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Frasi con set (in inglese)

  1. To set up a new.
  2. I was able to set.
  3. Too set in our ways.
  4. Of the sun that set.
  5. The gibe set her off.

  6. Big had set her up.
  7. Set it up to thank.
  8. Chill 2 hours to set.
  9. Etc (It is set in Ra).
  10. He set it on the dash.
  11. So I set myself up a.
  12. He set the pizza down.
  13. A unique set of tools.
  14. And has set us within.
  15. Time to set your mind.

  16. Sophie had a set time.
  17. She has set us free.
  18. The nursing home set a.
  19. The sun had not set yet.
  20. Finally we set off north.
  21. I set my first six goals.
  22. Set you in their formula.
  23. He and Alistair set off.
  24. He set the red bag aside.
  25. Bahkmar set right to work.

  26. They set off to the island.
  27. The tables were set in a.
  28. It slowly rose to set on.
  29. That's why it's set at two.
  30. He set his jaw and climbed.
  31. The sun is beginning to set.
  32. The group of five set off.
  33. He set out to correct the.
  34. This will set off a chain.
  35. Have set up their equipment.
  36. He set his mug on the table.
  37. A younger set of arms are.
  38. There were two chairs set.
  39. Without sound, he set off.
  40. The Old Man had set them up.
  41. To be a set in concrete way.
  42. Someone with your skill set.
  43. Turn off heat and set aside.
  44. The coma set in right after.
  45. The truth had set me free!.
  46. Ben, of course, was set on.
  47. Her set had come to a close.
  48. These shall first set forth.
  49. Place on wax paper until set.
  50. We cannot set our hearts on.
  51. Just one set of footsteps now.
  52. The company should set up a.
  53. Supper was to be set on, too.
  54. Fold over and serve when set.
  55. We’d set enough of our own.
  56. She looked set to sleep late.
  57. Having set her in the midst.
  58. Are the radios all set up?
  59. I’ll set it up so that you.
  60. Jeremy had set about finding.
  61. It reminds him of a movie set.
  62. Than the one set forth herein.
  63. The sound you had that set on.
  64. And that will set your inner.
  65. Three balls later, Paras set.
  66. As if set in concrete! Simply.
  67. Set aside in the refrigerator.
  68. The third set belongs to a Ms.
  69. The other nodded, and set to.
  70. He set off into the book again.
  71. She set her cup on the counter.
  72. It was a fact set in concrete.
  73. When you set out to live the.
  74. He started to set it down on.
  75. She set it on the counter and.
  76. He handed me a set of car keys.
  77. I set a maximum of 18 children.
  78. Winter set in as it always does.
  79. The meeting was set for 6:00 P.
  80. Kay set her lips in a thin line.
  81. The team set up the bug theater.
  82. Her date of death had been set.
  83. At last the dishes were set on.
  84. Everything was set and in place.
  85. Yet The Truth will set you free.
  86. The world here is just set so:.
  87. She’d seen this set up before.
  88. We would set out at first light.
  89. I can't believe Harry set me up.
  90. Wonderful, then it is all set.
  91. A set of steps led up to a door.
  92. Benny set a bucket in the corner.
  93. They set up their cook pot and.
  94. Hiring a cab I set off for home.
  95. Then he set out cream and sugar.
  96. By faith God's love set me free.
  97. Highlights of her set included.
  98. He set off towards the main house.
  99. He woke it up and it set to work.
  100. Set her down and off she’d go.
  1. The chin setting of St.
  2. What a setting this is.
  3. It was a serene setting.
  4. What we are setting up.
  6. Setting Up a Roth Account.
  7. It was the ideal setting.
  9. It was an idyllic setting.
  10. The setting of the study.
  11. It is a matter of setting.
  12. So, enough on goal setting.
  13. We must be setting off now.
  14. In setting a high end goal.
  15. It was a beautiful setting.
  16. The sun was setting outside.
  17. Preload Top Hit setting, 41.
  18. Shorten the time of setting.
  19. The sun was already setting.
  20. Rising and setting of stars.
  21. To avoid the setting up of.
  22. It was in a hospital setting.
  23. Land of the setting sun this.
  24. Meanwhile the sun was setting.
  25. They were setting up the Hab.
  26. We passed the Setting Sun—.
  27. There was a panic setting in.
  28. The sun was close to setting.
  29. Marcus is setting me up again.
  30. The setting was nice, at least.
  31. The setting sun reflects rose.
  32. The sun was setting behind us.
  33. I see you're setting up this.
  34. But not before setting the DVR.
  35. But setting standards is one.
  36. I’m not setting the agenda.
  37. It was quite the ideal setting.
  38. Just place it in the setting.
  39. Angela setting up the projector.
  40. The setting was on full assist.
  41. That became his field setting.
  42. He was setting it on the table.
  43. Setting up the state of Israel.
  44. And I know who’s setting me up.
  45. The sun was setting and we saw.
  46. The sun was setting to her left.
  47. Outside the sun is just setting.
  48. Setting the stage for revolution.
  51. The whole setting was sheltered.
  52. Jupiter was setting in the depths.
  53. Be careful setting up the bomb.
  54. They labored at the stage setting.
  55. I recreated the setting of a M.
  56. This is the power of goal setting.
  57. The last of the setting sun shone.
  58. In such a setting it's normal for.
  59. The sun is on the point of setting.
  60. But now, the sun was nearly setting.
  61. He’ll be setting that leg for you.
  62. Panic was slowly setting in for me.
