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Frasi con substitute (in inglese)

1. Will it choose substitute foods?
2. There is no substitute to self-.
3. Religion is a very poor substitute.
4. There is no substitute for homework.
5. For lack of a proper substitute, Mr.
6. He knew there was no substitute for.
7. You may substitute T1 with any other.

8. Aye, there’s no substitute for.
9. I had to seek a substitute to replace.
10. The middleman is entitled to substitute.
11. Substitute olive oil for other fats and.
12. In reality, there are no substitute terms.
13. LP wondered what substitute they would use.
14. Ever hear of a substitute? said Mack.
15. Nuts are the best substitute for flesh meat.
16. But inspiration is no substitute for skill.
17. Jackson was then appointed to substitute Mr.
18. Formalism employs repetition as a substitute.
19. Someone tried a substitute cheque-book scam.
20. The lamb was a substitute; it gave its life.
21. Substitute teachers only came to the school.
22. But in such a case, a substitute can be used.
23. Nothing can substitute for water in the life-.
24. But by submitting to leaders as a substitute.
25. There is no substitute for the self-knowledge.
26. Why? Because it is a substitute, that’s why.
27. Flax, the milkweed a substitute for, xxvii, 384.
28. Memories however were no substitute for reality.
29. Sugar alcohols are a common substitute for sugars.
30. We've already seen that He is our Substitute and.
31. The substitute, Theodule, had not been a success.
32. For instance, the sugar substitute fructose adds.
33. Last week her useless substitute had not relayed an.
34. He had nothing that would substitute such an object.
35. How did the meat substitute taste to Hap and his.
36. Any substitute for it does not interest them either.
37. Pour some of the hot mixture into the egg substitute.
38. Eve's Seed will be Seth (Able's substitute) and his.
39. Chesford, in fact, was not a substitute for anywhere.
40. French, James decided to substitute her words with a.
41. Besides, I took one look at that meat substitute and.
42. The tricky part is, finding how or what to substitute.
43. And in practice, one is not a substitute for the other.
44. To substitute new lines for colons, use the tr command.
45. There’s no substitute for cubic inches, I told Bill.
46. The new hand moved to substitute the Loggerheads for the.
47. They serve most often as a substitute for interpersonal.
48. It was truly disappointing and this meat substitute 111.
49. Up rose his vanity, the coward’s substitute for courage.
50. You may be able to substitute an ingredient and save money.
51. It had been the main substitute for sleep these past days.
52. He was invited to memorial services, to substitute funerals.
53. Chairman, let us beware that we do not substitute a greater.
54. You can substitute sweet vermouth if you’re out of sherry.
55. The Council would substitute the precautionary principle.
56. The worst of the thing is that I have no substitute with me.
57. Choruses should be the expression of joy, not its substitute.
58. Always have default information to substitute in case you are.
59. In strenuous places, repetition is a substitute very alluring.
60. OK, from here on, substitute Hansel wherever you read Have-nots.
61. We can simplify the RSI equation if we substitute RSI = CU / CD.
62. Repeat the above exercise and substitute the sensation of hearing.
63. The reflexive is frequently used as a substitute for the passive.
64. These nuts, as far as they went, were a good substitute for bread.
65. Within these narrow bounds, the anxiety functions as a substitute.
66. Alternative: A great substitute for this sweetener is to use Stevia.
67. The power of pain substitute God for Satan by blaming things on God.
68. And to substitute the oracle with psychologists, psychoanalysts or.
69. Market Analysis as a Substitute for or Adjunct to Security Analysis.
70. Throughout human history art has been used as a substitute for words.
71. And Ditherer! Of all the people they could have found to substitute.
72. Weight Function as a Substitute for the Horizon of History Parameter.
73. In column two, list what you would substitute for the items in column.
74. He’d love to have his old club back, but this was a good substitute.
75. They had to substitute the windshield or admit to a larger conspiracy.
76. To define a thing is to substitute the definition for the thing itself.
77. Quote formats are the same as those for YM; just substitute ES for YM.
78. Had it exactly right in saying that there is no substitute for victory.
79. A weak tea may be used as substitute but without any kind of sweetener.
80. Speed isn’t a word used in Yoga, rather substitute the word pressure.
81. If you currently don’t have a fence you can always substitute a hedge.
82. They desperately needed someone they could trust to substitute for him.
83. A stone is often left at a cross as a substitute for the person’s soul.
84. There is no substitute for hands-on experience in all aspects of trading.
85. Or you'd have a substitute taking the class, instead of Miss Aigletinger.
