know frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con know (in inglese)

  1. So far as I know.
  2. As much as I know.
  3. But I had to know.
  4. You know how it is.
  5. But I have to know.

  6. I know where it is.
  7. I know I killed her.
  8. How do I know this.
  9. I said I don't know.
  10. Not that we know of.
  11. We know and love me.
  12. I think I know that.
  13. Not that I know of.
  14. I know, what a shame.
  15. Did he know this? No.

  16. How did I know this?
  17. I need to know what.
  18. It was hard to know.
  19. And I know how much.
  20. But I know not where.
  21. And I know it is true.
  22. Would it help to know.
  23. You know what you did.
  24. They need to know th.
  25. We all know what the.

  26. You know it will come.
  27. Think so? I know so.
  28. But I do know this.
  29. I know what you meant.
  30. Z, but I don’t know.
  31. I know they would help.
  32. Even I don't know that.
  33. We know some of them.
  34. You know me and a dare.
  35. He’d know who she was.
  36. I know, Luni… I know.
  37. I don't know what to do.
  38. I really don't know why.
  39. All I know is that the.
  40. I know it’s a mix-up.
  41. A woman I know is in it.
  42. All I know is he's gone.
  43. This one you might know.
  44. I know this, because I.
  45. I don’t know how and.
  46. You know what it's like.
  47. I know what I’m doing.
  48. Oh, you will know with.
  49. They also know the cops.
  50. All they know is hunger.
  51. I know this the hard way.
  52. She needed to know this.
  53. Of course, I know you.
  54. But you don't know that.
  55. You know your Dad, love.
  56. Most of them don't know.
  57. They know what to expect.
  58. Then you will know that.
  59. I don't know if he could.
  60. I know because I blinked.
  61. In India you don't know.
  62. Need to know some stuff.
  63. I know what is happening.
  64. More than you can know.
  65. They would never know it.
  66. You know that I can cook.
  67. I know where he keeps it.
  68. I know you are a liar, I.
  69. You do not know the real.
  70. Children can know God too.
  71. You did not know about me.
  72. So we know she was here.
  73. I dont know about that.
  74. At least I know that much.
  75. I don't know what to say.
  76. I know sir, she said.
  77. You shall know that your.
  78. I should know that by now.
  79. I know that look, Heron.
  80. Do you know about it?
  81. I know what he's thinking.
  82. You don’t have to know.
  83. And I think you know that.
  84. Do you know the area?’.
  85. Know what time it is?
  86. You want to know why?
  87. I know you have been lied.
  88. I know youre with child.
  89. I know we have not prayed.
  90. I want to know where he is.
  91. I need to know who that is.
  92. Even hate it does not know.
  93. At least we know where we.
  94. I just know that the.
  95. No water company, you know.
  96. I didn’t know what to say.
  97. I know this love's forever.
  98. At a loss to know what to.
  99. Just what I wanted to know.
  100. You know what she’s like.
  1. Knowing you as I do, I.
  2. Even knowing what he was.
  3. I have no way of knowing.
  4. Not knowing it, doing it.
  5. Knowing the short cut, W.
  6. Not without my knowing it.
  7. He gave Credit a knowing.
  8. Care of God (ESP KNOWING).
  9. Knowing that they had no.
  10. Knowing the head of Pre-.
  11. Knowing The Key Players In.
  12. Knowing the Way Things Are.
  13. Knowing that she'd had an.
  14. One is knowing when to.
  15. You lied about knowing her.
  16. The sense of just knowing.
  17. Not knowing what I know now.
  18. It is madness knowing that.
  19. And knowing there would be.
  20. The not knowing, that is.
  21. It was maddening not knowing.
  22. Not knowing what to say, he.
  23. He was now brave and knowing.
  24. It’s the not knowing that.
  25. Not knowing how to face his.
  26. The issue was not knowing God.
  27. He took it without knowing why.
  28. Imagine a kid not knowing that.
  29. Knowing Trent, it probably was.
  30. It is frustrating not knowing.
  31. Knowing that in his heart she.
  32. But she had no way of knowing.
