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    1. Those who don’t, well… already you are seeing the rise of different branches of religions, a smattering of what we currently call “cults

    2. He cries, but the wail doesn’t rise in pitch

    3. According to a leading life insurer, 'life expectancy is likely to rise from 77 years to 85 years over the next decade

    4. Early to bed and early to rise is generally considered healthiest

    5. "Po-knees! Po-knees! Po-knees!" At "po," she would rise up as far as her seatbelt would let her and then at "knees," crash down into her seat as hard as she could

    6. Unable to keep still in my exasperation, I rise to my feet and move over to the wall where there is a poster about something or other … I stare at it blindly, annoyed with myself for losing control

    7. Does the sun rise in the morning? Do Koreans have an insatiable lust for waffles?”

    8. That’s because prices don't rise every day – they spurt only during a few short intervals of time

    9. to rise add water to cool down

    10. Is it still rising or is it falling? The temp should continue to rise until it reaches 160 or higher

    11. All this carbon builds up in the atmosphere, creating a “greenhouse effect” and causing a rise in the earth’s temperatures

    12. primeval urge did rise it was taken care of on expenses

    13. She was in her early thirties and a meteoric rise to success had angered and frustrated many of her male colleagues

    14. As they top a rise, they’re suddenly overlooking a

    15. a great boldness rise in me! I seated her body on a bed and her head fell

    16. Though war may rise against me, In this I will be confident

    17. As the trucks top a rise on the mostly deserted road, a military checkpoint comes into view

    18. her, taking in the rise of her breasts and measuring the beauty of her long and supple

    19. Melinda had followed Theo's rise to stardom in the fight against international crime, but this was all he had? He expected her to take a giant professional risk that could blight her career while he nosed around the tattoo parlors of Darklow town?

    20. waited for the stars, with a bottle of cheap hooch in his pocket, the moon would rise,

    21. ’ Stephen said gratefully, trying to rise to his feet

    22. " I rise to leave and notice neither object

    23. He feasted on her, taking in the rise of her breasts and measuring the beauty of her long and supple limbs as if he were admiring a fabulous Pieta

    24. Yacht: If you see that you are a guest in a yacht, your social status will rise and your financial condition will improve

    25. He slowly stroked a hand up her side and then to her chest and took her, caressing and tempting her nipples to rise to their full extent with his fingers

    26. Rise of the Orisha

    27. that rise and smile with your soft and gentle voice

    28. Before his shadow had time to rise and stand with him

    29. You know exactly what I mean! You just wanted to see if you could still get a rise out of me

    30. tracking silhouettes on the rise of water

    31. He had that ‘look’ on his face; everyone gets it when they watch Jake rise up and fly

    32. Jesus really did rise from the dead

    33. ): “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

    34. I rise along a string that flies towards a taut sun,

    35. It would be the ingredient that makes the cake rise

    36. ” That’s why I said the soul was the ingredient that makes the cake rise, when you have everything else done you can do, you can do nothing else but believe, Success doesn’t just happen

    37. was again the rise of the hill and it did give them some good

    38. I have allowed anger to rise within me,

    39. Buzzards rise on thermals,

    40. then the flies rise, and when the boy

    41. that flow with the rise and fall of many moons,

    42. and horizons above the land rise

    43. Before you rise into the Headstand, raise your arms above your head with the elbows bent, with your hands grasping the opposite forearms

    44. Now rise into position and keep your legs straight up in the air

    45. and as the waters rise with the tide

    46. She felt herself rise into the air

    47. legs off the floor and rise into a Shoulderstand, supporting

    48. They spoke till the sun began to rise over the mountaintop

    49. Early one morning several days later as Kate woke and prepared to rise for the day, she was hit with the dizziness again and she quickly sat down on the bed

    50. He would only make fun of her, she thought, and pulling away from her husband she tried to rise from her chair and run for the door

    1. 2Kings: 6:15: And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the

    2. The full moon has risen about 30 minutes before

    3. She’d stayed seated until it stopped, uncertain and unfamiliar with the motion … yes, the bus had stopped and she’d risen, turned to pick up her bag … walked quickly down the gangway to the door … there’d been footsteps behind her … heavy ones – the men

    4. Over the years between then and the optimistic golfer, tensions have risen high

    5. "Luray, most of Earth's great civilizations have risen and fallen since you were born

    6. Has she not risen from her bed this morning,

    7. 25When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin

    8. 22When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he

    9. He glanced at Andy before turning to the Sergeant who had risen to his feet, his face full of recognition of the new arrival

