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Frasi con rain (in inglese)

1. He wanted it to rain.
2. He stood in the rain.
3. There will be no rain.
4. It was about to rain.
5. The moon and the rain.
6. Rain or shine, I am.
7. The rain did not stop.

8. Then it began to rain.
9. This rain is too hard.
10. The song of the rain.
11. It soon began to rain.
13. Later it began to rain.
14. The rain hit his neck.
15. The rain came to stay.
16. The rain hit his face.
17. And stand in the rain.
18. Of storms and of rain.
19. The rain began to fall.
20. The rain beat on and on.
21. The rain ceased at once.
22. It was starting to rain.
23. I want a rain to wash.
24. The sound of April rain.
25. Pure idiocy in the rain.
26. The rain made it worse.
27. The window and the rain.
28. To push you in the rain.
29. Rain beat on the windows.
30. It began to rain outside.
31. My tears are in the rain.
32. Soon, rain began to fall.
33. The rain poured on them.
34. Then it started to rain.
35. In the rain or the glow.
36. I can’t make it rain.
37. At noon it starts to rain.
38. This is the healing rain.
39. The rain is pouring down.
40. For as the rain and the.
41. I will dance in the rain.
42. No rain for his baby yet.
43. The rain didn’t let up.
44. As the rain pounded the.
45. And then it began to rain.
46. The rain fell on the road.
47. It was beginning to rain.
48. The rain was pouring down.
49. The rain washed over her.
50. How can I stop the rain?
51. The rain closed in again.
52. The rain swarmed over us.
53. In the falling summer rain.
54. And walk out in the rain?
55. It was spotting with rain.
56. Shots will soon rain down.
57. I just witnessed the rain.
58. And the rain felt so good.
59. The rain is not letting up.
60. The rain was cold tonight.
61. The rain of the previous.
62. The rain wouldnt stop us.
63. The rain seems less heavy.
64. I doubt it in this rain.
65. The rain falls on the hill.
66. The wild rain always comes.
67. We never had any more rain.
68. The rain was still falling.
69. On Boxing Day the rain came.
70. A beginning starts to rain.
71. Dull roots with spring rain.
72. God, did it fucking rain!.
73. The sky was thick with rain.
74. It started to rain lightly.
75. He stood there in the rain.
76. The rain blocked the view.
77. With the falling summer rain.
78. The awaited rain never came.
79. The horses love the rain.
80. The rain had become heavier.
81. To rain no rain on the land.
82. It doesn’t rain in here.
83. The rain is quite over now.
84. They were due for some rain.
85. I was flooded with cold rain.
86. Later, I walked in the rain.
87. His toy was left in the rain.
88. Rain was still pouring down.
89. I listened to sounds of rain.
90. God, I wish it would rain.
91. She finds solace in the rain.
92. Hard hats bobbed in the rain.
93. They walked off into the rain.
94. It was beginning to rain fast.
95. Outside the rain had stopped.
96. Beshivered into seeds of rain.
97. The kiss in the rain,.
98. I sat there in the rain,.
99. Rain the love all over us,.
100. And the brave sting of rain,.
1. It was raining then too.
2. If it not raining it’s.
3. Coz it was raining outside.
4. It was raining stones and.
5. It was raining very heavily.
6. When I did, it was raining.
7. It was raining as he walked.
8. It was twilight, and raining.
9. It was very dark and raining.
10. In the morning it was raining.
11. It was still raining outside.
12. But it’s raining and cold.
13. Notice it's not raining on us.
14. It was raining lightly and I.
15. Since it was now raining the.
16. It had been raining heavily in.
17. It never stops raining on Venus.
18. It was raining fit to flood the.
19. It had been raining for ten days.
20. As cold as London but not raining.
21. It wasn’t even raining any more.
22. A week later it was still raining.
23. Pickard fell into the raining earth.
24. Mercifully, it had stopped raining.
25. On top of that, it’s raining again.
26. It’s stopped raining, he said.
27. It was raining quite heavily outside.
28. It was raining hard and it was night.
29. It was thundering and raining outside.
30. The sky was raining quietly to itself.
31. It was raining outside and water was.
32. It was raining, and he was soaking wet.
33. I realized that it was raining steadily.
34. All the others were overcast or raining.
35. It was still raining as we got up.
36. For the first time, it wasn’t raining.
37. Jet fighters are raining from the clouds.
38. Still it was raining and raining heavily.
39. It would start raining in the Sahara today.
40. It's raining all around, ahead, behind us.
41. It was raining again, coming down from a.
42. Does it ever stop raining here? he thought.
43. It was raining when I came out of the booth.
44. It was raining heavily, and their clothes.
45. It was raining and she didn't have her car.
46. This morning, it was chilly – and raining.
47. It was raining, and they needed to keep dry.
48. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
49. It was raining as it often did in the midday.
50. It wasn’t raining but it smeled of drizzle.
51. Overall the market has been raining me money.
52. Damned silly thing to do, but it was raining.
53. It became overcast and raining within moments.
54. Oh, that is why it’s raining this heavily.
55. We may thank our stars that it is not raining.
56. It is raining; maybe you should leave her here.
57. Tomorrow morning, whether it’s raining or not.
58. We have Abbey on board, and it has been raining.
59. It has been raining, and the street is still wet.
60. He looked out the window; it had stopped raining.
61. It had been raining, and the street was still wet.
62. IT WAS raining heavily as Harvey‘s BMW crawled.
63. I barely register the fact it has stopped raining.
64. Last year it had been raining so they were inside.
65. It had stopped raining as he drove to the hospital.
66. It seemed to him that it had been raining for weeks.
67. It had been raining on and off for most of the day.
68. All of a sudden the song "It's Raining Men" by the.
69. Gāndhiji slept in the open when it was not raining.
70. It is raining today, so I look at the photos I have.
71. How could it be raining in a house with closed roof.
72. It is raining fairly hard and the wind is picking up.
73. When the bat stopped raining down, everything stopped.
74. He would have felt nervous if it hadn't been raining.
75. The weather had closed in and it was raining outside.
76. In effect, it is raining and it is raining very hard.
77. It was raining at the Garcia estate as they beamed in.
78. It started raining the day after I broke up with Jeff.
79. It had been raining all afternoon and into the evening.
80. It was still raining, though less fiercely than before.
81. All around here there was a lot of debris raining down.
82. But then it started raining and I never got the chance.
83. It was still raining, but faster and harder than before.
84. It was raining so the men outside each had umbrellas up.
85. It was raining in his patch, finally, he thought smugly.
86. When it’s raining the college is totally inaccessible.
87. It was raining and raining till we reached the bus stand.
88. Despite the fact that it was raining, Billy parked his.
89. We know it was raining when Josie and Sally disappeared.
90. The air became thick with the missiles raining down on.
91. Clearly it had been raining heavily for much of the night.
92. It was still raining, though not as heavily as yesterday.
93. It was still raining when the life slipped from her father.
94. It started raining the moment we hit Prague, and didn’t.
95. It wasn’t raining the next day, and I spent most of the.
96. It was raining and I walked next to the walls for shelter.
97. It was still raining, and the drops were cold against her.
98. It began raining, washing the moldy dirt from her cold skin.
99. I wouldn’t care if it was raining stars, miss high-airs.
100. It had started raining again when he parked outside the pub.
1. It rained a few hours ago.
2. It hadn’t rained for days.
3. It rained heavily all night.
4. It rained non-stop for days.
5. You know how hard it rained.
6. Ice cubes rained to the deck.
7. The bullets rained about him.
8. It rained all over the place.
9. I backed tails and it rained.
10. It rained only twice last week.
11. And We rained upon them a rain.
12. He rained fire onto our cars!.
13. The next morning it still rained.
14. Hopelessness rained down on Thomas.
15. It rained now on the prison walls.
16. But the water rained back down and.
17. It had rained here a few days before.
18. It had rained in the evening but the.
19. Pieces of chipped armour rained down.
20. Tears of happiness rained down my cheeks.
21. Chunks of plaster rained from the ceiling.
22. For several nights after that it had rained.
23. It rained a quarter of an hour, but the sky.
24. But when it rained I had to stay in but so.
25. Unfortunately it had rained the night before.
26. Their archers replied and arrows rained down.
27. It was like a wound that ached when it rained.
28. Nova Lee was glad it hadn’t rained recently.
29. Artillery rained down on my hand like hot steel.
30. Unfortunately, it was fall, and it rained a lot.
31. It rained steadily for two hours and then stopped.
32. Before long though it rained, and he hated it more.
33. And then another, and another, suddenly rained down.
34. A vegetable crate exploded, and the sky rained peas.
35. When it rained he would cover and wipe my shoes so.
36. IT RAINED FOR four years, eleven months, and two days.
37. It had not rained, but rain was definitely in the air.
38. But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained.
39. It rained for weeks, and I was grateful for your story.
40. During the first two weeks of January it rained steadily.