  33. Knowing she would be able to.
  34. He exhaled slowly knowing his.
  35. Knowing there was no time for.
  36. It was all about knowing when.
  37. She counted to fifty, knowing.
  38. He is all wise and all knowing.
  39. But knowing that wasn't enough.
  40. Knowing who I truly am in His.
  41. Chapter 7: Knowing About Carbs.
  42. Knowing that life is out there.
  43. Not knowing what to do with a.
  44. Not knowing where I was going.
  45. Knowing what was about to come.
  46. Viella nodded, knowing he would.
  47. We long for this, knowing how.
  48. I breathe easier knowing there.
  49. Knowing it had to be something.
  50. She smiled, knowing that I had.
  51. In the end, not knowing how to.
  52. And I've plenty ways of knowing.
  53. Of course, knowing what I know.
  54. But, knowing that they'd never.
  55. But our pleasure is in knowing.
  56. Knowing that there is a way to.
  57. Knowing what the Earth has done.
  58. I have no way of really knowing.
  59. Knowing that he could enter at.
  60. Knowing that this one would be.
  61. Without knowing it, we have cut.
  62. Knowing that every girl loved it.
  63. Knowing that I couldn’t resist.
  64. Thorne smiled in a knowing manner.
  65. Knowing what the future would be.
  66. Exposed to and knowing each other.
  67. All things first start in knowing.
  68. We had arrived without my knowing.
  69. And TIME (C) and THE KNOWING are.
  70. We’re waiting for the knowing.
  71. There was no way of knowing what.
  72. Just knowing it’s starting is a.
  73. Then forget them knowing that my.
  74. Knowing not, what a happiness is?
  75. Knowing the need for healing and.
  76. I could sleep after that knowing.
  77. I moved from believing to knowing.
  78. However, knowing the taste of the.
  79. Also, the sadness of knowing that.
  80. Now they all gave me knowing looks.
  81. The value is based on knowing the.
  82. Peter and I exchanged knowing looks.
  83. I became an athlete, knowing that.
  84. Knowing the world to be a part of.
  85. Now knowing this brings me to the.
  86. Knowing that, what do you choose?
  87. Knowing you can count on stability.
  88. He went out, not knowing where he.
  89. Knowing him, I’m inclined to agree.
  90. What mattered most was knowing this.
  91. Not knowing what the reply would be.
  92. Knowing Aaron has not settled on a.
  93. He grabbed it, knowing it was Jason.
  94. I left, not knowing where we would.
  95. Knowing that I really had no choice.
  96. It grinned, a knowing, toothy blaze.
  97. Knowing I have the conscience round.
  98. Knowing he was too deep now to stop.
  99. I was interested in knowing that also.
  100. Alex hesitated, knowing he was caught.
  1. T known as the wall.
  2. I had known Amanda, a.
  3. It can be known only.
  4. He was known as Bruce.
  5. This is known as the.
  6. It is not known: I am.
  7. They are known as the.
  8. The boys she had known.
  9. It is not known what….
  10. This point, known as a.
  11. There is a concept known.
  12. She had known all along.
  13. I had always known that.
  14. Army known as the Army.
  15. That is well known but.
  16. And he has not known it.
  17. With all the known rules.
  19. But nothing more is known.
  20. I should have known that.
  21. Known for its folk music.
  22. I've known it all my life.
  23. His only known source of.
  24. She had known some of 71.
  25. The path is known as the.
  26. It is known that both the.
  27. He should have known better.
  28. But she should have known!.
  29. Known as the clown of the.
  30. I should have had it known.
  31. She must have always known.
  32. We should have fucken known.
  33. I should have known better.
  34. This is a well known truth.
  35. But it is a known fan out.
  36. I’ve known for some time.
  37. I would have known about it.
  38. Maybe she'd known all along.
  39. His mother would have known.
  40. Also known as ‘heat death.
  41. She had known he would come.
  42. It was known that when the.
  43. She should have known better.
  44. Yet, here is a known paradox.
  45. She is a well known sexual.
  46. I’d known this was coming.
