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Frasi con happen (in inglese)

  1. You happen to be a.
  2. Bush got it to happen.
  3. It was going to happen.
  4. But it did not happen.
  5. It was bound to happen.

  6. I knew it could happen.
  7. That was not to happen.
  8. So how did that happen.
  9. I can't let that happen.
  10. All will happen by it-.
  11. Q: When will it happen?
  12. That they happen to you.
  13. What would happen if a.
  14. It did not happen often.
  15. All will happen as you.

  16. For this to happen you.
  17. In which you happen to.
  18. But it will happen again.
  19. I knew this would happen.
  20. I could make this happen.
  21. But this does not happen.
  22. What will happen to all.
  23. Now what will happen is.
  24. She simply let it happen.
  25. What will happen to her?

  26. This will happen later on.
  27. Things wil begin to happen.
  28. To repeat or have happen.
  29. Being you have this happen.
  30. But that did not happen.
  31. Did all this just happen?
  32. I knew I made this happen.
  33. Look, it's going to happen.
  34. Nothing will happen to me.
  35. Things happen for a reason.
  36. It will never happen again.
  37. We cannot let that happen.
  38. God won't let that happen.
  39. W made all of this happen.
  40. This needn't happen to you.
  41. We happen to own this.
  42. I can not let that happen.
  43. What happen is, while he.
  44. I don’t know what happen.
  45. We have all seen it happen.
  46. Such a thing cannot happen.
  47. I couldn't let that happen.
  48. It has to happen now, Manon.
  49. Oh no, it will never happen.
  50. It must happen this instant.
  51. This does not happen often.
  52. It will never happen there.
  53. I will not let that happen.
  54. We knew it had to happen.
  55. Wanting it to happen again.
  56. This has to happen someday.
  57. They happen to me and Devi.
  58. Worse things happen at sea.
  59. And she just let it happen.
  60. That is not going to happen.
  61. What! How did that happen? -.
  62. You know that can't happen.
  63. Anything can happen to it.
  64. Nothing seems to happen here.
  65. Not gonna happen, she said.
  66. This is what can happen to.
  67. I let this happen to you.
  69. But these things can happen.
  70. For that to happen - he.
  71. This may happen for a long.
  72. From what is going to happen.
  73. They left after what happen.
  74. What is going to happen to.
  75. Anything can happen in life.
  76. It might happen at a wrong.
  77. For what is about to happen.
  78. This can never happen again.
  79. If this were to happen,.
  1. As to what is happening.
  2. A big happening on the.
  3. It was happening so fast.
  4. That is so not happening.
  5. I could see it happening.
  6. You can see it happening.
  7. I know what is happening.
  8. Why is it happening now?
  9. It was happening, like Mr.
  10. What is happening to me?
  11. It was just not happening.
  12. No way this was happening.
  13. This can not be happening.
  14. But why is it happening.
  15. What has happening to her.
  16. I don’t see it happening.
  17. What is happening in this.
  18. He knew what was happening.
  19. This must not be happening.
  20. This was happening so fast.
  21. What was happening was real.
  22. Fat chance of that happening.
  23. If this is happening for a.
  24. Tim knew what was happening.
  25. This could not be happening.
  26. How can this be happening?
  27. So what is happening inside.
  28. There was not much happening.
  29. This is happening, he thought.
  30. Why is this happening to.
  31. Why was all this happening?
  32. Oh God, what was happening?
  33. This should not be happening.
  34. Two things are happening here.
  35. You kept that from happening.
  36. Yet it was happening! To him.
  37. What was happening? Had the.
  38. It was all happening too fast.
  39. Things are happening in the.
  40. How could this be happening?
  41. Why is this happening to me?
  42. No, this cannot be happening!.
  43. I wondered what was happening.
  44. Something was happening to him.
  45. Is it happening? he says.
  46. We all see what’s happening.
  47. That was happening in Liberia.
  48. Khan: This cannot be happening.
  49. Carnage was what was happening.
  50. It really was happening today.
  51. As we speak it is happening.
  52. What the hell was happening?
  53. There is a parallel happening.
  54. I winced at what was happening.
  55. This can't be happening to me!.
  56. Nothing was happening, and he.
  57. She hated this happening, and.
  58. It uncovers what is happening.
  59. Chaos was happening in the city.
  60. I didn’t want that happening.
  61. It was all happening so quickly.
  62. Tell me what is happening?
  63. Things were happening too fast.
  64. What is happening here in Fig 5.
  65. Something is happening to the.
  66. This is what is happening here.
  68. Two things are happening here:.
  69. Why was this happening to me?
  70. While this is happening to us.
  71. This is just not happening!!!.
  72. Everything is happening so fast.
