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    1. This al egation was of course denied, but the net result

    2. This summarising process did however result in the generation of some

    3. Certain goals may no longer be attainable as a result of adverse situations

    4. right now that is creating the life that I have?” In this moment, at this time, what everyone has right now in their life is a result of how they are being

    5. comes as the result of experiencing unconditional love of

    6. Levels of digestive enzymes may be lowered as a result of taking various medication, poor eating habits or ageing

    7. Walking briskly on a daily basis not only results in calorie burning, it increases enzyme and metabolic activity that may result in increased calorie consumption for up to 12 hours after walking as little as 2 miles

    8. Couple this loss of needed activity with the dietary habits of modern man, and constipation, along with numerous other problems, is the likely result! In fact, today, it is common for people to report to hospital emergency rooms with terrible back and sciatic pain, only to be told that they are constipated and given a laxative, which frequently alleviates the back or sciatic pain

    9. This may result in less fiber intake causing bowel complications

    10. Sewer sludge can be processed correctly with an end result of good, clean, safe compost7

    11. later, you will reap the result of faith

    12. There can be different ways to worship or pray, but all are the result of faith in Him to remove all conditions of despair and bring happiness in its place

    13. This mold is created as a direct result of insects such as aphids, scale, whiteflies and mealybugs

    14. You wear an eternal grin, the result of your lips melting from your face

    15. We are all the time looking for instant success, instant money, instant result etc

    16. As a result we have created a pressure situation for ourselves

    17. a direct result of the vague hope I had felt on hearing that the Inspector believed me …

    18. While the above advantages are bound to result in better average performance of the investments, it must be clearly understood that this can neither compete with abnormal appreciation of a few shares nor escape the effect of a bearish market when share prices are lower than their purchase price

    19. A Parsee who dies in testate, for example, will result in his wife, parents and children sharing his estate

    20. He has a mobile but doesn’t tend to give the number out to all and sundry, preferring to keep a bit of freedom from the perpetual messages that so many of his colleagues have to field as a result of being more profligate with their own mobile telephone numbers

    21. Reminding her sister, who also carried those memories, of that plan and its intended result, was not a diplomatic thing to do right now

    22. Possibility of engaging in hobbies, preferably those that may result in some tangible output

    23. Anger and frustrations result when our needs and desires are not satisfied

    24. I had to cut it back just after I moved in so that I could get to the washing line and ended up with several lacerations as a result

    25. When the Soul enters the body formed as a result of laws of nature, the body is considered to be alive

    26. ’ he said sounding truly concerned … I suppose in a way my losing my job is a direct result of him taking me in for questioning … but the man was only doing his job

    27. However, the net result is that Emma has made me promise I will not move back to the house … which is all well and good for her … but where am I to go?

    28. ’ I said, disconcerted and angrier than ever as a result

    29. Firstly, could you tell us if the operation came about as a result of a tip off, and if so, could you reveal to us the source

    30. That is to say, how many people would have had to die as a result of this shipment alone?"

    31. Denoting state, action, result of an action

    32. He’s got a white father and the net result is that he has very dark eyes but looks Latin more than anything, if you know what I mean

    33. ‘I’ve given my landlord notice that I’ll be vacating the house and that it will be left empty for a few weeks as a result

    34. a result, when i stopped, the Spirit moved away

    35. All this certainty did not happen right away, but as a result of a pro-

    36. everything that does not achieve a result, but only temporary relief? You

    37. drugs be considered a result?), I can only help you learn how to take

    38. This individual was possibly off radar as a result of internecine strife within the C-Block or for falling foul of any one of the various killer whales that this particular little fish may have been sharing the pond with

    39. Those two factions had gotten into some intrigue regarding their shuttlecraft with the result that it was rendered inoperable

    40. It made me a lot stronger as a result, but I was struggling here

    41. There’s some question about whether the man had been caught with his hand in the till which will need looking into, but the net result is that Sadler’s story no longer holds water

    42. as a result of my researches i came to the conclusion that we as

    43. flesh and as a result a temporary healing would come

    44. The net result is that I end up with his arms round me … maybe this is the answer to my dilemma

    45. As a result I began to

    46. ‘I had a rough time of it when Emma was born and the end result was that, after several years of problems, they decided my best bet was a hysterectomy