    10. “Kulai is in, but has not yet risen

    11. The moon had risen, and its yellow glow mingled with that of the fire

    12. 'So why did you stay?' Henri had risen shakily to his

    13. fallen, but we have risen and stand

    14. He had risen to his current level of incompetence through cleverly exploited connections, not upon his own talents or the lack thereof

    15. Mark’s (silhouetted in the soft light of the newly risen sun)

    16. Apparently, he had risen to some sort of lord in this land; one who commanded a substantial army

    17. The Father focused my attention on one of these risen warriors

    18. They had risen from the dust and were called to follow

    19. They have risen, too, considerably since that time, though, on account of the greater variety of wages paid there in different places, it is more difficult to ascertain how much

    20. Their rents, however, have risen, and their cultivation has been improved since that time

    21. Within an hour, the sun had risen sufficiently to

    22. It seems to have risen somewhat in the course of the present century, and it had probably begun to do so, even some time before the end of the last

    23. The value of silver, therefore, seems to have risen somewhat in proportion to that of corn during the course of the present century, and it had probably begun to do so even some time before the end of the last

    24. The value of silver, therefore, in proportion to that of corn, had probably risen somewhat before the end of the last century; and it seems to have continued to do so during the course of the greater part of the present, though the necessary operation of the bounty must have hindered that rise from being so sensible as it otherwise would have been in the actual state of tillage

    25. He had risen by fair means and foul, mainly foul its true, to become Chief Justice Minister as well as adjudicator for electoral offices

    26. The money price of labour in Great Britain has, indeed, risen during the course of the present century

    27. Had the Scotch cattle been always confined to the market of Scotland, in a country in which the quantity of land, which can be applied to no other purpose but the feeding of cattle, is so great in proportion to what can be applied to other purposes, it is scarce possible, perhaps, that their price could ever have risen so high as to render it profitable to cultivate land for the sake of feeding them

    28. The great rise in the price both of hogs and poultry, has, in Great Britain, been frequently imputed to the diminution of the number of cottagers and other small occupiers of land ; an event which has in every part of Europe been the immediate forerunner of improvement and better cultivation, but which at the same time may have contributed to raise the price of those articles, both somewhat sooner and somewhat faster than it would otherwise have risen

    29. By diminishing the number of those small occupiers, therefore, the quantity of this sort of provisions, which is thus produced at little or no expense, must certainly have been a good deal diminished, and their price must consequently have been raised both sooner and faster than it would otherwise have risen

    30. Sooner or later, however, in the progress of improvement, it must at any rate have risen to the utmost height to which it is capable of rising ; or to the price which pays the labour and expense of cultivating the land which furnishes them with food, as well as these are paid upon the greater part of other cultivated land

    31. The price of the produce, though it has risen very considerably within these few years, is probably still too low to admit of it

    32. The money price of corn, however, has risen ; the real value of the precious metals has fallen in Poland, in the same manner as in other parts of Europe

    33. Taking the course of the present century at an average, the price of corn, it is acknowledged, even by those who account for this rise by the degradation of the value of silver, has risen much less than that of some other sorts of provisions

    34. provisions, of which the price has actually risen in proportion to that of corn

    35. The price of superfine cloth, I have been assured, on the contrary, has, within these five-and-twenty or thirty years, risen somewhat in proportion to its quality, owing, it was said, to a considerable rise in the price of the material, which consists altogether of Spanish wool

    36. Without ever having killed a single undead, he had risen high among the Elders because he was the greatest Healer the universe had ever known

    37. I could have risen up to Mount Olympus on a cloud of gratitude

    38. Tragus or Hesper had risen

    39. He was facing east, but the sun hadn’t risen high enough to blind him

    40. She’s a foreigner in Babylon; she has no rights, remember!” Zarko’s voice had risen a few notches

    41. The overly inquisitive blond beside him meanwhile had risen from his seat and slipped behind the Praefect without his notice, giving the former a clear vantage point over the latter’s shoulder

    42. Should I call the police? Are the Justicars going to miraculously appear again? He felt as if every single possible concern had risen up in his head during the 10-minute drive to the store

    43. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint

    44. Nerissa realized that her voice had risen

    45. Though Tragus had risen a few notches to the point where citizens tolerated him, he was still considered a man of little worth

    46. I must observe, too, that the cask or barrel, which is usually sold with the herrings, and of which the price is included in all the foregoing prices, has, since the commencement of the American war, risen to about double its former price, or from about 3s

    47. Reia countered, “That wasn't necessary! We're just a trying to do our duties as well as the next of them that has the honor to serve!” She positioned herself carefully between the lackey and Jista and kept up a running monologue about the privileges of service, how they'd risen to this lofty level of responsibility