  73. It was happening all over again.
  74. But Adam thinks it's happening.
  75. What the hell was happening in.
  76. And this will be happening all.
  77. I had to see what was happening.
  78. America as to what was happening.
  79. So, what was happening in 1938?
  80. Maybe this was already happening.
  81. What is happening with you?
  82. Did she know it was happening?
  83. It's all just sort of happening.
  84. Though I saw what was happening.
  85. Max realized what was happening.
  1. Who happened to be me.
  2. This has happened to you.
  3. Now an odd thing happened.
  4. It happened once with Dr.
  5. But nothing happened to me.
  6. I don't know what happened.
  7. It all happened so quickly.
  8. What has happened to you?!.
  9. I told Bill what happened.
  10. This tour happened in 1993.
  11. I am so glad this happened.
  12. I do know what happened.
  13. My best one as it happened.
  14. So what happened to cause.
  15. The same thing happened a.
  16. What happened to you? How.
  17. So tell me what happened.
  18. What happened to this guy?
  19. That it never happened –.
  20. It was then that it happened.
  21. Well, none of that happened.
  22. He shot but nothing happened.
  23. Just then will have happened.
  24. For a while nothing happened.
  25. Not after what had happened.
  26. It had happened once before.
  27. Nothing had happened to her.
  28. What happened was Zero Corp.
  29. It happened in the woods.
  30. It happened before you know.
  31. I'll tell you what happened.
  32. The rest happened by itself.
  33. Nothing has happened to him.
  34. It was happened in the past.
  35. I do not know what happened.
  36. Show me exactly what happened.
  37. Please tell me what happened.
  38. I don’t know what happened.
  39. For a moment nothing happened.
  40. Nothing had happened to Elior.
  41. It so happened that we were.
  42. He had no idea what happened.
  43. But it only happened once.
  44. The worst had happened! The.
  45. It happened after the Brits.
  46. You saw what happened to Fin.
  47. This is what happened in 1824.
  48. I told him what had happened.
  49. I told her what had happened.
  50. What happened next shocked him.
  51. What happened to romance? It.
  52. For a moment, nothing happened.
  53. That has never happened to me.
  54. That is probably what happened.
  55. It was ripe for what happened.
  56. What happened it was my fault.
  57. I explain to her what happened.
  58. What had happened to the un-.
  59. What happened to the brooch?
  1. It happens to us all.
  2. This happens to be a.
  3. It happens to be true.
  4. It happens to me, too.
  5. This happens in a day.
  6. A lot of stuff happens.
  7. But, what happens - - -.
  8. What happens to my arm?
  9. But as it happens with.
  10. See what happens to you.
  11. M: All happens by itself.
  12. It happens when we pray.
  13. Now this is what happens.
  14. That is what happens in.
  15. Is right that it happens.
  17. Wait to see what happens.
  18. Thus it happens we have.
  19. This is where it happens.
  20. As soon as that happens.
  21. What happens to the mind.
  22. That is what happens now.
  23. What happens if he dies?
  24. It just so happens that.
  25. This happens to me a lot.
  26. But a funny thing happens.
  27. See if that happens again.
  28. It happens - but not often.
  29. We shall see what happens.
  30. This is how magic happens.
  31. And then see what happens.
  32. I care what happens there.
  33. It happens, but not often.
  34. What happens is that you.
  35. It happens from the heart.
  36. I doubt if that happens.
  37. This happens all the time.
  38. What happens to the heart.
  39. As it happens, Hillary is.
  40. If we consider what happens.
  41. Yeah, that happens a lot.
  42. What happens is that when.
  43. If anything happens to an.
  44. This happens in less than.
  45. This is what happens when.
  46. If that happens New Delhi.
  47. Tell me, why this happens?
  48. Yes, that happens a lot.
  49. That often happens, he said.
  50. Yes it happens all the time.
  51. To me nothing ever happens.
  52. This happens to be in the.
  53. But look what happens, Mrs.
  54. It happens all the time.
  55. Happens to the best of us.
  56. It happens to the best of us.
  57. I hate it when that happens.
  58. The same can happens in yoga.
  59. No matter what happens the.
  60. For a moment nothing happens.
  61. When this happens, it will.
  62. To be honest, this happens.
  63. What happens to this child?
  64. In my world nothing happens.
  65. This happens for every game.
  66. That’s the way it happens.
  67. M: All happens as it happens.
  68. Just to see what happens.
  69. No matter what happens to me.
  70. This happens in any psychic.
  71. She never knows what happens.
  72. Well, that happens, you know.
  73. Rather it happens at its own.
  74. That’s what happens in war.
  75. What happens to you now?
  76. As soon as this happens,.
  77. No matter what happens, I,.
  78. The rest happens by itself,.

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