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Frasi con reliever (in inglese)

1. Exercising is an effective and instant stress reliever.
2. The sodium amytal was used as an effective pain reliever.
3. Do you need some more pain reliever? the woman asks him.
4. It is best known for its use as a pain reliever and sedative.
5. Someone to talk to… a reliever by the name of Katelyn Anderson.
6. The overuse of any over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever can.
7. I watch through my blurry eyes as he pours the pain reliever into the.

8. One may think of these substances as an escape, as a reliever of stress.
9. No one minded the silly flowers; they were more a stress reliever to the remaining members.
10. Ali, realising he was sitting on a gold mine, had set himself up as the reliever of stress.
11. The doctor recommended over-the-counter pain reliever is acetaminophen (Tylenol-type products).
12. The overuse of any over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever can cause a rebound headache, but.
13. Showing ardor, the disciple answered, He is the greatest magnate himself, the basin of the tenure, the reliever magnate.
14. Just coming through the door to the sight and smells of a meal already prepared and ready to go on the table, is a major stress reliever.
15. I told him I wanted the full strength and then he explained that he’d actually said Dilaudid and that this was a major pain reliever.
16. If that would not give you the relief you are looking for, you can always purchase a mild pain reliever for it, and pair it with a day or two of rest.
17. Other causes include early experiences of watching adults or teenagers using fire inappropriately and lighting fires as a stress reliever (Frey 2001).
18. The business of fixing and flipping real estate is a great stress reliever because you can get to earn money without confining yourself to a cramped office space.
19. But that balance is so precise, that a few teaspoonfuls of antibiotics can precipitate a hyperglycemic episode, or a pain reliever can contribute to a heart attack.

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