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Frasi con backup (in inglese)

1. I even have a backup.
2. So now, I backup my.
3. He always had a backup plan.
4. I need backup to search the.
5. Have a backup! Have a backup!.
6. It made Thom schedule a backup.
7. Sara was always a backup plan.

8. Requests for backup are logged.
9. So the backup unit is here….
10. Great, the mosquito has backup.
11. I use it as a backup ordinarily.
12. It’s not much of a backup.
13. So I told her my backup plan of.
14. You need backup, living out here.
15. That would give her enough backup.
16. If I need backup, I’ll call you.
17. Bob and I always had a backup plan.
18. It was ours, with police backup.
19. I also have a smaller, backup pistol.
20. It looks like Sigma had a backup plan.
21. Backup requested at the Stop ’n Save.
22. Good thing you always have a backup.
23. You need a backup in case one’s dirty.
24. One always has to have a backup plan.
25. I need two backup cars here immediately.
26. However, you need to have a backup plan.
27. He’d always been her backup, her safety.
28. Where was Chris? And where was our backup?
29. Luckily, I had a backup tape at the office.
30. I’ve called in all of the backup crews.
31. The bad news: his backup was the god of evil.
32. He said backup systems, Morris insisted.
33. And Daughtrey was the backup? said Knox.
34. Maybe it’s time we formulated a backup plan.
35. Before this happens, this backup is copied to.
36. She also found a backup weapon, a snub-nosed.
37. Johanssen was his backup for orbital dynamics.
38. It is the last of my backup stores for testing.
39. It’s nice to have three squadrons for backup.
40. Hopefully, next time we’ll have a backup plan.
41. The time had come when he required more backup.
42. It wasn’t like he didn’t have a backup plan.
43. We could use all the backup units you can find.
44. They cannot make bold statements without backup.
45. He had the backup ship’s anchor in his arms!.
46. But what kind of backup plan can we have? We.
47. We should call for backup, he says quietly.
48. The next stop for Puller was the backup generator.
49. The second type of data backup is known as imaging.
50. But I want to wait until the backup troops arrive.
51. With the backup of repeating words of condemnation.
52. We shouldn’t take them on without backup!.
53. You better have lots of backup – or a certified.
54. On-screen, Sanderson and the backup barged into the.
55. The backup must be stored in a main backup directory.
56. We believe he will instigate a backup scheme anytime.
57. He popped Ava's last backup to the desktop once again.
58. I was out of touch with all my backup for the moment.
59. He brought one of his Security men as backup – he.
60. The officer radioed for backup into his shoulder mike.
61. Sonny Wexler said, And the chief’s sending backup.
62. We should call for backup, the young man said.
63. But we need backup in case something happens to us.
64. Vic never took chances; there was always a backup plan.
65. In the event of a breakdown there has to be a backup.
66. He didn’t do a backup first but simply eradicated it.
67. There will also be backup copies of parts of the game.
68. This should help prevent from any kind of backup being.
69. This base has a backup hard-line intranet, he said.
70. Judicator what happens when the backup plan fails?
71. Gather the facts that you need, be prepared with backup.
72. Yes, but the backup generator will kick in immediately.
73. Lots of sweaters and lots of blankets—that's our backup.
74. Her only backup was the wish that Bohdan would defend her.
75. With SOS Online Backup, you can start small, protecting a.
76. Nolan got on the horn and called for backup and forensics.
77. Then there is always the backup plan to the backup plan.
78. Here is a list of things to consider in your backup plan:.
79. In this alternative, the backup wouldn’t be composed of.
80. All they had to do was put in some sort of backup system.
81. The officer peeled out in reverse and then called for backup.
82. Sixty, seventy miles an hour! Request immediate backup!.
83. It always helps to have a backup plan for every situation.
84. He radios for backup to the location, and then hightails it.
85. I had no car radio, no backup, and I wasn’t wearing a vest.
86. She had retrieved the necessary financial backup information.
87. That way you have a backup in case something should go wrong.
88. ASSISTANT: Roger that! Sending backup to the McCully Street!.
89. He did call in the need for medical assistance and for backup.
90. The officer called in for backup and then all hell broke loose.
91. When trading for a living, make sure that you have backup plans.
92. Tell him to enter and search the apartment once he gets backup.
93. Where is the backup stored? How are they stored in the backup?
94. I found one on the radio, calling another guard post for backup.
95. Stacey could see him through the car window, calling for backup.
96. We’ve got more backup now too, and I can see even more coming.
97. Ah, my dear, but this is exactly what my backup plan entailed.
98. I wouldn’t want to meet him on the fi eld without backup though.
99. He had no backup and absolutely no authority to be in this house.
100. I do both methods of backup on anything that’s important to me.

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