    47. The result was rather disappointing: Everybody failed except Mary, who “saw” that the copper statuette of Oros had been moved away from its usual place

    48. His role as a spiritual teacher does not in and of itself result in his being one of the elders

    49. (15) The end result of our ministry is to save our self and our hearers (4:16)

    50. To do that, we’ll have to hold station closer to the transit point and collide the beams more directly to achieve the same result using less energy

    1. What would I have done in this or that situation? How would I react if I found myself facing similar choices? Would I have been as bold as Menachem and entered into a passionate affair with an English woman, a civil servant, just as he had done? Would I have dared to chase a French politician through the streets of Paris to ask that one final question, a question that resulted in Aban spending three days in a French gaol?

    2. Nothing in her experience to date had ever taken her to a place like this, although various unfortunate incidents during her working life had resulted in similar stays in the healing facilities on Errd

    3. All of the prophets spoke against Jerusalem and the Temple – an act that was unlawful and almost resulted in Jeremiah’s death

    4. A huge dent resulted, and greenish slime seeped into it

    5. A quiet word with Gilla on the subject of feminine hygiene has resulted in a supply of the necessary articles being included in my baggage

    6. She looked long and hard at a telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted in her hurrying home in tears, her ears ringing with the sound of wolf whistles

    7. He stared so intently into her jet-black sunglasses that he completely missed the amazing comeback by his team's opponents that resulted in the match ending in a five-all draw

    8. telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted

    9. or a sudden realization and either was known to have resulted from

    10. This resulted in a court-ordered commitment to a psychiatric

    11. the amazing comeback by his team's opponents that resulted in the

    12. The Vicar put his finger on it when he said that the loss of that one baby – and the guilt of that murder has never left me – has resulted in the safe sheltering of so many more

    13. This immediately resulted in a counter assault from themselves

    14. This obsession resulted in the dissolution of his sterile marriage

    15. relationship which had resulted – the difficulty of leaving

    16. Standard were a shining example of what their culture had defined as being moral, hardworking individuals who had formed a respectable legal and holy matrimony that resulted in the much valued and desired undertaking of procreation and thus the continuation of their bloodline and species

    17. The daughter had a disability which resulted in my friend having to spend extra effort and care to tend to her offspring

    18. The writing resulted in a book called ‘A World Beyond’ published in the early 1970’s that remains relevant today

    19. To the natives, however, both of the East and West Indies, all the commercial benefits which can have resulted from those events have been sunk and lost in the dreadful misfortunes which they have occasioned

    20. inappropriate choices that have resulted in you having

    21. Chris felt angry that such a short fall had resulted in death

    22. I knew that joining the Colonisation Program often resulted in instant promotions, one of their incentives, and I desperately wanted something more challenging than acting as a bus service for two-hundred ton cargo canisters

    23. One of these attacks resulted in a loss of a beloved Golden Arrow brother

    24. The trip was a blessing because it resulted in Jesus becoming a part of our family

    25. It seemed that the light waves that reached us were “stretched out” and that this resulted in a slower frequency of the light, also known as a “red-shift”

    26. The second product that resulted from this exercise was a second 2,000-page concordance, which listed the various forms of the Greek words used

    27. This resulted in the predominance of matter over anti-matter in the present Universe

    28. We have to accept that in conditions where there was not enough water available to produce a water cycle in the form of rain or having evaporation, condensation and precipitation around the globe, much of the water that we see in the oceans today, must have come from somewhere else – otherwise it would have resulted in rain

    29. Plants were watered continually from a mist that came up from the ground, and together with the water layer above, the atmosphere would have resulted in a greenhouse effect that would have been perfect for plant growth and producing optimal conditions for plant life

    30. So what would then have caused the Flood and what could have happened that resulted in the entire Earth being overrun and covered with water?

