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Frasi con recognise (in inglese)

  1. I do not recognise them.
  2. That did recognise the USB.
  3. Smith did not recognise him.
  4. Is to recognise the reality.
  5. Do you recognise that face?

  6. She almost didn't recognise her.
  7. How could you recognise it?’.
  8. At first he didn’t recognise.
  9. I couldn’t recognise her face.
  10. I did, however, recognise Cosy.
  11. She didn’t recognise the voice.
  12. I recognise the delegate from.
  13. Nothing clear enough to recognise.
  14. Don’t you recognise me, Dad?
  15. He then appears to recognise.

  16. I recognise that rock over there.
  17. He’ll recognise the King’s seal.
  18. I doubt that they will recognise me.
  19. He couldn’t recognise the speaker.
  20. A face of a man he did not recognise.
  21. Smith did not recognise either of them.
  22. If you recognise yourself here, then.
  24. I didn't recognise him for the moment.
  25. I think that I recognise the symptoms.

  26. I made an intention not to recognise.
  27. I don't recognise those Police officers.
  28. Are these? On them I recognise the dress.
  29. The one you can’t recognise me without.
  30. There were also some he did not recognise.
  31. Do you recognise it?’ he asked politely.
  32. Its not quite right ,but I would recognise.
  33. I’d recognise those legs anywhere!.
  34. What is it by the way? I don't recognise it.
  35. Her art likewise teaches me to recognise at.
  36. One or two here I recognise, but not many.
  37. The age we live in is beginning to recognise.
  38. No one will recognise you when you put it on.
  39. He seemed not to recognise it as snappishness.
  40. Even those he did recognise, the Lyndesfarne.
  41. He could recognise him only when God told him.
  42. Look into his eyes and you’ll recognise him.
  43. Oh yes, I recognise you now – Helez?
  44. Didst recognise the slaughtered boy; was't not.
  45. Yes, I recognise that these comments reveal my.
  46. Doctors, in their ignorance, fail to recognise.
  47. I don’t see one that I recognise, he said.
  48. In the first moment I did not quite recognise him.
  49. At first sight, Raskolnikov did not recognise her.
  50. Eventually, I started to recognise a few landmarks.
  51. This is very beneficial when you recognise.
  52. One day the church will recognise their true merit.
  53. It does not recognise the grace of God but places.
  54. I would recognise that soft, sultry voice anywhere.
  55. When I look in the mirror I hardly recognise myself.
  56. The more you act on it, the easier it is to recognise.
  58. If Einstein was unable to recognise the most basic of.
  59. And Rafferty could recognise the truth when he heard it.
  60. They were strange letters, which I couldn’t recognise.
  61. Anna he said But I don’t recognise the wolf.
  62. Becker tried hard to recognise the face of his tormentor.
  63. I caught a glimpse, but didn’t recognise it at all.
  64. Around them Simon could see shapes he didn’t recognise.
  65. Albert, given his sheltered upbringing, did not recognise.
  66. It is natural to a dog to attack and the law recognise it.
  67. Jack said he could recognise religious paintings and these.
  68. She prayed for William, prayed that he would recognise her.
  69. Do you recognise it? he added, as he handed Tom the stone.
  70. You are going to recognise the problems being faced by MLM.
  71. She did not recognise him in this persistent ceremoniousness.
  72. It’s a wonder you recognise me with me face the way it is.
  73. Jo jumped up shouting, I recognise this, turn it through.
  74. Bram paused, in a way that Tom was beginning to recognise as.
  75. Andrew to the station to see if he’d recognise either of us.
  76. How to Recognise the Presence of the Holy Spirit has Lifted.
  77. I recognise the needle as Maria was often sewing and knitting.
  78. Smith had what we might recognise as thoughts, but He had no.
  79. The point is that you need to recognise the anti-life, anti-.
  80. She didn’t recognise them, but she took one anyway, curious.
  81. He couldn’t recognise her for a second, when he first saw her.
  82. It’ll be interesting seeing what you recognise when you see it.
  83. Only at that point, her 6 year old pupils wouldn't recognise her.
  84. You and I need to recognise this is unique to the Christian faith.
  85. Clearly he'd also been able to recognise the strong relationship.
  86. Learn to recognise and stop the psychological triggers for nausea.
  87. Some of them recognise the futility of it all and never say a word.
  88. Let us be truthful with us, and recognise things for what they are.
  89. Alas, I have also grown old, old—could you still recognise me?
  90. He did not recognise the song and usually would be more interested.
  91. I believe that though he saw me in the room he did not recognise me.
  92. He knew many of the men, but could not recognise them in their dirt.
  93. It was some time, however, before I consented to recognise that truth.
  94. He wants every man to recognise, he can't make it in life on his own.
  95. Just recognise the price action and associated volume for what it is.
  96. If you are selling your expertise/brand recognise that it has a value.
  97. Then I heard a voice I seemed to recognise, and peered out carefully.
  98. Comben shook his head as if she had expected him to recognise the name.
  99. Ariella was listening as they were read, names she didn’t recognise.
  100. A second man was also in the truck, who Olsen also didn’t recognise.

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