86. When we substitute CU / CD for RS and simplify the RSI equation, we get.
87. A substitute for the old fountain exists nowhere but in man's imagination.
88. For example instead of I will try substitute the phrase I will.
89. Without substitute teachers, the teachers had to resort to absorbing the.
90. This is an excellent substitute to the control statement like IF/THEN/ELSE.
91. He wants no substitute; "take off the embargo," says he, "and let us trade.
92. They aim to destroy existing law while presenting no articulate substitute.
93. Smilie moved the following as a substitute for the sections stricken out:.
94. Calley's remorse did seem genuine, but was hardly a substitute for justice.
95. Garcia has a leg injury! I heard the principal couldn’t find a substitute.
96. He had watched Zayn and Nikole grow up, been a substitute abb for them both.
97. Your brain cannot erase an experience but it can replace it or substitute it.
98. Now the problem is we substitute activities for authentic heart relationship.
99. For example, there are not any cost-effective substitute products for cement.
100. Oh, God, no! It was the substitute postman who'd come to the trailer earlier.
1. Substituting values into formula 2.
2. Substituting this data into equation 3.
3. By substituting words and concepts for.
4. That’s what you’re substituting for.
5. Substituting these equalities in equation 5.
6. Substituting a four got me the recording again.
7. Repeat the Previous Command While Substituting a String.
8. Substituting this into the put-call parity relationship gives us.
9. The same trade may be done by substituting put contracts for the futures.
10. Finally, after substituting P at the respective position in the above Eq.
11. Substituting our approximations into the put-call parity equation, we have.
12. They had been substituting rotten beams painted to look like stone and iron.
13. Use the recipe for Date Pudding, substituting for the dates washed chopped figs.
15. By substituting debt for equity in the correct proportion, ROE was able to rise despite the.
16. Mostly because he was substituting compulsions using the holosuite as a relief and a demystifying tool.
17. We will solve this problem by substituting zero values with values calculated with the help of the equation.
18. I started with the seventh position first, and set about substituting all the letters in the alphabet for it.
19. Substituting Stephen for Bloom Stoom would have passed successively through a dame's school and the high school.
20. For bracelets, I invented a way of substituting for slides of soldered sheet iron, slides of iron laid together.
21. A data table is a range of cells that shows the results of substituting different values in one or more formulas.
22. By substituting the simulated outcomes into the combination payoff function, we have obtained 20,000 payoff variants.
23. For starters, you can re-engineer recipes by substituting healthy ingredients such as ingredients with less fat content.
24. Of course we eliminated top management and owner salaries, substituting what we felt would attract competent hired management.
25. Civilized abstraction is the evil, sick, stupid, blind process of substituting something that is actual: with a token or symbol.
26. IV is derived from the Black-Scholes equation by substituting the current market price of the option into the model’s formula.
27. He was a man who saw fighting only in terms of the utmost brutality; substituting the art of war with brute force and will-power.
28. That discreet damsel was attired as usual, except that she was now engaged in substituting for her green kid gloves a pair of white.
29. The mission of the United States is one of BENEVOLENT ASSIMILATION substituting the mild sway of justice and right for arbitrary rule.
30. Then he changed the spelling, substituting a z for the s and adding de and the article le, still without obtaining the desired result.
31. The same is true of the question whether the time for destroying the political form and for substituting another form has come, or not.
32. Substituting this value into the Black-Scholes formula (instead of the current stock price) gives us the prices of call and put options ($1.
33. In my opinion, abandoning a bad trade and substituting a new trade that meets the trader’s needs should produce better results, on average.
34. The introduction argued that substituting a political position checklist for humanitarian results is excuse making for one side or the other.
35. With such an ideal in mind, the ways and means can and will be provided, but the mistake must not be made of substituting the means for the end.
36. Even if they were hard-up, there would be euphemistic words or phrases substituting, say, God’s grace, blessings of the Goddess of music, and so on.
37. They fall upon that myterious pre-human kingdom of the south and overthrow it, substituting their own culture, modified by contact with the older one.
38. Violence serves but to enervate this influence, disintegrating it, and substituting for it one not only useless, but pernicious to the welfare of humanity.