    31. The diminishing of clearance between the rock layers, due to water being forced to the surface, may have resulted in the onset of a chain reaction, which would have led to the Flood

    32. I must, however, differ from those who consider it a monolithic tongue, due to the fact that, in its present state, it has evolved from the ancient Briton, the Roman Latin, the Anglo and Saxon as well as the Frisian, the Norse, and of course French, after the Battle of Hastings in 1066, which resulted in the reign of the Plantagenets that lasted for two hundred years and resulted in the Court of England speaking French accordingly

    33. This resulted in an agreement to hold a meeting at Appomattox

    34. Simply for discussing the subject of interrogation resulted a pain he never thought possible without passing out

    35. The forming of the Eastern Alliance was intended to have a moderating influence on the more extreme practices of ancient law, but the relaxing of state (autocratic, some would say) control to allow temporary zones of tolerance only resulted in an increased crime rate

    36. other related documents were referred to the law officers of the Crown later in the day on November 7, which resulted in the

    37. resulted in the Treaty of Washington

    38. It then occurred to Adem that perhaps being banned from wielding for the same amount of time may have resulted in the same effect

    39. When Janetta twisted the alarm clock round from Jimmy's grasp her own internal alarm was set off: resulted in the inevitable frenzy of panic, blaming him for letting her sleep through to this late

    40. He got four years in federal prison in 2008, even though his cooperating with the justice department resulted in the conviction of an Ohio congressman, an ex-deputy interior secretary, and

    41. Late in the 2nd quarter, a deflected pass resulted in Reilly’s first interception in 5 games

    42. not thus far resulted in disaster

    43. But it seemed the Darangi's complacency had resulted in this obvious oversight

    44. General Wheeler assumed command on shore, and conflicting orders resulted

    45. This law resulted in a great deal of flying by my former boss (at a Human Rights law firm)

    46. Since it would assuredly have resulted in the loss of one or more vessels, the sinking of which would have closed the channel, Admiral Sampson declined to make the attempt and on July 4th, Shafter cabled to Washington as follows:

    47. In Somalia, for example, humanitarian efforts spearheaded by the United Nations (UN) to provide famine relief to that starving country has resulted in inter-clan conflicts among tribal warlords who perceive such intervention (nation-building) as a threat to their territorial sovereignty

    48. American relief efforts have resulted in the ignominious death of eighteen United States servicemen dispatched to oversee the distribution of food

    49. armed forces that resulted in the death of 50,000 American soldiers who died for the cause of Freedom nearly a half century ago

    50. Yesterday‘s (November 8th) historical off-year elections resulted in the Republican Party seizing bilateral control of the House of Representatives and Senate for the first time since 1954

    1. resulting in visible manifestation of His power or favor in

    2. Fracas ensues resulting in innocent woman falling into the path

    3. We can do a great service to society if our combined voice is raised resulting in some action to curtail such programmes

    4. In soil where the PH is too high it will not be able to assimilate certain minerals resulting in a trace mineral deficiency that invites a pest or disease attack

    5. So, while Betty and I drag the boxes of decorations out of the cupboard where they live during the rest of the year, the men bring in the barrel used for the tree which is kept in Fred’s shed for some reason I cannot fathom, and the tree itself which has been lying in my drive for the last two days resulting in me having to park in the car park but that was a minor inconvenience, though I didn’t think so when I left my mobile in the car and only discovered it an hour later by which time the rain was pouring down

    6. As a result of the recent eruption of Vesuvio, the sunsets are fantastic … deep reds streaking across the sky, interwoven with oranges and greens, resulting in the most amazing displays

    7. Once these so-cal ed harmful influences had taken so much effect in the skin, the resulting product would be numerous dermatological problems like wrinkles

    8. Although wrinkles are more associated with the dermatological clock of the skin, it is still considered as the resulting product of the greatest effects of harmful influences in the skin

    9. Dermal abrasion, or surgical planning of the skin, is done in selected patients with facial disfigurements from scars resulting from acne, trauma, tattoo, nevi, freckles, and

    10. facilitates the removal of waste and toxins, resulting in a better skin health

    11. Attack your bad posture and its resulting backache like the enemies they are

    12. Wolf began to explain; “Some of us had to learn her language; the head injury she suffered caused damage to her temporal region resulting in the loss of her telepathic abilities

    13. In the resulting confusion, with neighbours comforting Miss Jones and paramedics aiding the young man, they had no time in which to become acquainted

