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Reclaim en una oración (en ingles)

  1. We thought about trying to reclaim.
  2. Reclaim your power from the creation; and.
  3. To reclaim our swamp lands, howl at the Chinese.
  4. Reclaim what is rightfully yours, Mister Keller.
  5. The woods threatened to reclaim the two story cabin.

  6. This land is mine alone and one day I will reclaim it.
  7. She thinks that someday she is supposed to reclaim them.
  8. They did it so that General Lee could never reclaim his land.
  9. And reclaim it from what, from chaos? Pulaski wanted to laugh.
  10. They took off the top, got the coal, then set about to reclaim it.
  11. The time allotted to the mortgagor to reclaim property after being.
  12. And its occupants had decided, just then to reclaim their territory.
  13. God will help you reclaim your home, but all must ask that this happen.
  14. The door is still open for you to walk through to reclaim his love for you.
  15. For every step the One Elf paved, a score of undead closed in to reclaim it.

  16. It was she, the money lender! She had come back to reclaim her bag of money.
  17. A woman's place? Where in this world of ours is that? It's time to reclaim it.
  18. I only hoped that the journey to reclaim the old man’s case had been worth it.
  19. If the Void has come to reclaim this world than there is little any of us can do.
  20. However, God had reneged on the deal and sent Christ to reclaim the earth for God.
  21. She had to learn how to reclaim her place as his alpha Leader, as someone he could.
  22. So he sought to reclaim his lost fortune from the Indians, instead of from his dead father.
  23. Having accepted the situation, you’ve managed to reclaim your power, and retain your energy.
  24. People who do not normally pay Income Tax cannot reclaim the tax already paid on the dividend.
  25. Its purpose is to empower and inspire youth to reclaim some responsibility in rebuilding our cities.

  26. They might find it curious when a wet, bleeding man popped out of the ranch lands to reclaim his car.
  27. It wasn’t until after two that she was finally able to reclaim her car and speed back to the office.
  28. On the 11th May 1943 the Americans began their campaign to reclaim Attu, from the airbase on Adak Island.
  29. It is a matter of death of the true individual that we have observed you reclaim your right to be inside.
  30. Jemelda had struck a blow at the heart of the life the Lost One was trying to reclaim for Ralph’s people.
  31. Once they had finished their grisly task, they would set off into the Forest, to reclaim their slave-girls.
  32. The mother, having lost her boy, imagined a grandson, and wished in a double sense to reclaim her daughter.
  33. Mike wasn’t about to be dismissed quite so easily: he was there to reclaim the woman he considered his own.
  34. The men around her muttered and Thomas bent down to reclaim the rock he’d released only a few moments before.
  35. Angela and Little Philip would only be tragic reminders of the lover he’d lost and the life he’d never reclaim.
  36. She tried to move to reclaim her sister’s body, but the chain around her neck prevented her from getting very far.
  37. This law allows a slave owner to reclaim a runaway slave in any state and Federal agents are required to assist him.
  38. Well, your part of the plan will be to wait until we have Zarkog completely distracted, and then reclaim your family.
  39. With the imp perched on his shoulder, Solo Ki whipped around and yelled out to the others, The Void has come to reclaim us.
  40. And what—you expect the other heir to like race back in and reclaim his birthright? I never wanted what Daddy has, Regan.
  41. They managed to reclaim engineering and the shuttle bay, but they had been unable to recover their shuttle that was set adrift.
  42. He would pass his test, he would reclaim his honor, and he would once again stand with the armies of Caldera, as he was born to do.
  43. Al Snafu turns his attention to the teachers at the bottom of the staircase, clears his throat, tries to reclaim some air of dignity.
  44. Abandoning everything to the greedy grasp of those around her, the mother darted, with distraction in her mien, to reclaim her child.
  45. Letting his own two overzealous if under-apt students reclaim their breaths, Rob recalled the rest of the legend of Karyl Bogomirskiy.