39. They found three specific symptoms: Reagan’s use of repetitive words increased, as did his habit of substituting “it” or “thing” for specific nouns.
40. Yet in her version they discarded the Christian God and His Holy Communion, substituting instead the Shamanic guidance of Spirits and the Powhite rituals of old.
41. Let’s see if we can improve the results to this growth strategy, first by simply substituting a value composite constraint in place of the price-to-sales ratio.
42. Instead of using powdered seasons with additives, why not consider substituting those with fresh herbs and spices? They're definitely more natural, which is a plus.
43. But instead of doing that they expose the individuals to the same necessity of strife, substituting strife with individuals of other states for strife with neighbors.
44. The aggregate amount of income tax that could be saved by substituting stock dividends for the present stock-dividends-plus-subscription-rights combination is enormous.
45. This problem can be solved partially by substituting IV and HV relating to separate options and underlying assets, with market indexes or values derived from these indexes.
46. I realize that now because I remember a very specific moment early that fall, when I saw her at some Capitol Hill healthcare function where she was substituting for my father.
47. The post-Exodus Hebrews dared not call their God by his ancient name EL for all the centuries of their succeeding history, substituting the Tetragrammaton, Yahweh (YHWH).
48. Origin: Alludes to the dishonest practice of a merchant substituting a worthless cat for a valuable pig, a fact that was discovered only when the buyer got home and opened the bag.
49. Another misunderstanding arising from the same source consists in substituting love for men, the service of humanity, for the Christian principles of love for God and his service.
50. The existence of the possibility of substituting a reality for another is certainly difficult to grasp but is in fact highly plausible for people trained in the metaphysical fields.
51. This small staff was quite equal to all the requirements, for a canal between Beaucaire and Aiguemortes had revolutionized transportation by substituting boats for the cart and the stagecoach.
52. Common uncertainty is frequently expressed by implied volatility that is derived from the Black-Scholes formula (or other option pricing models) by substituting market prices of options there.
53. A French author {Le Reformateur} of some note, has proposed to reform the finances of his country, by substituting in the room of the greater part of other taxes, this most ruinous of all taxes.
54. Because of some of the crude comments on Santa’s part – he must have had a tough year – I have taken the liberty of substituting a few words here and there, but I left in the misspellings.
55. Historical dividend growth is understated by the declining trend in dividend payout rate since the late 1970s, which is partly related to firms’ substituting share repurchases for dividend payments.
56. The drunks were momentarily at a loss and seeing this she turned to satisfy them, translating what she had said into Russian substituting Keroauc with Dovlatov, Vanya continuing to twist his beard as she spoke.
57. This was the case that Mary Linden had sold to Didlum; the latter had had it stained a dark colour and polished and further improved it by substituting a clock of more suitable design than the one it originally held.
58. Giving up simultaneous application of several criteria and substituting them with a new and only criterion (which is a function with initial criteria serving as arguments) constitutes the approach called convolution.
59. The Septuagint translators, therefore, who well knew the native meaning of both words, have, by substituting uniformly the one for the other, shown beyond question what the word Sheol meant in the opinion of the Hebrews.
60. Optionz Traderz: Yes, many of these seminars and expensive black-box trading systems do nothing more than take simple trades and make them look overly complicated by substituting the positions with their synthetic equivalents.
61. There are many instances in which Graham and Dodd offer common-sense advice or, even more interestingly, in which they refute existing rules of investing, substituting common sense for accepted wisdom, that great oxymoron.
62. It was during this time that he grew the mustache with the waxed tips that he would keep for the rest of his life and that changed his entire being, and the idea of substituting one love for another carried him along surprising paths.
63. Especially in the first third of the picture the pacing has been slowed and one comic point after another has been flattened out by substituting inferior takes with flatter performances lacking the energy and brightness that you saw in New York.
64. Substituting Bloom for Stephen Blephen would have passed successively through the preparatory, junior, middle and senior grades of the intermediate and through the matriculation, first arts, second arts and arts degree courses of the royal university.
65. The judicious operations of banking, by substituting paper in the room of a great part of this gold and silver, enable the country to convert a great part of this dead stock into active and productive stock; into stock which produces something to the country.
66. And so they went forth, endowed with power from on high, preaching glad tidings to the people -- even salvation through Jesus -- but they unintentionally stumbled into the error of substituting some of the facts associated with the gospel for the gospel message itself.