    14. The resulting explosion of white light was so intense that the remaining black dragons were consumed by it also

    15. companies have put these in place resulting in people loosing their positions

    16. In the resulting confusion, with neighbours

    17. usually resulting from different emotional events in

    18. dormant by removing its motivation toward the resulting state

    19. The resulting explosion is what your Grandfather must have seen

    20. Following are poems and essays about the effects and feelings resulting from abuse

    21. The resulting prizes, that, once,

    22. But he quickly dismissed it in his mind, citing weariness and a resulting susceptibility to worry

    23. Everyone is focusing on their obtaining sufficient quantities of the limited resources, resulting in differences in their survival rate and therefore, their possibilities for reproduction and advancement

    24. Interestingly though, due to the prey’s need to constantly develop and improve her skills of alertness and evasion, and the resulting need of the predator to continually develop and improve his skills of detection and capture, they both entered into a kind of escalating “arms race” that led to their joint evolution, mutually benefiting both parties

    25. Moreover, they had two children to take into consideration who had grown into rather rebellious and insubordinate limbs on the family tree, perhaps resulting from the influence of the disjointed and uncomfortable atmosphere that was to be found in their home life

    26. The resulting outcome was a large, spacious room with several large machines standing in seemingly random spots

    27. " Arkaneh went on to tell Griffiths the full story about the life-changing event that happened that night, resulting in Elina's death

    28. The resulting happiness is a taste of the true happiness that is available to you all of the time

    29. Long-distance runners sometimes share their experience of focusing only on their bodies, with few other thoughts, and the resulting surge of happiness and contentment they feel

    30. The resulting dissatisfaction can overwhelm all other feelings, destroying any chance of happiness

    31. If anything, he suffered from homesickness, boredom, and the resulting irritability

    32. This leads to increase in water content and reduction of heat in the body, resulting in problems like dullness, heaviness, increase in fats, common cold bronchitis and later on asthma, arthritis rheumatism etc

    33. resulting in permanent physical death

    34. But besides all the bad effects to the country in general, which have already been mentioned as necessarily resulting from a higher rate of profit, there is one more fatal, perhaps, than all these put together, but which, if we may judge from experience, is inseparably connected with it

    35. resulting in more sales now and in the future

    36. The resulting temperature in the chamber felt chilly, but they were glad to have some natural light after being in artificial light for so long

    37. During the continuance of this state of things, therefore, the corruption of justice, naturally resulting from the arbitrary and uncertain nature of those presents, scarce admitted of any effectual remedy

    38. “There is a good chance of a fuel line rupture resulting in massive fuel loss

    39. 5 Considering that the majority of the science community accepts that the speed of light has always had a constant value; the only explanation that would fit this phenomenon, would be to assume that objects are in fact, moving away from us and that the red-shift, is caused by the resulting Doppler Effect

    40. In Genesis 7, the Bible states that all the fountains of the great deep were broken up and that the windows of Heaven were opened on the same day - resulting in a flood that covered the entire surface of the Earth and even the highest mountaintops

    41. The Bible describes these as the windows of Heaven that were opened and the fountains of the great deep that were broken resulting in the Flood

    42. Added to this, consider the possibility of this layer of water serving as a lubricating section between the inner parts of the planet, resulting in differing rotational speeds between the inner and outer parts

    43. While the water was released (through the cracks and the sides of the rocks eroded away by the friction and resulting in sediment that was deposited onto the surface of the Earth) the floating landmasses that were still cushioned by water, would start to move away from each other

    44. This layer of water above the atmosphere ( under a gravitational pull that would now be stronger than the force exerted by the electro-magnetic field) would have rained down on the Earth adding to the subterranean water, which was released onto the surface, resulting in a massive deluge that would have covered the entire planet

    45. like what would happen if a frilled lizard had mated with a gargoyle and then covered its resulting

    46. resulting in something bad happening

    47. ) Turner"s actions are perhaps almost understandable in the wake of Watergate and the resulting Church Commission inquiries

    48. resulting house stood up to the stresses of moving and to Canada’s harsh weather conditions

