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    1. She looked set to sleep late

    2. However, when you set a goal, you need to ask if that goal is realistic for you? Only you can really answer that question

    3. I want you to set yourself up to win

    4. If you set unrealistic goals for yourself in the short term then you're not going to achieve them and that’s not going to keep you motivated

    5. So when you set your goals, don't set them so far out that you aren’t motivated

    6. Set short-term, motivating,

    7. something in the microwave, you set the timer for a minute and you stand there waiting, watching the food go around, waiting for it to, ding! That's time

    8. Her side of the headboard was picked over, the light stuff was gone, a picture of a home in the inner canals remained, a feathered set of hair rings was gone

    9. Another two guys were drinking, too, and a third was manning the charcoal barbecue they had set up for the occasion

    10. Finally at five pm, during the Aoki set, he felt the phone vibrate, and headed for the nearest security guard that bore the Oodle logo, a rune in black and white

    11. Kira’s emotional ‘computer’ was not flaw-free, and at times appeared to have the calendar set at the year 1850, when honour and duty were still in vogue

    12. Again, I didn’t say that I was going to help you learn how to set a goal

    13. Before you move on to The Next Level, I’m going to ask that you set, and then achieve one goal for yourself

    14. This means that each product can have it’s own set of follow-up emails

    15. They fit in the ground and when set properly, will have their entrance holes at ground level

    16. She set the plate back up on the rail

    17. However, when stress levels increase and become prolonged, feelings of exhaustion, debilitation and inadequacy begin to set in along with various physical side effects

    18. Church is subjected to time set for that worship service

    19. When they got to the statue, they set him down

    20. ‘After about a year, they got married and set up home in his house … directly across the road from my home

    21. You should be on my side, you've gone over to the natives, I'm trying to at least retain peaceful contact with them, not wall ourselves in some enclave or set out on a vain mission to rescue the motherland

    22. This middle-aged woman set herself on fire

    23. She could use this opportunity to set out across the lake and get back to Kulai, it was less than ten hours across to Dromedia wide open, he might stay out that long

    24. Of course, this thing with Dan's wife has set us all at sixes and sevens

    25. ‘Inspector, you think someone was trying to frame her?’ Stephen put in, his face set and his jaw rigid

    26. They can be set in place to water as long as necessary, and are especially effective if placed on a timer

    27. I set the alarm without thinking last night so, when it goes off at the usual time, I wake just to lie in bed and wonder what I should do

    28. It was another month before he set foot at the cliffs again

    29. Eddie's father carried him to the cliffs and set him down

    30. He had set up an audible alarm on any signal from Narrulla's Tear

    31. ‘I’d like to think so, but Ditton is still concerned about the way you were set up … he thinks that Dan may have murdered Joanna

    32. Set up at least one Ant Cafe near by

    33. Many are set up to save taxes and arrange funds for activities that have no connection to the aims and objectives

    34. Instead, David and his perfect woman set off

    35. It is advisable to set apart a certain time each day for meditation

    36. Slowly as the effects of hyperthermia set in and the cold and the fatigue settled into

    37. with hints of Basil, Marjoram and Honeysuckle, and all set off perfectly by the

    38. ‘Yes … I overheard something when I was standing at the bar which set me thinking

    39. ‘Yes, but why Liz? If she hadn’t been set up as the murderer initially, I’d agree with you, but as things are, it seems all of a piece

    40. more than $250,000 in it, we set up

    41. I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set

    42. If I see one more set of Robbie William’s shoulder flames, or swirls or whatever they are, so help me …

    43. Why?’ I said, trying to suppress the feeling of pleasure which his ringing me up has set off

    44. "Let me bust open this bale," doostEr said and set his knife to the twist

    45. ‘What have you been up to?’ he asked as I unpack the food and set it out on the table

    46. ‘Are you still set on moving back to the house in Bridgwater?’ he asked quietly

    47. Manager and I had a bit of a set to

    48. Then they set me problems in new markets and with

    49. The three of them were still not too crowded on the plank he had set up over the front truck of the rockasaur but the gear shelf behind it was overflowing

    50. simply slipped out unnoticed late one night with a set of new clothes wrapped in

    1. Ruthie sips at her tea and sets it back on the table

    2. So in that case, decision is actually the only thing that sets us apart from other

    3. “There are two sets of stairs and an elevator leading down,” Vinnie said beside Johnny as he consulted a schematic of the building

    4. but I can't prove I went over to the coast and not down to Bridgwater? What if no-one remembers seeing me? Fighting down the panic this thought sets off, I try to find of something safer to think about