67. It is still the same activity, which is directed upon concealing the real demands of Christianity and substituting for them externals, which do not put a man under any obligations, and "cant," as the English beautifully define the occupation to which they are particularly subject.
68. The point in question was the indignity of the accused, allegedly, having stored the body of Sir Alex Clegg in the meat cold room with the intention of substituting it in the casket with the two frozen pork carcases acquired for that very purpose; and then the cremation to follow.
69. Prejudice can be eliminated only by the abandonment of self-seeking and by substituting therefor the quest of the satisfaction of the service of a cause that is not only greater than self, but one that is even greater than all humanity -- the search for God, the attainment of divinity.
70. If you would be truly triumphant over the temptations of the lesser and lower nature, you must come to that place of spiritual advantage where you have really and truly developed an actual interest in, and love for, those higher and more idealistic forms of conduct which your mind is desirous of substituting for these lower and less idealistic habits of behavior that you recognize as temptation.
71. Thus it says in the Russian military code, and precisely the same, though in different words, is said in all the military codes, as indeed it cannot be otherwise, because in reality upon this deception of emancipating men from their obedience to God or to their conscience, and of substituting for this obedience the obedience to the accidental superior, is all the power of the army and the state based.
72. Like most old fashioned pulpits, it was a very lofty one, and since a regular stairs to such a height would, by its long angle with the floor, seriously contract the already small area of the chapel, the architect, it seemed, had acted upon the hint of Father Mapple, and finished the pulpit without a stairs, substituting a perpendicular side ladder, like those used in mounting a ship from a boat at sea.
73. He once yearned so frightfully for that occupation, and it was so welcome when it came; no doubt it relieved his pain so much, by substituting the perplexity of the fingers for the perplexity of the brain, and by substituting, as he became more practised, the ingenuity of the hands, for the ingenuity of the mental torture; that he has never been able to bear the thought of putting it quite out of his reach.
74. George considered the existence of private land ownership as the principal cause of the existence of poverty; appearing as its opponent, he suggested the abolition of all existing taxes, substituting for them a single tax on the value of land; by means of this reform, land would pass into the hands of people cultivating it by their own labour, because for people who did not work it, it would be unprofitable to own great stretches of land, since they would have to pay a large amount of taxes on them.