  63. Joey awoke in an unfamiliar setting.
  64. Such was the exquisite setting of.
  65. I just need help setting things up.
  66. He began to panic, fear setting in.
  67. He believes she’s setting him up.
  68. The food deserved no better setting.
  69. That’s a very beautiful setting.
  70. When you find the strength setting.
  71. You are setting your goals too high.
  72. Okay, continue setting the charges.
  73. Without setting any positive example.
  74. We do that by setting initial=True:.
  75. Plaster, on the setting of, xvii, 371.
  76. He could really feel fall setting in.
  77. By now, the beautiful sun was setting.
  78. Inacio looked west to the setting sun.
  79. He is setting columns with the iron.
  80. Homerule sun setting in the southeast.
  81. Thou didst reveal the hideous setting.
  82. Setting up at the bar, he pulled his.
  83. A New Way To Think About Goal Setting.
  84. The sun was setting over the cumulus.
  85. The cravings for a fix were setting in.
  86. I checked the setting on my laser gun.
  87. They were setting off explosions and.
  88. Look, I’m setting the camera down.
  89. The setting was the same—the George.
  90. Now reverse the setting on the torch.
  91. That is characters, setting and events.
  92. It appeared that they were setting out.
  93. The sun is setting in Honolulu?
  94. Lydgate was late in setting out, but Dr.
  95. Its law has to do with setting limits.
  96. The sun was setting behind their backs.
  97. I’m setting the whole house on fire!.
  98. I cursed the colors of the setting sun.
  99. M: Knowledge has its rising and setting.
  100. He started setting the table for lunch.
  1. And we had great sets.
  2. Only two sets of them.
  3. And that sets the trap.
  4. Perform 3 sets for each.
  5. This truth sets us free.
  6. It sets a bad precedent.
  7. Dierdra sets her fork down.
  8. That sets off more sobbing.
  9. A kind of amnesia sets in.
  10. Diane D sets up the tables.
  11. This sets you up to look.
  12. What About Reps and Sets?
  13. Rot sets in on a bruise.
  14. Primary colors are sets of.
  15. Ramm sets out to gain his.
  16. Then, he sets his trap up.
  17. Seven Sets of Abhidharma 14.
  18. After 2 sets to failure of.
  19. He sets the example of life.
  20. But when the sun sets, and.
  21. The coldness finally sets in.
  22. He then sets up His kingdom.
  23. Sets his helmet on his head.
  24. She sets the bag in her lap.
  25. The waitress sets down a beer.
  26. Next to me, Al sets his watch.
  27. The sets are built and ready.
  28. The motion sets his keys to.
  29. When it sets, they disappear.
  30. As the fun that never sets is.
  31. And down he sets on the thwart.
  32. This sand, on storing, it sets.
  33. This abdication sets him free.
  34. What sets this project apart.
  35. His mind sets to work at once.
  36. What sets Happy apart is that.
  37. This report sets out the cash.
  38. Then she sets the ground rules.
  39. He sets the prisoner free;.
  40. His mouth sets in a mulish line.
  41. Tobias sets me down too heavily.
  42. Two sets of floodlights flared.
  43. The resin sets almost instantly.
  44. A degree of depression sets in.
  45. Data sets coming in, Captain.
  46. There are a total of three sets.
  47. An official sets the wage scale.
  48. It sets the perfect mood for me.
  49. Set a goal for 3 sets of 10 reps.
  50. It sets up a possible redemption.
  51. There were train sets that went.
  52. There were three different sets.
  53. He sets up His Millennial Kingdom.
  54. Jutta sets the plates in the sink.
  55. It sets the parameters regarding.
  56. Then sets out to envelop the earth.
  57. And sets when you lay down to rest.
  58. A business keeps two sets of books.
  59. It rises and sets with its object.
  60. God sets the stage for our deliv-.
  61. He could feel both sets of finger.
  62. This sets us apart from the animal.
  63. Increase Perform __ sets of __ reps.
  64. I just wait until something sets up.
  65. Twenty sets of eyes looked up at her.
  66. The knower rises and sets with the.
  67. Those six sets of silver haunted him.
  68. He sets eyes on me and his jaw drops.
  69. He made antique dolls and train sets.
  70. It sets in motion a chain of events.
  71. Negative emotions sets mental slavery.
  72. Then she sets it carefully back down.
  73. The cameraman gathered both sets of.
  74. I’m not sure of their skill sets.
  75. There are three backyard swing sets.
  76. She keeps two sets of books and has.
  77. Their judgment sets aside that of Mr.
  78. The console is available in two sets.
  79. Resting in between your workout sets.
  80. Laughing as he sets me back on my feet.
  81. Solid research sets a solid foundation.
  82. She sets the plate down on the counter.
  83. He will lose objectivity, sets a bad.
  84. Cortas,where he sets up as mitigating.
  85. Attach the Perform __ sets of __ reps.
  86. Also, breakfast sets the pattern for.
  87. I had two sets of parents, I have to.
  88. Be careful of the traps your mind sets.
  89. It seems as though reality sets in.
  90. Upgrade the Perform __ sets of __ reps.
  91. Vision sets a path for others to follow.
  92. Yeah both sets of great-grandparents.
  93. Point 1 sets this out clearly: The.
  94. The search engines have sets of rules.
  95. Smiling, Mom sets the tray on my desk.
  96. He sets a manila envelope onto the table.
  97. As soon as it sets, fold over and serve.
  98. There’s something that sets you apart.
  99. Two sets of car doors opened and closed.
  100. The sun never sets where I come from.

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