41. It seemed that it rained a little bit before we arrived.
42. Yes, it rained all the time, so I guess the combination.
43. It had rained on the preceding night; the soil was soaked.
44. A deluge of punches rained down and he grunted with the.
45. Never rained, never snowed, never got too hot or too cold.
46. Orange sparks rained onto the pile of wood and birch-bark.
48. The rain rained on the ivy with a drawn-out dull dripping.
49. Earth and debris went into the sky and rained down on them.
50. It rained for days and days and there was a terrific flood.
51. It had rained last night making everything muddy and filthy.
53. The next time it rained on them up there would be the first.
54. Well they’re bitter, you sort of rained on their parade.
55. Silver spoons rained over her and went tinkling to the floor.
57. On the last day ofWoodstock it rained miserably and the place.
58. Blood rained on his mail, but grimly he urged the stallion on.
59. It hadn’t rained since my first couple of days on the trail.
61. Apparently, it rained almost continuously for a week or more.
62. The first time it rained for 3 days and second time for 4 days.
63. It had not rained for three months and there had been a drought.
64. It had rained the night before, and even a little in the morning.
65. One summer night in NYC it rained as hard as anyone had ever seen.
66. The request for local deliveries always skyrocketed when it rained.
67. It was raining in the hills beyond his farm where it never rained.
68. Boxes of crackers and pasta rained down to the floor feet from her.
69. Some shitbrain set it out too early, and it rained all yesterday.
70. On Saturday it rained heavily, and a cool wind blew in from the east.
71. The night was ablaze with fire even as arrows rained down all around.
72. An arrow hit the nearest palm tree with such force that dates rained.
73. As the Bees entered the open space, arrows and darts rained into them.
74. It rained at intervals; the old man did not seem to perceive the fact.
75. Ice cubes rained down on Andrina’s head and gathered around her feet.
76. You will recall that in Joshua chapter 10 God rained down hailstones.
77. In proportion as he mounted, throve, invitations rained down upon him.
78. It rained on and off, but the oppressive gloom never seemed to lighten.
79. But it rained the afternoon Baba took Ali and Hassan to the bus station.
80. You may also loose the spoor if it rained (not if you use tracker dogs).
81. Three heads bowed over the resting cat; tears rained down upon his back.
82. Just as Ayun’ini had predicted, it rained heavily, but stopped at dusk.
83. On the roof, where it hadn’t rained in 700 years, he had a pool put on.
84. And We rained down on them a rain; note the consequences for the sinners.
85. It rained quite hard during the night, topping up the drinking water tanks.
86. He stood up and then sat down again, and the tears rained down his cheeks.
87. It had been raining, but since it rained all the while, no one had noticed.
88. If it hadn’t rained on the third morning, they would have died of thirst.
89. It rained constantly during the last few days so everything is under water.
90. When it rained a pool of water used to gather at the top end of the street.
91. How nice, it rained cats and dogs to pep up my adventure in the car proper.
92. It rained on his lousy tombstone, and it rained on the grass on his stomach.
93. We were in the middle of storing the grain harvest when it rained so hard.
94. Ow, she muttered as leaves, twigs and seed pods rained down on her head.
95. The sun, which had been hidden behind the mountain, rained down into the bowl.
96. It so happened that it rained for days and days and there was a terrific flood.
97. It rained overnight, the sun came in the morning; it was a beautiful day, fresh.
98. Ariella spun her horse and dove into a gallop as more stones rained around them.
99. The husband, who knew that it had neither rained nor thundered in the night, was.
100. Shards of glass exploded into the front yard, and sparks rained down on our heads.
1. Soon would come the rains.
2. And it rains plenty here.
3. There Will Come Soft Rains.
4. It never rains, but it pours.
5. A shower of blood rains on me.
6. Highlands, the rains of July.
8. The masika (small rains) came.
9. A barrage of pain rains over me.
10. Winter rains will chill the air.
11. It usually happens when it rains.
12. The early summer rains had been.
13. The rains had done their job well.
14. Recent rains had swollen the river.
15. The monsoon rains had started again.
16. With the rains came another attack.
17. Four hours later, the rains stopped.
18. The time of the long rains had come.
19. It’s amazing what the rains bring.
20. There, when the rains of spring we mark.
21. The rains were re-awakening Mother Earth.
22. Starlight rains onto every crenellation.
23. It rains a lot, but it also clears up a.