1. I have substituted true washing for a.
2. This can be substituted into the NOI of the.
3. Then We substituted prosperity in place of hardship.
4. Bligh substituted their bread ration with breadfruit.
5. Bacon, substituted for the fourth section of the bill:.
6. Th e notion of God is substituted by the notion of the.
7. Chamomile can be substituted for any other fragrant herb.
8. The same held true when I substituted the one and the two.
9. A chosen target level can also be substituted for the mean.
10. And so Terry was substituted, about which he was quite happy.
11. Government eventually substituted the word ‘nation’ with.
12. Then, there was the time Thomas made cookies and substituted.
13. She substituted herself for Elizabeth to permit her to escape.
14. Smith to think that others might be substituted in lieu of them.
15. Might a lessor contest be substituted? the settlement side suggested.
16. Toma to may be substituted for the onion if preferred and no fat used.
17. Especially the ones where the snow is substituted with glitter.
18. In such cases the previous day’s closing price has been substituted.
19. His diagnostic adapter could have substituted a signal from any source.
20. His substituted sin introduced the soul to loose his identity with God.
21. Row once told us that these substituted words, which are given in each root.
22. Affective incest has substituted sexual incest, on the level of desire, and.
23. It was relinquished, and a non-intercourse was substituted as to both nations.
24. I’ll bet he destroyed the original and substituted one he’d printed himself.
25. What we have done is substituted asset class, and default probability, for the.
26. It was as if he had two left feet and he was substituted after just twenty minutes.
27. Ja-mes Gibling, I substituted and we sat drinking while he studied me in silence.
28. If the words "immortal soul" were substituted for "soul" and "life," it would be absurd.
29. If she had substituted the word chairs I would have been able to simply count them.
30. Those were the only ones in which he substituted himself for me as attorney of record.
31. N, NN, A, B, V, G, Z, (the initials, substituted for the names omitted by the editors), pp.
32. Liberals invented a false global mission that they substituted for Christ’s true mandate.
33. ROC (return on capital), debt can be directly substituted for profitability and the ratios.
34. For those who prefer it, milk and dairy butter may be substituted for the water and nut fat.
35. Thus, for example, if new retained earnings were substituted for a stock issue, there would.
36. It is a world where inner-driven states are substituted for any kind of consensual reality, and a.
37. The date of the cherry-tree is therefore substituted, which is usually in blossom at the same time.
38. Hot sauce can be substituted for the cayenne; however, the last four spices add a distinctive touch.
39. It is also the same spelling as the heavy dark metal often fraudulently substituted for gold and used.
40. But the visits stopped within a week, and the low hum of heaters substituted noise in place of chatter.
41. After Reliance management opposition was eliminated, preferred stock was substituted for the debentures.
42. Dominex Pharmaceuticals had substituted a whole new set of supposed volunteers in place of the real ones.
43. In the case of LBOs, however, the capitalization is leveraged up, in that debt is substituted for equity.
44. When I had finished, I would find that I had merely substituted the putting of words on paper for learning.
45. In the future you may need to re-write some or all of the plans and these can then be substituted entirely.
46. A godless state religion must be substituted for traditional religion as the source of culture and morality.
47. It might turn out during experiments that above clamp 1 could be substituted only by this hydraulic resistance.
48. Now, the edicts then in existence might be revoked, and others substituted, and the law would be complied with.
49. It is also the same spelling as the heavy dark metal often fraudulently substituted for gold and used to defraud.
50. Three seconds later the second piece was substituted for the first, and the process was repeated eight more times.
51. This is called polymorphism where a sub-type can be substituted in any situation where a parent type is expected i.
52. And those words for which harmless or meaningless ones are substituted rather than inflame an informed public.
53. The master heard about all these things, and to save himself from sin substituted tenant pay for the manorial labour.
54. These milk drinks are no more expensive than many of the more watery and less useful compounds, so often substituted.
55. Might not the extract be advantageously substituted for catechu, in the celebrated life preserving composition of Dr.
56. That is, the change in conception is an easy step by which the relief was lost and free-standing figures substituted.
57. It has eliminated the elements of uncertainty and caprice from mens’ lives and substituted law, reason, and certitude.
58. A famine and pestilence was substituted for the bayonet, and the spoils of the devoted city glutted the hands of rapine.
59. It has eliminated the elements of uncertainty and caprice from men’s lives and substituted law, reason, and certitude.
60. Almost every night they were brought out; almost every night some pencil marks were effaced, and others were substituted.
61. For eating and drinking by faith the body and blood of Christ, there was substituted the gross dogma of transubstantiation.
62. For these reasons, the project of a tax upon shops was laid aside, and in the room of it was substituted the subsidy, 1759.
63. Note the similarity of this formula to that given earlier for relative density, except that masses is substituted for weights.
64. By the time we substituted completely the prescribed powder for the heroin, Tahira was in a worse shape than when she arrived.
65. If the embargo was to be taken off, and war not to be substituted; if the nation was to submit, he wished to do it profitably.
66. This recipe uses an almond buttercrunch confection; a plain chocolate bar could be substituted for a more traditional fudge.
67. At old age according to Chinese tradition, the yellow get substituted by the black, bearing the black color in full with death.
68. Robin recalled trapping carrier pigeons for Richard Vowell, who read the messages they were carrying and substituted ones of his own.
69. If the all-embracing welfare state, which substituted the security of the government for the traditional ties of family, had not run.
70. In babies lactose intolerance to cow’s milk may be a cause of diarrhea and the cow’s milk must be substituted with soya bean milk.
71. As Aslam availed a casual leave that day, and since one of the clients was pressing for the blue print, Roopa substituted as the drafter.
72. I am the Way, the Truth, and the only Life, and any other way, truth, or life is that which man has substituted for his own inadequacies.
73. Between a breakfast with warmed-over meats, and one without meat, especially if eggs are substituted, the choice should be given to the latter.
74. To illustrate the risk reward feature of a VIX index option spread, the VIX index is substituted for the VIX futures as the underlying instrument.
75. Room 366 one time substituted as a studio lounge after an eccentric man vouched for its authenticity by rarely leaving and tipping his hat forward.
76. She then returned to the meeting, so the bug could be placed in Kay’s office and the envelope substituted at the same time, for the one in the safe.
77. As love of sex/love of mates is substituted for love of self & love of child, the power of real love is lost, a race’s degradation & downfall assured.
78. Confusion and impotence are the inevitable results when the wisdom and resources of the world are substituted for the presence and power of the Spirit.