    48. First, It supposes, that when the price of wheat has risen so high as 48s

    49. Yet, till wheat has risen above this latter price, it was, by this statute, subjected to a very high duty; and, till it had risen above the former, to a duty which amounted to a prohibition

    50. Through the gift of free will, many of such civilizations have risen to a high level but fallen towards the very end

    1. Still holding my hand, he rises, pulling me to my feet

    2. The higher temperatures cause evaporation, and the moisture rises, creating a vacuum underneath which pulls in cooler air from the polar regions

    3. John quietly watches the second moon as it rises

    4. A buzzer sounds on his desk and he half rises, clearly reluctant to leave me on my own

    5. the sun rises between the beautiful waves

    6. He stays until nearly eleven, then rises, reaching for his coat

    7. A washing machine rises bright and shining from its packaging, suffers a decade of high-speed revolutions and hot water calcification, and finally returns back to its constituent elements through recycling or decomposition deep beneath the gull strewn summits of landfill

    8. by candle light, he rises without sound,

    9. and sleep the years away until the hunger rises again

    10. that rises from under the sea to breast the cliff tops

    11. rises on the heat of the air released from hibernation,

    12. It is an open landscape with few trees and the land rises steadily towards the rocky hills we can see in the distance; stretches of scrubby grassland are interspersed with dense groves of olive trees and, as Drens said, dry stone walls carving up the landscape, as well as islands of tall, dark stands of yet more pines

    13. where the water table rises

    14. The volume rises a notch,

    15. Steam rises above the shower curtain,

    16. and so the heat rises, the blood runs

    17. hitting the wall that rises between

    18. rises and makes her afraid of touching skin,

    19. I hear the horses huff a little; that shadow that is Berndt rises and goes to them, murmuring soothing sounds

    20. She rises, as I put on my coat and pick up my bag

    21. She rises, obviously our chat is at an end

    22. Alastair rises to his feet to shake hands and admits that yes, he and Laura have met before

    23. He rises and shakes hands with them

    24. the soul that rises with us, our life’s star,

    25. Simon rises to his feet, and looks around the table, smiling at each guest in turn

    26. He rises and goes over to a bookshelf against one wall, standing browsing the shelves as I watch him

    27. 5 The sun also rises, and

    28. Behind the northern part of the tallest wall, a pinkish-white pyramid with vegetation in every niche rises sharply above that, near an ornate black spire

    29. 4 If the spirit of the ruler rises up against you, don’t

    30. He rises from the chair and starts to move round to the front of the desk

    31. The sound of conversation rises with the deepening boom of the PA

    32. Billy rises from the chair, lingers a moment holding his daughter's hand and then steps back

    33. In moments of great distress, trauma, or other powerful occurrences, the crust is broken and our conscience rises from deep within us

    34. The constable rises too, but hangs back for a moment thinking about that last remark

    35. Something thick and heavy rises in his gullet

    36. Maggie rises from the dirt, wincing, her back feeling as though it should have hoof prints all over it, but she ignores the pain and grabs Jock by the shirt collar

    37. The smell of dry mud rises as he stretches the creases in his clothing

    38. This is the final round, the bell sounds and mentally he rises from his stool

    39. She rises to go; I give her a hug then watch as she walks across to her cottage, her step lighter than I’ve ever seen it before

    40. A lump rises in Carol's throat

    41. Out of the ashes the phoenix rises

    42. and the glory of the LORD rises upon

    43. but the LORD rises upon you

    44. While he has but to say the word and the garrison of Lock Core rises against us

    45. The price of labour, therefore, frequently rises in cheap years

    46. It is because the demand for labour increases in years of sudden and extraordinary plenty, and diminishes in those of sudden and extraordinary scarcity, that the money price of labour sometimes rises in the one, and sinks in the other

    47. Accordingly, therefore, as the usual market rate of interest varies in any country, we may be assured that the ordinary profits of stock must vary with it, must sink as it sinks, and rise as it rises

    48. Their price necessarily rises more or less, and yields a greater profit to those who deal in them, who can, therefore, afford to borrow at a higher interest

    49. The proportion which the usual market rate of interest ought to bear to the ordinary rate of clear profit, necessarily varies as profit rises or falls

    50. The ordinary rate of profit always rises

    1. In US, there is debate on rising healthcare costs

    2. Don’t panic when the market is dropping and don’t become greedy when prices are rising

    3. We stomped at the rising tides

    4. You don't need to try and make the Starskater, though if you do, this says she was refitted in the second decade and Ebmiytn's in command, his reputation is good and he's been plying the lake since it was still rising