    49. More torpedoes fell in a hail against the rock, the resulting radiation blinding the

    50. An obvious course of action would be to storm the compound, guns blazing, deaths resulting

    1. Results of walking with God should reflect

    2. much stress in the Consultant’s delivery when viewing the results, as if he could barely believe them himself or, more likely, that it was a

    3. She would have had it sealed with the test results like the financiers want

    4. This results in cheers from the entire wall

    5. Walking briskly on a daily basis not only results in calorie burning, it increases enzyme and metabolic activity that may result in increased calorie consumption for up to 12 hours after walking as little as 2 miles

    6. If you are having tests or surgical procedures performed, you can safeguard against testing errors and also help ensure the best results with your surgery by following these steps:

    7. Ask who will interpret the results

    8. For best results, spray your lawn monthly with a liquid seaweed such as Superseaweed or Agri-Gro’s Turf Formula, or with Gardeners Supply’s Roots Plus for Lawns

    9. around you see the results

    10. We see the results of our actions within the insect and plant worlds

    11. those things they produce power or results

    12. Learn to blend different plants to achieve best results

    13. For best results do not boil but bring water to a boil then remove from heat

    14. Use at weak strength for best results and less damage (soap will burn plants)

    15. For best results

    16. Whether it is a lecture or an article, we have to identify the audience for better results

    17. Limitations: for best results should be done every 5 years (more often in tropical climates)

    18. Run through shredder for best results

    19. For best results take 1 cup dried tobacco (use only organically grown tobacco if possible), ••• cup garlic powder and mix into this 1 cup compost

    20. This state is called ‘moksha’ as it also results in becoming free from the cycle of births and deaths

    21. Actions should be de-linked from results

    22. Avoid any help which results in undue pressure on your chosen way of life

    23. This is not the same SS that I make and sell but it will give you great results:

    24. The results of the first step in the Meditation discipline, i

    25. However, simply by taking care of one’s yard and garden through natural means, the accumulative effects will yield significant results on a global scale

    26. BE CAREFUL! Please let me know of your results and any questions

    27. The highest influence (‘Satvik’) results in true happiness or enlightenment

    28. The influence caused due to attachment to desires (‘Rajas’) results in eventual unhappiness

    29. The lowest form of influence (‘Tamas’) results in ignorance and delusion

    30. The greatest effort is not concerned with results

    31. Allow a week for results

    32. This time, the results weren't nice at all

    33. Can you do a police database search on all tattoo artists in Dublin and surrounding counties with criminal convictions and then call me when you have the results?"

    34. The next one came in with the same results

    35. Failure to perceive the spiritual principles of the leadership involved in the eldership has led to many destructive, devastating, and disastrous results in too many churches

    36. The results were always the same, defeat, destruction or driven from the presence of

    37. My trawl round the bungalows next morning results in an overwhelming vote in favour of a party on New Year’s Eve

    38. Much of what I teach is founded in hard results

    39. So why not incorporate a bit of creativity, even if it results in conversations? As long as people are talking about the business and as long as they see different possibilities with the business, then there is something interesting that your business can offer (which another business can't offer)

    40. The one results in death, the other results in life

    41. She got the signals into the best analysis pipe she could formulate and fed the results back thru a correlation space

    42. The test results are totally invalid

    43. Results are best in the face, because it is rich in intra-dermal epithelial elements

    44. Results will last for a few months

    45. Make no attempt to go farther as this is the stage in the proceedings when students try to achieve too much in a hurry with sometimes unpleasant results

    46. You will be in a kind of Headstand at once by this method but why I do not favour it as much as the other one is that in this position your spine is uncomfortably arched instead of being held naturally and because it shows quick results students tend to rely on this method and become so used to the support of the wall that they have difficulty, afterwards, in doing the Headstand without it

    47. This results in a gradual build up of fat in the body until there you are—two, three, or even more stones overweight

    48. Vitamin D controls the calcium content in the blood; excess of vitamin D results in a number of disorders, including diarrhoea, depression, and severe toxic disturbances

    49. Lack of this mineral results in poor circulation, constipation, and acidity

    50. Had they looked over their shoulders they would have seen a mad gleam in his eye and a bucket of popcorn on his lap, and Archibald would have heard him chuckling quietly to himself as he came face to face with the results of his curse from all those years ago

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