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    1. Do you recognise it?’ he asked politely

    2. Let us be truthful with us, and recognise things for what they are

    3. ’ He said his temper rousing – I recognise the signs! ‘She is not amenable to what she sees as charity and I insulted her by suggesting that she couldn’t look after herself

    4. ‘Ah, Mrs Merrett, is Mrs Wynell there, please?’ a voice I recognise as the Inspector asked

    5. As I was playing an elderly woman complete with grey wig, I was not overly flattered – even Emma, my daughter, didn’t recognise me in that outfit!’

    6. Smith had what we might recognise as thoughts, but He had no

    7. ‘Do you recognise him?’

    8. Smith had what we might recognise as thoughts, but He had no shapes upon which to hang them

    9. Not answering, I sip the hot liquid … it has a chamomile base – that much I recognise - but there’s something else in it which I can’t identify

    10. Wiesse had brought me back across with my mother … funny how I didn’t recognise him … she’d been dying by then, though I hadn’t realised it at the time

    11. As if I would recognise them if they were waving flags! Honestly, Lintze, you are a complete prat at times

    12. I seemed to recognise her calm face but then realised I knew her only from my books

    13. I gave her a wide smile and touched my forehead hoping she would recognise this as an apology and said sorry, in the hope she might speak a little English

    14. It’ll be interesting seeing what you recognise when you see it

    15. You will recognise it from the others because it flies the noble flag of Greece from a tall white pole in the yard

    16. ‘What do you make of Beuno?’ I asked as he pauses to inspect a flowering plant which I vaguely recognise … rosemary?

    17. Situated in the centre of the clearing, the Well is beautifully trimmed with fresh flowers and set about with what I now recognise as Gottestones

    18. As he walks up Jo’s path I recognise him – that’s Alastair Liddington, the chap that Jo knows … the one with the band

    19. A young white man, whom I did not recognise came and sat one row ahead of

    20. • Every time you have a negative feeling or emotion, recognise you

    21. recognise the truth of what is happening

    22. Increases recognition speed: Increases the ability to recognise more

    23. This is very beneficial when you recognise

    24. When you recognise non-‐truth in your life, it is a time to be joyful

    25. In daily activity, when you recognise that you are aligning to non-‐truth, re-‐

    26. Don’t beat yourself up when you recognise that you are aligned to non-‐

    27. recognise what we experience is always what we vibrate within ourselves

    28. Recognise the truth of what is being presented and be very happy you

    29. A key point to recognise also is this: You impact the whole with everything

    30. annoy me I recognise they are part of an external experience that I have

    31. RECOGNISE that your attention lies on a non-‐truth and you are feeding it

    32. swearing, although he did not recognise all of the curses blistering the

    33. She peered at the pictures, trying to commit them to mind so that she might recognise them outside

    34. and even Tom could recognise mint, lavender and rosemary

    35. behaviour, and to recognise the signs of attempted smuggling

    36. What is it by the way? I don't recognise it

    37. where they were expected, but failed to recognise them at all in an

    38. hunter was questioned closely, but he did not recognise very many of

    39. Even those he did recognise, the Lyndesfarne

    40. He has, in his own way, treated her better than most of the shits out on the street, not exactly as an equal, but he does seem to recognise her humanity

    41. Bram paused, in a way that Tom was beginning to recognise as

    42. Some of them recognise the futility of it all and never say a word

    43. There’s a name I recognise … Josephine Symons – she’s singing at All Saints Church this week as part of their Flower Festival

    44. Before long, I find myself driving through a part of the town which I recognise

    45. his attention to the one man he didn’t recognise

    46. ‘I recognise this man

    47. ‘I don’t recognise the smell, but I guarantee it was

    48. trying to find a street name that I could recognise, and

    49. whore of a mother will recognise you

    50. to recognise his old travelling companion

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    acknowledge know recognise recognize agnise agnize realise realize greet discern distinguish make out pick out spot tell apart accredit