    5. Is it still rising or is it falling? The temp should continue to rise until it reaches 160 or higher

    6. The wallpaper is hanging off in one corner, though closer inspection merely shows this to be old age, and not anything more sinister like rising damp or dry rot

    7. John stops, sits in the sand, watches the moon rising

    8. himself out of the blocks, rising on the upward pump of his arms, feeling his flabby

    9. a sauna effect where the temperature was constantly rising

    10. rising pulse in the veins of the aforementioned lady

    11. single mediocrity, she could feel the ravening joy of her twin cravings rising in her

    12. they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive

    13. He would sleep and wake refreshed with the rising sun of a new day

    14. As Lucy felt the waters of the wolf rising above her head, entombing her in his

    15. every rising phrase, letting the maelstrom notes burn through the universe

    16. ’ Jeremy answered, rising quickly and going out into the hall, with me close behind him

    17. rising day would come and with them the rattle-bag voice that ground out the hours

    18. Rising, Stephen goes over to the window, drawing back the gauzes hanging there

    19. Removing the hessian sack was like shucking-off a mental straight-jacket Along with a sense of humiliation I could also feel a sense of anger rising in my blood

    20. The steam rising from the freshly brewed tea assaulted my senses making me salivate

    21. “But you used the word, you said it was over,” I persisted, my voice rising slightly

    22. I could feel the old anger rising again, like a cobra, swaying gently, fixing its prey with a striking eye

    23. For a few moments I stood still and admired the phantasmagorical cosmic vortex rising beyond the ocean; it was sparkling like a spectral spiral galaxy in the night horizon

    24. As the boy sat at table and ordered half a litre of the house red while he perused the by now predictable menu his heart sank in converse proportion to the rising pulse in the veins of the aforementioned lady

    25. While he foresaw an evening of single mediocrity, she could feel the ravening joy of her twin cravings rising in her gorge

    26. Now satiated, dripping sweat and smeared with Cretan soil, they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive trees

    27. So here she was, about to walk down the ramp and into the underpass, with the first dread impulse to run back to the lights and bars rising from the pit of her stomach

    28. As Lucy felt the waters of the wolf rising above her head, entombing her in his flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite piercing of his canines within her flesh, she whispered one last question

    29. Beyond the rising Maasai sun the Ainu people of Hokkaidō tell of six heavens and six hells where gods, demons, and animals lived

    30. It looked very much as though her choice had been a good one; tantalising odours spiralled in the steam rising from the pastry parcel on her plate, making her mouth water in anticipation

    31. Deep within the darkest hours the purple shades of a newly rising day would come and with them the rattle-bag voice that ground out the hours of his incarceration

    32. Rising, saluting the stones, slurring,

    33. His mind was trying to hold down the rising panic in his gut, but in his weakened state he was loosing the battle

    34. across the rising blue waste of cloudless sky

    35. The master bedroom was in the back of the house; it received the rising sun in the mornings

    36. the liquid rising without a ripple

    37. She watched as he scanned the items, his eyebrows rising almost comically at times

    38. grows bigger on the rising sea

    39. from the rising water,

    40. He too suddenly felt the rising tide and it surprised him with its intensity; he realized that he had never experienced anything as strong as this

    41. Rising, I go round to his side of the table, followed closely by Joris

    42. the rising tide that says, “I will not be a victim,

    43. ‘Ah …’ he commented, his eyebrows rising as he chews on that fact

    44. at points of contact, rising gently on the counter stroke

    45. in the fade of close held skin, its scent rising,

    46. As the sun was rising, Jake sent his thoughts above as he did each morning

    47. Suddenly, Daniel felt himself rising up until he was suspended in the air before her

    48. letters rising against walls, walls that rot

    49. where firs line flowing cascades of rising land and falling water

    50. Then she felt herself rising, she saw his huge wings wrap around her

    1. "Ava," she said as she rose from the lounge in their front hall, "Athnu tells me you were seeing Kulai off

    2. The water rose so high that one man was forced to climb on top of his roof and sat in the rain

    3. The waters rose to the edge of the roof and still the man sat on the roof until another rowboat came by and another man told him to get in

    4. The waters rose above the chimney and the man drowned and went to heaven where he met God

    5. "Lord, I don't understand," he told Him, frustrated, "The waters rose higher and higher and I waited hours for you to save me but you didn't! Why?"

