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    1. was resolute in making the most of it

    2. Chloe and Kaitlyn inspected the ribbons and were resolute that they were the same

    3. ” Again the king noticed his resolute gaze

    4. In spite of this, he was the bravest and most resolute man ever

    5. ‘In this time of crisis we will stand resolute and unyielding in the face American oppression

    6. She didn’t say anything at first, but merely regarded him with a resolute look

    7. Frail women and children were trampled underfoot in the mad rush; men forgot their chivalry in the fight for food, which they usually wanted for their own little ones, and few but the most resolute, and therefore the least needy, ventured into the seething crowd

    8. From the resolute glint in Shooter's eye, it was obvious to everyone that nothing on this earth was going to make him let go, which was a bit unfortunate because the bird put on an extra burst of speed, dragging poor Shooter straight out of the police car

    9. It was a resolute, stout mask under which nerves flickered furiously with jabbing explosions of pain and anguish

    10. I cry out, more frustrated than pained, and hit the crow with both hands, but it stays in place, resolute, one eye on me, feathers gleaming in the yellow light

    11. Gabriel's voice was resolute and Theobald, serious, and walked to the

    12. resolute than any he had ever experienced

    13. She favored me with something of resolute look at first, although it changed to a look of wonder, as she glanced from me to my retinue

    14. torment, 20 As it behoved them to come, that are resolute to stand out against such things, as are not lawful for love of life to be

    15. Through thick and thin, his ant had remained resolute

    16. I was resolute to get hold of that life I was

    17. 19 But he choosing rather to die gloriously than to live stained with such an abomination spit it out and came of his own accord to the torment 20 As it behoved them to come that are resolute to stand out against such things as are not lawful for love of life to be tasted

    18. “Ho there, Youssaf! See? I have brought you Caleb who has come back to us!” Moshe called in salutation, breaking Youssaf’s stride by half a step but barely interrupting the resolute march of the refugee column’s leader

    19. interrupting the resolute march of the refugee column's leader

    20. " Calvin sounded resolute, and since Shen considered himself a loyal friend of Calvin's he would do all he could for him

    21. " He saluted then stood perfectly still, resolute, and attentive

    22. ” William is resolute

    23. She was no longer the resolute girl who'd kept me

    24. Let all men submit their wills to him, the Resolute

    25. Then when you go back fresh from your rest or worship, you are able to attack your troubles with a clearer head and a steadier hand, not to mention a more resolute heart

    26. Bands of Bossonians were seen moving along the edges of the marches: stocky, resolute men in brigandines and steel caps, with longbows in their hands

    27. There was another knock on the door, more resolute this time

    28. Over the four days that the aggressors laid siege to the complex, the resistance within the station became more resolute and entrenched

    29. that you can be firm, resolute and in control of your reactions –

    30. On his waist he wore a holster with the flap open and his hand, which was always on the butt of the pistol, revealed the same watchful and resolute tension as his look

    31. With Úrsula’s death the house again fell into a neglect from which it could not be rescued even by a will as resolute and vigorous as that of Amaranta Úrsula, who many years later, being a happy, modern woman without prejudices, with her feet on the ground, opened doors and windows in order to drive away the rain, restored the garden, exterminated the red ants who were already walking across the porch in broad daylight, and tried in vain to reawaken the forgotten spirit of hospitality

    32. Such missions took dedicated, resolute men ready to fight and die without the official support or acknowledgement of their country

    33. Lori looked fondly at the resolute face of the man, emotion making her speechless for a moment

    34. Adams shook hands with the couple, quickly measuring up Ken Dows and noting his athletic shape and resolute expression

    35. The captain of the USS SARGO looked with a resolute expression at his executive officer

    36. Sneed nearly ordered her then to get on one of the planes, but one look at her resolute face and to her Medal of Honor ribbon convinced him to respect her request to stay until the more seriously wounded could be evacuated first

    37. Faced with this overwhelming confrontation, he would have no choice but to proceed with dignity and a resolute defense of himself; however, in that brief instant when Terence had first seen Harold standing on the dune like an apparition of his departed wife, Feltus immediately knew he was guilty of murder

    38. She was not really pretty, without being ugly, but she looked resolute and Ingrid liked her instantly

    39. Ingrid gave her a resolute look

    40. “I’m sure there were more, then,” Bobby Dan said with resolute confidence

    41. She pulled away and wiping her face she turned to Murray with a resolute set to her face she declared

    42. That last order made Tregaskis stiffen with both surprise and skepticism: women on a bayonet assault against Japanese soldiers? That sounded totally preposterous, but the women present didn’t seem unsettled by that, taking out their bayonets and fixing them without hesitation to their carbines, their expressions resolute

    43. To the credit of the female armorers of the 99th CAG, they had developed a technique using a special bomb cradle that allowed up to ten women to gang up for that work, but loading 1000-pound bombs repeatedly was certainly going to quickly drain physically those women, however proud or resolute they were

    44. Heydrich looked carefully at the sketch and memorized her main features: black hair falling to the neck; large green eyes; smooth facial features; delicate nose and resolute but sensual mouth

    45. Here we must be as resolute as in the countryside in not promising more than we can control

    46. remain resolute in his cool approach to her visit

    47. � That brought a cold, resolute look in Nancy�s eyes

    48. 22 caliber pistol and entered the lit office at a resolute pace, pointing her weapon at the officer sitting behind a large desk and writing some kind of report

    49. Ingrid snapped her head towards him and answered in a cold, resolute voice

    50. Zahara then surprised them all by stepping forward and speaking in a resolute voice

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    resolute unhesitating positive resolved inflexible set strenuous rigid sturdy