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    1. Al Snafu turns his attention to the teachers at the bottom of the staircase, clears his throat, tries to reclaim some air of dignity

    2. air to reclaim their eternal place in the heart

    3. She saw a time to come when the world would be at peace and left without the mark of human death, a time when lone wolves would appear as out of the air to reclaim their eternal place in the heart

    4. four years, reclaim a part of my brain that was believed

    5. While Aristethes and his family had lived on the mountain for generations and we'd need their support if we were to reclaim as much as possible from the robbers

    6. to reclaim their stomping ground—kick ball and hide and seek sprouted in the

    7. "If the Void has come to reclaim this world than there is little any of us can do

    8. With the imp perched on his shoulder, Solo Ki whipped around and yelled out to the others, "The Void has come to reclaim us

    9. For every step the One Elf paved, a score of undead closed in to reclaim it

    10. thought only of ways to reclaim Euredon

    1. She had the land around his house reclaimed in the form he had it

    2. If it wasn't for the sounds of the people, he would think this city was a ruin that had been reclaimed by the jungle

    3. Ava's veron space could then be reclaimed at leisure

    4. Like all the native cities, you could think it had been reclaimed by the jungle

    5. There it would remain, waiting to become dust, to be reclaimed unto the Maker once more

    6. When he had reclaimed the Elders, one by one, he showed them the truth of it

    7. Most of them he reclaimed, a small few he sent out to ensure the chaos spread

    8. He felt that it reclaimed his family’s old connection to the aristocracy

    9. Somehow he alone would be affected enough to be returned, leaving the ship to be reclaimed by the alien (who insisted it was their rightful property)

    10. That was until the owner tracked down his missing machine and unceremoniously reclaimed it, all the while muttering to himself about our evil ways

    1. All the paper might have stopped some scrounges from reclaiming some good furniture, but there's always scrounges going thru there

    2. Instead of reclaiming me from Tragus, he bought Dzunga instead

    3. “Now it is time to finish reclaiming what is mine

    4. Beth suggested that it would be wise to wait until after Truman’s meeting with Gordon, to see if there was reason to avoid reclaiming it from the police impound yard

    5. from reclaiming an area that was distressed; about continuing a drought by keeping water away from the San Joaquin Valley in California, about reactivating a 2006 investigation of Atrazine, about stopping the Arch Co

    6. Reclaiming what is hers

    7. through and around it, reclaiming what had been its natural

    8. Moss and mildew encircled the base, creeping upwards, like the earth was reclaiming lost property

    9. Reclaiming your power also suggests that when you have finished with the process, you will have more power than before you started, by taking the power back you had assigned to the hologram – out there

    10. Reclaiming his pack and club, the half-breed eased up the trail into the creek and headed towards three palms landing and a bath

    1. be placed with a new keeper or owner, unless the former owner reclaims ownership

    2. The road has not been used for years as weeds grow, as the woodland reclaims its land

    3. Israel reclaims it's original territory, the Holy Land and Jerusalem

    4. “As always, the forest reclaims its own,” Florian said

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    domesticate domesticise domesticize reclaim tame rectify reform regenerate recover repossess reconstruct reproduce restore renovate mend