    5. This truth sets us free

    6. It’s a lovely deep wine-red colour which sets off her skin tones and hair beautifully

    7. He sets Khalid down on a sandy patch of ground, begins to bind his leg as Khalid drifts in and out of consciousness, moans

    8. She sets the scene and we all walk through the lines, then we have to do it properly … which, in this case, means Andy and I being in a clinch as the curtain goes up so that we can be surprised by other characters walking in on us

    9. The three of us have a good time together, yet Tandoulou sets me thinking sometimes: On one hand she is intelligent and knowledgeable about many subjects; on the other hand she is rather bossy and obsessed with religion; she is also a scrooge, counting every cent she is to pay

    10. "twin sets on opposing sides

    11. a great leader and who sets out to free his village from

    12. The concern in her voice nearly sets off the tears again … I fight them back and try for a positive tone of voice as I reply

    13. baubles, ribbons and little niknaks on the tree, with 2 sets of

    14. Calm weather in the month of June sets all in tune

    15. The track leading up to The Centre isn’t wide enough for three to ride abreast and, taking advantage of the narrowness of the trackway, Berndt sets a more sedate pace as we turn off the main way

    16. Berndt glances round then sets off at speed, urging me onward

    17. With a sigh, he sets about eating the bread and cheese

    18. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals and performed a range of other wifely duties while her husband, under the guise of bringing euphonic enlightenment to the masses, rescued black bin liners full of old clothes, books and partially complete jigsaw sets from the doorways of London’s charitable retail outlets

    19. A meander had been shot thru with a canal, then there was a complex corridor a few miles to the northeast, with a couple sets of tide control locks to pole thru

    20. He also had two sets of doting grandparents together with a host of happy aunts, contented uncles and aspirational cousins

    21. It circles above my head once then sets off, its route to the south east

    22. ’ Muttered Alastair, which sets Karen and I off debating whether men ever grow up, accompanied by the affronted comments of the male sections of the company … no-one, but no-one is ever going to believe this evening

    23. As this sex goddess took him in a quick embrace, he felt the firmness and suppleness of her shape, even the hardness of her nipples thru both sets of clothing

    24. your brother sets his mind on something, he goes real far

    25. Everyone in the temple gathered around TV sets

    26. sets of doting grandparents together with a host of happy aunts,

    27. " It sets aside the value of negative preconception before hand

    28. ‘Yes, there seems to be a personal element to the whole set up which sets it apart from other charitable establishments

    29. two sets of username/passwords pairs, one by the web server that is

    30. it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell

    31. There’s an item about the increase in teenage pregnancies which sets us debating: Dave taking the view that education is the way forward and citing Bunty Danvers as a prime case in point

    32. He sets up a camping table and mumbles something about the Sands of the Nile

    33. So, in disappointment of the hopeful schemes of both sets of parents, the match fizzled and faded without consummation

    34. He hits the manual override button and sets the initial shock to two hundred joules

    35. “These are complete sets aren’t they?’ I asked in amazement

    36. My grandfather starting putting complete sets

    37. Abruptly, the lounge door opens and three sets of feet run across the hall and the up the stairs

    38. I went back to get the music from the car and started sorting it into sets

    39. ’ He is so understanding it nearly sets me off again, ‘You’ve had a dreadful time this week, it’s no wonder you’re reacting

    40. The provisional teacher arrived at the first of the next week and she brought with her samples of the textbooks, copies of the prescribed initial curricula, and most importantly to the Livingsons, sufficient sets of both entrance assessments for each grade and the graduation examinations

    41. matter will be resolved before the sun sets tomorrow

    42. A pavilion was erected at the rear side door of the building for the convenience of the players, and the final touches to the sets had just been made the day before

    43. Kennitch laid the two sets of drawings out before Mr

    44. Waterhouse, “Do you have an explanation for how my friend has two sets of drawings for the same commission?” he asked evenly

    45. the hands of the craftsman, and sets

    46. " Jesse answered with a broad smile, "That comment says you really have read the book, there were several sets of parents – scattered all over the world

    47. "I know a great cook who sets up a few plazas down this path

    48. Sharing my story with others sets me free

    49. Forth tell- A word that sets the future in motion and gives us power to change

    50. Speaking prophetic truth into people’s lives sets them free

    1. have really easily taught you the very basics of goal setting but I know that there are a lot of other elements that go into achieving your goals

    2. Blugar's Balloon was one of the newest lakerunners in service, one of the new semi-torpedo active-ballast twin hulls perfected by the Skater line that were setting rough-weather records on all the lakes

