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    1. "Come on aboard, it's as safe as any moderately tested engineering prototype

    2. "We've removed those maps to a safe place," he said

    3. · Your secrets are safe with your friends, because they can't remember them either

    4. Whatever it takes to keep these two fed and safe

    5. The gallery was safe for at least another year

    6. “We were keeping the city safe

    7. Do you really have to use a chemical, or is there an organic, safe way to do it?

    8. ” Sarah looked around again, but it was dinnertime and everyone was probably safe at home with their families

    9. He did not have the strength to force her, it was not just the Instinct that kept her safe from him

    10. To keep the house as safe as possible, eliminate clutter and loose electrical wires that may cause a fall

    11. safe in their land, and shall know that I am the LORD,

    12. Sewer sludge can be processed correctly with an end result of good, clean, safe compost7

    13. With that Instinct on her side she was safe to dare get as close to him as he allowed

    14. This, too, has not been properly tested (actually the US Government decided that it was safe without testing it and, further, decided that genetically engineered produce does not have to be labeled as such)

    15. There are citrus extracts available on the markets today that are safe to use

    16. A safe source is smoking tobacco

    17. Adult fleas lay eggs outside in the grass or any warm safe place (usually near a warm blooded host)

    18. out (for me) how safe they are

    19. It can be safe if you follow instructions

    20. Johnny and Nancy kept running, trying to put more distance between themselves and the United Order, doing everything they could to keep the Chip safe

    21. Bronners Peppermint Soap: A safe natural soap

    22. It is an environmentally safe soap to use

    23. hen a safe place like in the roach inns

    24. Boric acid powder is an excellent, safe (do not ingest! Keep away from cuts, wear gloves) control of roaches inside the home if used correctly

    25. The Chip is safe and I will get it to you at the end of the day,” Johnny explained

    26. An environmental safe aluminum trap that sits on the ground where flies dwell the most

    27. For small investors the Mutual Funds is a safe avenue to play this game from sideline with very much reduced risk

    28. Even the walls weren’t safe as they blasted them with laser guns and searched the holes for any trace of the technological wonder that Ackers had clutched tightly in his hand

    29. Have a safe journey,

    30. Don't think I'll watch the damage safe and sound, the probable number of fragments that destroy this station is 6

    31. It is better to be totally safe and sure than sorry later

    32. It is safe to say that I am over one hundred years old

    33. Garden grade DE is classified as GRAS( Generally Recognized As Safe) by the federal government and has been exempted from the requirement of residue tolerance on stored grain

    34. While DE is safe to use, it would be wise to follow a few safety rules:

    35. this copy and keep it safe

    36. It would be somewhere she’d be safe

    37. The one safe haven in my life was sunk beneath

    38. Some of the floors above that were not as safe as they once were, but thick limbs with thick green fronds fluttering in the gentle breeze shaded most of it

    39. we remain safe, because God is with us and at any moment He is ready

    40. The garden would be perfectly safe for him

    41. ‘Let’s just say that it would be better to be safe than sorry, Mrs Wynell

    42. I don’t feel safe here any more and, reluctant though I am to admit it, I am really pleased that Molly is here with me

    43. John stands a safe distance from the wreckage, shielding his eyes from the heat and watching the plane crackle and burn

    44. The life support is the only fail safe, and it had proven effective against all rogue silicon takeover efforts to date when Lula was launched

    45. Inspector Ditton is quoted as saying that Liz is in a safe house and appealing for the media to leave her alone

    46. That’s a safe and reliable little car, I believe, and anyway, I must have a chat with her

    47. "It's in his office safe at his house in the Wickford hills

    48. It would seem the wise and safe course for the congregation to be allowed to suggest

    49. What signs did I miss on London’s streets? When was I marked out? Why was I here? And always that last question, one that persists even now that I am safe and at home here in Beirut

    50. I already knew what I had to do to survive, but how could I hope to do it when the rules could change at the whim of an adolescent boy or with the brutal premeditation of a sociopathic thug? I concentrated on the one thing that would keep me safe for now

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    condom prophylactic rubber safe safety dependable good secure reliable competent trustworthy sure protected guarded safeguarded shielded sheltered unharmed unscathed careful cautious wary innocent harmless innocuous supported upheld sustained preserved defended vindicated strong-box vault chest repository coffer case