  46. But he had come to reclaim the beasts and the fowls and the children of men and Sam, and to save Charlie, personally, from all his sin.
  47. It's also convenient for the airlines, as they don't have to keep taking the cases to baggage reclaim, which simplifies all the logistics.
  48. As they struggled in the following months to reclaim their lives; one could say 'time' does heal all deep emotional wounds, but it does so slowly.
  49. The familiar banter was calming--as though she could step back out of the twilight zone she'd inhabited for the past 24 hours and reclaim her life.
  50. It is your chance to respond differently to this hologram (to, in a sense, reclaim the power you gave away and rewrite the ending to this storyline).
  51. We are the fulfillment of our ancient prophecy that the earth spirit will one day reclaim its destiny under the stars and the old wisdom of the moon.
  52. The most impressive proposition was to reclaim a tract of sea on the northwest side of the island and to build a completely new international airport.
  53. This means that the lender does not have a particular asset, such as your home, to reclaim if you should stop payments on the loan before it was paid back.
  54. After we were evacuated they swept poison gas through the Trinity hoping to reclaim it, but new orders came down the line and they ended up destroying the ship.
  55. And you, my dear," she lightly tapped the baby's nose, "are descended from that Queen and one day you will reclaim the Sword of Irae and Thera will be restored.
  56. While Aristethes and his family had lived on the mountain for generations and we'd need their support if we were to reclaim as much as possible from the robbers.
  57. It is long past time—but, hopefully, just in time—for womankind to reclaim all that was stolen from them, all that they had shared with love and sheer pleasure.
  58. Roughly three months later, he began to reclaim his life with astonishing new strength and an irrepressible determination to beat the overwhelming odds against him.
  59. The advanced technology laying out there in the ocean could be the ticket that his beleaguered remnant of a once proud nation needed to reclaim its place in the sun.
  60. Only the cleansing of the Punishment could hope to reclaim a heretic’s soul from hell, and beside that, what could the fate of their physical bodies possibly matter?
  61. Desperately, I called my boss, the GC, and told him that my car had been stolen during the riots, and that as soon as the police let me reclaim it, I would drive to work.
  62. Life returned to normal and people went out to work, to tend their orchards, and to reclaim their land from the desert it had become under the tyranny of the lawless bandit.
  63. In some techno-surreal futuristic world, man can once again reclaim his immortal throne, stamp his authority over the cowering cosmos, and proclaim himself god of everything.
  64. Madame de Villefort, unconscious of the passions that exhausted their fire over her head, at that moment held her son's ball, and was making signs to him to reclaim it with a kiss.
  65. She spat on the spectac-ular pile of coins, put them in three canvas sacks, and buried them in a secret place, hoping that sooner or later the three unknown men would come to reclaim them.
  66. To suffer you all to be so deceived; to see your sister--but what could I do? I had no hope of interfering with success; and sometimes I thought your sister's influence might yet reclaim him.
  67. To suffer you all to be so deceived; to see your sister—but what could I do? I had no hope of interfering with success; and sometimes I thought your sister’s influence might yet reclaim him.
  68. She saw a time to come when the world would be at peace and left without the mark of human death, a time when lone wolves would appear as out of the air to reclaim their eternal place in the heart.
  69. When I realised that as humans we have the power within us to reclaim both our individual and collective sovereignty and freedom, I was inspired to make the most of my business skills and take action.
  70. Now it seemed that record would be going in a different direction, or at least that it would take time for William to reclaim the helm of the band, so he’d paid to get them pressed up as a seven-inch.
  71. A new phase in Sci–Coll, in Scientism and Collectivism, where the State will finally reclaim its ancient royal status—but on an unprecedented scale of domination, unlike anything history has ever witnessed.
  72. Alta Sha said, You have been told that Native Americans would be allowed to reclaim the Earth, and do you remember being told about a construction which is too large to be contained on Earth? I answered yes.