79. The church exhibits a modern look, with reinforcement columns in Y shape beams, open without walls, which were substituted by low railings made of steel.
80. Each morning the manager of this gallery substituted some new picture, distinguished by more brilliant or harmonious coloring, for the old upon the walls.
81. The British Government will learn, at the same time, that a ready attention will be given to communications, through any channel which may be substituted.
82. How could he know this? Yes, that is all that we live in isn't it? The principal that one thing can be substituted for another that produces the same output.
83. Even for firms in the New Economy, however, that have substituted intellectual capital for bricks, mortar, and steel, growth without investment is a rarity.
84. She had substituted Harrods for Antoine as more likely to be a place a man long buried in islands would have heard of, and stood watching the effect of her words.
85. If, then, for the revoked decrees, municipal laws, producing the same effect have been substituted, the mode only and not the measure has undergone an alteration.
86. In each node of the space, the value of the objective function is substituted with the average value of the objective functions of a small group of adjacent nodes.
87. For instance, where I speak of Christ going to the Cross for the sake of the truth He professed, the "Censor" substituted a statement that Christ died for mankind, i.
88. However, after being with him for less than an hour he revised his appraisal and substituted the adjectives strong, sympathetic, intelligent and a good people manager.
89. When, at cards, ombre grows stale, whist is introduced; when whist grows stale, écarté is substituted; when écarté grows stale, some other novelty is invented, and so on.
90. If the expansion point is better than the reflection point, the latter is substituted in the simplex by this expansion point and the simplex becomes expanded in this direction.
91. The embargo is abandoned, and a general interdiction of the public ships of England and France, and a non-intercourse with these nations and their dependencies, is substituted.
92. During the 1990s, repurchases grew rapidly compared to dividend distributions, and repurchases were increasingly substituted for dividends as the method to distribute earnings.
93. But they turned away, so We unleashed against them the flood of the dam; and We substituted their two gardens with two gardens of bitter fruits, thorny shrubs, and meager harvest.
94. Flint swallowed the words he had been going to say and substituted, It was a real dream moment Captain! He winked at Christina upon finishing and she smiled and shook her head.
95. If a small-load (or no-load) fund is substituted for one with the usual 8½% load, the advantage of the closed-end investment is of course reduced, but it remains an advantage.
96. Charisian naval architects had simply deleted them completely, but the Church’s more conservative designers had substituted the merchant galleon’s lighter poop deck as a compromise.
97. Erskine then reports, verbatim et seriatim, your observations upon each of the three conditions, and the reasons which induced you to think that others might be substituted in lieu of them.
98. It could not be doubted that it would at least be charged with conciliatory explanations of the step which had been taken, and with proposals to be substituted for the rejected arrangement.
99. In the reorganization of troubled companies, the capitalization is leveraged down, in that equity, debt with soft terms, or both are substituted for senior debt and other onerous obligations.
100. This candy is good any time of the year but it's especially festive at Christmas! Vanilla, lemon or walnut extract can be easily substituted for almond to add a little variety to your candies.