24. This here wouldn’ leak when it rains.
25. She withstands nor’easters raging rains.
26. Internet I see how it rains throughout the.
27. We got to have a house when the rains come.
28. That's when the tears turn to monsoon rains.
29. The Man of God rains pearls without a cloud.
30. I heard it jus’ rains cats aroun’ here.
31. It never rains here unless we want it to.
32. The rains had also produced one of the most.
33. I like when it rains, Bernice remarked.
34. The dragon came again when the rains stopped.
35. When it rains there are puddles by the door.
36. Half of one face had flaked off in the rains.
37. The rains having passed, the uplands were dry.
38. We will have a picnic whether it rains or not.
39. Human beings say, It never rains but it pours.
40. Heavy rains had fallen the previous night and.
41. Then the rains came again, as they always do.
42. Streets flooded due to torrential rains during.
43. After the heavy rains, the creek was flowing fast.
44. When the rains started, they would be in the open.
45. Then the rains stopped and the water tins dried up.
46. Come quick, ’fore it rains again, she told Pa.
47. When the conditions are right for rain, it rains.
48. Overnight rains had turned this field into quagmire.
49. Then, once in about a generation, heavy rains come.
50. It doesn’t rain rain any more, it rains soapsuds.
51. The first rains especially are very bad because the.
52. Big Muddy was flowing hard from all the recent rains.
53. It occurred to her that now that the rains had come.
54. The river was cold and swollen from the autumn rains.
55. He’s fine as a stone, not touched by a thousand rains.
56. Immense traffics of sin lurked beyond in the warm rains.
57. It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone.
58. On the other hand, there had been several rains and the.
59. When the rains come, pause and look to the skies to hear.
60. The chance of landslides has escalated with the new rains.
61. At last the rains will fall and soothe the cracked lands.
62. Then the star Sirius produced rains that restored life on.
63. Whenever it rains, said the Lord, I will put the.
64. During a period of great rains, floods (and the resulting.
65. It rains dirt, metallic rocks and debris into all directions.
66. It’s inevitable isn’t it as the rains have started again.
67. They are unable to resist the tyranny that rains down on them.
68. When it rains, it leaks in like water dropping from the trees.
69. All day rains, even 4 inches in one hour, could not put it out.
70. So the carnival steams by, shakes any tree: it rains jackasses.
71. As it turned out it was late afternoon before the rains stopped.
72. It rains on your happiness from the move higher the previous day.
73. I think of you in silence and even when it rains and thunders too.
74. The recent rains had probably washed away the mud from that area.
75. He was now a young boy! Wild rains lashed the valley at nightfall.
76. However, the windy rains brought with them a new face this evening.
77. The river was swollen by spring rains and would be difficult for.
78. The rains had started it melting faster than before but the pack.
79. The city was in a state of emergency because of the violent rains.
80. Take a simple example of how it rains; this is a fascinating thing.
81. Do you have to clean this mess up when it rains? Marcus gaped.
82. It has been said that it rains upon the just, as well as the unjust.
83. Heavy rains then turned the roads to mud and grounded the Luftwaffe.
84. We’d hit a trail that was very badly damaged by recent, heavy rains.
85. Without the heaven, no snows no rains would have been formed or fallen.
86. The subtropical torrential rains had hit our little town in full force.
87. Nothing about you needs to be changed You bring sunshine when it rains.
88. That's a gray sort of beauty; the beauty of mists, and rains, and tears.
89. From this time until about 7,500 the Sahara was green with Monsoon Rains.
90. In the pre-dawn dark of the morning when New Life arose, our rains began.
91. Autumn mulch will protect the soil from winter rains and prevent erosion.
92. The rains came early that day and washed out parts of the cleared runway.
93. Which the winds carry afar and re-sow, and the rains and the snows nourish.
94. In treadmills, you do not have to worry about rains, extreme heat, or snow.
95. That would suggest the assassin was on the property before the rains began.
96. Amid this scene Tess slaved in the morning frosts and in the afternoon rains.
97. Possibly the stream had protected Fallingwater or the rains arrived in time.
98. Because the streams were then impassable from the heavy rains, the cold wet.
99. Earth that could be used to grow living plants is wasted every time it rains.
100. At this rate, the Nile will flood and continue flooding until the rains stop.

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