  73. His references to False Teachers probably indicates his difficulty with the Gnostic influence, as well as the people from a Jewish background who wished to claim or reclaim neophytes away from this new way.
  74. Rather, He sent that woman at the appropriate time to solve his problem and, again at exactly the right time, He sent her back to reclaim her money after the borrowed sum had been replaced, and not a moment sooner.
  75. When our ancestors returned to Earth one of their primary objectives was to reclaim possession of the bar-Seth and use it to turn the tide of the war that they had lost in the galaxy that they had settled in after leaving Earth.
  76. He paid what was asked, left the tilbury with the wheelwright to be repaired, intending to reclaim it on his return, had the white horse put to the cart, climbed into it, and resumed the road which he had been travelling since morning.
  77. Folks ran in the road, scooping them up, chasing the car, leapfrogging ahead of each other, trying to grab whatever they could, with the guys from the house running around too, trying to restore order, trying to reclaim what was theirs.
  78. He possessed, it was said, a set of false teeth, and one day when he wanted money for a drinking orgy, he pawned them, and was never able to reclaim them! The officer appeared to be a rival of the gentleman who was so proud of his fists.
  79. Sotiria then began to rock the baby again as she continued, Only, while most of the island was lost, Thera wasn't really buried and the people there began to rebuild, stone by stone, all in the hope to one day reclaim their former glory.
  80. So I’m afraid it’s too late to reclaim your home, Citizen Longstrider, but if you so choose, I will contact your relatives, and see about having your family’s possessions and the proceeds from the sale of your home returned to you.
  81. Neither had faced the other in combat since the secession, although there were those in the Federation who wanted to reclaim the seceded territories by force and those in the Swordsmen military who wanted to vanquish the infidel Federation.
  82. Though the Indian forces entered the scene and stalled Pakistan’s progress through its proxy rogues into the heart of the valley, yet, stymied by the cease-fire call of the comity of nations, the Indian State couldn’t reclaim all of Kashmir to itself.
  83. Church it’s time that we assume the mantle of authority given to us by Jesus and start to reclaim the territory that has been lost over the years by the many congregations just like this one who have not claimed the position of authority given to us by Jesus.
  84. When we bring the light of understanding to the habits and behaviours while at the same time continuously and consistently reducing the stress (by daily practice) the deep roots of our negative behavioural patterns and habits are more easily shaken loose and we begin to reclaim our power over them.
  85. We are aware that both our collective and personal evolutionary challenge is dependent on our ability to reclaim the power we lost to the various systems of social control; at the same time to bring to awareness our subconscious programming so that we can reclaim and attain sovereignty over these hidden parts of our identity.
  86. It is conceived that the views of the Christian Revelation reproduced from antiquity in these pages might at least in many cases be well fitted (1) to offer an effective resistance to the Atheistic tendencies of this age, and (2) to reclaim to evangelical faith numbers who have been shocked and provoked into various forms of Deism by the monstrous exaggerations of mediaeval theology, and the conventional life of the modern churches.
  87. The Last, but not the Least, of her Complaints was the Solitary Life our Household led, for she was much accustom’d to having the Vails that a fine Household provides for its Servants; and how could she receive Vails, said she, unless we invited Guests to proffer ’em? (Then, as now, Belinda, ’twas the Custom for the Parting Guest at a Great Dinner to grease the Servants’ Hands with Shillings ere he could be sure to reclaim his Hat and Cloak; thus Mrs.
  88. I was musing thus, and trying to make my Way out of the Tent to reclaim Lustre, when a fat, red-faced Village Maid before me, turn’d to me and shouted,.