1. They are called the food substitutes.
2. And we use words as substitutes for them.
3. Many other substitutes might, perhaps, be found.
4. These types of sugar substitutes are often called.
5. Substitutes new text for old text in a text string.
6. He simply substitutes or returns the buyer’s money.
7. We cook with egg whites or commercial egg substitutes.
8. God substitutes or attorneys to represent Catholics to God.
9. Many substitutes have come and gone, but none that satisfy.
10. There are other "substitutes" and "short cuts" for hard work.
11. Of the effect of any new substitutes proposed we cannot be sure.
12. Products that have many close substitutes have real problems creating.
13. Of course, there are substitutes for it, which may not be much better.
14. Subsequent empirical studies disputed the notion that perfect substitutes exist.
15. The recipes following are intended to be used as substitutes for meat, fish, etc.
16. Find healthy substitutes that will lessen the fat and calorie content in each dish.
17. However, this is a naïve way of thinking, since some sugar substitutes increase your.
18. Certain sugar substitutes appear to have anti-caries benefits beyond that of reducing.
19. To get a bigger bang for their buck, they buy calls as if those were substitutes for stocks.
20. A spin substitutes a sheep act with wolf and push foolish people towards the negative energy.
21. Stocks lacking close substitutes experience higher price jumps upon inclusion into the S&P 500.
22. Instead they were usually relegated to indoor rowing tanks, poor substitutes for the real thing.
23. How do we replace it? The answer is the same as for how we replace fossil fuels: with substitutes.
24. Premillennialism denies all most, if not all, of the Bible and substitutes with their own teaching.
25. It changes the style of current administration that substitutes obsolete organization chart for the.
26. Some, including Galingale and Dandelion (see here), are fine substitutes for coffee when roasted and ground.
27. A related point is that trends are less likely in the relationship between similar assets (good substitutes).
28. When you do your research, you would find out that lots of products that you need have available substitutes.
29. Note: This recipe also goes well with (shrimp, beef, pork & veggies only)-- substitutes instead of chicken breasts!!!.
30. Accomplishing this intention, we utilized new paradigm of alternative human society that substitutes the existent models.
31. Arbitrage between assets that are perfect substitutes makes demand curves for specific, non-unique assets flat (horizontal).
32. However, the farmer slips half the proceeds back to you and substitutes the ‘organic’ food with ordinary every day crap.
33. If the datagram contains an actual ESC character as part of the data, the system substitutes the string db dd before transmission.
34. Demand effects may play a key role in explaining time-varying risk premia, given the lack of substitutes for market risk exposures.
35. If the contraction point is better than the worst point, the algorithm substitutes the former for the latter and passes on to step 2.
36. The problem with this advice is that scientists fed lab animals only egg substitutes and this diet caused rapid death in the animals.
37. Patches of poor rye where corn should have been, patches of poor peas and beans, patches of most coarse vegetable substitutes for wheat.
38. It messes with your instincts for self-preservation and substitutes a love of boring a captive audience that is forced to look up to you.
39. There was too much light pollution in this area for the stars to be visible, and the building lights and street lamps were poor substitutes.
40. Thus, you should consider purchasing the substitutes of the items that you need, which are more affordable, but can offer you the same thing.
41. Some investors are constrained to hold Treasuries even if close substitutes with moderately higher risk offer consistently better performance.
42. The gateway server still substitutes its own IP address for that of the client system so that the client is still invisible to Internet users.
43. It was then that "the literary quadrille" and the other æsthetic items were invented and proposed as substitutes for the corporeal enjoyments.
44. What Python does here is that it converts each item in the tuple into a string and substitutes that string value into the place of the specification.
45. Over the years, they had destroyed all of him, removing hands, arms, and legs and leaving him with substitutes as delicate and useless as chess pieces.
46. Wondering what you can do with your kids, friends and loved ones, if you rule out all entertainment-cum-killing substitutes? Try making something together.
47. These don’t bring back those mighty creatures to life but instead rely on animals that exist today in other areas as substitutes that offer remediation.
48. However, it can be quite interesting to learn about the various ingredients you can use as substitutes for the unhealthy items you need to cut out of your diet.
49. Must realize that as chess, sports like football, even the supposedly "unified" human Olympics are only substitutes for all-out deadly warfare, so is this life.
50. These sauces can easily be used as substitutes in other recipes that call for red sauce, so let these serve as an introduction into your future culinary adventures.
51. A heroic remedy, though; almost beyond her strength, she was afraid; for being comparatively new at these miserable substitutes, she was excessively sensitive about them.
52. Admittedly, you’re unlikely to come across a selection of coolamons at your local camping gear shop, but what you will see is a variety of metal and plastic substitutes.
53. Like most contemporary art practitioners who have spent too long in tertiary art institutions, her head was full of mesmerising psychobabble substitutes for rational thought.
54. Neither all the politically correct substitutes designed to fill the void of lost belief, nor cold science turned into dehumanizing rejection of the metaphysical will suffice.
55. With micro-inefficiencies where good substitutes (highly correlated assets) exist, arbitrageurs can put on relative value trades so that some of the risk in arbitrage is hedged.
56. This universal deception is propagated by all catechisms or their substitutes, those books which at the present time teachers are compelled to use in the instruction of the young.
57. This will help you get a better grasp of food costs; you will soon learn what ingredients cost more and eliminate the more expensive items, replacing them with cheaper substitutes.
58. If there are perfect substitutes and frictionless markets, buying a highexpected-return asset while selling a substitute with a lower expected return constitutes a riskless arbitrage.
59. With macro-inefficiencies (say, a market bubble) without good asset substitutes, such hedging is not possible, so the arbitraging of market-level mispricing is risky and unattractive.