  47. Molo had not known that word.
  48. It wasn’t well known, but.
  49. If he'd only known what was.
  50. How long have you known Mr.
  51. Thomas, known as the Doubter.
  52. I had not known this was so.
  53. We have known for ages they.
  54. We are making our need known.
  55. All these years I’ve known.
  56. He should have known Tobias.
  57. If I had known that Morrison.
  58. So they should be well known.
  59. He had met and known her for.
  60. I should've known it earlier.
  61. This is a condition known as.
  62. So his strength was not known.
  63. Reason? That is not known yet.
  64. I have known love all my life.
  65. But Nerissa had known better.
  66. Known! Known what? Jack waited.
  67. Then he must have also known.
  68. It’s also known as fracking.
  69. Dogs are known to have a high.
  70. She knew he was a known felon.
  71. Though here is a known paradox.
  72. We should have known about her.
  73. It had to be known about first.
  74. You had known Liz in previous.
  75. Known as the dust of the stars.
  76. Mother Imelda would have known.
  77. In Ireland it is known as the.
  78. Known and loved faces appeared.
  79. He must have known it was over.
  80. However, it is known that Re-.
  81. The scents they’ve not known.
  82. She hadn't known that until now.
  83. I’ve known him for centuries.
  84. In the time we have known our.
  85. He’d always known what to do.
  86. He’s not a known criminal.
  87. It was an honor to have known.
  88. It is also known as the BREAD.
  89. I should have known about it.
  90. She hadn't known what to expect.
  91. I know you’ve known Allen.
  92. Now we all know what is known.
  93. I had known him most of my life.
  94. They were known as Thud drivers.
  95. I have known him for many years.
  96. Where Harry had known a little.
  97. But he had known Nick for years.
  98. When that opinion is known the.
  99. I’d known you for three years.
  100. I have probably always known it.
  1. He knows I am love.
  2. Wa knows what to do.
  3. He knows me too well.
  4. God and God knows man.
  5. He knows I wanted Lea.
  6. God who knows how to.
  7. She knows we are here.
  8. He knows when you lie.
  9. No one knows for sure.
  10. He has seen and knows.
  11. God knows what it was.
  12. She knows I love that.
  13. The one that knows you.
  14. He knows she is lying.
  15. He knows where we live.
  16. He knows this is a trap.
  17. He knows that this is.
  18. She only knows her beam.
  19. He knows the area best.
  20. He knows that too much.
  21. She knows all about you.
  22. And God knows what else.
  23. He knows about the gold.
  24. It knows the way out.
  25. He already knows the way.
  26. No one knows about this.
  27. I AM knows what is best.
  28. God, and He knows best!.
  29. Every one here knows it.
  30. Who knows what goes on.
  31. But he knows what to do.
  32. More even than he knows.
  33. The horse knows the way.
  34. She knows where they are.
  35. Only the things it knows.
  36. Richard knows how I feel.
  37. Knows not my secret that.
  38. That way she knows that.
  39. And your mommy knows how.
  40. Its source? No one knows.
  41. M: And who knows the mind.
  42. Nobody knows where he is.
  43. No one knows what we did.
  44. Now she knows that it is.
  45. Ava knows more than I do.
  46. Aye! He knows we're here.
  47. He also knows them inti-.
  48. One who knows the terrain.
  49. A clever crook knows that.
  50. She knows a lot about you.
  51. He says he only knows you.
  52. Mitra knows what is in it.
  53. Q: Who knows the silence?
  54. Who knows? I am a painter.
  55. Although she knows a lot.
  56. He knows there is no hell.
  57. The Initiate knows that 99.
  58. The High Council knows it.
  59. He knows the man is correct.
  60. Who knows where it is!.
  61. A long shot, but who knows.
  62. He knows what’s going on.
  63. God knows what you require.
  64. Who knows not what is false.
  65. Heaven knows I can do that.
  66. Who knows how much learned.
  67. Who knows what would have.
  68. So they knows what we says.
  69. Buy Heaven Knows This Time.
  70. He who knows others is wise.