  1. Reclaiming what is hers.
  2. David slowly stood, reclaiming his bag.
  3. When you accept, you are reclaiming your sympathy.
  4. Now it is time to finish reclaiming what is mine.
  5. Instead of reclaiming me from Tragus, he bought Dzunga instead.
  6. One simple way of reclaiming this sand is to PUT BROKEN SAND INTO.
  7. I thanked the trooper and told her I wouldn’t be reclaiming the car.
  8. To Barack Obama, quoted in The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming.
  9. Moss and mildew encircled the base, creeping upwards, like the earth was reclaiming lost property.
  10. If we’re lucky, we’ll finally be away and then we can set about the process of reclaiming society.
  11. This process is used to keep the people who have been harmed from reclaiming what a corporation owes them because of negligence.
  12. Reclaiming his pack and club, the half-breed eased up the trail into the creek and headed towards three palms landing and a bath.
  13. I didn’t think he’d ever come back willingly, off with his concubine somewhere, rekindling her memory and reclaiming her love.
  14. All the paper might have stopped some scrounges from reclaiming some good furniture, but there's always scrounges going thru there.
  15. Siri reluctantly decided that he was wasting his time and he abandoned any idea of reclaiming his possessions or opening the container.
  16. In selecting another to perform the office of reclaiming his highly prized rifle, the scout had lost sight of none of his habitual caution.
  17. TOYOTA: $30,280 million …resilience of the Toyota brand seems to have… helped the carmaker in reclaiming its global leadership position.
  18. Irrigation companies, heavily capitalized, are doing excellent work in reclaiming vast tracts which geographers declared lost to all future utility.
  19. Max Schmeling of Germany had been the heavyweight champion of the world from 1930 to 1932, and he was set on reclaiming the title from James Braddock.
  20. And Robert--she quickly began calling him that to herself under the influence of her family's methods of reclaiming her--had not written a single letter.
  21. They talked vaguely about Re-afforestation, and Reclaiming of Foreshores, and Sea walls: but of course there was the question of Cost! that was a difficulty.
  22. The forest was busy in the process of reclaiming the city grounds back into its forest lands, even now trees were rising up all throughout the deserted city.
  23. Sean’s horror quickly turned into denial, then in anger as Spellman promised to personally help those duped into going to Jerusalem in reclaiming their lost souls.
  24. Beth suggested that it would be wise to wait until after Truman’s meeting with Gordon, to see if there was reason to avoid reclaiming it from the police impound yard.
  25. Reclaiming your power also suggests that when you have finished with the process, you will have more power than before you started, by taking the power back you had assigned to the hologram – out there.
  26. Provided war doesn’t break out between us—which could easily happen with this much testosterone in such close quarters—I put our odds of reclaiming the abbey from at least one of our enemies tonight at reasonably good.
  27. Keith may have thought she was living the life of Riley over here, but short of reclaiming stewardship of the kids’ trust funds, it was hard to make rent and tuition and insurance premiums, even with the child support checks.
  28. The reason Hitler retook the stolen lands taken away by the Versailles treaty was because he did not believe that England or France would declare war, when he was only reclaiming the land of Germanic people stolen from Germany by the Versailles Treaty.