    6. Johnny rose from his spot behind the car and indicated that Nancy should follow

    7. Mr Sadler said that he thought she may have been dead-heading the rose bushes in the garden … he told us that she had mentioned it as something which needed doing

    8. Rose, though… Rose is the idol of the class

    9. All Rose wants is to keep dancing, but deep down she realizes she will have succumb to her parents wishes and concentrate on her studies to become a doctor or a lawyer or something prestigious

    10. Rose will be a housewife who dreams of being a child again, dancing with her friends in the studio across from the corner market

    11. But each morning, when the sun rose in the sky and lit up the Earth, he would feel his father's penance pounding upon his eyes and in his head

    12. You can have that perfect show rose grown organically and stay healthy to enjoy it

    13. Commercial rose growers are not organic and therefore when you first buy your roses they have been grown chemically! Don’t Panic! Given time your roses will love being grown organically

    14. Bury at base of rose by turning over into the soil

    15. A better method and one that I prefer, is to get a small clay drain pipe (opened at both ends, about 3 inches wide, 12 inches long (smaller for roses, larger for trees) and bury that at the base of the rose bush or plant, level with the ground

    16. Getting A Hold: Raise the energy level of the soil; in turn you will have higher energy levels of the rose, vegetable or plant

    17. The higher the energy level of the soil, the healthier the rose, the less stressed and the fewer pests your roses will have attacking them

    18. The waters rose above the chimney and the man was drowned and went to heaven where he met God

    19. DE made into a paste and painted around base of rose will work also

    20. David rose to his feet and, with the world swimming in black spots, he reached out

    21. room rose, as they both moved languorously towards their climax, and as the sweat on

    22. They whimpered and sobbed as the old man rose up to

    23. He joined the army during the war and very quickly rose through the ranks – nothing particularly splendid - but in the process, he became very close friends with a guy who lived in Dorset

    24. was set a rose of stained glass

    25. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and

    26. moon rose, he thought he could hear a familiar voice, but it was so far off and so thin

    27. Mountains rose and rivers cut deep scars into the surface of the

    28. The volume rose and swelled with mounting aggression

    29. He rose with the pain of stiffened limbs and giddy with the shift of

    30. ’ Rose tells me one morning as I angst at her about the forthcoming meeting I have with the Trustees

    31. Then, by counting up the blocks that rose along the door frame next to my mattress I calculated the total number of blocks

    32. As the heat in my soul rose to a combustible level I forgot the rudiments of the English language, reverting to a lingua franca that combined the best of the gutter from East and West

    33. ’ I said, looking at the expanse of modern building below me, trying to pick out the older buildings and imagine how it must have looked when Rose came here

    34. In the meantime, she still works as a chamber maid in the Hotel “Blue Rose” in Vouliagmeni, while my parents have undertaken the bringing up and support of her two sons – which means at least half of my father's pension is spent on the needs of Alice and her children

    35. Rose relates a horrifying tale about the bombs which were dropped … some of her family were killed in Bristol in an air raid aimed at one of the factories … and she was also anxious about Wally as they were engaged by then

    36. We all look ridiculous in our paper hats but who cares! Betty is happy because she has Fred to herself and, although I know Rose and Janet are watching us and more or less taking notes, I am very content to have Nick at my side

    37. Nick volunteers to help me and I see Janet and Rose exchange a knowing look …

    38. He goes on to talk about his parents and how he feels so much closer to Wally and Rose

    39. ‘What’s your house like? Rose has told me that it’s on a hill with terrific views, but I don’t know more than that

    40. Slightly breathless, I check I have my keys in my bag and follow him out to the car, getting in the back with Rose

    41. Sitting behind Nick, catching my breath, I contemplate the back of his head while Rose tells me how warm the beautiful shawl Nick gave her for Christmas is

    42. I am tempted to stick my tongue out at him, but decide it would be too difficult explaining to Rose

    43. ’ Nick commented as I follow Rose down the path to his front door

    44. Rose is settled in a chair beside the fire

    45. ‘What do you think of it?’ Rose asked as we walk back into the lounge after the tour

    46. ‘It’s a lovely house, Rose

    47. It shows when his eyes rest on Rose … I wonder what his parents are like

    48. As we have both had several glasses of wine, there are high jinks while we do this, spluttering as we try to suppress our laughter several times … not wanting to have to explain to Wally and Rose

    49. Rose has expressed a wish to watch the film which is on TV this afternoon – The Sound of Music - and as it would never cross her menfolk’s minds to suggest otherwise and also as the weather has degenerated into an unpleasant blustery rain, we decide it would be rather nice to curl up in the warm and do just that

    50. Wally dozes off halfway through the film, a fact which Rose acknowledges with a fond smile

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