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    1. and Hell reduced to carbon ashes? The inventiveness of the torturer? Elevation to an

    2. They probably wouldn't get more than a thousand feet lower in elevation on this trip

    3. referred to as elevation, opening, receiving, or

    4. "The lower river has the look of home, even though I think Trenst is way over a mile lower in elevation than Zhlindu," he told her

    5. From a high elevation, you have the opportunity to look down on your city

    6. changed appreciably despite his recent elevation in rank, came to see

    7. All you need to know is the direction and the elevation you want to go then dial in a new direction or altitude and press the knob

    8. No elevation at all

    9. They expected soon to conquer the other seven, when Portugal recovered its independency by the elevation of the family of Braganza to the throne

    10. They reached the final elevation in and looked down at the stone beauty created by one of America’s greatest architectural innovator

    11. The fall of Carthage, and the consequent elevation of Rome, is the second

    12. This type of shot still allows the golfer to get all the power he or she ordinarily would with his or her seven-wood, along with the elevation he or she expects, But without the negative

    13. This is because the nine-iron is a good short-range utility club and does provide good elevation from the fairway to the green

    14. However, the golfer may want to think about intentionally blading the ball for the extra distance, though he or she would have to sacrifice elevation

    15. By placing the ball in back of his or her stance, a golfer can get more elevation on the ball, while cutting the distance

    16. Good golf courses have elevated tee boxes to help the golfers get more elevation on their drives

    17. Once the ball hits the fairway, the elevation will depend entirely on the skill of the golfer

    18. The guns, however, were directed against the defences behind Aguadores at great elevation, and unintentionally overreached the mark

    19. The shells from the fleet were more effective, though fired at very great elevation over the foothills, and ranged by mathematical calculation

    20. Stay tuned for a major change in elevation and temperature

    21. There is indicated altitude, the uncorrected height in feet as read by the pilot directly from the dial; then there is actual altitude, or elevation of the terrain expressed in feet above sea level, then true altitude, this is actual height of the aircraft above sea level; then there is absolute altitude, which is the actual height of the aircraft above the terrain, you get that by subtracting elevation from true altitude

    22. Beyond the formal recognition, Gordon saw to it that Manuel’s reward included elevation to the rank of captain and the cushy job of Port Authority liaison officer

    23. He returned enraged that the announced shuffle of public figures included Gordon’s recommendation of the current director of the OIJ for his position, and Captain Flores’ elevation to the nation’s top police officer

    24. At first almost completely covered, they began their slow march in time with the levee elevation

    25. What was now at the water’s edge had been at an elevation somewhat higher than the rest of the flat plain, and this levee had been constructed along a line that would bring its liquid life to the surrounding land

    26. I must have him beside me, if I am to bequeath my legacy to my posterity!” She raised herself to the maximum elevation that her slender stature would allow

    27. David was loyal to his God-chosen king, and even though he was anointed as the successor, he was loath to do anything that would hasten his own elevation

    28. Slowly, over the broad expanse of cultural time, an elevation of information both old and new began to be constructed

    29. A sun god, the epitome of this elevation was unapproachable without a strong feeling of the danger that a physical observation always exacted

    30. Theology might have correctly identified the next or final elevation, but has never been unified in their understanding of how it might be surmounted

    31. The quantum mechanical macro elevation posits that there are many Universes within its understanding

    32. Only the alarm call of a bird or small climbing animal, from an elevation that overlooked this scene, could save one of that herd from becoming dinner

    33. From their elevation on the inside rim, they looked across the crater, and standing on its opposite rim, watching them were a dozen painted figures holding spears and staring

    34. Scott marched his army of ten thousand for two days at two miles’ elevation

    35. Once the ship is placed in the chamber, the lock gates close and it gets filled with water lifting the vessel to the next elevation

    36. To reach the heart of the city, various buses take passengers that so wish through a tortuous road that squirms through dense and thick mountains of considerable elevation

    37. I attended the Mimbres County Blues Festival in Silver City at 5,000 feet elevation and got the idea that maybe I could live across the AZ line in Pinetop or Alpine and use my law license as well as enjoy the cool mountain climate

    38. elevation of poor language skills and illiteracy to cult status; the rap music that pollutes the mind; the ubiquity of violence; the dominance of the drug culture as a model for young men; and the acceptance of a life on welfare as the norm

    39. “Why would a man of his elevation have any need to pursue you? He had a list of possible wives at his disposable

    40. The commander, seeing the urgent task that now faced him, immediately mounted the nearest elevation and intoned loudly, in words that were meant to bring calm, rational thinking to the few officers that remained, “You have all heard me insist constantly: training, training, training! Fear can destroy an army in an instant if it is allowed to overcome that training!”

    41. Their ever-more-lowly mud-brick forms slowly rose up the low elevation that was a continuation of the headland they were now rounding

    42. “He is not!” An elevation to shrillness seemed to partake of itself

    43. Target elevation is 50 feet above sea level, wind is 10 knots from 250 degrees, safe bail out area is about 10 miles northeast of us at the Loc Ninh SF camp

    44. A polished bronze spear tip momentarily rose above the shadow of the hill that gave them cover, its unintended elevation into the morning sunshine revealed by a momentary flash

    45. elevation and intoned loudly, in words that were meant to bring calm, rational thinking to the

    46. aground on a submerged elevation of the flood plain was to stay in the middle of the current

    47. Their ever-more-lowly mud-brick forms slowly rose up the low elevation that was

    48. gave them cover, its unintended elevation into the morning sunshine revealed by a momentary

    49. elevation called sea level, then, inevitably, their mind opens up

    50. The 21-mile drop in elevation between Lake Superior and Lake Huron allows the passage of huge Lake carriers though the system of locks, dams and canals built since 1855

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    aggrandisement aggrandizement elevation lift raising natural elevation alt altitude el acme height meridian peak pinnacle summit superlative tiptop top dignity grandeur loftiness nobility nobleness refinement rise promontory eminence platform hill boost hoist