  1. Love is life lived and reclaimed.
  2. He had finally reclaimed his life.
  3. Obviously, the site did not get reclaimed.
  4. Some reclaimed the reins from their children.
  5. They reclaimed their shoes, paid the bill and left.
  6. Ava's veron space could then be reclaimed at leisure.
  7. I reclaimed my backpack from Grover and looked inside.
  8. The ancient then reclaimed his seat next to the door.
  9. His hand reclaimed mine, but he didn’t say anything.
  10. A casualty, a reclaimed site that was once a strip mine.
  11. The forest reclaimed the mill and the building remained unused.
  12. Burnito holds up his reclaimed treasures while staring at them.
  13. She had the land around his house reclaimed in the form he had it.
  14. Of course, she deserves it, Tyrone said as he reclaimed his bed.
  15. He felt that it reclaimed his family’s old connection to the aristocracy.
  16. Powers to be reclaimed are to be specified by the Conventions of the States.
  17. When he had reclaimed the Elders, one by one, he showed them the truth of it.
  18. Most of them he reclaimed, a small few he sent out to ensure the chaos spread.
  19. Like all the native cities, you could think it had been reclaimed by the jungle.
  20. Don't say that, Miss Manette, for you would have reclaimed me, if anything could.
  21. They cleared it by two hundred feet and were suddenly over a reclaimed mine site.
  22. California took the lead, then relinquished it to Washington, then reclaimed it again.
  23. Shaken, but renewed with resolve, Susori turned and reclaimed her son from her daughter.
  24. There it would remain, waiting to become dust, to be reclaimed unto the Maker once more.
  25. He bellowed Mime! — garbled without a tongue — and reclaimed his most prized possession.
  26. The fact that Hitler reclaimed a little bit more than had been stolen from Germany is a moot point.
  27. Despite their interest, tired muscles reclaimed their attention and they headed back for supper and bed.
  28. Halon stepped forward and reclaimed the Globe on the key and the pedestal lowered itself into the floor.
  29. Of course, you cannot live forever and it is likely that the life you have reclaimed will not be a long one.
  30. She reclaimed her hand and picking up a needle and thread she said, I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt.
  31. If it wasn't for the sounds of the people, he would think this city was a ruin that had been reclaimed by the jungle.
  32. As Donovan began to circle, he said, The only thing worse than a reclaimed strip mine is one that’s been abandoned.
  33. Today, however, most of the small space was occupied by a large pile of what looked to be reclaimed blue-stone demolition.
  34. They had reclaimed it from disrepair and despair alike, spending much time and money renovating and restoring the interior.
  35. The armed men came running up the stairs towards the waiting Su-Katii, Aden had reclaimed his day sack from the check-in desk.
  36. Over one up hundred and fifty years, the land had been reclaimed by nature, the swampland encroaching back to its original form.
  37. Yes, but will she know who she really is? This is the first time we have reclaimed the girl before Slider and his men could kill her.
  38. Only the very young were spared and she was reclaimed from the wreckage by a spinster aunt who cared for her throughout the hostilities.
  39. Since in what way is a solitary eater, and a glutton, and a drunkard reclaimed, unless it be clear that reasoning is Lord of the passions?
  40. In the morning, he decided he needed coffee and company, so he walked back to the Student Union and reclaimed his seat from the night before.
  41. That was until the owner tracked down his missing machine and unceremoniously reclaimed it, all the while muttering to himself about our evil ways.
  42. The beach had long since been reclaimed by the rising sea level which had already destroyed any buildings that had been built along the shore-line.
  43. Somehow he alone would be affected enough to be returned, leaving the ship to be reclaimed by the alien (who insisted it was their rightful property).
  44. The natives were reclaimed from savagery a long time ago, and were distinguished among the other natives of Polynesia by their intellectual capacities.
  45. Back in Harburg, we reclaimed our generator set, made it to Blankenese and exchanged the machine, then back to Hamburg where we had to stay for the night.
  46. To believe that her will to live could have been reclaimed by finishing Something’s Got to Give or even by a million-dollar contract with Fox is absurd.
  47. Elise‘s conscious awareness reclaimed her numbed body like a rising tide with the only sounds to penetrate her psyche of a primal nature: Chirping birds.
  48. At Yoxford we turned left and crossed the A12 and headed up to Dunwich, a small ancient village that was slowly being reclaimed by the battering North Sea.
  49. So I consciously reclaimed all the power I had given to Betty and to the incident itself to make it real; or at least that‘s the way Scheinfeld would say it.
  50. But what there was of it was good and the acres that were lying fallow could be reclaimed when times grew better, and they would be the more fertile for their rest.
  51. Our God, he had exclaimed, a look of joy-filled awe on his now radiant countenance, has reclaimed his people and is even now in the process of rescuing us all.
  52. To God be the glory for forever! I said, before capturing her lips in another kiss, even as my sleeping daughter reclaimed one of my fingers with her tiny little hand.