  71. Okay Liam, Shay knows that.
  72. Ask Ty, he knows he's real.
  73. Everyone knows who you are.
  74. He now knows I tricked him.
  75. Laura knows how to do that.
  76. No one knows about it yet.
  77. He knows that if the dis-.
  78. Yeah she knows about that.
  79. Yes, he knows about this.
  80. He knows nobody’d buy one.
  81. No one else knows I have it.
  82. Who knows ahead the hour of.
  83. Who knows, I then say.
  84. Knows the Bible & twists it.
  85. And the Angel now knows she.
  86. None of us knows what it is.
  87. She already knows how I’m.
  88. Who knows what? said Q.
  89. He who knows another is wise.
  90. He knows that won’t happen.
  91. He knows a good thing when.
  92. He knows he is in Tanyvilas.
  93. Who knows, but we checked.
  94. Although God only knows why.
  95. Daaad, of course he knows.
  96. The third type knows to hiss.
  97. In his heart he knows it is.
  98. Who knows what he imagined.
  99. He knows we’re up there,.
  100. Bye, and who knows, maybe,.
  1. I knew I was gone.
  2. He knew who he was.
  3. I knew all of this.
  4. As I knew he would.
  5. That is all I knew.
  6. I knew he wanted me.
  7. He knew it was crazy.
  8. He knew what He did.
  9. She knew who he was.
  10. But I knew the answer.
  11. She knew he was late.
  12. She knew it was lust.
  13. No one knew it could.
  14. I knew it would come.
  15. I knew what he wanted.
  16. I knew it would hurt.
  17. He knew he had to ask.
  18. I knew you were alive.
  19. And he already knew it.
  20. I knew what to expect.
  21. I knew he could do it.
  22. No one knew why they.
  23. I knew what this meant.
  24. Yes! I knew it was real.
  25. If I had not knew the.
  26. He knew who was coming.
  27. I knew why Ish grumbled.
  28. I knew she never would.
  29. He knew what she meant.
  30. I knew it was no dream.
  31. They knew he was wise.
  32. All knew how to use it.
  33. The men knew what to do.
  34. But they all knew that.
  35. You knew it would come.
  36. He knew she loathed him.
  37. I think he already knew.
  38. Coach Demera knew it too.
  39. I just knew it was true.
  40. And I knew it well, too.
  41. I knew that Stalin had.
  42. But he knew that if he.
  43. He knew that creek well.
  44. He knew the game was up.
  45. I knew just how he felt.
  46. It knew where they were.
  47. He knew before he looked.
  48. I knew Carl was very odd.
  49. I knew she would love it.
  50. He knew what was coming.
  51. They knew that this was.
  52. I knew about her parents.
  53. She knew better than to.
  54. He knew this for certain.
  55. I knew there was a part.
  56. She knew that it was far.
  57. Karen knew in her heart.
  58. Barnes knew that if the.
  59. She knew this to be true.
  60. She knew she was a very.
  61. I knew that you did it.
  62. Me, I never knew my mom.
  63. But he knew in his heart.
  64. He knew the wheels from.
  65. She knew she had to hide.
  66. He knew what he had to do.
  67. But I think she knew that.
  68. Now I knew that I was weak.
  69. He knew what was going on.
  70. But he knew he couldn’t.
  71. Nobody knew her real name.
  72. The whole town knew that.
  73. He knew she had loved him.
  74. He knew this to be a fact.
  75. He knew it had to be done.
  76. I knew it would be of as.
  77. He knew Godfrey kept his.
  78. And in that moment I knew.
  79. He knew that it was only.
  80. O that she knew she were!.
  81. He knew why she was upset.
  82. Ava knew that all too well.
  83. He knew he had never been.
  84. She knew she would recog-.
  85. If she knew that our true.
  86. Anon knew what he had to do.
  87. She knew this wasn’t him.
  88. He knew when he was beaten.
  89. They both knew the way now.
  90. Never even knew his father.
  91. They knew safety and threat.
  92. Everyone she knew was okay.
  93. I knew that I could never.
  94. She knew it wouldn’t be.
  95. Outside, who knew how many.
  96. He knew that she would die.
  97. And we knew it was a prayer.
  98. Drau’d knew what this was.
  99. He knew the hardware worked.
  100. Who knew when that would be.

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