    3. But the weirdest thing is, I read an article today about Kurdish women setting themselves on fire

    4. This sect, all male, keeps its beards and sideburns uniformly trimmed at a #2 setting on their electric razors

    5. It was dim, there was a setting for how transparent each lens was to the outside world, as well as its optical magnification

    6. There is very little control on the setting up of NGOs

    7. The sun is setting and John still sits before the Buddha, looking up into his face

    8. As for the house not even the slowly setting August sun could bathe it in a

    9. She felt about the same as she had the day before, and she did remember setting her alarm for a backup last night

    10. except setting all hope upon God and His Word, then the inexplicable

    11. I stand at the gates and watch her drive out just after ten, carefully closing them behind her and setting the alarm as Stephen told me to

    12. As she placed the girl on her bed and came back into the living room, she saw that Sarah was already setting up a place for her to sleep on the sofa-bed there

    13. I tried to relax but there was a horrible dull pounding, like heavy road works, that was setting me on edge

    14. better what to do than the preacher, given their location and setting

    15. Rather than adjourning early, the Haadij continued the discussions about the logistics of setting up a seed colony in the Kassidorian wilds among the astrophysicists and any others of the crew who wished to remain and listen or participate

    16. The carpenter's workshop he opened last year had enough clients, yet he hardly earned anything because he used to grab the money paid in advance and disappear, without even setting foot in the workshop

    17. In spite of the perfection of Paradis, and the certainty that every setting on every houri in his palace was a far greater symbol of delight than any of them, he missed the mothers of his children

    18. He also knew it was possible for either of them to use the personification of any one of their houries on any setting they wanted

    19. Fred accompanies me to the hall, and starts setting out the chairs for the Granny and Grandpa session which is scheduled for this afternoon, the first meeting of the New Year

    20. He pulled off his shirt as he began the long walk out the pier in the direct rays of the setting sun

    21. “If the setting of the cosmic vortex finds you here, there will be no turning back for you,” announced Arion sadly, while we were standing by the shore of a shimmering turquoise pool

    22. The cosmic vortex was setting setting, the sands of time were running out

    23. In the statement that is being made by setting up shop on the Court of the Gentiles, they are essentially also rejecting Jesus Himself

    24. ’ He commented, closing the door of the machine and setting it going

    25. The sun was close to setting

    26. We could build on Idi Amins efforts by having training centers for Afronauts and setting up launch pads along the equator where space craft can take off

    27. Setting a firm pace, she strode along the main road that led towards the bridge across the river; the station was on the other side of the river

    28. Joris had bought her five years ago … she’d fallen in love on sight with the beautiful gg, with her white blond mane and tail setting off the pale tan colour of her coat

    29. ’ The girl said, setting the tray down nearby

    30. By setting the stimulate/recall level a session could navigate it's search, or read increasing levels of detail

    31. ‘No … she came up with some half-baked story setting Bazilda up as the principle operator behind the whole thing

    32. ‘I haven’t mentioned it to JJ yet, but I anticipate that he would want to be actively involved in the Guild and the setting up of a school for performing arts

    33. time before the setting sun

    34. Caderl very kindly tacks up Sefir for me and, within the hour, we are setting out

    35. The evening mist is gathering over the fields now, catching the last rays of the setting sun

    36. the setting sun on the calm blue-black

    37. passed over the details not knowing she was unwittingly setting

    38. with the sun setting over Paros

    39. ’ I said, reaction setting in

    40. Sarah, riding Ichor, and Jackson, on Lady Isabol, came at them from out of the setting sun

    41. A year or so after the event on the street corner the government proposed the setting up an immigration processing centre in the borough where Miss Jones lived

    42. Gantries, platforms and temporary grandstands surrounded the gallows where television crews were setting up and radio presenters were practicing their lines

    43. ‘There is a large barge setting off within the hour

    44. Thom had access to magic, and could dial his strength to a setting called 'Hercules' while Alan had neglected to up his magic level while he was in Ava's lab and didn't even have a med panel to reach for that setting

    45. Something that we all need to remember when we flirt with someone in this setting is the effect

    46. by setting the RouteExistingFiles property of the RouteCollection object to true

    47. "What setting do you keep your hormones at?"

    48. He no longer felt the need to confine his online activities to his bedroom and had spent many a happy evening hour running cables around the house and setting up a new wireless router

    49. They were still setting up the instruments to tune into the atoms in the mini veron store that were entangled with the fourth order condensate in his largest antimatter trap to date

    50. If you had it in casual dress, that setting would also change the emblem on its shirt

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