosette to sleep, and which had never recurred to her mind in all the five years during which she had been parted from her child.
  68. Rory lulled by the whisky and the soothing background music felt his head start to nod and closed his eyes for a second…when he opened them, a smiling May-Lin was standing above him clothed in something filmy and flimsy.
  69. Grace has, on the whole, proved a good keeper; though, owing partly to a fault of her own, of which it appears nothing can cure her, and which is incident to her harassing profession, her vigilance has been more than once lulled and baffled.
  70. Lulled by the sound, I at last dropped asleep; I had not long slumbered when the sudden cessation of motion awoke me; the coach-door was open, and a person like a servant was standing at it: I saw her face and dress by the light of the lamps.
  71. And, therefore, the conscience of a man of our circle, if even a spark of it be left in him, cannot be lulled to sleep, and it poisons all these comforts and those pleasures of life which our brethren, suffering and perishing in their toil, procure for us.
  72. She and the rooks were very good company; it was a perfect moment of the afternoon; and she could think of him boxed up and examined with wide-awake affection and sympathy, because she wasn't being lulled into absent-mindedness by his unceasing and curiously monotonous flow of eloquence.
  73. But we should never be lulled into a false sense of personal security and self worth - that potentially exacerbates the maladaptive attitudes of pride and arrogance, and thus, inevitable abuse of others - because we might hold a perceived privileged, distinguished and/ or powerful status, role or position in a particular community or society.
  74. Or, beyond Lethe lulled to rest,.
  1. Lulls all pain.
  2. Conversations usually come with lulls and breaks.
  3. She feels a wave of positivity and it lulls her to sleep.
  4. Lulls in telephone conversations like the one now were lethal.
  5. The tempest lulls, the moon comes floundering through the drifts.
  6. The sound of the distant breaking waves lulls me into a natural stupor.
  7. In wars throughout history you read about instances of lulls in fighting.
  8. With wind, many installations are designed to account for the lulls in the breeze.
  9. I made a few other calls home during lulls in battles during my deployments.
  10. Too much ease lulls you into a false feeling of safety… and that is deadly when you are driving a car.
  11. If this attitude lulls the Congress into complacency, then Modi could provide them with another wakeup call.
  12. As she has come to expect, the air is warm and the sun soothes her skin, lulls her into the harmony of her mind.
  13. In the lulls of their more active 'assistance,' Song braided Deni's hair, or Deni styled Song's now growing but still short curls.
  14. Several times, during various lulls of wind and sea, I thought I heard indistinct sounds, a sort of elusive harmony produced by distant musical chords.
  15. How strong was the wind? Which exact direction was it blowing from? Were there gusts and lulls? Which part of the ridge was generating the most lift?
  16. Wollaston, lie much concealed, until the wind lulls and the sun shines; that the proportion of wingless beetles is larger on the exposed Desertas than in Madeira itself; and especially the extraordinary fact, so strongly insisted on by Mr.
  17. Or what is there apart from the traditions of dungeoned warriors and kings (which will not wholly account for it) that makes the White Tower of London tell so much more strongly on the imagination of an untravelled American, than those other storied structures, its neighbors—the Byward Tower, or even the Bloody? And those sublimer towers, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, whence, in peculiar moods, comes that gigantic ghostliness over the soul at the bare mention of that name, while the thought of Virginia's Blue Ridge is full of a soft, dewy, distant dreaminess? Or why, irrespective of all latitudes and longitudes, does the name of the White Sea exert such a spectralness over the fancy, while that of the Yellow Sea lulls us with mortal thoughts of long lacquered mild afternoons on the waves, followed by the gaudiest and yet sleepiest of sunsets? Or, to choose a wholly unsubstantial instance, purely addressed to the fancy, why, in reading the old fairy tales of Central Europe, does "the tall pale man" of the Hartz forests, whose changeless pallor unrustlingly glides through the green of the groves—why is this phantom more terrible than all the whooping imps of the Blocksburg?

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