  53. Abused, used carelessly, as if they were disposable, ever-replaceable possessions, all of Nature’s gifts now need to be reclaimed and all of her abusers’ privileges suspended.
  54. But any company would have been preferable to the doctor's, at whom he had always looked askance as a sort of beachcomber of superior intelligence partly reclaimed from his abased state.
  55. The three-day event has been staged since 1961, although in 1984 and 1985 the local council reclaimed the site for development and it was cancelled when an alternative venue could not be found.
  56. She had profited by my absence, and furnished with the half of the linen, and having written down the day and hour at which I had deposited the child at the asylum, had set off for Paris, and had reclaimed it.
  57. She couldn’t help but suspect that Matthew had wanted his summer free, in case someone new came along, perhaps while he vacationed in Alaska, but now that school was only a few weeks away, he’d reclaimed her.
  58. The noise had also ended as it had done before, and without the thunder of the stampeding herd a quiet had reclaimed the landscape broken only by an occasional sound put forth by a member of the now-quiescent menagerie.
  59. Feltus lowered himself from his saddle and picked up a small piece of driftwood that had been conjured by the sea during the storm and left here as a gift to some passerby or else to be reclaimed by the ocean at a later time.
  60. He sugarcoated everything, said the coal company would be watched closely by the regulators and lawyers, that the land would be reclaimed after the coal was gone, and that the big money would more than offset the short-term headaches.
  61. I could see patches of concrete in places, but the road had mostly been reclaimed by the moss that grew along the rocks at the road’s edge, the trees that hung heavy and low over it, the spiders who’d spun webs that crossed its expanse.
  62. Now, millions of years later, the clicking tool being used by the ancestors of the first bi-man is the computer mouse… and the dead land of Namib is still waiting to be reclaimed by the last surviving sub species of that first bipedal ape who created that dead land.
  63. The abandoned land of death: the Namib desert waiting to be reclaimed by the ones responsible for killing it with clicking tools: the tools that clicked when used; the first flint knapping tools invented by an ape that stood on two legs and used its hands to make tools with.
  64. Now hurry!‖ Fear clung to the boys but Sam picked up the scent of excitement as they moved about like grasshoppers on a hot floor trying to start the reluctant monster—succeeding in record time and within minutes had the hammer down and were chugging back with the reclaimed bucket of bolts chewing up greenery like the eggbeater from hell.
  65. The high waves crashed against the beach with a thunderous roar, which could easily be mistaken for the deafening claps of thunder or the forceful howl of the wind that bent the palms at unnatural angles or the lightning striking some object in the forests surrounding the hotel, and reclaimed much of that which nature had given for the enjoyment of mere mortals.
  66. Thanks to Nancy Laplante and her incredible genius for operational planning, his ragtag forces had been brought from the various corners of Africa and of the Near East, where they had been fighting mostly French Vichy forces, to England, where they had been quickly reequipped with new equipment, including reclaimed French Army equipment that the enemy had been using since the defeat of 1940.
  67. It was an ancient and a sad matron of a sedate look and christian walking, in habit dun beseeming her megrims and wrinkled visage, nor did her hortative want of it effect for incontinently Punch Costello was of them all embraided and they reclaimed the churl with civil rudeness some and shaked him with menace of blandishments others whiles they all chode with him, a murrain seize the dolt, what a devil he would be at, thou chuff, thou puny, thou got in peasestraw, thou losel, thou chitterling, thou spawn of a rebel, thou dykedropt, thou abortion thou, to shut up his drunken drool out of that like a curse of God ape, the good sir Leopold that had for his cognisance the flower of quiet, margerain gentle, advising also the time's occasion as most sacred and most worthy to be most sacred.
  1. As always, the forest reclaims its own, Florian said.
  2. Israel reclaims it's original territory, the Holy Land and Jerusalem.
  3. The road has not been used for years as weeds grow, as the woodland reclaims its land.

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