60. He did his best and did it manfully, but I don't think he found that a pair of rampant boys, a pipe, or even the divine Plato, were very satisfactory substitutes for wife and child at home.
61. Kosmos denotes the material globe with all its elements—sometimes, the universe; and by a figure called metonomy, which substitutes the thing containing for the thing contained, the human family is often called the world.
62. Still, index funds are expected by their investors to hold every stock in the S&P 500 index and some price pressure effect should be observed for any stock added to that index, no matter how many close substitutes the stock has.
63. But the true mocking-bird is not found so far north as the state of New York, where it has, however, two substitutes of inferior excellence, the catbird, so often named by the scout, and the bird vulgarly called ground- thresher.
64. Recall the greater risk in arbitraging away overall market valuation: given a lack of close substitutes for a position in the market index, directional equity market or bond market risk cannot be effectively hedged or diversified away.
65. Arbitrage does mitigate the supply–demand effects on asset prices and expected returns (especially among stocks with close substitutes) but because market frictions exist and arbitrage is not riskless, it does not fully eliminate them.
66. As the omniscient being of the planet, the Watcher had a funny feeling that it would all end in tragedy, unless Thane was able to vanquish the warlock before his woefully inadequate substitutes stumbled upon his adversary’s mountain fortress.
67. We need to use olive oil for orthodox services, of course -- we are not in the days of Saint Cuthbert anymore, when fish oils were acceptable substitutes! The convent had a large supply of olive oil; enough to last all this year, and some of next.
68. Both biology and chemistry classes were now being covered by a parade of substitutes who usually decided very quickly not to come back or who were not invited back after some classroom fight or other disaster, the worse of which was a fire that destroyed one room and left the school with page 168.
69. Candles or maize stalks are placed in the coffin as substitutes for surviving relatives, so that the dead soul doesn’t return to take its loved ones with it; and when the family leaves the home for the cemetery, an old woman remains behind to sweep the house and bid the dead soul to depart with the body.
70. Where is skill best applied? A common view is that alpha is best found in illiquid markets with inefficiently priced assets—where assets are harder to value, information travels more slowly, mispricings survive longer, and arbitrage is more difficult (because of high trading costs and a lack of substitutes).
71. When the value of a dollar has decreased in relation to its (historical) value; that is to say, if a dollar in today‘s market will purchase less of a particular commodity than it would have, let‘s say, a week ago, the consumer, everything being equal, will either purchase less of that commodity or seek (product) substitutes at a lower cost.
72. If the objective function value at the reflected point is better than at the second-worst point xn, but is not better than at the best point x1, then the reflected point substitutes in the simplex the excluded worst point and the algorithm returns to step 2 (simplex rolls over from the worst point toward the point with a higher objective function value).
73. But, whether the law be benign or not, we must say of it, as we say of the change in the conditions of men to which we have referred: It is here; we cannot evade it; no substitutes for it have been found; and while the law may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it insures the survival of the fittest in every department.
74. The phenomenon is not limited to cinema production: one encounters it all the time when dealing with somebody who, from the height of his experience (and therefore acclaimed and recognized as an Expert), substitutes the client with himself with enormous arrogance, thinking that he can decide taste and preferences, making his own evaluations on his own idea about what is good and what is not.
75. The solution of the payment of the national debt: With the implantation of the Computational Monetary System, the Virtual Central Bank substitutes all the national debt securities for Virtual Coin and it deposits its nominal values in Current Account Personal of its title-holders in a linked way, without there is issue of physical money to cover those securities in the Virtual Bank of the country.
76. Air Force specifications for a crew chief are as follows: The nature of his duties—He flies with multi-engine bombers and transport planes and makes repairs and adjustments during flight; he substitutes for or helps the copilot in operation of flaps, raising and lowering landing gear, and other mechanical operations; he serves as aerial gunner during attack, supervises the ground maintenance of the ship to which he is assigned.
77. But when, from different causes, chiefly from the continually increasing expense of defending the nation against the invasion of other nations, the private estate of the sovereign had become altogether insufficient for defraying the expense of the sovereignty; and when it had become necessary that the people should, for their own security, contribute towards this expense by taxes of different kinds; it seems to have been very commonly stipulated, that no present for the administration of justice should, under any pretence, be accepted either by the sovereign, or by his bailiffs and substitutes, the judges.

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